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Pilestaede 32, Copenhagen, Denmark

delicious raw, healthy food

An English menu is posted. Everything is raw vegan. Juices, smoothies, muesli, raw yogurt, hummus, tapas plate, desserts. Coffees and teas available. Raw crackers, vanilla cookies (28 kr), energy balls (32 kr).
I had carrot-strawberry-ginger juice (48 kr) and the tapas plate (128 kr), which consisted of three items on a slate plate: avocado sandwich on raw crackers, lasagna (cashew cream, pesto, thinly sliced zucchini, sunflower seeds on top) and zucchini spaghetti with spicy, creamy sauce (cumin?), topped with green onion slices and black sesame seeds. All was delicious; the sauces scrumptious.
They also sell raw-food cookbooks. The restaurant is located just a block up from the shopping street. Three small tables, stools at the window and benches above the tables. Fast service.

12 Mill Road, Cambridge, England

Great shop

100% vegetarian food store, a 15-minute walk from city centre. Good range of fruit and vegetables, many locally sourced. Organic bread. Home-cooked lunch fare, including stews, hot pasties, salads, soup. Known for its muesli sold in bulk. Baby food and products, fair-trade products, "where possible" vegan and organic, against animal testing, ethical business, supports community. Open Monday-Saturday. www.arjunawholefoods.co.uk
During my stay in Cambridge I had several of their homemade takeaways: vegetable tagine on rice, lentil soup, carrot-coriander soup, etc.

167 Cuba Street, Wellington

A treasure in the centre of Wellington

Delicious, steaming hot bowl of wonton laksa soup with carrot, cabbage, cauliflower, etc., for NZ$12.50. Fast and pleasant service. Deliciously flavoured homemade vegan food. The second time I visited, it was a not-busy Saturday mid-afternoon, and I saw the couple hand-making wontons. They let me take their picture. Such a treasured eatery. I would be a regular, if I lived here.

Nikis 30, Athens, Greece


Fabulous menu with really good treats, like vegan pizza. Some items have dairy. Over a few visits, I had the Zen Tempeh €11,50 with organic rice noodles, ginger, snow peas, red curry, tempeh chunks. I also had the Vibrant Vegan Pizza €10.50 and raw chocolate tart €7.00. Juices & smoothies, large menu. Free wifi.

Vilniaus g. 41, Vilnius, Lithuania

great food

I had a delicious meal here and returned a couple of days later and had the same thing. Photos of the dishes, and English descriptions, make it easy to order, and the wait staff understand English. I had stir-fried vegetables with baked tofu slices and white basmati rice. And a Lithuanian draft beer. Indian chanting music coming from the speakers. It's downstairs in a brick- and stone-walled cellar.

7 Mostyn Street, Llandudno, Wales

vegan falafel roast dinner

Takeaway section and eat-in section. Separate sections on menu for gluten-free and for vegan and vegetarian. Veggie burger ₤2.80, veg sausage ₤2. Homemade soups like vegetable and leek-potato ₤1.40.
I had the (vegan) falafel roast with vegan gravy, just ₤4.20 as takeaway, though the sign said ₤6.50 (which must be the eat-in price). The meal was steaming hot even when I got home ten minutes later. Four small falafel balls, served with roast potato, mashed potato, peas, carrots, cauliflower, all smothered in gravy. Very tasty and filling. A treat to have vegan gravy.

1019 Blanshard St, Victoria, Canada

New almost-vegan eatery

Heard about this new almost-vegan, some-raw restaurant (thanks, Sarah K.) and was thrilled to have another veg'n option in Victoria. The menu is good: I love being able to order anything on the menu. Wish they didn't use honey, so they could claim to be all-vegan. But they are very willing to substitute and re-arrange various meals. They're not licensed yet for alcohol - maybe in about a month's time. Some of the tables are too close together. It was full on the Saturday 5:30-6:45 pm when we were there. Pleasant service. I definitely want to go again soon to try more of the menu items and delicious-looking desserts. This time I had the macrobiotic bowl, which was satisfying and tasty. I had some of my friend's garlic roasted baby potatoes with miso gravy, and they were scrumptious. Next day I dropped in and had a "Shanti" green juice, $8 for 16 oz. glass, with cucumber, pear, mint and lime. Juices range from $7.50 to $12. Other things that sound good: Bliss Salad ($12), soup of the day ($5 or $9), Earth Sea Salad ($14), Enchiladas ($16), wild mushroom fettucine ($17), Love hot chocolate with almond or hazelnut mylk, lavender lemonade, etc. Looking forward to my next meal there this weekend.

3 St. Mary Street, Cardiff, Wales

pretty good selection

Front half of store is all dietary supplements and such. Back half is food. Miso soup mixes, cereals, snack bars, refrigerated foods, tofu, etc. One shelf of various soup mixes were mis-labelled and -priced. Be aware.

Vukovarska 36, Dubrovnik, Croatia

good store

Take bus 6 (or others) four stops from Pile Gate to the stop in front of the Tommy store. Just opposite the door into Tommy is Bio&Bio. Buy bus ticket in advance at ticket office at Pile Gate stop for 12kn, which is good for all travel within one hour. It's a one-way street, so when finished at the shop, cross street, walk around through the gas station and cross street to bus stop heading back to Pile.
Shop has a good array of products, a few frozen items, a refrigerated section, packaged grains, etc. Jars, bottles, snack bars, corn chips, rice cakes, juice, alternative milks. I bought some nice hummus made with pumpkin oil.
This store seems to be unique in Dubrovnik. Let's support it!

612 Head St, Victoria, Canada

good value

Menu items plus a small buffet, half of which is vegan, which provides a hearty, tasty meal, since you can go back for more. Can be quite spicy. Friendly service.

Frederiksborggade 26, Copenhagen, Denmark

interesting place

) Interesting way to order: you're given a mobile screen, on which you "leaf through" the menu and send your chosen items to your "basket" and check out, which sends the order to the kitchen. Tasty, very spicy chickpea cakes, DK69. Served with thinly sliced pickles, a peanutty paste and chutney. No offer of water, no check to see if all is okay, little contact with the waitress.
Also available: smoothies, juices, beer, wine, raw, small dishes, soy almond latte.

Marken 9, Bergen, Norway

delicious meal

This appears to be a popular place with the locals. Coffees and teas of various descriptions are served. There's a small menu of main dishes, salads and desserts, plus two soups. I had the carrot one rather than the tomato one, and it was delicious and interestingly herbed. I also had a Feta Salad made up of lettuce (iceberg), carrots, tomato, cucumber, mung bean sprouts, black olives, kidney beans, salsa and a hunk of feta in the middle, with a nice herbed balsamic dressing. Soup was 65 kr, and salad was 119 kr. Both items came with fresh seedy bread.

556 Pandora Ave, Victoria, Canada

delicious food

The only Vegan Raw/Living Foods eatery in town. Delicious soups, multiseed Bliss crackers, Bliss butter. The Portabello Pizza was tasty: bits of red onion and red pepper, mushroom pieces, spinach, drizzled with cashew creme. Excellent salads and juices. Truffles, cheezecake and Bliss Bars (like Nanaimo Bars) are expensive but scrumptious.

1-3 Iron Bar Ln, Canterbury, England

Good selection

See also Veg Box Cafe, which is upstairs.
"Since mid-1970s, range of organically produced foods, lots of Fairtrade products and as much local produce as we can. No fish, meat or associated by-products, no genetically modified foods and no products that have been tested on animals."
Good selection of fresh and prepared food, including packaged bulk items, also treats and snacks, organic beers and wines, body care products, etc.

Fernando Montes de Oca, 64, Mexico City, Mexico

tasty vegan ice cream

The little flyer lists comida/cena (hot meals, like burgers, nachos, fries, and hot and cold drinks, by Maria Bonita V), but they are not available (or were not when I was there). Just ice creams and two chocolate cakes. I was shown a list (in hard-to-read type) of ice cream flavours in Spanish, and the server offered me a taste of the one I pointed to (manzania-asada?) before I ordered it. It was good. $25 for one scoop.

1202 Richards St, Vancouver, Canada

comprehensive store

Large store, some produce is organic, well-stocked deli, nice salad bar by weight, ready-made wraps and hot soups. Store-made hummus in several varieties – I really liked the black olive version. Everything you’d expect in a healthfood store. Friendly staff. Preferred Shopper cards for discounts and collecting points.
Some items seemed pricey; watch for sales and manager's discounts.

50 High St, Tring, England

Very good veg cafe in Hertfordshire

Ate two meals here, one a takeaway, and two desserts, again one takeaway. The all-day English breakfast comes in a vegan version (9pd50), hefty and satisfying: light-rye toast, fried tofu, soysage, veg bacon, hash-brown potatoes, baked beans, mushrooms and sautéed tomatoes. For takeaway, even though I ate it at room temperature later the same day, the Super Burger was fantastic! One of the best veg burgers I’ve had: thick, beety patty with sauces, slaw and mashed avocado – delicious! - served with a dill pickle and generous amount of chutney. The blackberry version of the cashew ice kream was excellent, and the vegan carrot cake (2pd95) was scrumptious.
Besides coffees, teas, juices and smoothies (they may be discontinuing the bottled beers and ciders), the menu includes a number of vegan or veganizable items, sandwiches, chili, salads and more. Some of the music could have been mellower on a Monday late morning. The cafe is closed Sundays and holiday Mondays, but it might be best to confirm opening times and days before going.

Updated from previous review on Friday May 22, 2015

72 St Andrew Street, Dunedin

Good food

Mostly vegan, but a few vegetarian items on the menu. Mains include corn fritter stack, tofu-veg stir-fry with rice or noodles, Indian curries, pizza, organic vegan wine and beer . Wright's white and red wines and Hawkhurst Estate red: Green Man beers. "Tummy Tempters" (appetizers) include pakoras, spring rolls, samosas, filo roll with roast pumpkin, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, corn, served with tamarind sauce. I had a $11 fritter stack, $9 bottle beer, $12 tofu-veg stir-fry with rice. They also have a hummus plate, many other good-sounding items, soymilk smoothies, juices, Fair Trade Cuban coffee, breakfast tofu scramble. Most items available gluten-free. Also desserts.

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