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54 Irving Place (at Midtown, Manhattan), New York City, New York, USA, 10003

Re-opened spring 2015 after brief closure. Upscale New York raw food restaurant; vegan except for honey. Features main entrees, starters, desserts, and teas. Dine inside or in the garden. Its One Lucky Duck Takeaway is around the corner from the restaurant. JULY 30, 2015 REPORTED SHUT AGAIN DUE TO EMPLOYEE STRIKE.

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First Review by kindlizard

Love it! A great experience. - Edit

Nothing like a trip to NYC for excellent VEGAN food. Pure Food & Wine was definitely on my list and certainly did not fail me. Every course was tantalizing and excellent. The service was impeccable and the ambiance was nice. Greetings from the Burg. Love it! We'll be back.

Pros: Great food, Great Service, Great atmosphere

Cons: None

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Thank you Sarma - Edit

Pure food and wine sets the standards hight for vegan cuisine. It was a wonderful evening and very delicious. Truly inspiring!
I will definitely come back!

Only Con, I have is basically that I wouldn't name all those vegan meals after "normal" kind meals. The guy I was there with was confused and disappointed because it always tastes different if you try to cook a vegan meal after a traditional recipe.
I think most of the time it tastes even better, but of course different. You guys don't need to name them after traditional meals, they are way better ;)

Pros: friendly staff, nice vibe, delicious

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Best restaurant in the world!! - Edit

Raw, Vegan, Organic Gourmet food and relaxed restaurant near Union Square. This is the place that got me into eating raw food. I came in as a vegan with no expectations and left a huge fan of raw food. I even ended up becoming a raw food chef, that is how amazed I am. I have eaten at tons of places since and no place even come close to this place.
Everything I have tried there has looked and tasted absolutely amazing (and I tried pretty much all of it!!!) but my favourite is their mediterranean salad, lasagne and the tiramisu. Aaaaaahhhh, the tiramsiu is INSANE!!!

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Pure deliciousness - Edit

Amazing place with stellar food that will make anyone's mouth water. We had a wonderful dinner out in the garden with excellent service, a nice crowd, and great vibe in an upscale setting. Can't wait to go back!

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Amazing Treat - Edit

The food here is beyond delicious. It is the kind of food that makes you happy to be alive and happy to be a vegan. The sushi and lasagna are two can't miss dishes.

Pros: Everything on the menu, Lovely wine menu, cool decor

Cons: pretty expensive

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I love Pure Food & Wine - Edit

Pure Food and Wine is truly one of my favorite restaurants in the world, Pure is not specifically a "swanky" setting but the food is absolutely phenomenal. The raw cashew sundae is killer. Being a vegan it can be so difficult to find an amazing place, and Pure is your place. In the summer the "garden" or patio is open and the ambiance is beautiful. One of my favorite dishes are the cashew tamales.

Pros: Excellent Food, Great Garden

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Great restaurant if you like raw - Edit

My husband and I are always up for trying new vegan restaurants. This one fit the bill since he is now gluten sensitive. I was very happy they accepted our reservation 1 hour in advance. We were escorted through the kitchen and seated in the back private dining room. We preferred it much more than the main since it was very loud but that could be a positive due to the lively energy. We loved the Philly Roll. Our 2nd course included Zucchini Lasagna and Polenta. The desserts sounded amazing but we were too full. I tried the sangria and I didn't prefer it to my home made recipe but hubby thought it was good. He had the gluten free beer and really enjoyed it.

Pros: vegan, gluten free , raw

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Pure Food and Wine - Edit

Very nice and friendly wonderful raw food Nice to bee in New York a paradise for vegans

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Over rated - Edit

Went to Pure Food for the first time on August 24, 13. We were expecting a lot given the price and the reputation. My husband and I had the Chef's tasting menu. Out of 6 different dishes, we liked two. Those were very good, but the rest lacked depth or harmony in flavors. The dessert we had between the two of us was one strawberry, a small piece of cheesecake (delicious), and 4 small scoops of different sorbets, some of them a bit too sour, like the (unsweetened) rhubarb. I don't know if it's because we're spoiled with the excellent raw restaurants we have in Toronto back home (Rawlicious and Live Food Bar), but this one left us disenchanted and emptied-wallet. Will not return.

Pros: Beautiful presentation, Outdoor seating, Bio-dynamic & organic wine

Cons: Taste not that great for many items, Very expensive, Not a good value

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amazing raw cuisine - Edit

We had a late reservation with another couple and the place was still packed. Granted, it was rainy and everyone was inside, so the noise level was a bit loud as well. Other than that, everything was impressive. The service was excellent and the food was amazing. We had two orders of the hazelnut crostini, the zucchini blossoms, and the Dr. Cow cheese plate to start. All delicious, but the crostini really stands out. For entrees, we got two orders of the lasagna, the portabella mushroom and the tacos. Once again, all tasty, but the lasagna was especially lovely. For dessert, we got the cardamom spice cake with lavender ice cream. The ice cream was subtle and delicious. We were all stuffed and amazed by the raw cuisine here. Definitely a favorite of our trip.

Pros: amazing raw cuisine, good service, nice decor

Cons: loud

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Overpriced and left hungry - Edit

I eaten at this restaurant 3 times; twice for dinner and once for lunch. Every time I have eaten here I left hungry and felt gouged. It's sad because I live on the same block and love to eat out.

I do have to commend them on their experimentation but the food does not taste good. Even the guacamole doesn't taste good. How do you mess up guacamole? I love avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro and lime.

Pros: Raw Vegan, Friendly Staff, Good for romantic date

Cons: Overpriced, Small Portions

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What happened to Pure? - Edit

We have been to Pure several times and always loved it. The last time we went, however, the food was so bad that we left most of it behind, and we NEVER leave food behind. Our waitress (who was very attentive and as helpful as possible) suggested that maybe it was because we normally come for dinner, which is usually more intricate and refined, but it seems to me that any time of day the food should be consistent and tasty. The juice was very good. We will not be going back anytime soon. I hope this was an isolated incident, that we just came on an "off" day, but from the reaction of the staff, I'm not sure. We would have given one cow, but for a vegetarian place you can't give lower than two.

Pros: good service, delicious fresh juice

Cons: expensive, not tasty

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Best Restaurant in NYC - Edit

I absolutely adore Pure Food & Wine. It spoils you for any other restaurant. The food is excellent and so is the service. If you want the most delicious food and to be treated like a king/queen -- go here! In the summer they have a beautiful garden to sit in too. It's wonderful that they have organic, non-filtered wines and sake.

Pros: Amazing Food, Excellent Service, Raw!

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What an amazing experience - Edit

I took my omni BF here for dinner without telling him beforehand it's all raw because he's a raw food skeptic and I knew he wouldn't agree to it. So we arrived at the time of my reservation, had our coats checked and got seated right away. First thing, I was impressed with the decor. Very modern, great vibes, yet the lighting was dim enough to create an intimate atmosphere. Onto ordering...

My BF always lets me take care of this and I had done my fair bit of research on what to get: the tasting menu. Each of us got an amuse-bouche, a soup not on the menu, a salad, two entree items, and a dessert. Everything was half portion except for the desserts, which came in full size. From the salad course onwards we were served a different dish, great for first timers like us so we could sample more for a lot fewer bucks. I also put in a request for the lasagna, the tamale and the cheesecake, which everybody seemed to rave about.

Food was nothing but phenomenal. Out of the four entrees we received, we enjoyed the tamale and the cauliflower couscous the most. The famous lasagna was good but a bit too rich and heavy with all the nut paste despite the very flavorful pesto. Don't think I would want it in full portion. We also got the tacos, which I found to be the weakest dish. For desserts we were given the cheesecake and the apple crisp. The cheesecake was very tasty but a little too soft. The ice cream on the side was awesome. The apple crisp was definitely superior... I'm drooling just thinking about it!

The staff was very attentive without being intrusive. Throughout our meal our waiter checked on us multiple times and our glasses got topped off without even asking. Just great service.

The entire evening was truly a fantastic experience that I am going to have swooning memories of for years to come. Well worth the price, no doubt about that. My BF only commented that none of the food was hot and had absolutely no idea everything was raw until I told him after we finished and left the restaurant! Towards the end of the meal he even said that this was one of his best meals ever, ha!

Pros: superb food, excellent service, cool decor

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What dining out is all about! - Edit

If you have not already been here, pick up the phone and make your reservations right away. This is among the top 10, if not the top 5, restaurants in NYC. The Michelin people should step down from their ivory towers and enlighten themselves on the fact that food is not about eating dead animals in French setting.

We were a group of 5, and even though we were tempted to try the tasting menu, we decided to create our own tasting menu, and ordered 5 appetizers, 4 main courses and 4 desserts, and ate family style. It was a bit of a challenge and jugglery on the table with the large sized plates, but we all wanted to make sure we tried out everything, and we did. Short of licking the plates clean with our fingers (there is no bread since there is no dairy or gluten), I can whole heartedly say each dish was finger licking good. There are not enough words to describe the awesome dining experience from the excellent pitcher of sangria to the salads to the soup to the main dishes to the desserts, along with warm and affectionate service and a very warm and intimate environment. My only regret is that we did not get to try the remaining items on the menu. Well guess what, I will back there soon. In fact Pure Food & Wine is the kind of restaurant that one wishes for one's neighborhood where I would eat at least once a week if not more often. And it is not inexpensive. For the 5 of us, with a pitcher of sangria and taxes and tip, the tab came to $320 which is steep by NYC standards for a vegetarian place. But then, good, wholesome, delicious, healthy, living food with ample doses of TLC does not come cheap.

Make a dash for it!

Pros: Creative, Healthy, Delisious

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The most outstanding vegan meal we've ever had! - Edit

While in NYC, we made 5:30 PM reservations at Pure Food & Wine. Our dinner was the most delicious, 5-star dining experience we've had in over 15 years of being vegan -- and we'd never really been into raw foods. We opted for the 5-course chef's tasting menu, and it was well worth the price of $69 per person (for a special occasion). It was a great way to try all of the most popular things on the menu. We were brought out two different dishes at each course, which we shared with one other. Everything was outstanding: the quality of the food; the creative and complimentary parings of flavors and temperatures; the colors, presentation, and platings; and the pace of service. We loved each offering from the amuse-bouche (a bonus and not counted as a course) to the dessert. We also had delicious organic wine and beer with our meal. Also, we did not leave feeling over-stuffed. The portion sizes are just right so that you can fully enjoy each course, right through the dessert. We can't recommend Pure Food & Wine highly enough. The highly-skilled kitchen clearly operates as a well-oiled machine, the waitstaff were on-point, and the inside of the restaurant was beautiful. We can't wait to go back for our next special occasion in NYC.

Pros: amazing food, top-notch service, a special experience

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Best restaurant I have ever been to - Edit

Pure is my husband and my favorite #1 restaurant of ALL TIME. Seriously, it is amazing. If you are ever in New York, you HAVE TO GO.

My husband and I got the 5-course chef's tasting menu as well as the Dr. Cow's cheese plate (I really wanted to try it). What we didn't realize is that when they said 5-course they meant just five types of courses, not five dishes. We were brought plate after plate in what seemed like an endless array of tantalizing dishes, each more extraordinary than the last. It was a seriously awesome dining experience and worth every penny.

The food was amazing, and it makes it even more amazing that it was all RAW! The prices are a bit high, but for what you get I think it's definitely worth it.

Pros: Great food, Healthy food, You get your money's worth

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Desserts!! - Edit

I like this place. Our second visit this month was very similar to our first (in March 2011). The menu didn't seem to have changed much. We chose the plate of 'cheeses' for a starter and the sweetcorn and cashew tamales with chilli spiced portabella for one of our mains. The other main was a bit of a mystery: when it came we couldn't remember what we'd ordered and it was so unusual that we actually couldn't recognise it! Not bad unusual, but maybe not good unusual either. Just unusual unusual. The portion size for the tamales was fine, but the other main (the unusual one) was very small and as we like to share each other's dishes this wasn't easy - we ended up with about a teaspoon each! The desserts were FANtastic - salted choc caramel tart and mexican cinnamon mousse. With hindsight we might have just come for a salad and three desserts between two! The total cost for 3 courses plus wine was $170 and I don't think we would come back for a full meal next time we come to NY, because it's expensive and the menu isn't THAT original second time around. We'll try Candle 79 next time. 7/10

Pros: Desserts!!!, Cool ambience

Cons: Expensive., Menu didn't seem that exciting this time, Bathrooms were a bit grim!

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