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Terra, meaning "Earth," prepared dishes with flavors of Portuguese and Mediterranean traditions. Food is presented in a buffet consisting of dishes like sushi, curry, veggie kebabs, and shoarma by way of salads and veg versions of traditional Portuguese. Juice, soft drinks, beer, Mevushal, non-Mevushal kosher wine, and desserts. Set in an old building with a garden. A shop sells fair trade artifacts, bio snacks, incense, soaps. Near Jardim do Príncipe Real. Reported closed September 2020.

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118 Reviews

First Review by lunamagae


Points +109

01 Mar 2020

Se fosse vegano...

A falta de sinalização de pratos veganos não me deixa dar uma melhor classificação. Num restaurante aparentemente tão dedicado a causas ambientais não faz sentido não ser completamente vegano.

Pros: Localização , Staff simpático, Instalações

Cons: Não vegano, Falta de sinalização , Caro



Points +90

01 Mar 2020

Sem sabor..

Staff e localização fantástico! Infelizmente os pratos sem legendas, fica muito complicado para um vegano comer...

Pros: Lindíssimo local , Staff

Cons: Caro, Sem legendas nos pratos


Points +65

04 Oct 2019

Amazing buffet but at a high price

If cost is not a problem this can't go wrong. There are a bunch of options of mostly adapted Portuguese cuisine, and all can be tried in pretty good buffet. Price, however , is steep including for beverages and dissert (which are an extra cost to the buffet). The staff is friendly and helpful and there's an exterior patio when weather allows it.

Pros: Amazing buffet, A lot of choice

Cons: Expensive


Points +29

24 Aug 2019

A superb buffet, perhaps a little overpriced

I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality and variety of food on offer here. For 16€ you get unlimited access to the buffet, which included several hot dishes, pizza, pasta, salad and veggies. I sat outside on the gorgeously decorated garden terrace, which had a really lovely ambiance. My main criticism would be that there was no indication as to which of the dishes were vegan, rather than vegetarian. I also felt that the restaurant was quite expensive, although I think the food itself does merit a high price tag.

Pros: Amazing pizza, A lovely outdoor seating area

Cons: Perhaps a little overpriced, It was unclear which dishes were vegan


Points +949

18 Aug 2019

Very few vegan options

Very Few vegan options, unmarked vegan or vegetarian food, well above average price, poor service by waiters. There are much better places in Lisbon and much cheaper

Cons: Very few vegan options, Expensive, Bad Service by Waiter


Points +44

02 Jun 2019

Food was okay

The buffet is mostly vegetarian, but an employee did point out to me what was vegan and what was not. Many of the dishes were greasy or too salty and in fact I mostly ended up eating soup which was delicious and hot! I suppose since I could not try over 2/3 of the dishes it is difficult to comment on those.

Pros: Soup was hot, Staff friendly

Cons: People took plates back to refill at buffet, eww!, Buffet area crowded and small, No signage on food to tell you what they are


Points +16

20 Apr 2019

My experience in Terra

Staff was warm and welcome and the food was sooooo delicious


Points +124

10 Apr 2019

Cold and not welcoming

The buffet was more vegetarian. The vegan options (falafel and seiten stew) weren’t even warm.

Pros: At least it had some vegan

Cons: Staff looked depressed , 12.50 euros, Food was not hot


Points +73

Mostly Veg
03 Mar 2019

sumptuous repast

Lunch buffet offers a broad selection of hot and cold dishes, soup and iced tea. Everything was good and some things wrre exceptional. Staff were able to point which dishes wete non vegan.

Pros: delicious, great selection, english spoken

Cons: a bit expensive at 12.5€


Points +98

26 Feb 2019

Great food and service - and also kosher-friendly

Feb 2019: Terra has a delicious, abundant, and varied buffet menu, In addition, the Lisboa Jewish community recommended it for those with kosher diets and we found them extremely accommodating for meals on Friday night. They can even provide supervised wines and make arrangements for payment. Highly recommended ...and also very popular: advance reservations seem to be essential.

vegan herbivore

Points +167

Mostly Veg
02 Dec 2018

Absolutely lovely restaurant

Very charming restaurant in a nice neighborhood perched on a hilly street. Inside, the restaurant was surprisingly extensive. We sat very comfortably in the front room, filled with people in lively conversation lingering over their dinners. The dinner buffet has more choices than you can eat, although selections that are finished are not necessarily replenished for the night. We were over-the-moon at actually being able to enjoy kosher wine with our meal -- and good wine too from Portugal. Great mix of filling foods, hot foods, salad foods and condiments. Dessert is ordered separately, and is definitely worth it! This was one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants ever.

Pros: Lovely dine-in experience, Kosher wine, Great food

Cons: Expensive, Buffet selections not necessarily replenished


Points +101

12 Nov 2018


Food was just ok, in my opinion not worth 15,90 € per person (thats how much the buffet costs in the evening). Buffet had many dishes to choose from, but most dishes that we tried were quite bland, for my taste they could use more salt. There were no labels explaining what each dish was, or if they were ovo-lacto or vegan.


Points +69

15 Oct 2018

Hardly any vegan options!

It says on the website "Most — about 80%! — of our dishes (desserts included) do not include any ingredient from animal origin." My friend and I trekked across Lisbon to find this place, and were very hungry by the time we arrived, only to be told that at the most, there was about 40% of the buffet that actually was vegan (salad, potatoes, aubergine fritters and a couple of other things).

It was already close to 8.30pm so we stayed as we didn't know where else to go, but the minimal selection we had was lukewarm and uninteresting. There were so many things that could have been made vegan - chickpea dishes with unnecessary grated cheese added, egg added to seitan (why?!), etc. To spend almost 16 Euros on salad, potatoes and rice - when there are so many other wonderful vegan options in the city - was galling, to say the least.

If you're vegan, don't go here. Find somewhere else. Even if you're not vegan, the food was lukewarm and desserts are not included
in the buffet price, so I would say, go somewhere else!

The one good thing was the wine - there is a decent vegan wine list and the house red is lovely.

Pros: Decent vegan wine list

Cons: Lukewarm food, Expensive if vegan limited choice, Desserts not included


Points +48

22 Sep 2018

Amazing vegetarian buffet

Vegetarian buffet, but the waiter showed us the whole range of vegan options, which are roundabout 80%. Very tasty :)

Pros: nice buffet


Points +932

Mostly Veg
09 Sep 2018

Average buffet in a cosy courtyard

I arrived quite late, around 9 pm. By this time a lot of the dishes in the buffet were almost empty and not very hot. I was a bit disappointed that there weren't more vegan dishes, it was about 50/50 when I visited. After a while the kitchen brought out some more falafel. The flavours of the buffet were good and quite varied although overpriced in terms of quality.

The cosy, leafy courtyard makes up for this somewhat however I found the service rather slow and inattentive.

All in all, an average buffet in a pleasant setting but I would opt for something more interesting that gives better value for money.

Pros: Nice restaurant and courtyard, Buffet is quite varied

Cons: Could have more vegan options, Inattentive service


Points +2206

30 Jul 2018

Não atingiu as expectativas....

Depois de várias tentativas falhadas, conseguimos finalmente reservar uma mesa para almoçar num domingo. As minhas expectativas eram muito altas pois sempre ouvi dizer muito bem do restaurante. Não foram atingidas...
Quando reservámos disseram-nos logo que só haveria mesa na sala interior. Têm realmente uma esplanada interior muito agradável cheia de sombra.
É um buffet com bebidas e sobremesas à parte.
Havia uma fila enorme para o buffet que estava nitidamente subdimensionado para o número de mesas ocupadas. Espaço muito estreito, numa zona de passagem, com as travessas todas amontoadas, sem legenda e sem sinalização do que é ou não vegan... O serviço é razoável. Pedimos uma bebida do dia que era sumo de abacaxi com hortelã, que estava muito aguado e sem sabor. A comida estava de uma forma geral saborosa e bem confeccionada. Pedimos sobremesas: crumble da avô (muito bom) e gelado de framboesa vegan ( delicioso).
Achei o preço muito caro comparado com outros restaurantes do género. Como estava muito cheio e com grupos estava realmente muito barulhento.

Pros: Comida saborosa, Esplanada, Sobremesas

Cons: Espaço apertado do buffet, Fila enorme para buffet , Preço


Points +118

23 Jul 2018


This place is absolutely amazing. "Grandmas cooking" type of vibe. The food tasted fresh. Couldn't stop myself from getting a fourth plate!!!! overall amazing place! :)


Points +89

11 Jul 2018


I went with 2 friends for lunch. We found a buffet a bit disappointing. Few healthy options, all very fried, pizza, regular bread with refined flours. Few salads and few choices of whole grains. In addition, it took a long time to restore what was missing. Service a bit confusing and space to move around the buffet very exiguous. I found it quite expensive for the quality and variety, especially given the numerous alternatives of the same genre available in Lisbon. Worth the interior garden they have. Very nice place to be.

Pros: Interior garden


Points +70

26 May 2018

All you can eat buffet - a must visit

3 of us went to Restaurante Terra last evening. We arrived right at opening (7:30pm) and were given an option of outside or inside and chose the lovely, secluded terrace. It’s all vegetarian and the staff can easily point out which dishes are vegan. The options are plentiful - stews, pizza, pasta, salads, beans, curries, rice, potatoes, etc. It’s €16 for the dinner buffet, all you can eat and I definitely got my money’s worth!! The food was very flavourful and satisfying and there are lots of options, so this is the type of place the health conscious, salad loving veg*ns can dine with the people who want delicious, cheesy pizzas and hearty stews! This place is a must-visit in Lisbon! Tip: get there right at 7:30 if you want to sit in the garden area, or make a reservation.

Pros: Lots of choices , Lovely ambience/atmosphere, Great location

Cons: Food was a bit oily, expensive (compared to other restaurants)


Points +37

01 May 2018

A bit disappointing

Went for the lunch buffet and was a bit disappointed - rather bland and unimaginative, and a bit overpriced compared to other options in Lisbon. Service not very friendly either.


Points +108

02 Apr 2018

Nice buffet with vegan options

They offer an all you can eat buffet for an OK price, drinks are also on the expensive side but the juices are great. About half the food in het buffet does have milk or eggs, but the remaining vegan options are good and plenty enough to get filled up. Nice wines options too. Make sure to ask what's not vegan, the staff is friendly.


Points +156

04 Feb 2018

Great all you can eat buffet

The buffet is very good but it's hard to spot what is vegan and what is vegetarian, it is not labeled. I also asked one staff if one of the dishes was vegan and he didn't understand my question/could not answer it (I speak portuguese, so it was not a language barrier). The atmosphere is also not very cozy, it was very loud.

Pros: Great food

Cons: Hard to say what is vegan or not


Points +24

20 Nov 2017

Great buffet

The buffet consists of both vegetarian and vegan options, so it may be difficult for some people to ascertain which dishes are vegan. The food is well prepared and very tasty. My favorite was the fried tofu mixed with chestnuts in a delicious sauce. The outdoor seating in the backyard is just lovely!


Points +115

09 Nov 2017

Excellent food but a bit expensive

I think Terra is a somewhat expensive for what is offered (which is the only reason I give it 4 stars), and it's not always clear which of the dishes in the buffet are vegan...not a big deal though, because the staff is more that happy to point these out if asked. Nevertheless, I love to come here occasionally for some variety, and I like the ambiance of the restaurant. The food always looks and tastes fresh.

Pros: Fresh tasty food, Numerous vegan options, Nice ambiance

Cons: More expensive than the standard v Lisbon buffet, Not always clear what's vegan


Points +32

14 Oct 2017

good experience

It's a all you can eat buffet kind of a restaurant. Good diversity with raw and cooked vegetables and goodies. The prices are very good for the quality and diversity of food presented. It has an open terrace to eat outside. I recommend this place for sure.

Pros: cheap, good diversity of food, all you can eat buffet

Cons: none


Points +54

18 Sep 2017

A bit of a disappointment.

Staff was a bit dull and no indication of what was vegan!


Points +193

06 Aug 2017

great lunch buffet

Nice atmosphere and people. Good lunch buffet with tofu and seitan. Liked it so much we went 2 days in a row.

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