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Rua da Emenda 110, 2nd floor, Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal

Warm place, warm people

I went there some years ago, i dont remember a lot, but i do remember to expect less from the place (some comments of friends or people in the street), and to be nicely suprised :) Good food, good price

Rua Na Senhora de Fatima 465, Porto, Portugal

Not veggie, so not for me

I went there to a celebrate some anniversary . I though it was a veg place, but i saw fish and meat there, i think. The place was quit nice, expecially outside :)

Calle de Ecuador 89, Vigo, Spain


Amazing food (i eated the aubergin plate). Amazing vegan dish with no gluten :) Nice place.

C/Cardenal Casañas 7, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain


Went there in 2010, and now, and was even best this time! :)
Very good food, good portions, many options, all vegan! And i went with my partner and baby and was really family friendly place! Amazing price, cozy place

R. de Breyner, 396, Porto, Portugal

Not impressed

I went there once, but i was not impressed by the food. Not many vegan options, no big portion. Maybe was the wrong day to go, i dont know, i have to see it again :)

Largo, Martins Sarmento, 89, Guimaraes, Portugal

Adorable place

I love this kind of place, a house, with lots of rooms, outside place with trees, and light, and many things to watch.
Not a big menu, not so cheap, not many vegan choices, but the place is really cool :)

Pç Ilha Faial, 14A, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

My first experience :)

I went there in 1999! I just became veg that year, and the food there motivated me to continue, because i discovered the seitan and many other stuff i didnt knew :)
I don't remember a lot, but i do remember enjoying the food very much

Praça Mouzinho de Albuquerque, 29, Braga, Portugal

Not vegan options

I remember to go there and ask for vegan options and they told me they had none... so i went away... lol

92 Boulevard de Beaumarchais, Paris, France

Good looking deserts :)

It was nice, it was crowded, the food was really good, but not cheap.

Rua S. Miguel, 19, Porto, Portugal

Very good

Nice place! I went there many years ago and i remember the food quite well. I have to go there to check it again :) Nice portions, diferent foods, vegan options

Alameda Stú António dos Capuchos, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Nice place ouside :)

I dont remember a lot (was some years ago), but i do remember enjoying it. I dont remember the prices....

Rua do Bonfim, 134/140, Porto, Portugal

Nice place upstairs :)

I liked the food, but it was to expensive for me. In this days we can eat in GOOD veg restaurants with good menus for 8euros with desert, drink, everything). But the food was good

Rua da Palmeira, 15, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal


Went there in 2008 and have to go again. We spent hours eating there, outside, in that beautiful garden! The owner (i think) was REALLY nice because we dont had enough money, and he let us eat anyway, and repeat as many times we wanted. The food was really amazing, many many vegan options for me!

14, rue Bichat, Paris, France

I'm not an asian kind of food girl,but it was good

I remember to be confused with the menu, because i saw porc and fish and other non veg stuff. It was good food, but the place was to crowded... and not cheap. But had MANY MANY options to eat! It took me quite some time to choose what i wanted... lol

Calle Bruniquer 26, Barcelona, Spain

Good energy :)

Nice place, cozy and friendly. The price was really good, with big portions! And the entree was amazing, because is a buffet with many many options, also with amazing soup :)
Really nice employees
Want to go there again, for sure :)

Rua Dr. Augusto Martins, 21-23, Edi. Versailles, Maia, Portugal

Very good

I dont know if still exists! I went there many years ago! I used to go every week and loved it. They served a lot of food and variety.

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