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750 W Dimond Blvd Ste 113, Anchorage, USA

delicious smoothies

04 Oct 2015

My partner and I ordered only smoothies, and each was phenomenal. I ordered a smoothie with cacao, and my partner ordered a berry smoothie. Both were filling and tasty!

340 Hana Highway, Kahului, USA

Top quality

11 Jan 2016

We spent a week in Maui, and after finding Alive and Well we wished we had checked it out sooner. There were not a ton of choices, but those that were available were the best quality we tasted during our stay. The cafe was perfect for take-out, we often grabbed pre-made spring or summer rolls from the cooler, along with raw dips and onion rings (which were phenomenal), and we also ordered from the deli counter. The service was fast and friendly. We especially enjoyed the vegan potato salad, raw kale Caesar salad, and nori wraps. We also enjoyed the raw pies.

28 Amity St, Amherst, USA

love it

04 Jan 2011

I love Amherst Cinema because it shows interesting movies that are well-selected and I can get a big bag of popcorn and shake on the nutritional yeast that is always available. Also for sale are cookies and brownies from local Oh Sweet Mama's bakery and other packaged vegan candy options.

Show your student ID for discounted ticket prices. The atmosphere is very comfortable and artsy.

Avenida 3, Calle 3, San Jose, Costa Rica

good option in center of San Jose

31 Dec 2010

I shopped at this Auto Mercado yesterday and found many more options than at other stores, including organic almond milk and several choices of soymilk. There is a coffee cafe on the upper level that does not offer drinks with soymilk. I found 3 flavors of soy yogurt in the yogurt section. The BioLand selection of products is as extensive as any large market or macrobiotic store I have been in. I found bagged organic coffee here, as well as every kind of those delicious Britt chocolates. The prices were less than at many other stores I had been in.

Walk north from the post office on Avenida 3 for several blocks and this Auto Mercado is on the opposite side of the street, on a corner. There is another Auto Mercado a block up on an adjacent corner, but I did not go in that one.

1230 W 27th Ave, Anchorage, USA

Delicious food & drink

04 Oct 2015

I have eaten at the Bear Tooth several times in the past year, and each experience has been great. I love the drinks, and the food has been tasty and ample. A couple items on the menu are indicated to be able to be vegan. The peanut sauce dish is made vegan by serving over rice instead of egg noodles. I requested it to be served over greens instead, and it was delicious and filling. We also have ordered specials that are vegan, such as the local beet and fennel salad.

68 Masonic St, Northampton, USA

Good choice for comfort food

31 Dec 2010

I go to Bela when I want a good, healthy, tasty, spicy, satisfying meal to my liking. Their stirfries are cretainly the specialty in my opinion. Although their menu and specials may not seem to be anything special the cook knows exactly how to work a stirfry with perfect-tasting finishing sauces that I cannot replicate at home. Sometimes even if the specials look good I order the regular stirfry on the menu because it is so wholesome and delicios. I have several friends who do the same, though the specials are always good and the burgers on the menu are always well-liked.

All specials are well-marked as to ingredients and level of spice, and staff are always very friendly and kowledgeable. However, you cannot expect to substitue anything on the menu unless you offer a donation to the charity of the month that is indicated on the board.

The desserts are always all vegan, and although I have only had dessert once to attest to its deliciousness, people always rave about them. The lunch portions are cheaper if you arrive before a certain time.

Bela offers very good, from-scratch cooking at a fair price. The seating is limited and can be crowded at times, but the ambiance is enjoyable.

206 Main St, Haydenville, USA

Best vegan pizza around

31 Jul 2013

Although the hummus sandwiches are delicious and I love the almond spread on those sandwiches, I am now in love with the vegan pizza at Bread Euphoria! My favorite pizza is the spinach special with vegan cheese. It is delicious every time and the servings are ample. Bread euphoria also carries my favorite coffee around and I love I especially love the soy mint mochas. Salads and the vegan baked good options are always delicious as well. Sometimes daily soup selections are vegan. Beer and wine are also available and sometimes other alcohol drink specials are available as well. I would rather drive to Bread Euphoria to pick up pizza then walk into town for other vegan options. .

1 Boltwood Walk, Amherst, USA

Good fast food

31 Jul 2013

I do love Bueno, even though in the past cheese was sometimes added to my burrito. In the past couple of years as I have learned to be very clear when ordering I have not had any mishaps with my burritos. Whole wheat wraps are available upon request, and I often make multiple requests with my burritos such as to not include any rice or cheese. I love the options for fillings and find the sautéed spinach and garlic the most tasty addition. Tofu is also available to add into burritos. Bueno Is a great option for relatively fast, relatively inexpensive, and always ample portions.

134 Main St, Northampton, USA

Good inexpensive burritos

20 Jun 2013

Bueno Y Sano is great for a quick, filling burrito. Specify NO CHEESE when you order. White rice is also stuffed into the burrito, you can ask to omit that as well. Whole wheat wraps are available upon request.

Basic burritos include rice, beans, lettuce, pico de gallo, and cheese. The menu board lists additions such as sauteed spinach and garlic, sauteed mushrooms, seitan, and guacamole, each for a specified extra charge.

Salad is also available, as well as chips and salsa. Do not hesitate to repeat your order, and to check the wrapped burrito to make sure it is as ordered before you leave.

Tuesdays ("Fat Tuesdays") you can upgrade the size of your burrito to a "grande" for free. Check the board to see if the addition of roasted garlic, if requested, is free.

Skolavoroustigur 22a, Reykjavik, Iceland

get the vegan carrot cake!

26 Jul 2010

This cafe was recommended for their vegan carrot cake- a worker at a veg restaurant in town recommended that I go here for dessert for what they called "the best vegan cake in town"- they were right! I don't think anything else on the food menu was vegan, but soymilk was available for drinks, and the owner and staff were very vegan-knowledgeable. After explaining that i wanted a hot drink without caffeine, the owner whipped up a "camosoy latte"- with chamomile tea.

The cafe was so comfortable, with homey but cool atmosphere- people were hanging out in couples eating, in groups talking, and individually reading or on the computer. The outside deck was full of diners each time I went there, regardless of the hour.

The cake was, as described, the best vegan cake in town. It was a huge slice, and very delicious! It was 700 kr, which is not inexpensive, but worth the price for the treat if you can afford it. I wish I was aware of this place earlier in my trip, as I would have hung out here whenever I had time to read, write, or eat dessert.

22 Chestnut St, Florence, USA

favorite vegan cafe in town

31 Dec 2010

Cafe evolution is my favorite vegan restaurant in Northampton. I like the open atmosphere, and it is a comfortable place to sit for as long as you wish (as long as the cafe remains open, as Sundays they close at 2:00).

The portions are always generous, and chef Heather's specials are always creative and amazing. Often the specials are sold-out, and the regular menu items are good as well. The peanut noodles are favorites of non-veg friends and family, and everyone loves the baked goods. The chili is a nourishing and delicious stand-by. The coffee is strong- locally roasted fair trade from Pierce Brothers, and many hot drinks are available. The oat bread for sandwiches is delicious and wholesome.

Daiya cheese is often used for the specials, and I prefer that cheese to other fake cheeses. Sheese is sold in the deli, but not usually used in the recipes.

Live music and poetry readings often take place, especially on the weekends.

The Sunday brunch menu includes scrambled tofu, french toast, omelette, lemon corn waffles, pancakes, yogurt & granola, homefries and bagel sandwiches and is served 10-2. There are a lot of dairy substitutes used at evolution, but you can usually find something without processed soy products.

405 E 6th St, New York City, USA

great selection

14 Mar 2011

I ate here with a non-veg friend over the weekend. The ambiance was great, with attractive decor and live piano music. The menu was extensive, with brunch and non-brunch options such as sandwiches, pasta and salads. The salads looked fantastic. My friend ordered a sandwich and I ordered a celery root concoction. Both were very good. The portions were very small for the cost, but thankfully we had just eaten a Babycakes treat and did not need a lot to feel full. We also ordered a kefir drink with astragalus that tasted great and felt healthy. The servers were very friendly and helpful.

Many raw food items were on the menu, and I wish I had been able to try them. Someone at another table ordered the zucchini pasta raw special, and someone else ordered a raw fruit parfait, both of which looked delectable.

Laugavegur 20b, Simi, Reykjavik, Iceland

so consistently good!

23 Jul 2010

I ate here at least 5 times while in the city. Although not everything was vegan, there were always ample vegan choices that were very tasty and filling. There was always at least one staff member who knew exactly what the vegan options were. You can choose the number of items you buy on your plate, and all meals come with delicious unlimited home made bread with hummus. Most days there was a vegan dessert, which most often was the delicious barley cake. The coffee & tea drinks are very good too, and the hot chocolate was the best I've ever had. I love that after the meal a friendly staff member asks "would you like some coffee and cake?"

385 Frederick St, Kitchener Waterloo, Canada

good bulk selection

24 Feb 2011

I shopped here 2/22/11. For a relatively small store, Basic Bulk lives up to its name and provides a good selection of bulk items for cooking, baking and snacking. There was a good selection of packaged cereals and nut butters, and a small selection of vegan milks. The bulk selection had ample grains, flours, pastas, snacks, sweets, and other cooking supplies like breadcrumbs. Gluten-free products seemed well-represented. There was a large selection of vitamins and a section for personal care products.

2642 Main St, South Chatham, USA

Great options

25 Jul 2013

What a cute place! I ordered an eggplant parm grinder off the vegan menu, and it fed me for the day. I also ordered a cafe mocha that I was assured was vegan and that was delicious. The menu included sandwiches and pizzas with meat and cheese analogs- not the healthiest options but all very tempting.

The staff were friendly and accommodating, and a vegan section of the menu was apparent. I will happily return whenever I am in the area!

48 Russell St, Hadley, USA

Good Chinese and Japanese to please vegans and non

31 Dec 2010

I like Butterfly because they have an extensive vegan menu and serve brown rice upon request. Although it does not always feel like the healthiest food, it is a treat, and it can even be delivered to Northampton. It also pleases friends and family who are non-vegan, and serves as a great place for holiday meals on days like Christmas or Thanksgiving when other places are closed.

To avoid too much mock meat, I often get tofu dishes, which are always pleasing. The ginger tofu is good, and I like tofu, broccoli and eggplant in garlic sauce the best. My friends prefer the mock sesame chicken, and call it vegan crack. If I order a mock meat, I prefer the beef, which tastes a little mushroomy and does not remind me too much of meat.

The appetizers are all good- dumplings, won tons, soups, and I usually order the seaweed salad. The price is reasonable, and I usually have a lot left over.

42 Cottage St, Easthampton, USA

quality vegan food

10 Apr 2014

Christine's has an excellent open and funky atmosphere for the town. I have ordered salad, tofu scramble, and juice, and all were unique in their offerings. The tahini dressing from the salad was unlike any other tahini dressing I have had; the scramble's home made vegan sausage patties were good, and the carrot-ginger juice was delicious. The food is made-to-order and fresh, so the wait can be a while if there are a few customers in the queue. If you have the time, this is the best all-around vegan option in Easthampton.

174 Ninth Ave, New York City, USA

so chocolatey good

14 Mar 2011

A friend and I ordered the fondue- delicious melted chocolate with a platter of banana slices, dried figs, brownie pieces, pretzels, and Sweet & Sara marshmallows. It was amazing. We also each ordered hot cocoa- one spiced cocoa and one regular cocoa with a shot of espresso. Both were so tasty. The person working at Cocoa V was very friendly, helpful and efficient (she seemed to be the only staff working at the time). I can't wait to return!

Cocoa V was cash only.

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