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Uses mock meats. Dinner prices cheap to moderate. Under new ownership 2022 and reported fully vegan August 2023. Open Mon 11:30am-8:00pm, Wed-Sun 11:30am-8:00pm. May close earlier on ocassion - call ahead.

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First Review by spidey


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14 Aug 2023

Just OK

It was a little strange as I was the only one in the place during lunch time. Initially only one women to assist and was not that friendly but stayed as the reviews were decent and the place is in the city I live in.

I had the sweet and spicy tofu dish with brown rice and it was just OK. The lady that greeted me was the cook as well.

Later people came in but did not look they got attended to right away and I really did not get much service either.

Probably will not come back.

Pros: Location

Cons: Atmosphere - boxes in corner, no music, plant need, Women who took care of me was not that friendly



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12 Aug 2023


all vegan!!! delicious!!! very friendly owners!!!!

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-12


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26 Feb 2023


Delicious but vegans be careful as not everything is vegan but vegetarian. Wish they’d veganize everything


12 Aug 2023

just talked to the owner today and he said everything is vegan now!! the website has false information from a past owner that the old owner never took down.


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26 Jul 2021

This place is heaven!!!!!

I love everything about this restaurant. Before the pandemic I was always here!!!!

Pros: Great portions , SUPPPEERRRR GOOD, There’s a spiritual shop next door!


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29 Feb 2020

Closes dining room very early

We were regulars here for many years and were so disappointed to learn that Bonnie sold it. The night we discovered it was new owners we found the service to be super slow and the food just okay. It’s probably been a year since then and tonight we decided to give it another try. I can’t tell you if the service was any faster or the food any better because when we walked in 35 minutes before the posted closing time they told us it’s take out only. Having traveled from LB we had no interest in take out. There wasn’t a single person in the restaurant so I thought maybe they had a reason specific to tonight for closing the dining room early so I asked and she said they always close it at this time because they close soon. In 35 minutes?! So BOGUS!

Cons: Close earlier than posted


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09 Feb 2020

Family friendly

We’re regulars here, but from our very first visit we felt right at home. Our friendly neighborhood waitress knows what we like and reminds us if we forget and patiently allows our eleven year old twins practice their Mandarin when ordering. We love the food and the familiar friendly banter we’ve come to expect whenever we stroll in. One of our favorite go to spots!!!

Pros: Delicious vegan food!, Friendly service, Price point is doable for a family night out


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11 Apr 2019


When I went the first time I thought it was OKAY. The food was super oily for my taste and nothing special.

One time I went back and it looked like they were doing food prep, they had a huge pile of green beans just sitting on top of the table in the dining area?

I’ve heard they have new owners since then, but it’s also more expensive with smaller portions now.

Pros: Only vegan place in the immediate area?

Cons: Expensive , Small portions, Questionable cleanliness


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22 Mar 2019

Just ok

Seemed like there was only one cook, plates came out 0ne at a time so by the time my plate came out my partners was already cold

Pros: So many Vegan Options

Cons: Taste wasn’t “omg” , Potions were small , Kinda on the greasy side


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05 Nov 2018

Not bad

I was hesitant to stop by given previous ratings and the “B” grade. I also went online to check out how the restaurant earned that “B” grade and was a bit scared. But I finally went after 4 months of thinking about it. I was there for lunch (take out) and was happy with my order 🤷🏻‍♀️

Pros: Many food options , Many dessert options

Cons: Restaurant had “B” grade


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25 Sep 2018

Delicious and abundant

I’ve been here three times and it’s an amazing place everything in the Menu is vegan!!!

Pros: All vegan options , Delicious hot n sour soup , Awesome service

Cons: Small, Not graded A but should be , Graded B


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23 Sep 2018

love veggie wokery

Delicious all vegan food. I've been here many times and they never disappoint. It's all Family portions so it's nice to get a variety that will feed a large family.


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25 Aug 2018

gone down hill

I ditto all bad reviews.

Pros: none

Cons: too many


11 Apr 2008

Fantastic - this is what I like to read - a review written with passion - giving your real name - thank you Lloyd.


17 May 2018

I completely agree with you! When Bonnie ran this place it was good vegan food with great customer service. Now this place is very questionable and the customer service is horrible beyond the fake smiles. I'm going to post a review as well.


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17 May 2018

This restaurant went downhill with the new owners.

When Bonnie ran this place it was great vegan food with great customer service. Now the food is very questionable and the customer service is really bad beyond the fake smiles. All my favorite dishes aren't what they used to be (the chefs and ingredients changed for the worse). No more free kimchi or miso for lunch. Definitely no kind byes when you are leaving either. I got a take out of a dish that I always used to get before the new owners and the portion was super tiny this time. Not the least bit filling. Really? Why are the take out orders skimped now? I have not returned to this place since their service was really lacking when I mentioned this to them. Also this place was closed before their posted closing hours when my friend and I tried to meet up there. Booo! Bring Bonnie Back!

Pros: Vegan(possibly)

Cons: Possibly not vegan, Possible roaches and rat droppings, Crappy customer service and substandard food


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06 Jan 2018

So good!

A really nice restaurant that brings out food fairly fast. Very inexpensive and super polite workers.

Pros: Completely vegetarian. Lots of vegan options. Real


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04 Oct 2017

Pretty Good

I like this place. The food is pretty good. The orange chicken tasted like the meat version of orange chicken. The fried rice wasn’t too bad. The dim sum shu mai was delish. The Thai tea was a hit. The staff was nice too.


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03 Sep 2017

Best vegan restaurant in the Cerritos area

I absolutely love this place! It's all Chinese style vegan with an amazing variety. Prices are reasonable and the service is great!
The ambiance is so calming and peaceful. I just love being here.

Pros: Delicious, healthy food , Great variety of vegan Chinese food , Great service

Cons: No debit or credit cards accepted


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16 May 2017

awesome food

Good food and good services


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10 May 2017

cozy, homey, satisfying

I come here when I feel like a good home cooked meal. The soups are large and meant to be shared, and we always get one. Love the wonton soup and can always rely on the hot and sour soup to be good. A frequent special, the crispy mushrooms, is now a favorite. A few dishes here and there miss the mark a little bit, sometimes being too salty, (easily remedied for lunch the next day) but overall, I'm a regular here, and usually get extra so I have plenty of leftovers for later. The family is very nice, and the food comes out fast, all for a very reasonable price.

Pros: fast, delicious, satisfying


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03 Aug 2016

wonderful little place!

I've been to Vegi Wokery 6 times and it just gets better each time. I have learned to order what she recommends and it's the right choice. The fried oyster mushrooms were delicious. I love this place because the atmosphere is like home and the owners are so nice. It's also the closet vegan restaurant to me, which I love.

Pros: cozy, vegan desserts, fast service

Cons: cash only


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09 Mar 2016

Love this place!

I've been coming here for years. Owners are incredibly kind and the orange chicken never disappoints!

Musts: orange chicken, spring rolls, and thai tea!


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25 Dec 2015

RIDICULOUS small portions, NOT Vegan, Bad Hours

I was looking for a vegan restaurant between my house in Burbank and Disneyland (which I frequent often) somewhere proximate to the 5 freeway that I could visit often. Vegi Wokery fits that bill so I read every review that I could find, studied the Vegi Wokery website in detail including their menu. I have to admit to becoming paranoid about vegetarian and vegan restaurants that are not careful about their ingredients being animal-free, so I study all information carefully. The reviews really encouraged me, and excitedly I arrived at Vegi Wokery for my first visit for dinner in early October with my new vegan girlfriend fresh from out of town (Denver) trying to impress her, and THEY WERE CLOSED FOR A WEEK! They had a little sign in front saying they were on vacation. Why couldn't they put this on their website? I had come from Disneyland fighting 5 O'clock rush hour traffic so it took over a half an hour to get there, we were STARVING, and I couldn't believe that this is the way they do business! We were going to Knotts Scary Farm afterward and had to eat something vegan, but we "had put all our eggs in one basket" and couldn't find anything else and now it was getting late because of rush hour delays and we went straight on to Knotts 2 hungry vegans. Knotts has some vegan crap food so we survived there barely, but this put my girl in a bad mood and we got into a bit of a tiff and this ruined our whole time. 2 weeks later we decided to give Vegi Wokery another try. This time they were open. We ordered several dishes and SURPRISE! TEENY-TINEY PORTIONS like you'd see at Gourmet places like Crossroads, Gadarene Swine, Juliano's/Planet Raw, etc. And in just a shopping-center no-class restaurant atmosphere! I mean these portions were ALL so small it was insulting. The food was good, not great, and I would return again except for the portions. the prices were VERY ridiulously high for what you get. Spent $60 two people and honestly left the restaurant still very hungry. Here's the kicker: at Vegefest Orange county november 1 2015, Vegi Wokery had a booth there and their portions were by far much bigger than in the restaurant and very fair. you'd expect the opposite. What's going on with them and the other reviews that said they had generous portions? Another problem: everybody said they're nearly entirely vegan, yet the menu clearly stated that there were 6 items that had animal products/dairy. NEVER going back. I'll stick to Souplantation.

Pros: food is good, service is friendly, NOT VEGAN several dishes have dairy

Cons: RIDICULOUSLY small portions, they do not update their website AT ALL, hours of operation NOT as advertised.


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19 Oct 2015

Friendly staff and great food

Lots of vegan options on the menu. Brought some sample dishes to work and my staff had no idea it was vegan/vegetarian until I told them. When I came for the first time with my family, we told the server (who I think was the owner) about my recent heart attack and she came back with some guava nectar that she freshly made and gave it to us stating it was good for reducing high blood pressure. Very kind and great food!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, but not everything is so re


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Mostly Veg
18 Mar 2015

3 cows for good, basic food

I went for lunch and had a good meal. The portion was large ("Chicken" with mixed veggies). The price was reasonable (for the Los Angeles area) and the employees were nice. I would not call it above average, but the food was good.


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20 Jan 2015

Live It

Very nice people. Prompt service and bonnie is a sweetheart. Only issue is they only take cash which isn't a problem with me but some folks don't carry cadh.

Pros: Service , Cozy , Polite

Cons: Cash Only


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23 Feb 2014


Very delicious and the people are extremely friendly. Definitely a great spot.


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Mostly Veg
29 Oct 2013


I just went here for the first time today. I'm trying to transition to vegetarian and have been searching for a place like this! I had the Orange Meat dish and Thai iced tea.. was incredible. The price was right and it tasted amazing. I can't wait to go back!
My daughter claims to hate anything that's not "real" meat. I brought it home and told her to try the new "Chinese place" She had no clue she wasn't eating meat... then I told her and she asked if she could finish my leftovers.. NO WAY, those are mine! LOL
This place is a must try

Pros: Price is right, Service is fast, Big portions

Cons: cash only


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Mostly Veg
14 Aug 2013

Best place in TOWN

We have been going here for 13 years. NOT ONE BAD MEAL!! This place is one of the best in town for Vegi food. Very friendly and a great place to take friends for a fine dinner.

Pros: Food is alway made fresh, Service is fast, Every body there smiles


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