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16563 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, USA


Visited this place for a quick lunch recently. Heard great reviews and it did not disappoint. Au Lac is pretty easy to find in a strip mall and has plenty of "bicycle" & "vegan" parking in front. :) The interior is just lovely and was well crowded with the lunch crowd when I arrived.

The menu is quite extensive and you can order most items as a small or medium size portion. There are plenty of raw options which all sounded delicious and inviting. I opted for the "popeye" spinach salad with dressing & walnuts (& I forget what else). All of the flavors worked perfectly together, the dressing did not overpower the spinach at all but was a rather nice complement.

There is an extensive "elixer" menu and a page of luscious-sounding desserts...next time! Service was a little slow, probably due to the busy lunch crowd and a few large parties. Food was wonderful. Prices can be affordable to a little steep depending on what you order.

7300 W Sunset Blvd Ste A, Los Angeles, USA

Good food

Visited the Hollywood location for lunch. I ordered the orange chicken lunch special, was impressed with how much food was on my plate. Hubby ordered a chicken sandwich and side of fries. The service was ok, nothing to write home about. The food arrived quickly, hubby thought it might be premade and reheated but it was tasty. His burger was tasy, pretty average vegan chicken. The fries tasted very fresh and clean. The orange chicken was delicious, came with a nice helping of brown rice, 1 delicious egg roll, and side salad.

We left stuffed and satisfied. Had to pass on dessert this time.

1521 Griffith Park Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

Yummy Raw Goodness!

Visited Cru with a couple friends for a post-workout dinner. First off, parking sucks. Had to walk a few blocks down a residential street before getting lucky. The place is small yet intimate. Filled up FAST for dinner but the waiter was really friendly and efficient and helpful.

We split the mezze appetizer which was delicious & fresh & flavorful. Each ordered the potato curry w/side of quinoa- lovely & BIG! Completed our meal w/raw cheesecake w/sliced strawberries & raw vegan whipped creme- quite decadent, sweet, & wonderful!

Delicious, friendly, lovely place. Prices are a little more than your typical vegan place but I've found Cru to be on par with most raw restaurants but with a nicer ambience. Great little place to have lunch or dinner with friends! :)

And Cru does have a small selection of cooked items on the menu and we noticed that not everything on their restaurant menu is listed on their website so you may walk in and be pleasantly surprised by the nice variety.

1818 L St, Bakersfield, USA

this place is closed!

attempted to visit this business on a recent trip to Bakersfield. Bummer, it's closed down. Had to wait to get back into LA County to find veg-friendly options.

5907 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, USA

One of my FAVE spots!

Yeah, this is kind of a whole in the wall place but don't let that fool you! My husband & I eat here a few times a month despite the 20-30+ minutes getting there in LA traffic.

The food is wonderful, I've never ordered something I didn't like. I'm floored by the option of having breakfast anytime of the day...when was the last time I was able to do that at a restaurant?? The pancakes are awesome- I wish they would let me in on their sercret. ;) I usually order breakfast or a sandwich or a noodle/rice dish. Hubby likes the lentil loaf as it's very filling and comes w/a hearty helping of fresh veggies & seasoned potatos. Definately try the soymilk shakes- YUM!!

The staff is always very kind and friendly. We notice a lot of people come here for take-out. If we lived closed I'd be going broke ordering take-out from them several times a week. The prices are reasonable and the ingredients are fresh and healthy.

1769 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, USA

Soooo good!

The menu can be overwhelming so we opted for breakfast when we visited. I ordered a Combo B, hubby had the Combo D, and we split an order or pancakes & chicken. It was all sooooo good! We happily finished everything in front of us. The breakfast wraps were chock full of goodness, mine with egz, "cheese", sweet potatos (yum!) and other bits of heaven while hubby's was stuffed w/seitan & lentil loaf & deliciousness. The pancakes taste like "real" pancakes which was pretty amazing and the "chicken" was sinfully good. Service was prompt and friendly. Dinner was quite affordable. Definately making the trek out here again soon!

500 N Atlantic Blvd Ste 171, Monterey Park, USA

Really good food!

I haven't been here in a while as the traffic up Atlantic Blvd in the middle of the day is a pain. I've never actually sat down to eat inside the restaurant, always order lunch specials as take-out.

The staff is friendly enough and quick. The food is always delish, don't think I've ever ordered something I've been disappointed with. Had the orange chicken (mushrooms) with white rice and a side of spring rolls. The sauce is amazing! A coworker asked what I was eating as it smelled & looked like authentic asian food. I assured him it was all vegan and all good! :)

709 N Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, USA

Lovely All-Vegan Restaurant!

Finished a bike ride in the South Bay at this little gem. Cute lil place, friendly service, was gratefully surprised to be told the menu was completely vegan. :) Enjoyed dumplings as appetizer, pad thai, chicken curry w/white rice, & lemongrass chicken. All fresh looking & tasting! Ordered carrot cake & coconut ice cream for dessert. Pleased to see so much business during our short visit. Great food. Friendly service. Will definately return if I'm ever in the area again. :)

1604 Pacific Ave, Venice, USA

So yummy yet so far!

I was starving when I arrived at Seed so I started off with a moist coconut creme frosted cupcake. The frosting was decadent and I could taste real bits of coconut which was nice. The cake itself was very moist and fresh (my cupcakes don't come out this moist!). I had the tomato soyrella pesto panini which was devine! The pesto was perfecto! My husband had a black bean burger which he was very pleased with and we split an order of sweet potato fries. I don't think I can go back to regular fries- these were so awesome! They were HOT and fresh and crisp but not too crispy. The service was great, the atmosphere was really pleasant, and the food was outstanding. If you live in the area this is a place you must try and won't regret. Only bummer was the soft serve machine was still down. Once they get that going the place will probably get twice as packed! ;)

3801 Warner Ave Ste B, Huntington Beach, USA

Good food, knowledgable staff!

Headed out to HB for a veg meetup and this place didn't disappoint. The staff was really helpful about telling us what's popular & what's veg. I had a breakfast burrito (yay! another place that serves vegan breakfast all day!!) with tofu & potatos & salsa & all kinds of yummy goodness. My husband tried a lemon-flavored unturkey burrito, he really enjoyed the flavors. Each dish comes w/a small side of chips & really good salsa- lots of flavor and just enough heat.

They also have vegan cookies for $1 each, everyone in our party just had to have one and we almost had a race to snag the very last one in the basket. ;) They have vegan-friendly smoothies that are yummy. The cheese is not vegan, but they reccomend subbing hummus instead.

18635 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, USA

Knowledgeable, friendly staff!

Went here a month or so ago for lunch. My first experience with Indian food, happened to be in the neighborhood. The waiter was very helpful answering questions about dishes and pointed out 2 curry dishes that were vegan. Ordered one with spinach that was very tasty. They have lunch specials. Plenty of parking on the street or in the lot behind the restaurant. Definately will visit again.

11736 E 166th St, Artesia, USA

Lovely little place!

I noticed this place didn't have any recent reviews and it happened to be down the street from one of the parks where I play tennis so figured it was my duty to check it out. :) It's a VERY small shop on the corner of 166th & Pioneer in a strip mall. The lady who helped me was very nice and when asked if the refrigerated foods could be heated up there informed me they have a lunch special each day. The picture available was of veggie fish (I'm just not that brave!) so I asked if there was veggie chicken and was told there was veggie chicken, veggie pork, and veggie fish today. I ordered the veggie chicke w/brown rice. Man that was A LOT of food!

While my food was being prepared I happily browsed the refrigerated items & few shelves in the store. This is a great place to go if you're making an authentic asian meal, lots of hot sauces, soy sauces, noodles, and concoctions of every kind. All of the prepared foods in the fridge that I glanced at said they contained soy (no whey or anything undersireable). The steamed buns looked great- definately trying those next time.

When I received my food the lady asked if I was vegetarian and I said vegan, she seemed pleased. I told her I've heard of this place and just had to check it out. She invited me back soon. Note that there is no place to sit and eat here, they do offer cutlery and/or chopsticks for your take out. I enjoyed my delicious meal back at the park. :)

11329 183rd Street, Cerritos, USA

Good food & they carry vegan cupcakes!

Stopped by for an impromptu lunch a few weeks ago. Thought I'd written a review, but I guess not so I'll try to remember what I had. ;)

Restaurant was well crowded for lunchtime but I was seated and served in a friendly, timely manner. This is your typical Asian restaurant with typical Asian menu. I think I ordered veggie stir fry or something and brown rice and had a steamed bun. All was very fresh and delicious.

Must admit that one reason I dropped in was because I learned they carry cupcakes from Luscious Organics which I've been dying to try. Even though the cupcakes were dropped off on Monday/Tuesday there were still a few leftover which were fresh & moist & yummy. I opted for the chocolate cupcake which blew me away.

As previous posters have stated this restaurant takes cash only but isn't too pricey so that shouldn't be an issue. Was a nice touch to see copies of VegNews and various vegan-friendly magazines on the front counter. :)

Staff was polite, friendly, and efficient. Food was fresh and yummy. Brown rice was exceptional. And they serve Luscious Organics vegan cupcakes so bonus points!! :)

14370 Culver Dr Ste 2G, Irvine, USA

great food! friendly service! 100% vegan!

Ate here for the first time today per 5 * reviews on happy cow & it didn't disappoint! Beware they are closed late afternoon btwn lunch & dinner, we dropped by just after 4p to find it closed but reopened by 430p to a steady stream of diners mostly regulars. Menu is online, all vegan, wide selection, affordable, fresh. Friendly staff. Great service. Will return soon. :-)

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