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Two typical veg food stalls in the alley behind the Indian Emporium. Local food at inexpensive local prices. Reported open Dec 2019.

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First Review by dcchris


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20 Jun 2023

Unreal traditional vegan thai food!

Great food and generous portions - we had 2 big plates for 90 bhat!! The staff don't speak English so you just have to point at things and smile haha! They have mock meats and tofu. Food was very spicy but so good! We went at 2pm and there was still lots left but apparently they have much more the earlier you go. Think they're open from 7am.

Pros: Traditional, Cheap, Mock meats

Cons: Very spicy (if that's not your thing)


27 Aug 2023

Hi know their opening times and days of the week?



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14 Feb 2023

Fantastic street food

Stopped here after checking out the Wat Pho Buddhist temples. Incredible authentic seeming street vendor with a ton of options. We got two large plates for 80 baht (apx $2.60) total. Very filling, flavorful food with a kick. We went to the stand directly behind the emporium with red and yellow flags (i think these are for the Youta vegetarian mock meat company). Highly recommend. Note: almost no english is spoken here, nor is there an english menu. They’ll put rice on a plate and then just point to 2 items/dishes you’d like to add on top. Water is available at the stand next to it.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-14

Pros: All vegan, Authentic, Very affordable

Cons: Outside so quite hot with no AC


27 Aug 2023

Hi know their opening times and days of the week?


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22 Jan 2023

Good spot for thorough feed

Still exist, a couple of stalls behind the Indian emporium, I went to the one on the left. Typical prepared selection of Thai dishes featuring mock meat. All good and tasty. 50bht for three dishes and rice.

Pros: Cheap and cheerful, Big Thai flavours


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28 Oct 2022

Amazing local vegan food stall

We read a few reviews stating the place didn’t exist etc. we found it behind the Indian emporium on a side alleyway with red and yellow flags. The worker didn’t speak English very well but we chose dishes by pointing. We got noodle soup and fried rice and it was AMAZING!!! Felt like real Thai cuisine but all vegetarian. Really really recommend coming here!

Pros: Amazing tasty food , Authentic cuisine , Very cheap

Cons: Didn’t speak too much English , Outside and hot


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29 Dec 2021

Authentic vegan Thai food

Small place right behind the Indian Emporium, unfortunately I don’t remember the name but it has a yellow and red label. Staff didn’t speak english but there was a local guy helping us out with ordering. Delicious food and good portion.

Pros: Cheap, Tasty, Authentic

Cons: Not that easy to find


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18 Jan 2019


Place depicted in photos is now a fruit stand with the "jae" vegetarian signs still hanging.


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10 Jan 2019

Nice cheap food

Tasty cheap Thai food. Clearly labelled as vegetarian on the signs above the stall. Food can be made to order but unfortunately we can't speak Thai and they can't speak English so it was far easier to go for the ready made options by pointing. Nice and cheap, 80 baht for two meals consisting of two sides and rice. My non-vegan partner really enjoyed it too.

Updated from previous review on 2019-01-10

Pros: Cheap, Tasty

Cons: No English spoken


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04 Nov 2018

Stall was abandoned?

When I got there the stall wascompletely abandoned, the flags and the banner were still up but nobody was there. Maybe because we came on a sunday?


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24 Nov 2017

Awesome spot away from the business!!

Great set of food stalls with plenty of shaded seating. Huge arrange of delicious meals and the soup is awesome!
Took 3 bags of the mushroom jerky away - too tasty!

Pros: cheap, relatively quiet for Bangkok


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14 Apr 2017

So good

We loved this stall, lots of fake meat but really tasty and cheap. We also bought a pack of meatless jerky which was a great snack

Pros: cheap


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05 Apr 2017

Great food for a great price!

I'm a massive fan of mock meats so this stall really hit the spot. It's a point and smile job here as the people I spoke to had limited English although luckily there was a man eating here already who translated a little for us.
It's really cheap, I got 2 different mock meats and rice for 30 Baht, my partner for 2 different mock meats, rice and a skewer of mock meat for 50 Baht. Would highly recommend the food.
We ate at the biggest, most popular stall although there appear to be 2 others.


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01 Feb 2017

authentic vegan street food

I'd give the food 5 stars as it's sooooo delicious and protein rich. The service was so friendly and flexible; we asked for a hodgepodge mix of everything on rice and she did just that, allowing us to sample 10 of her 20ish prepared dishes. You just point and choose and they load up your plates. Absolutely everything was delicious, some spicy, some sweet, lots of veggies and especially tasty soy meats. The only challenge for some might be that the stalls truly are down a grungy alleyway, rats and all, with makeshift tents. Good thing there are lots of cats around! So if you are worried about cleanliness and posh air conditioned spaces, you better not go. But we love the vibe of the Little India area and street market food. The price is so cheap, too! We both ate tons for under 200Baht. Don't give up when trying to find it. Walk through the emporium and the small food area is out back. Definitely recommended!

Pros: so cheap, completely vegan, tasty, authentic

Cons: a bit grungy- but we don't mind


19 Mar 2017

Do you have any idea what time of day these stalls run? like, breakfast, lunch, dinner?


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27 Sep 2016

Vegan Thai Street Kitchen Lunch. Delicious.

Vegan Thai Street Kitchen Lunch. Delicious. It's not hard to find: If you cross the shopping mall you can see three stalls with yellow flags next to the back door of the shopping mall. The food is delicious, cheap and spicy. You can order by poiting to the different pots. Enjoy!


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20 Sep 2016

Easy to find, spicy and delicious street food

As the previous reviewers have said, these food stalls are located behind the fabric emporium near Memorial Bridge, directly beyond the back door of the emporium. They have yellow flags with red writing that say "good veg life." There were three stalls in a row when I went, all offering slightly different things and speaking varying degrees of English. Dishes are about 30 baht each. They have outdoor (covered) seating at small tables and bottled water for sale for 10 baht. Food was cooked very quickly and was delicious and spicy. Would definitely recommend!

Pros: Easy to find, Cheap, authentic


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18 Jul 2016

So awesome!

Friendly, cheap & delicious - everything that's important.

The friendly grandma behind the counter thrust some tongs into my hand and gestured toward the dishes, so I figured out that I should just serve myself whatever I wanted, then I put the plate on the scale. I think the weight didn't matter, because her grandson? (young employee) didn't even look and told me 60 baht, but the grandma told him to change it to 50.

That's a deal! I got a bunch of delicious food for a solid price.

Yes, it's been sitting out for a bit, but it's otherwise a great spot!

Pros: All vegan, Cheap, Friendly

Cons: Food sits out after cooking


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28 Apr 2016

I wish I had known how to order

This was the first jae stall we found in Bangkok. We were so excited. Unfortunately, I had trouble ordering and was super confused on what to do as there were no pictures of the meals. Much to my own fault, I ended up with rice and a few mock meats. I didn't realize that the food was cooked to order and didn't see the delicious looking plats of my neighbors until it was too late. I did get a mock meat skewer, much like the ones you commonly see around the Bangkok streets. This was fun, and quite good. I wish I had understood more how to order or had another chance to try again.

Pros: fun mock meat skewers, inexpensive

Cons: confusing, hard to order if you don't speak Thai


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24 Jan 2016

recommended by locals

like the previous reviewer wrote, you can easily find this Food stall when you leave the Shopping mall Emporium by the back door. You'll recognize the vegetarian Food stall by ist many yellow flags with red characters on it.

the Lady could speak enough English to explain me that I can get Rice and then it's 30 Baht per "topping" i choose. there were like 12 different things to choose from, some with mock meat, a few just veggies. i got 2 toppings but just smaller portions and paid 30 Baht.

I Chose a coconut Curry with mock meat and some green veggie with Tofu. i wanted to choose sth else originally but i spotted a black hair in there. :(

there are plastic tables with chairs for you to sit. the Portion might be on the smaller side for some People. the topping were quite spicy for me. taste was okay but nothing extraordinary in my opinion.
i talked to a local and an expat and they said this is the best vegetarian place to eat in all of Bangkok.

if i'm not mistaken there are 2 veggie stalls next to each other, at least they both have the same flags. i went to the one that's closer to the entrance of Emporium. served Thai Food.

Update: went there again today. feel like i got a bigger Portion this time. was tasty!
Updated from previous review on Friday January 22, 2016

Pros: cheap, many toppings

Cons: spotted a hair in one topping, a little hidden, portion not big


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29 Jun 2013

Very good noodle soup

I only managed to go to this place once and the noodle soup I had was really good. It had much more veggies in it than at most places and different mock meats. One soup costes 30 Baht. It has a really authentic street stall feeling, which is really difficult to find if you're veggie. I'm always jealous of meat eaters who can just sit down at any random street stall and get really tasty food wherever they are in Thailand.

If you're inside the India Emporium, you can walk straight out the back door and you'll run straight into the stalls. There is also a veggie Indian stall selling samosas, pakoras and aloo tikkis on the left side of the India emporium and a veg Indian and veg Thai stall in the food court of the emporium (next to other Indian stuff, which is already very veg-friendly).

Pros: Authentic , Delicious

Cons: maybe too hectic for some, not for me


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26 Dec 2012

excellent food and good service

I have been to these places a few times. Most of the people eating are employees from the India Emporium. The food is tasty and consistent in high quality every time. I especially like the noodle soup as you can add bean sprouts, thai basil, and pickle along with the normal variety of spices as you wish. They are quick style sit down on a plastic stool type of places with real local style and taste.

Pros: great taste, nice staff, local place and price

Cons: can be crowded

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