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152 Dinso Road, Bangkok, Thailand

hit or miss/don't bother

22 May 2013

Went there again recently just to try again. Really don't bother unless you enjoy being cheated and insulted! Won't every go there again... If the younger guy is serving you then its a normal price. If the older lady is serving than its "falang" price. Even when I spoke Thai with her she overcharged me. Food is ok and some quite tasty but I give it a miss nowadays as I prefer not to be overcharged.
Updated from previous review on Saturday December 22, 2012

Niepodleglosci 80, Warsaw, Poland

moderate price?

08 Mar 2011

Although I didn't eat there (the prices chased me away) I would describe it as expensive rather moderate. A soup costs what an entire meal costs in a normal veg restaurant. A nice place for special occasions perhaps but not for everyday eating unless you like to spend a lot of cash.

Tanao Rd, Bangkok, Thailand


23 Dec 2012

Great buffet style place with very good noodle soup. Some natural health items for sale as well. Brown rice with two dishes 35 baht and noodle soup 30 baht. Not sure if they speak English as I spoke Thai with them. Ice and water available as well as other drinks.

Sukhumvit, Robinson Dept Store, Bangkok, Thailand

pretty good

26 Dec 2012

Nice location in the food court. 50 baht for 2 dishes on top of rice. Only strange thing is that he microwaved my food which I could have done without but I know some foreigners like to have hot food. Otherwise the food was great and the guy behind the counter very nice.

9 Bangkok Rd, Phuket, Thailand


16 Apr 2012

Hi this place has changed ownership and is more "upscale". I ate their once and received small portions of two dishes over a small rice for 40 bath. The taste was ok and the atmosphere very nice and clean.

239/5 Soi Kasikorn Bank, Bangkok, Thailand

Still great

23 Dec 2012

I have been eating at this place for over 12 years and its still good. A bit less clean than before but the food is still tasty. It does close around 1pm or whenever they run out of food. Truly a local place and the price is the price for everyone. Nice juices in the fridge, soy milk in the morning and some type of dim sum available. Sometimes brown rice as well. Noodles and freshly cooked dishes are possible upon request.

33 Samsen Road, Soi 1, Banglamphu, Bangkok, Thailand

Not as good as before

28 Apr 2012

Well people always say "You should have been here 10 years ago" all the time. But in this case I started going to the original May Kadee's when she first opened and was hands on every day. Before the great expansion and business ventures and I must say my last few visits a few months ago after a 5 year absence were disappointing. The dishes are smaller, prices higher, service spotty in both locations I ate at. As well they seem to have opened a seafood restaurant down the soi which isn't exactly in the vegetarian ethos imo. I am happy that business is so good and all as May is very nice but unfortunately the most important aspects of dining were not there for me. They do have a good corner on the Banglaphu market as there don't seem to be many other reasonably priced pure veg places around at nighttime. In daytime you can eat for half the price at a traditional thai veg place.

Soi Ram Buttri, Bangkok, Thailand

No taste

23 Dec 2012

Service is ok and people nice enough. Price is right but the food is tasteless and a bit oily. Just like putting something in your stomach because you are hungry with no enjoyment. Many many foreigners. It does the job but without much pleasure.

102/12 Patiphat Rd, Muang Phuket, Phuket, Thailand

Always great

26 Dec 2012

Depends on your taste. This place focuses mostly on meat substitutes rather than loads of veggies. I like it just fine and when in Phuket it is my evening meal place to go. The large family who runs the place are very friendly and many local people eat there.

215 Ranong Rd, Phuket, Thailand

Very tasty, cheap, clean!

29 Feb 2012

I have been eating at this place for years off and on. Typical of most Jai restaurants they close in early afternoon. No noodle soup anymore sadly :( The food is still great with a huge variety. Can be crowded in morning and lunch time with workers eating and mostly takeaway. 30 bath for 2 dishes over rice. Normal price in Thailand... best veg place I have been to in Thailand

dowtown market, Phuket, Thailand

Great every time

26 Dec 2012

If you want a true local experience go eat here. More of a snack than a meal. The ginger tofu can be quite spicy! Tam and I became good friends and this is a very popular spot in the market for some local culture. You can joke with the mototaxi guys and just get a good view of the market while eating. He also has juice. You can sit on the stools behind his cart.

behind Indian Emporium, Chakaphet Road, Phahurat (India town), Bangkok, Thailand

excellent food and good service

26 Dec 2012

I have been to these places a few times. Most of the people eating are employees from the India Emporium. The food is tasty and consistent in high quality every time. I especially like the noodle soup as you can add bean sprouts, thai basil, and pickle along with the normal variety of spices as you wish. They are quick style sit down on a plastic stool type of places with real local style and taste.

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