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Costa Rica 5893, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Our favorite restaurant in BA!

16 Oct 2011

We have been living in BA for six months, and have eaten at many of the restaurants on the Happy Cow list. However, we keep coming back to Artemisia, which we love for the diverse menu, the beautiful surroundings and ambiance, and the friendly owner and staff. We have tried both Artemisia locations, and they both are nice, but we prefer the beautiful setting of the Gorriti location. The menu is the same at each location. The menu is virtually 100% vegetarian, with only one or two fish dishes, so you have many interesting choices. There are specials and a menu of the day as well. Our absolute favorite is the lentil burger (great patty, bun and sauce, with side of potatoes and salad), but the eggplant milanesa sandwich also is excellent, the quinoa crocantes are good, and there are many good salads. We did not like the fish dish or the lasagna (not your conventional tomato sauce-based lasagna) as much. The staff has been very accommodating when we have asked for omissions or changes to the menu offerings. Also, they play grea

The ambience is quintessential BA, in our opinion -- huge windows, classic BA corner, a cute interior courtyard plus limited outdoor seating as well. The interior is very airy and attractive. They play great music. They make a wonderful selection of baked bread and other goods, and you receive a generous sampling of the bread with your meal. Nice place to go even just for coffee. They serve food all day, which is a welcome relief from other BA restaurants that only serve lunch or dinner during certain limited hours. Certainly our favorite restaurant in BA, and really one of the very best vegetarian restaurants we have been to anywhere!

Manuela Malasana 3, Madrid, Spain

We wanted to like it . . .

10 Dec 2010

We have been living in Madrid for two months, and just ate at Isla Del Tesoro for the third time. We purposely chose an apartment near this restaurant because it sounded so good in online reviews. The location is great, the decor is unique, and the atmosphere very pleasant. It is almost always fully-booked, so it is advisable to book ahead (you can do it on their web site) if you don't want to be turned away. They have an interesting menu, and a Menu del Dia lunch special that features a different cuisine each day.

However, as much as we want to like this restaurant, we have been disappointed by the food every time. To our taste, everything we have ordered has been too bland, salty, and overcooked. We are full-time vegans/vegetarians, and we love good vegetarian dishes, but that is not what we have found at this restaurant. We both left our entrees (mine the Jungle Burger, my wife the Japanese noodles) half-finished on our last visit, and the wait staff did not seem to care.

Calle Valverde, 42, Madrid, Spain

Best Vegetarian Restaurant We Found in Madrid!

01 Jan 2011

We were in Madrid for three months, and ate at virtually every vegetarian/vegan restaurant listed on Happy Cow. We did not like any of them that much -- we found the dishes to be generally bland, overcooked, uninspired. Mamina opened it doors a few weeks before we left, and we did not get the opportunity to eat there until our last night in Madrid. What a great little restaurant! The decor is cute, and the staff was very friendly and welcoming. Everything on the menu sounded appetizing, and the dishes sounded healthy too (as you know, just because a dish is vegetarian does not make it healthy). We had the quinoa/spinach salad (cold -- good) and some bulgar escallopine (at least I think that's how the menu described it -- what it was was two bulgar patties, served hot, with some sweet salsa and some leafy vegetables -- excellent) for the first course, and then had the had the vegetarian hamburger for the second course. The hamburger was just a patty, no buns, but it was excellent as well. It was made of some kind of grain, I can't remember what right now, but it was excellent as well. For dinner, they offered a set price menu of 11 euros for a first course, second course, drink, bread, and dessert, which is an excellent deal. I had carrot cake for dessert which was good as well. We bought two bran/raspberry muffins to go (to eat on the plane), and they were delicious as well -- wish we had bought more.

The menu was handwritten (perhaps because the restaurant is so new), and did not identify vegan dishes, but everything we ate (with the exception some parmesan cheese shavings on the quinoa salad) appeared to be vegan, and I think they would be responsive to questions about which dishes were or could be made vegan (our waitress, a real sweetheart, has been a vegan for 15 years). Non-smoking restaurant, of course. Highly recommended!

Gorriti 5976 - Esq. Carranza, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Warm and Friendly Organic Cafe

24 Apr 2011

We have been here twice so far. First time we bought some organic products and some dessert to go. The next time we had a lovely breakfast -- granola with yogurt, lots of fresh fruit, a mini muffin and a glass of fresh squeezed juice of the day. It was all beautifully presented and delicious. The owner was most gracious and helpful. She told us they only use organic ingredients. They have a good selection of organic spices, olive oil, beans, rice, flour, seeds, mate, eggs and yogurt (among other things) for sale. The cafe is located in a very attractive corner building, with great indoor and outdoor seating. All the dishes, breads and desserts are made on the premises and it all looks delicious. The owner is very sensitive to special dietary requirements and had several gluten free options available. We will be returning to try the lunch entrees which all sounded fabulous.

1700 Filmore St, San Francisco, USA

One of Our All-Time Favorite Restaurants!

24 Apr 2011

We agree with everything the two previous reviewers said. I really think I could eat here every day. We have eaten at Dosa many times, always at the Fillmore location. In early April, 2011, we ate at the original Dosa, on Valencia Street, and both locations are amazing. The Fillmore location is much bigger and flashier, but the Valencia location was friendlier and the service was personable and excellent. We love that they have a chart that shows exactly which dishes are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc., so we can easily choose the vegan options (of which there are many). Two of our favorite dishes are the Mung Bean Salad and the Fire Broth and they are both vegan. Most everything on the menu is gluten-free as well. Unfortunately Happy Cow limits us to giving this restaurant only 4 stars because it is not 100% vegetarian, but it is so much better than many purely vegetarian restaurants that it would be a shame to pass it up for that reason.

Uriarte 1411, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lovely Restaurant with Lots of Vegetarian Options

19 Jun 2011

Everything here is fresh and delicious. The menu thoughtfully has a separate section for vegetarians, and also also marks which dishes are gluten-free. The chef/owner told us she will make dishes vegan on request. The menu of the day always has at least one vegetarian item. They also serve an early dinner. The restaurant closes at 8:00 p.m., but you can order dinner as late as 7:00. Great food and as well as a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Very reasonably priced. It is a small place, but I believe they take reservations.

Orrego Luco 54 Providencia, Santiago, Chile

Worth seeking out!

16 Oct 2011

This is a very pleasant vegetarian restaurant in Santiago that is worth seeking out. We went there for dinner two days in a row. Nice atmosphere, and friendly staff. We had the Mexican platter and the Indian platter, and both were good, not great. Large number of vegetarian options on the menu.

Av. Caseros 454, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Beautiful restaurant, good choice in San Telmo

08 Dec 2011

We ate at Hierbabuena twice. It is a lovely restaurant on a picturesque block of Avenida Caseros, with nice outdoor seating and a nice interior as well. The menu is virtually 100% vegetarian, with only one token chicken dish and one salmon salad that I could see. The first time we ate there was for lunch (be sure to get there by 4:00 PM, they stop serving most of the menu after that, and dinner does not start until 8:30 PM). I had the falafel salad, and my wife had a curry salad, and both were delicious, two of the best salads we have had in BsAs. They served a free appetizer(sushi rice with pickled cucumber) that was outstanding. I checked the bill -- it really was free, there was no "cubierto" table service charge. One of their specialities is lemonade with other fruits mixed in -- they have several different varieties, and the one we had was great. The service was great, and I really fell in love with the location, so I wanted to go back for dinner. Everything we ate was vegan -- there are many vegan choices on the menu.

Dinner one week later didn't turn out quite so well. The main problem was the service; the waiters seemed very disorganized, and they left us sitting at the table without menus or anything until we finally had to ask for menus. We saw several other tables waiting for a very long time to try and get their bills, so we wisely asked for our bill as soon as the waiter brought our dinner orders. Our friend had the vegetarian pizza, which came with just a small amount of parmesan cheese and a lot of leafy greens -- it was very good, with a good crust. I had the mushroom burger, which I did not like as much, but the potatoes and side salad were excellent. My wife had the yamani rice wok dish, which she found to be bland and boring, with too much soy sauce and too few vegetables or any other spices. Nevertheless, I'm still fond of this restaurant, and think it is a good choice in San Telmo.

Calçada do Sacramento 36, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Attractive litte restaurant, great value!

21 Dec 2010

We went here to get take away for lunch on Monday, December 21, 2010, after we found Club do Oriente (just a few blocks away) to be inexplicably closed for lunch. This is a popular and attractive little restaurant. The buffet consisted of three or four hot dishes, and then a wide variety of cold dishes and salad ingredients, dressing, and bread. The buffet is a great deal at 6.90 euros for lunch (eat-in), 8.90 euros for dinner (eat-in), and 5.50 euros for take-away. I filled up the aluminum container for take-away, and then the kind staff encouraged me to take more, and gave me some bread as well. Hours later, the food tasted delicious to us. We also bought peanut butter cookies which were excellent. Conveniently located near an attractive shopping zone and tram lines. We found other restaurants in Lisbon to be surprisingly expensive, but this was the best bargain of our visit to Lisbon.

Bajada de la Triperí­a, 2, Toledo, Spain

Best vegetarian meal in Spain!

03 Dec 2010

We have been living in Madrid for two months, and have tried all of the major vegetarian restaurants in Madrid. Some of them (Isla del Tesoro, for example) were pretty good, but we didn't really love any of them. Who'd have thought we would find such a great vegetarian restaurant nearby (30 minutes on the AVE fast train) in Toledo? Maybe we were charmed by the Toledo location (such a beautiful city, well worth a visit), but this restaurant was really good. It has a spacious and lovely dining room, and excellent service. They have a web site (www.restaurantemadretierra.com) and their menu is online. We had the Madre Tierra salad and the Risotto de Calabaza Dulce (sweet onion), and shared them. Entrees are quite large, so that was plenty for the two of us. Both were excellent -- fresh ingredients, beautiful presentation. We were tempted to order the lasagna with soy bechamel sauce, which looked good too. We had the brownie de nueces (walnuts) for dessert, which came warm with ice cream, and it was one of the best desserts I can remember having in a restaurant. The restaurant is popular, but reservations were not necessary on the Sunday afternoon that we were there. The menu has a mix of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

460 Amsterdam Ave, New York City, USA

So Glad We Tried It

25 Apr 2011

I'm so glad we tried this restaurant despite the negative reviews. I LOVED it. I was thrilled with every aspect of this place. Everything we ordered was delicious. I kept dragging my husband back there even though he wanted to try different places. I usually want to try new places as well, but Peacefood Cafe was such a winner that I didn't want to risk trying anyplace else. We usually ate breakfast there and although their breakfast menu is limited to maybe three main items, it was all fabulous and I was happy to order the same thing more than once. We also went back for a late meal and a lunch. Every time we were there the service was very friendly and helpful. (I was a little apprehensive every time wondering if this would be the time they would be snooty or ignore us, but it never happened.) They certainly are not all over you, but we are fine with that. Peacefood Cafe was the perfect casual dining experience and I'm so glad we gave it a try. We actually ate here in May 2010.

Calle Ronda de Isasa 10, Cordoba, Spain

Wonderful food and atmosphere!

28 Dec 2010

This was one of the best restaurants we ate at in our three months in Spain. So good, in fact, that we ate here twice in our one day in Cordoba (not many other vegetarian/vegan options in Cordoba, at least according to Happy Cow). The decor and atmosphere is very nice, reminiscent of a nice California restaurant. For lunch (restaurant open 1:30-4:30), we shared the aubergine (eggplant) salad and the vegetable lasagna, both quite good (although the serving size of the lasagna seemed small). Still hungry, we had "almond biscuit" for dessert, which turned out to be a frozen version of an almond fudge-like confection that is a local specialty, especially at Christmastime. It was delicious, although it almost certainly contained a lot of eggs and cream.

We went back for dinner (restaurant reopens at 9 PM), and had the tabouli salad with roasted red peppers (more peppers and other vegetables than cous cous, really delicious) and the rocket pesto pasta with artichoke hearts. My wife and I shared the two dishes (as we did for lunch), and that was enough for us. The restaurant has a large selection of local wines. Highly recommended! Thank you, Happy Cow, for pointing us in the right direction once again!

C/ Sant Antoni Abat, 52, Barcelona, Spain

Great Vegetarian Find in BCN

21 Dec 2010

After struggling to find satisfying vegetarian/vegan food on our first trip to BCN, we ate at Sesamo on Dec. 8th. I believe it is open for dinner only 8-12, and we had no trouble getting a table at 8:30 PM on a Wednesday. Sesamo is a small operation, with just ten or so tables, one waiter and one chef. It has an open kitchen, and the chef is an amiable fellow trained in Madrid who talked with us for a bit. My wife and I shared an excellent salad, and then she had risotto and I had Pad Thai. Everything was fresh and nicely presented. The restaurant is completely vegetarian, and my impresion was that the chef will make dishes vegan if possible -- for example, he omitted the egg from my Pad Thai.

222 Waverly Pl, New York City, USA

Not just a falafel shack -- so much more!

23 Jun 2011

This little place is so amazing. The best falafel pita we have ever had. It was so fresh and delicious. And all vegan. Incredible. We took our harissa pita to the High Line and had a picnic. Very memorable.

Rua da Palmeira, 15, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Good Vegetarian Buffet in Nice Setting

21 Dec 2010

We went here based on Happy Cow reviews, but didn't quite realize until we got there that it was a buffet, as all of the vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon seem to be. We thought it was it little pricey (15.90 euros per person for lunch or dinner, not including drinks or dessert), but the buffet did include a great variety of hot and cold dishes, most of which were quite good. We arrived towards the end of the lunch shift (lunch ends at 3:30 PM), and the staff was good about not shutting down the buffet line until they were sure we had eaten all we wanted. The inside dining room is pleasant (it was too cold and wet to eat outdoors), and the restaurant is very popular -- however, we got in without reservations. Location is definitely off the beaten path, so map your route carefully!
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