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34 Beulah Street, Station Parade, Harrogate, Harrogate, England

Still open!

24 Dec 2012

It is open and has not shut down!

This shop is great for getting things such as quinoa. It has a fairly good selection of sweets! There's a lot of health and body care items (tooth pastes, hair dyes etc.)

It sells a limited amount of vegi deli products (look in the fridge).

It also sells wines.

The staff are terribly friendly!

And if you want something specific then they can sometimes order in for you.

Harrogate isn't spoilt for choice for places for vegan to go, but this shop is really good.

Wolf-Dietrich-Strasse 1, Salzburg, Austria

The spicey place that wasn't spicey.

17 Feb 2013

The little shop has some good choices. Though I questioned why they were selling Ecover and PG tips. The latter especially because they're owned by animal testers Unilever.

The Main course was nice, we had the special for the day. That was under-priced, given how large the portion size was. However, the samosas with mango chutney were bad. The filling wasn't tasty and the chutney was way too sweet. Sweeter than a cake we had had the same day from another place about 5 minutes away. They were actually somehow more expensive.

We have read that the waiter tried to overcharge some people on another review on this site. Well ours tried to charge us €15, until we pointed out that it was €7,5 for the main, €8 for the samosas and €3 for the drink we had.

Overall, I have to give this 2/5 because the samosas just weren't up to scratch and the waiter was absent-minded. However, the main course was definitely nearing the 4/5 mark.

Via Ravecca 48, Genova, Genoa, Italy

Great vegan find!

29 Nov 2012

This place was a big mixture of things:
Tasty. Filling. Healthy. Vegan. And fairly priced again. For 8ish Euros we had a choice of 4 tasting portions, and by the end of it we were full. The theme was Indonesian. And the food was great. The quality was high, and the atmosphere chilled.

Via San Gallo, 92/r, Florence, Italy

Very enjoyable

26 Jan 2013

The restaurant looks like it should be soulless. Big fat Tv on the wall. Clinically clean. Straight lined tables. Black and white.

But the decor works. The place is small and very charming. Though the plants were fake they weren't tacky. The place mats and cutlery you get yourself, all are identical. And all talk about the animal industries in Italian. The bathroom is filled with vegan stickers. Nothing is graphic.

The TV plays cute animals mainly in the wild. Nothing bloody though, so your meal won't be ruined!

The music is chilled. Lots of kings of Convienience, music that I quite enjoy.

The food was high in quality and low in price. The cheese burger is wonderful and addictive (I think vegusto was used).

The gnocchi was filling and lasagne a rare treat for us.

The best dish was the ravioli at the bottom of the menu (not that we tried it all, but we ate a lot of their food.

The deserts however we underwhelming. We only had them 1/3 of our visits.

The main courses are small however, so buy 2!

The food we bought in the shop was awful though. We bought some fake meat casserole and did not enjoy it.

The menus are mainly in Italian.

Franz Josef Strasse 3, Salzburg, Austria

The definition of 'reasonably priced'!

17 Feb 2013

This is a nice little cafe style place with good cakes and great soups.
I opted for a toasted sandwich. It was tasty enough but they didn't do anything I could've done at home. It was normal what looked to be shop bought bread. The insides were not exactly imaginative either. But it does at least tell you everything that is inside it on the menu. As well as this, everything vegan was clearly marked. And the staff are friendly enough.

The soup however was gorgeous, and the cake was definitely worth trying (it was the vegan chocolate cake).

The prices are very reasonable as well, we spent in total €17,60. 4 stars.

Via delle Ruote, 30 r, Florence, Italy

pretty good

26 Jan 2013

The food was tasty, not amazing but the portion sizes were just right.

The ordering was intimidating and chaotic and menu only in Italian. But vegan options and gluten free options are clear.

I was impressed that the chillie came with quinoa.

Atmosphere wad loud and not the friendliest, but at least the food wasn't over priced and it did have character.

Would go again if I was in Florence longer.

Schwedenplatz 3-4, Vienna, Austria

Vegan? Not for us!

13 Feb 2013

We spent a whole 90 seconds inside Cafe Treff.

To be fair it looked nice. But we went in and asked if they could serve us as vegan. The reply was vegetarian. It might be simply that there was a lack of understanding. But we found ourselves feeling uncomfortable and uneasy. And it would seem reasonable for them to understand that we would want to eat vegan. Instead it appeared that they were unwilling to make anything vegan for us. Whatever the reason, I guess I expected them to be able to serve us. hopefully this was a one off problem.

Via Giacomo Leopardi, 2r, Florence, Italy

We found the shop expensive.

23 Jan 2013

We found that the shop wasn't great for us and all of the food seemed expensive. We don't have access to a kitchen and even the biscuits and waffles seemed terribly over priced. The whole earth drinks we have bought in Europe are usually around 1 Euro, here they were 1.8 Euros.

We came after the restaurant closed.

Lombardenvest 78, Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium


29 Nov 2012

When we got there we felt as if we were being looked down on by the staff. To be honest I'd go as far as thinking that they'd all but decided we were up to no good. The place comes recommended on other sites, like trip advisor, but our food was in small portions. The vegan burger I had was a bun and a tiny bit of falafel.

148 Via de Serpenti, Rome, Italy

Good food but a lack of understanding

18 Jan 2013

The food we got was delicious. There wasn't much in terms of portions, but by golly was the quality good!

We just had 1 main each (my partner and I).

The only problem we had was the waiter couldn't understand what vegan was for the longest time. I ended up resorting to my vegan passport from the vegan society, which eventually allowed him to understand.

The Chana Masala was divine. One of the best curry dishes we've ever had.

I still would have tipped but there was a 4 euro service charge added onto the bill.

Ferenciek tere 2, Budapest, Hungary

A must!

17 Feb 2013

5 bovines!
Make sure you come here if you come to Budapest!

Firstly, be careful, as honey is considered vegan in Eastern Europe, so specify you don't have it and respecify to be on the safe side at the end.

This is not the easiest place to find. However the trek to it is well worth it. Though don't travel at night as Budapest is not the safest place (or so we've heard from the internet).

Come as soon as you can, this place is cheap as chips but as grand as...well something grand!

The food was packed full of flavour. Though it is a little heavy, that is how I happen to like my food.

The pizzas were the best I've ever had.
The pasta exquisite.
The pancakes very filling.

And the Caesar salad is a great joint starter.

Try the home made ginger and rosewater lemonade, they're delicious.

And don't forget that they are very well prepared for taking food away. We bought extra pancakes the second time to take away with us and eat on the train, and they were scrumptious.

1 Rue de l'Escalier, Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium

Fair Range of products

29 Nov 2012

The shop isn't massive but makes a very good use of it's space to offer a suprisingly large variety for the space it's in. The price range is moderate, and atmosphere is relaxed. We were pleased to find some cheap whole earth drinks and clear spring oat cakes, useful for us as we're backpacking!

Via Masaccio, 88/90, Florence, Italy

Not all that impressed.

24 Jan 2013

In terms of vegan foods there are a fair few, but mostly they're very expensive and sweet. We don't have a kitchen, and the only things we could buy was vegetable stock. Then when we were at the till I asked if I could use the toilet. They explained that there was a staff toilet, but that I couldn't use it.

Not really sure what the purpose of telling me there's a toilet but I can't use it, that was pretty frustrating.

But they do have a large selection if you do have a kitchen.
Very few non-dairy fortified milks.

Mariahilferstraße 45, Vienna, Austria

Good value for money.

13 Feb 2013

Very busy place. Within 2 minuets of us getting in the place was packed. With just one waitress serving everywhere, taking orders and doing the payment it's surprisingly efficient, with our food coming quite quickly.

I had the soup of the day and ordered hummus and bread with it, but the hummus was out. Instead of being offered to order something else I was simply given a salad with cucumber, tomatoes, something green and leafy and olives.

This was however on the house, so I'm giving nice rice and extra star!

The soup was very tasty, although the beans in it weren't amazing, there were a lot of them. As we're backpacking I was just happy to have a good source of protein to eat!

My better half had the Indian samosas. Which were huge (so she gave 1 to me!) And lovely. Though they could've been spicier. They were clearly home made and really filled us up.

The main courses are about €9,5 and the soup of the day is about 4€.

If we were in Vienna again, I would go to it again.

The one major issue I had was that they put a hat rack up next to tables. Meaning people would come and lean over us to put their coats up. Whilst I like the idea, they don't have the room to execute it very well. So I'd recommend getting rid of it.

19 hs Sint Jacobstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands


29 Nov 2012

Whilst the food was impressively tasty the portions were not massive. But given the price of the food and the friendly atmosphere, and the quality of the food, I heartily recommend this place. If you're in Amsterdam you should definitely go here.

Via L'Arancio, 21, Pisa, Italy

The only vegan place in town!

22 Jan 2013

Unless you have a car or fancy a bit of cooking, this is your only 100% vegan place in town (at least as far as we could see).
Excitedly we walked into the restaurant, which is very small. We took a look around and had heard that it had terribly graphic posters up. Thank God it did not. The worst was a cow looking at us with the captions:

"A life for a burger...

Are you serious?"
If anything, we were glad to see such blunt yet none stomach churning activism.

Very tasty, not the biggest portions. Whilst the food doesn't cost much and is inexpensive, we felt that we could have been given more in the way of filling foods.

The Quinoa burger wasn't the best in terms of flavour. But we bought some uncooked spinach burgers and had them at home, They were brilliant. The hotdogs were a must, and the pizza we had had veg-gusto on it. Perfect!

Unfortunately a lot of the food was simply bought and just cooked. Not masses of it was made in store. Which might go a long way to explaining the difficulty in portion sizes.

We also had chocolate crepes. They were divine.

Not great to be honest. The owner seemed shy at best, and awkward and untalkative at worst. But after our second time in the shop at the very end, I did manage to get a smile out of him. Perhaps he'd had a bad day? Or perhaps that's just how he is?

Probably better for taking food away rather than staying in was my reaction.

LOCATION: Very central, quite near the leaning tower of Pisa. Brilliant!

Overall I'd recommend going to this place if you're in Pisa, but not making a special effort if you're not. But try the spinach burgers, hot dogs and crepes if you go!

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