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34175 Monterey Ave, Rancho Mirage, USA

check reciept

10 Apr 2011

Probably has what you expect...only 1 of around 6 options of fake cheeze was actually vegan....decent produce...no bulk liquids or sugar...I wish more stores in the area accepted food stamps. Also, they charged split peas worth $2/lb as flavored pumpkin seeds worth $11/lb huge difference good I checked my reciept.
Updated from previous review on Sunday April 10, 2011

2333 S St, Sacramento, USA

lacking in culinary prowess& open late! 1am

21 Mar 2012

Best part is they're open late....1am every night =) this is the only late night food in sac that I know of so I'm thankful for the late snacks.

the potatoe tacos $2 looked great & after getting my vegeburger$9 I wished we had gotten a bunch of tacos & appitizers

The fried tofu w/ goddess dressing was the other & best thing we ordered

That said, the vegan bacon cheese bocabuger combo was not the best vegan burger. It was a bit plain, I don't think there was really veganaise (or mayo) the vegiebacon was overly hard krispy the cheeze was the gross yellow sliced vegan cheeze that I prefer least of vegan cheezes. The burger was worth $5 at the very most.

There was only one person working the kitchen so it took an hour to get food.

11137 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, USA

amazing value & taste

28 Jun 2011

$19.50 for 3 buffetts. Tempura fried summer squash; eggplant & potatoe& faux meat; chow mein; fried rice; water chestnuts veggies sauce tofu; teriyaki faux meat w/ veggies; steamed vegtables w/ sauce; sweet & sour faux meat; amazing soup; spring rolls; fried strips(some breadish thing) all for $6.50 before 2:30pm. Definately 5 stars

165 University Ave, Palo Alto, USA

glad its all vegan

05 Feb 2012

I love all vegan restaurants & this is the 3rd loving hut we've tried.
Good to order out (as far as decor & atmosphere)
We had the bau hue which was definitly good. & the angel wrap which was tasty but not very much food for 2 people to split, or I don't know but $8 seemed a bit much for the size wraps to me should be arounjd $6 & a to go soup at $9 is pretty steep too. So our bill for 2 items was $19 and it wasw good butv we've had better & might go to the loving hut in san jose @ a mall instead. But no complaints glad its vegan. If I could give 3 1/2 rating I do

6211 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, USA

yes pizza no garlic bread

31 Jan 2011

vegan pizza shop (except choice of real cheese)...the garlic bread was a huge letdown, a roll cut in three w/ vegan cheese & garlic powder but super dry and not worth any money at all.
The pizza is alright but not great & horrible cost. found this place after a whole foods vegan pizza disaster, and pizza plaza is an option without meat & with tasty vegan cheese, personal size pizzas available too : )

Most recently i attempted to go back and exchange something else for the dry garlic bread, the owner was not interested in figuring out a deal, insisting that i get the garlic bread that comes as part of their two pizza special...i opted to leave because there was no heart involved, it is all about the $$$.

3rd attempt was a personal size vegan veggie special pizza for $8.73 that was in no way enough pizza for price! I feel ripped off and still hungry :( & the single slice would have been $6+ :( realization = they moderate their own busines flow by charging just high enough prices to not need any employees....ie. custy prices for not great food that leavs you hungry....A TEASE. If 1 cow were possible...
Updated from previous review on Saturday October 30, 2010
Updated from previous review on Sunday November 07, 2010
Updated from previous review on Tuesday January 04, 2011
Updated from previous review on Sunday January 30, 2011

440 S California Ave, Palo Alto, USA

worth goiung to

07 Jun 2011

Accepts food stamps, pretty good fresh food selection & honestly the only time I've been here produce is all I looked at.

1399 Broadway, Burlingame, USA

does't accept food stamps yet

07 Jun 2011

This store is small & has good selection. However, they do not accept food stamps or advertise such...making it really frustrating to have wasted time trying to get food.

3031 Adeline St, Berkeley, USA

$26 try most items (only go once)

05 Jan 2011

Menu: $2 ea toquitos; $3 ea taco; $4 tamale (banana leaf or corn husk); $5 pozole (most filling); they didn't have enchiladas or chalupas; $9 choice of main + beans, rice, & salad (not worth it really @all).

Toquitos were crispy & a bit small, $2 each, fake meat & fried corn
Tacos had great chunks of fake meat w/ mole sauce, no veggies or lettice& only 1 tortilla per taco
Tamale (banana leaf) was awesome, fake meat & soft outside
Pozole was the most filling & tangy spicy (best single item to buy if ur only getting 1 item)
The combo w/ rice, beans& ssalad wasn't worth $9 & added up quick
Overall, price added up, great food nothing green
Avocado salsa was great, hot is quite hot
Don't reccomend eating inside, very much tons of fake meat
What I'm looking for is amazing food that happens to be vegan
I might think I wouldn't go back but probably will have a flacos craving someday
Updated from previous review on Thursday November 18, 2010
Updated from previous review on Friday November 19, 2010

73910 Highway 111 Ste E, Palm Desert, USA

does not / will not accept food stamps

10 Apr 2011

does not / will not accept food stamps

So....I wont go here b/c clarks & mountain harvest both do. :( I wish they will get with the times and let everyone eat good food, not just those with cash.

207 SE 12th Ave, Portland, USA

half vegan

28 Jun 2011

Menu is half vegan half meat w/ beginning pages on both ends of the menu reversed. No minors after 9pm. (One person forgot their id so we all had to sit outside). Biscuts & gravy were amazing.....so was mac n cheeze. Basil tomato soup cup was good but tiny. Side tiger salad w/ v ranch was awesome. BLTeaser was a bit dry bread & not the dankest possible. Drinks were a porter, madana, & lebowski.

2001 Talmage Rd, Ukiah, USA

Amazing, Great Idea to try

07 Nov 2010

This place is super tasty, good prices, & located within a buddhist temple. completely vegan & staff is very clean. open from noon to 3pm only, & make sure to check out the 10,000 Buddhas hall while there : )

1735 Spruce St Unit J, Riverside, USA

meat serving deli & bakery

07 Jun 2011

Normal deli....mostly lacto & ovo bakery with a few vegan items. There was a giannt bowl of tuna in the same case as pastries.

2000 H St, Bakersfield, USA

food only...slight medicine

13 Apr 2011

I was looking for arnica ointment & they didn't carry it but did reccomend me to carr's which was down the street.

Very tiny store....normal looking cafe seemed like a good juice & smoothie bar.

Great friendly staff but. Tiny selection

555 S Sunrise Wy Ste 301, Palm Springs, USA

Store with cafe

10 Apr 2011

Small store with cafe restaurant. I prefer to support this than huge corporate clarks nutrition, but they don't accept food stamps.

925 NW Davis St, Portland, USA


30 Jun 2011

Revival = apple-lemon-ginger juice spinach, blueberries, spirilina. Best I think

Tempest = mango, spinache, coconut oil, avocado, date, cyanne, hemp or rice milk

Warrior = strawberry, avocado, maca, date, vanilla, hemp seeds, hemp or rice milk

Wraps pre made cold super tasty

Shiva salad = pasta & lettice peanut noodles

Dragon bowl, chilie garlic soup, baktiva pasdta (raw zuchini pasta)

211 E Matilija St, Ojai, USA

surprize ojai =)

13 Apr 2011

Stumbled accross this town recently & was super excited to find a good food store in such a remote place :) I was searching for fake cheese & vons had fake cheese with milk products....so I found rthis store & they had 1 vegan cheese option out of about 4 types. Why stock any fake cheese with milk products? Dosn't make sense to me.

Overall good store, large for a small town...smaller than most corporate stores

3029 SE 21st St, Portland, USA


28 Jun 2011

Ordered 3 tems.....cookies n creme milkshake.....ginger lime berry smoothie.....banana strawberry (savana) totaling $16 for three 12 oz drinks.....the milkshake helped a long had craving.....savana has too much banana but still good....ginger lime berry stole the show hands down. Papa gs is just around the corner =)

187 S Orchard Ave, Ukiah, USA

crazy place..every mexican place in town is better

07 Nov 2010

i wanted to get some tacos...the person helping me wanted to charge $1 extra for veg. tacos, although i was omitting the rice (b/c it has chicken broth), the sour cream, and the cheese. leaving me with a bean and lettice taco for $1 more than a bean, rice & meat one.

really, other mexican restaurants in town are going to charge less & hopefully not have meat in the rice. but if you're not veg. or vegan, it's great...

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