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3031 Adeline St, Berkeley, California, USA, 94703

Fast and casual venue serving vegan Mexican food that's gmo-free. Menu features pozole, taquitos, tamales, enchiladas, chalupas, salads, and non-alcoholic Mexican drinks. Operates booths at the Berkeley farmers markets and an outlet in Fresno. Open Tue-Thu 11:00am-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by Ragarr

so YUMMY - Edit

love this place!!! I crave their tacos all the time like the taquitos dorados or just regular soft tortilla tacos. They have certain days with specials as well. The horchata sometimes is really good or off sometimes but not to the point where I dislike it. Also love that the have spicy and mild selection of salsa. DEFINITELY will continue coming here :)

Pros: authentic flavors

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Great vegan spot with really good salsa - Edit

I tried both the soy protein taquitos and tacos and loved both. The tacos has a soyrizo-like filling, while the taquitos were larger bits of breaded soy protein. The salsa doesn't hold back on the heat, which I'm a big fan of.

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Love this place! - Edit

Every time I'm in town, this is the first place I want to go to. Their taquitos and avocado salsa are a delight, and the tamales are wonderful too! If you like very hot spicy food, the hot salsa doesn't disappoint. (They also have mild.) The flavor is unique, delicate and not very complex but quite enjoyable. Add an horchata or an agua fresca and you've got one delicious meal.

Pros: Price , Convenience , Atmosphere

Cons: Limited seating

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Best in East Bay - Edit

Tasty authentic Mexican, vegan organic in addition to being so good! Food is as good as what you'd get eating in someone's home who is really good cook. We had tamales, of course, and their goodness rivaled that of my favorite Texas tamale offerings. The Taco plate was awesome as well. Used to be a food truck, & now they have a restaurant! Cool! One of my go to spots when visiting Cali's East Bay Area.
Tiny place, with more outside seating than in, which means takeout when the weather doesn't cooperate.
Enjoyed Flacos taquitos, black beans & rice at recent Vegan Soul Wellness Festival. And, yeah, they sold out before Festival ended, so missed out on banana leaf wrapped tamales, which Festival attendees raved about.

Updated from previous review on 2015-12-29

Pros: Excellent tasty food, Very affordable, Friendly service

Cons: Very small

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delicious vegan Mexican - Edit

I came here and ordered two tacos with tofu, mole, red cabbage and tomato sauce. The tortillas were great. These tacos are a best seller and I can see why. Cute place and fast service. Everyone is friendly. Definitely try it out.

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vegan mexican spot - Edit

Such a cool little vegan mexican restaurant. Small indoor restaurant with an outdoor seating area. You order at the front and they bring the food out to you. I ordered a vegan tamale plate; the tamale had soy protein, olives, and tomatoes and it came with avocado salsa, brown rice, beans, and salad. Everything was very fresh and tasty. I also ordered a side of corn tortillas and they were the best tortillas I've had in a long time. The food was cheap as well and the owner is really friendly.

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Really tasty vegan Mexican food - Edit

This place has a very simple but very tasty and fully-vegan menu. My favorite item here is their huarache (with black beans instead of refried) but I'm also a big fan of their taquitos and their gluten free tamale. They have two types of salsa verde, hot or mild, but you can request to have them mixed together to create a medium-spice salsa, which is what I usually do. The salsa is absolutely delicious. The menu is a little small (I'm someone who loves having a ton of choices), but it's all delicious.

I think their full plates like their huarache are fairly priced, but a la carte items like taquitos are a little bit pricey. However, they're worth it in my opinion, especially if you and a friend are sharing entrees. They do have discounted nights like Taquito Tuesday, Huarache Wednesday, and Taco Thursday, which are probably really nice for those looking to save a bit of money, but I've never actually been to one of these events.

I've seen people take issue with the size of the restaurant, but I think the little building adds to the charm of the place, and honestly it's not too small. There's room inside for about 10 or so people and then there's outdoor seating for 15-20 more.

Flacos is usually at the Saturday farmers market in downtown Berkeley as well if the location is a bit far for some.

All in all, I think Flacos is a really tasty place to get quality vegan Mexican food. I would definitely suggest checking it out.

Pros: awesome salsa, unique and delicious, charming little place

Cons: a la carte items are a little pricey, small menu

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Mexican style eatery - Edit

Our food was enjoyable.
I would recommend to take the full plate with tacos or taquitos. The plate is enough for one person, but too little for two. If you get other dishes it will be expensive.

They have an all vegan mexican menu, served in fast food style.
The place is not the cleanliest or neatest, but there were a few people eating there.

They offer seating inside and outside.

Free parking right in front of the place, the smell of tacos fills in the parking.

Has restroom.

Pros: all vegan

Cons: expensive if you don't get the full plat

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...Not much to enjoy - Edit

Well after reading reviews, i thought this seems like a must try! i was very excited to dine in. Unknowingly, i decided to try on a TAQUITO TUESDAY!! i just so happen to love taquitos with avacado and tomatoes. The atmosphere was humble, it's a small place, the outdoor seating is lovely. As for my order, I ordered two taquitos and what they called a huarache. i was a bit surprised my order total was near 14$ :/ but hey i figured perhaps it would be incredible and worth my wild. I honestly did not enjoy the taquitos and the sauce did not aid in giving my taste buds a euphoric ride.
i did find the huarache to be unique, my first encounter with this dish, however, it did not make an enthralling imprint on my taste list. The food was heavy, beans, rice, corn :/
Overall i appreciate what they are trying to establish but much improvement i believe is needed.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday April 12, 2016

Pros: None

Cons: Not many food options, Small place

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Good food, inexpensive, small menu - Edit

Went here last weekend with a friend. We had their pozole and the banana leaf tamale. The pozole was good, but uninspiring - it didn't feel hearty enough. The tamale, however, was excellent. The hot avocado salsa was terrific.

As others have noted, there is very little indoor seating, and the menu is limited. We were surprised that they didn't over guacamole as a side dish. Our entire lunch was less than $20.

Pros: Inexpensive, Decent food

Cons: Limited menu, Limited seating

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Great TACOOO's!!! - Edit

I'm a Vegan and I am Mexican. And I can't describe how GRATEFUL, I am for this place! I stop by Flacos at least once a week, every week! These VEGAN tacos are just amazing like scary good! I go mostly Thursday' b/c it's like Taco Thursday... And some Saturday's because they have a stand @ the farmers market on Center St! And the stand is awesome, the only bummer is that they only have taquitos available and not regular tacos... But it's still great!

Pros: Great Food!

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Torn - Edit

I've heard amazing things about Flacos, so I was really excited to try it. Perhaps it was just the day I went but I found it to be just ok. I appreciate that it's a full veg restaurant and the menu has a lot of items, I just wasn't blown away with flavor. I still have friends that like to go, I just have never found myself going back for more. I'll give it another try in the future.

Pros: friendly staff, large veg menu

Cons: food was just ok, super causual, seating was hard

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This place was amazing. They do twists on traditional cuisine, and I loved it. The horchata and the taco plate (with rice and beans) were super good. I wish I could go back.

This is a small place with outside and inside seating, friendly atmosphere, and AMAZING food. Go here!

Pros: All vegan, Friendly, Delicious

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Excellent Food - Edit

Granted that the price is not cheap, but the quality is excellent. If you compared the price to a meat serving small Mexican restaurant it would be pretty much the same. The tamales were very good, but the tacos were to die for! We will certainly go back and try a few of the other dishes, but so far we love it, and being in Berkeley is a real plus because we spend so much time there.

Pros: House made, fresh tortillas, Great spices in entire menu, Cooks seem very dedicated

Cons: a very, very small place, the sauce is too hot, even the mild

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I'm obsessed! - Edit

I finally broke out of my taquito plate rut and order the red huarache. It was super yummy and the portion was huge. It could easily have been split in half for two delicious meals for $10. I continue to love this place! It's a tiny place with outdoor seating which, granted, is in the parking lot.

Pros: Great vegan food, Reasonably priced

Cons: Limited menu

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Authentic little restaurant - Edit

Flacos is a little house divided into a kitchen, a counter, and a small indoor seating area (maybe 15 people max could fit inside at once). It's cool you can see exactly what's going on with the food but can definitely get cramped. They also have several tables outdoors if the weather is nice, and are in a parking lot so parking is easy, and very near a BART station if you prefer public transit.

It's quite casual, order at the counter and bus your own dishes. The food and people there seem very authentic to Mexican cooking, unfortunately for my taste it is too authentic, featuring a lot of fried food and fillers. It's definitely not fresh "California style" Mexican food, and didn't strike me as healthy or satisfying. Although I wouldn't go back, I can see why people who enjoy this type of food would love Flacos.

Pros: Authentic, Parking/Transit easy

Cons: Not a great value

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Stellar - Edit

I visited on my birthday and thoroughly enjoyed my complimentary birthday plate. Friendly staff, delicious and well-priced food.

Pros: Vegan, Outdoor seating, Parking

Cons: Doesn't serve alcohol

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Great hidden gem! - Edit

Flacos is one of my favorite places to get food in the East Bay! I have a frequent buyers card even.

It's Mexican food and it's reasonably priced, especially compared with, say, Gracias Madre in San Francisco. I love their taquitos the best, which I think everyone agrees with (although, where I'm from, they call these "flautas" not "taquitos").

Buyer beware about one thing -- their hot salsa is REALLY REALLY hot. I mean, I'm a hot orderer. I like hot stuff and people always remark about my non-sensitivity to spiciness. That said, although I can eat their hot salsa, it's a bit too much for me, I prefer the mild. Most people I know could not hack it.

Pros: vegan, taquitos

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Vegan Mexican Oasis! :-) - Edit

For someone raised on excellent Mexican food and eating less of it in restaurants since becoming vegan, Flacos is a dream come true!

We've tried everything they make and love all of it, so dive in. If i had to recommend one dish above the others, i'd say start with the banana leaf tamal and the taco especial.

The horchata (vegan!) is delicious, and the hot green salsa has great flavor and kick.

For those who prefer to avoid fried food, there's salad, black beans, and rice. And you'll be happy to know at least some of their ingredients are organic and their take-out packaging is biodegradable.

There's indoor and outdoor seating.

Service was quick and the owner is a very warm, friendly, attentive gentleman.

Our only complaint is really a compliment: we wish there were more items on the menu.

We really can't praise Flacos highly enough, so try it for yourself! :-)

Updated from previous review on Sunday July 01, 2012

Pros: All-vegan Mexican staples, Delicious!, Some organics

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Excellent and affordable Mexican food - Edit

The skinny on Flacos is that it's great vegan Mexican food. The menu is small, but everything is homemade and excellent. Love the taquitos and tacos, and, for a sweet tooth, the polvorones are perfect 2-bite awesomenesses. If you like heat, get the hot avocado salsa but be warned -- the heat only comes in major burning variety. For a little more reasonable fire, you may want to ask for a hot/mild mix. My only complaint is when the owner is not there (he frequently is), service can really lag and be a bit (strangely) surly. I have no idea why, but it's happened so much, it's worth a mention. If you get that version of the Flacos experience, definitely try again because it's not the norm.

Pros: taquito Tuesdays!, avocado salsa!

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Delicious vegan Mexican food - Edit

Flacos was a treat to visit. Friendly service, delicious food, and nice outdoor seating for a nice summer dinner.

Really nice fake meat and fresh ingredients. Will be going back for sure!

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go here now and eat as many taquitos as you can, these delicious tortilla tried fake meats with whatever green sauce they put on them it the best! Especially on Taquito Tuesday when they are just a buck!

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Vegan Pozole and more - Edit

I had read about this place on happycow and was pleased to find them at the San Francisco World Veg Fest in October 2012. Here's my Flacos review.

Flacos had a booth at festival on the day I visited, so I thought I'd give it a try. The day's menu included taquitos, tamales, and pozole. My friends each had a tamale with sauce (you can specify spicy or mild), and they liked their food. I opted for a pozole--it's a salty, slightly spiced red soup with hearty large corn (Mexican style, perhaps heirloom variety). This was my first time trying pozole, and I liked the corn a lot.

The guys at the booth were friendly, and I would be interested in trying more of their food next time I go to Berkeley.

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Blecch - Edit

Way overpriced for a whole lot of uninteresting.Nice people, though.

Pros: healthy, friendly folk

Cons: over-priced, uninteresting menu, not so tasty

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decent mexican vegan food - Edit

decent and relatively cheap mexican vegan food in an accessible place. best taquitos anywhere. most food is mild but good enough for repeat visits when in the area

Pros: location & cute appearance, taquitos & salsa, parking

Cons: mild

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Decent food. Not many options - Edit

Just to be fair, my wife is Nicaragua and has made vegan beans, rice, plantains, etc for the past 19 years.

The place is tiny and does not look very clean.

There are 3 (tacos, taquitos and tamales)items on the menu as far as I could tell. They call it a plate if they add rice and beans. I got the tacos and they are served on fresh tortillas. It was good, but not great. I also tried the orchata and it was very good. Always wanted to drink orchata but this is the first time I found a vegan version.

Food was good, but I'm not sure I'll go back. Maybe if I could not get similar food at home I would have liked it better.

Pros: good food, vegan orchata, inexpensive

Cons: not very clean, not many options

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$26 try most items (only go once) - Edit

Menu: $2 ea toquitos; $3 ea taco; $4 tamale (banana leaf or corn husk); $5 pozole (most filling); they didn't have enchiladas or chalupas; $9 choice of main + beans, rice, & salad (not worth it really @all).

Toquitos were crispy & a bit small, $2 each, fake meat & fried corn
Tacos had great chunks of fake meat w/ mole sauce, no veggies or lettice& only 1 tortilla per taco
Tamale (banana leaf) was awesome, fake meat & soft outside
Pozole was the most filling & tangy spicy (best single item to buy if ur only getting 1 item)
The combo w/ rice, beans& ssalad wasn't worth $9 & added up quick
Overall, price added up, great food nothing green
Avocado salsa was great, hot is quite hot
Don't reccomend eating inside, very much tons of fake meat
What I'm looking for is amazing food that happens to be vegan
I might think I wouldn't go back but probably will have a flacos craving someday
Updated from previous review on Thursday November 18, 2010
Updated from previous review on Friday November 19, 2010

Pros: taste, ready in 5 mins, salsa

Cons: price, no veggies, combo plate

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