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Puerto Rican restaurant serving traditional dishes including empanadillas, alcapurrias and picadillo de "carne" made with Impossible meat. Also offers sushi with zalmon sashimi, notuna sashimi, JustEgg scramble, vegan burgers, sandwiches, tacos, mac & cheese and more. Kids menu available. Located in Miramar on the left about 200 feet from the Ponce de leon at 605 Calle Cerra. Also known as Maui’s Great Burger. Brunch Sat-Sun 9am-1pm. Open Mon-Thu 12:00pm-8:00pm, Fri 9:00am-6:00pm, Sat-Sun 12:00pm-8:00pm.

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First Review by JonathanDArts


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28 Feb 2024

Best Puerto Rican vegan food we ever had!

My boyfriend is Puerto Rican and almost CRIED when he tried the food here, never did he think he could have traditional food with the same spices and taste level as a vegan. The Impossible meat did NOT taste like impossible, it tasted like traditional PR meat. Definitely a must try for all vegans in PR.

Pros: Very friendly staff, Deliscious!!!!!, Quite cheap!

Cons: NONE.



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26 Feb 2024

Authentic Puerto Rican food!

Delicious authentic Puerto Rican food, will be coming back again while here. I would recommend the empanadillas! Super cute environment too!


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22 Feb 2024

Puerto Rican food gone vegan!

Food was delicious and really local dishes but vegan. Staff was helpful. Funky ambiance. Sit down, very casual.

Updated from previous review on 2024-02-22

Pros: Local dishes, only vegan, Fresh and tasty, Reasonably priced

Cons: Served in compostable containers. , They stop taking orders an hour before closing , The menu is only on-line/phone


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15 Feb 2024

PSA: they stop taking orders 1 hr before close!

They close at 9, and we arrived at 7:56pm and we were told we had four minutes to order. Pretty hard when the menu is phone only and fairly hard to navigate - plus for English translation you have to click on the item. About 12 people were turned away in the last hour -
Good food though.

Updated from previous review on 2024-02-14


15 Feb 2024

No, it was definitely 8 when the restaurant stopped taking orders, the first people who were turned away arrived at 8:05.


15 Feb 2024

No, Washington is 4 hours behind PR time, not 30 minutes 🤦🏽‍♀️


15 Feb 2024

I’m glad you liked the food! Thanks! We will make sure it doesn’t happen again.


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13 Feb 2024

Great food beautiful space and location

Options for both Puerto Rican and "American" (burgers, Mac n cheese, etc) food. The flavor on the beans that came with the mixte were out of this world.
Loved the location, after lunch we took a walk down Calle Cerra to see the beautiful street art.
Such a big and beautiful space -a great statement.

Pros: Variety of options, Beautiful location and space, Great food

Cons: Takeout containers for dining in


13 Feb 2024

Thank you! Our greatest joy is a happy customer!❤️🇵🇷


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11 Feb 2024

Great value! Comfort healhy food!

The portions are huge. Many options to choose.
The canteen like this should be in every city.
Best time to visit is after 5 hours hike. You will get many healthy callories, proteins and vitamins.

You definitely take leftovers. It's cheeper then others vegan places if you consider how much you get.

Great value!

Pros: Portion size/price, Many options, from hippie to criola vegan. Comfort, Atmosphere is ETIC vegan

Cons: No free water, Plastic utencils


11 Feb 2024

That’s what we work very hard for!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Thanks for the review! ❤️🇵🇷


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08 Feb 2024


If you’re trying to just pop by and get a quick bite in a super cool location def check this out! The food is very casual and it’s basically an art exhibit. Lots of options and my gay lover and I shared this soy beef and rice dish not sure what the name was but we loved it!


11 Feb 2024


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08 Feb 2024

Local cuisine done vegan

Came here on a Wednesday for an early dinner. The location itself (as others have mentioned) is a little strange—there was no one there when we arrived so maybe it wouldn’t have felt as weird if it hadn’t been empty!

My friend and I shared the small sampler and I got la mixta. It was soo good! Lots of flavor, especially the beans. I could eat a giant vat of those things. My friend got the pollo al mojo and isn’t vegan but she was alllll about her meal and kept saying how amazing it was.

One negative is even if you’re dining in, everything is in takeaway containers, so feels a little wasteful.

Overall would recommend coming if you’re nearby and looking to try some authentic Puerto Rican food made vegan!


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25 Jan 2024

Good options

I loved the interior and artsiness of the place, and that they had several vegan options to choose from, but the actual food tasted like Burger King quality where it isn’t fresh and feels like it’s been in a plastic bag in a refrigerator for a week. If they had fresher ingredients and better prices it would’ve been 5 stars. Overall good experience and they have super cute vegan bad bunny shirts for sale!


25 Jan 2024

We will work harder to give you the right experience. Everything we make is fresh. NEVER like BK. I assure you they wish! 😂


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24 Jan 2024

Vegan Cheesesteak

We had two meals here, one in the restaurant and one via delivery. The cheesesteak is awesome. The service in the restaurant wasn’t the best but we got our food.

Pros: Food


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20 Jan 2024


100% HP has such an extensive menu that it was difficult for me to decide what to get.

I'll start with what I didn't enjoy:
1 - Buffalo Chkn Sandwich - I didn't like the vegan chicken patty. I don't know if it was Gardein, Beyond, or what, pero no me gusta. The onion rings were good though.

2 - Alcapurria HP - I took one bite and abandoned ship.

3 - White rice sans sabor. (get the yellow rice instead)

I absolutely LOVED everything else. My MUST TRY list includes:

- Empanadilla de Carne. Yes, it's filled with Impossible meat, but the way they flavor and cook it makes it phenomenal. I would prefer an accompanying sauce of some sort (even though it's delicious on its own). I ended up ordering their aioli for it.

- Relleno de Papa. A deep fried mashed potato ball with a little criollo-style "beef" in the middle (also using Impossible meat). The meat is very subtle in this one though, which I prefer, so it's perfect.

- La Mixta HP. This is what you want! A traditional PR dish veganized. It's Bistec Encebollado (think onion sautéed steak bites) with white rice and red beans (which I subbed for arroz y gandules), salad, avocado, y tostones. The flavors were exquisite!

- Birria Tacos. Only available on Taco Tuesdays. Theirs has the best seasoned tortilla shell that I've ever had.

I also tried a cake and ice cream dessert. The cake was ok (a little dense), but that ice cream and caramel sauce slapped!

Amazing artwork. Service was ok; not bad, but not brag-worthy either. No complaints though. Definitely going back when I return to SJU.



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20 Jan 2024


my non-vegan, puerto rican bf said the mojo chicken was was the best mojo chicken he has ever had in his life. bro had a heavenly experience and is going to make his entire family go to this restaurant just to try it. the steak was insaneeee like we were so shook at how our food was vegan. it's authentic puerto rican food and perfectly adjusted to be vegan. the cheddar and broccoli empanadilla will be in my dreams tonight


20 Jan 2024


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25 Dec 2023

Get the Empanadas

This place was pretty chill. Such a cool artsy vibe. The empanadas are a must have. The service was a tad off, but there were only 2 servers with a lot of business for Christmas Eve.

Pros: Great Empanadas (reheated well), Beautiful Art

Cons: Service was alright


07 Jan 2024

I took your advice and it did not disappoint! Thanks!


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24 Dec 2023

Vegan versions of typical dishes

It was great trying out some vegan versions of typical Boricua food. Great value and friendly staff


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26 Sep 2023

Great way to eat some Puertoriccan meats

We stopped by here after a long day of rum distilleries while on vacation, so we needed something at least a bit greasy. I saw a sign out front which said that this place is also an art gallery, and when we got inside (it was a slower day) they were hanging up some very nice paintings. In fact, the whole interior was very colorful.

Their menu was huge, and in both spanish and english. I took the route of choosing something with the fewest words I recognized (alcapurrias) and my friends each got something else, mostly Puertoriccan food though. It was all very delicious.

A man who might have been the owner came by to tell us about the food too, which was very helpful! The hot sauce (and presumably other ingredients too) was made locally. The intention behind most of the dishes is to appeal to meat eaters, so if you have some in your group, this is a great place to take them. The flavors of the v. carne in particular were very concentrated, which made it go perfectly with rice. If you like garlic, you MUST get a side of beans too.

We tried among us all five dishes that were all very tasty, especially after a day of drinking!

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-26

Pros: All vegan Puertoriccan food, Inexpensive

Cons: Overreliance on Impossible


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13 Sep 2023

Poor quality control

I used to love this place but the quality control has been consistently failing. There have been times where the food tastes fermented, plastic lids inside other non corresponding foam containers, and worst of all I found an acrylic nail in one of the empanadas. I honestly cannot eat here without getting nauseous. Hate to say that I don’t recommend this place to anyone.


06 Oct 2023

We have been renovating our kitchen. Have had some issues. But after a $200,000 dollar investment. We are pleased to say we are back!!!! Sorry for the inconvenience!!! ❤️


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11 Aug 2023


The food was good. I had a pizza empanada , whilst the flavor was good I felt like it could have been more stuffed than it was. I also had what was recommended as being ordered the most, can’t recall the name, but I def enjoyed the flavors of it. The restaurant had a lot of things to choose from, mostly burgers and sandwiches, but I wanted to try the most cultural thing on the menu! I would def eat here again.

Pros: The staff was nice , I like the aesthetics of the place

Cons: Eating from to go containers while dining in


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03 Aug 2023

Fantastic authentic Puerto Rican food

I loved the pastel and rellenos de papa that I tried from here! Also ordered the BBQ chicken sandwich, which I was concerned would be spicy because online it said a “spicy batter” but it was not, was delicious. Highly recommend to try some traditional dishes without any doubt they’re vegan


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29 Jul 2023


We went here about 4 times during our trip! They have all puertorican cuisine in vegan versions, but the menu is super expansive. Those puertoricans that are vegan: try the rellenos de papa! One for the ages


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16 Jul 2023

So good

I loved their food and I especially loved the daiya cow mural 🥹 4 stars only because it wasn’t my favorite food I had in or around San Juan but it was delicious nonetheless!


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22 Jun 2023

Yummy indulgence— restaurant in transition

My daughter and I (both vegan) headed here for dinner as we were craving burgers and fries. We both had the crispy chicken sandwich, hers with a side of loaded fries, and mine with a side of onion rings. We also shared a cookies n creme milkshake. The sandwiches were good but could have used a little more flavor. I agree with the previous reviewer that the patty was a little too thick. The loaded fries were delicious. The onion rings were very thick in batter as well. They only gave me three which surprised me at first but I could barely finish them because they’re so heavy duty! One milkshake split into two glasses was PLENTY. The space was interesting and a little confusing so I asked our server to explain. It used to be called Maui Burger and you can see a business storefront with that name on a sign across the street. Maui Burger had always been vegan but they’ve since moved across the street into a much larger space, rebranded as 100% HP, and are renovating the kitchen in that new space. For now, their kitchen is still across the street on the old Maui Burger location. So that means you place your order, they cook it across the street, and the servers walk across the street to get it, and bring it back to you in takeout containers. Eventually, once the new kitchen is ready, they’ll release the old Maui Burger space to a new renter. Also, you’ll see a huge Daiya mural in the new space and notice that the servers were Daiya-branded shirts. Apparently, the owner is in partnership with Daiya and the company even sends him product samples so they can offer tastings in the restaurant. Anyway, I hope this helps with any confusion you would have had as you try to make sense of this great restaurant that is currently in transition!

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-22

Pros: Nice staff , Food was a welcome indulgence

Cons: Confusing environment as they renovate, Food took awhile but we weren’t in a rush


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16 Jun 2023

Good food

Awesome that it's fully vegan, cool looking restaurant as well. Food did take a while, even when ordering ahead. I found the chicken sandwich patty unnecessarily thick, but it was good overall.

Pros: All vegan, Tons of options, Friendly worker

Cons: Slow service


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14 Jun 2023


Wonderful: ambiance, food, flavors! So great to enjoy a 100% vegan restaurant in San Juan. Highly recommend a visit

The QR code menu you scan in the restaurant is all in Spanish. If you need an English translation search for the menu in Google, it is posted in both languages. If you are not used to it, water order will come in a plastic bottle.

My wait was at 25 mins, shorter than other reviews, also not at a very busy time.

Dog friendly inside too.

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-14

Pros: Extensive menu , Plenty of seating , Centrally located

Cons: All utensils / containers are single use plastic


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05 May 2023


We were hoping for an amazing lunch after reading the great reviews bit it was just OK. Staff were borderline rude the food was fine but not great. We waited 45 minutes for our order and they were not even busy!

Pros: Lots of options

Cons: Unfriendly staff


29 Jul 2023

They may have not been busy as in a lot of dine in guests, but this restaurant also serves at home customers who order using apps such as Doordash. Patience is key here on the island and research before arriving would have let you this. I can only imagine you given the staff a hard time for something that is not only beyond their control, but part of the Puerto Rican culture. Just a flat out ignorant review from a person ignorant of another culture!


29 Jul 2023

Please, do more research before you travel to other places. Knowing about a culture will go a long ways for your experience, and the people being more welcome.


14 Aug 2023

Excuse me, but insulting me isn’t an appropriate response. I’ve spent lots of time in Puerto Rico and love the culture and the people. I’m also a former server and have worked in many restaurants and I would never be rude to anyone who works in a restaurant. The food and service did not live up to the hype. Maybe they were having an off day, but blaming me for giving an honest review of the restaurant and calling me ignorant is extremely offensive. Shame on you, sir.


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20 Apr 2023

Best vegan food we found in San Juan

Found this spot and could not stop going back, went 3 times and just had to try everything!! The rice is very good, and the steak quesadillas were to die for. We were also very stoked to get to try so much Puerto Rican food that was vegan. Their menu on GrubHub has translations to English

Pros: Amazing food

Cons: Parking


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12 Mar 2023

Awesome spot in central San Juan that's open late.

One of the limited late night options while staying in San Juan, 100% HP is a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat at any time of the day. We had the onion rings, two types of empanadas, a quesadilla, and some fresh juices. Not only are the prices fantastic, so are the portions! We ended up taking a lot of leftovers back, but they tasted just as good heated up the next day. Highly recommended!!!


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25 Feb 2023

Delicious but seriously slow

I loved the food and environment, I was just so disappointed to wait 50 minutes after ordering our food to be served. Seriously slow. The food was great but I wish they had warned us that there was almost an hour wait for the food.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-25

Pros: Big menu

Cons: Very slow service

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