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Atlas Cafe and Bakery

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Contact 212-539-0966

73 Second Ave (at 4th St, Manhattan), New York City, New York, USA, 10003

Serves meat, vegan options available. Veg suitable food items include vegan versions of Moroccan specialties, crepes, sandwiches, and desserts. Try the mockchicken sandwich. Breakfast all day. Open Mon-Sun 12:00am-12:00am, Mon-Sun 7:00am-12:00am.

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Reviews (25)

First Review by Upliftance

A must - Edit

I always visit Atlas Café when I'm in New York. The vegan pastries and softserve are to die for. I especially recommand the Boston cream doughnuts.

Pros: Mind-blowing vegan pastries, Vegan softserve, Open late

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loved it for lunch! - Edit

Cozy restaurant with great vegan food and non vegan. I had the Mexican tofu scramble and added spinach. It was great. They have vegan shakes that my non vegan 11 year old loved. Also, every desert they have is vegan. They had some really unique options, like vegan cannoli and the vegan equivalent of a hostess Suzy Q. Great for lunch. Not sure id choose it for dinner among the many great vegan friendly dinner places in NYC.

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Phenomenal Selection - Edit

So you walk by and see a lot of people sitting inside or a crowded jumble of people sitting outside, so you keep walking on by this establishment. Bad idea, vegans who don't mind when there is non-vegan food on the menu. This place is great for vegans and has a hundred choices for vegans (probably, quite literally!). Know what you want to order before you step up to the counter, if you're new, the regulars will be a bit fussy with you in that NY style of "I have some place to be, don't you?"

On the wall to the right when you walk in, you will see a black chalkboard with moon glow fluorescent writing that tells you what's vegan and what isn't. Others are correct in the number of choices being quite overwhelming. Everything I have had is delicious, but I admit that the Aritchoke Chicken vegan crepe is probably my favorite savory dish because I can not order vegan crepes anywhere else that I can think of this side of paradise! It comes with some mesclun salad, and it's worth it. Oh yes!

Other delicious choices include Moroccan Ginger Chicken Vegan Salad or the Vegan Moroccan Chicken Wrap. So good - I think the chicken analogue is Gardein or maybe maybe maybe Mei Wah, but don't quote me on it. Gardein is more likely. Still, it's the blend of spices that make the food so good!

They also have vegan brekkie like pancakes and scramble and all day, too! Get some vegan cream cheese on your bagel, order oatmeal, don't forget a latte with soy or rice or almond milk or get a smoothie or juice! This place is amazingly vegan friendly, you will want one of every category of vegan goodness.

Finally, but probably first and foremost for many, like myself: V-e-g-a-n T-r-e-a-t-s. YES. OHmigosh, YES. They have the best selection in NYC for these infamous desserts of vegan lore. Go here just for those choices, then leave with an extra whoopee pie, cheesecake slice, brownie or cupcake… Ohmigosh, it's heaven. Awesomeness is an understatement.

Oh, and they make vegan soft serve with a tofu base! Add in some fruit or cookie crumbles, and it's probably a pretty tasty treat if you like soft serve -and, what vegan who likes ice cream will be unhappy about this option??? I love it. It's incredible to have the choice - not as tasty as some other vegan ice cream, but pretty darned good.

Love this place. Super affordable, and they used to accept only cash, but credit cards allow you to rack it up and get closer to one of everything vegan!

Pros: Vegan Treats, Vegan Crepes, Soy, almond and rice milks

Cons: Too many choices, Small space, Not 100% vegan

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Must stop here for dessert whenever I pass by - Edit

I love Atlas Cafe. Their panini type vegan sandwiches are to die for, especially the Vegan Chicken Artichoke. This place is veg friendly, so just be careful - once, we forgot the place wasn't all vegan and we accidentally ordered a real chicken sandwich. Whoops! But that was totally our fault because everything is well labeled. Just don't forget like we did!

They have a wide variety of food and beverages to enjoy, like vegan crepes, vegan cappuccino, and vegan oreo milkshakes. They also have a wide variety of cakes from Vegan Treats in their display case. You can buy a whole cake for about $50 or $60 from them if you want to. They have peanut butter bomb, cheesecakes, and oreo cake pretty regularly. They also have seasonal treats from Vegan Treats. Last time I got a vegan cinnabon, which was really delicious. They also have homemade vegan pastries. If you don't want vegan, they have some regular treats as well.

The last time I visited, however, which was 1/31/14, there was a new handwritten sign that said "cash only." I hope this isn't permanent!

Pros: Wide variety, Rare, hard to find treats, Delicious food

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Atlas Café - Edit

Went to Atlas Café for dinner with my omnivore family, and got a sandwich and a green juice. The sandwich had a good taste, but it was made with white bread and served with potato chips, so if you are looking for a place to buy fast food, this will be a good place to go, but the food is not of the healthy kind.

We also tried some oreo soy frozen yogurt and a piece of vegan peanut butter chocolate cake, which was pretty good.
It looked like there were some few sprinkles in the frozen yogurt, so I'm a bit worried they don't seperate the vegan froyo from the non-vegan, but anyway, the flavour of it was great, and so was that of the dreamy pb chocolate cake.

The café was pretty small but cozy and was all covered with blackboards with menu items on them which made the place even nicer, and didn't seem too crowded.

Pros: Amazing desserts, Cozy, Has a LOT of vegan items

Cons: Food was a bit greasy, Not sure if they seperate veg/nonveg

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reliable breakfast spot in the East Village - Edit

I always end up having breakfast here when I'm in NYC. They do great Huevos Mexicanos and a vegan Tofu verison. Cakes are so-so, coffee is good but no free refill like more traditional diners in midtown. Smoothie was nice as well. I guess its a no frills place but I like the big vegan and veggie rahge and everything is cooked to order. If you want fancy decor or nice bathroom maybe go somewhere else but if you just want a huge menu full of veggie items without having to spend too much I highly recommend it. Its also staggering distance from the local gay bar, The Boiler Room (across the street) so you can nip across here for a healthy snack when it all gets a bit much in teh bar!

Pros: cheap, reliable, good vegan range

Cons: no frills , toilet isnt the best, no coffee refill

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Atlas Cafe and Bakery - Edit

Admittedly, I went here for the Vegan Treats (from Bethlehem, PA), they had a lot of them. The cafe is quite small and not very fancy - luckily the weather was perfect, so the outside seating was quite wonderful. We ordered the peanut butter bomb and the mint bomb. While I'm a huge fan of the PB bomb, I felt that the mint bomb wasn't great and would never order it again. We also saw some of the sandwiches coming out of Atlas while we were eating our cakes and I was wishing I was more hungry to eat one, they looked really good. Having said all of that, I think Atlas is a great place for lunch or dessert, so give it a try.

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Overwhelming...but not bad! - Edit

When first entering into this small cafe I was greeted by menus/food listings on every wall - from the ceiling to table level. There are non-veg and vegan dishes available so I had to look carefully. The guy behind the counter tried to rush me at first but once he saw I was quite overwhelmed by all of the menus he became quite helpful. I ordered the super vegan combo which consists of soup, half-sandwhich, and cake. When I told him I wanted the vegan "chicken" artichoke sandwich (that's a bold choice for me, I prefer veggies) he made sure that the cook knew I wanted a vegan sandwich (since they do offer a real chicken option). He also helped me choose a vegan soup and sandwich. I didn't catch the guy's name but I appreciated his patience. Despite it's small interior, overwhelming menu selections, and mainly outdoor seating (there is some seating inside) it seems really busy but service was pretty quick. I'll definitely be visiting the Atlas Cafe again during my stay here in NYC.

Pros: Quick service, Initially intimidating but helpful staff, Vegan options

Cons: Non-vegan options - poss. contamination?, Overwhelming menus, Small seating area

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Big vegan selection - Edit

Don't expect restaurant standards or service, this is just a sandwich bar. But they do a large selection of vegan stuff so if you're after a bagel with vegan cream cheese and bacon and you're nearby then it's worth a visit

Pros: Big vegan selection

Cons: Not totally veg/vegan, Uninterested staff

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Not vegetarian, but a LOT of great vegan food - Edit

Atlas is a very small and cozy cafe in the East Village. (In the Summer it's less crowded due to the outdoor seating.) The menu is about half meat dishes and half vegetarian dishes. It is an ideal place to bring a carnivorous family member or friend as you'll both be happy. The dishes feature a lot of sandwiches & wraps, though they have pasta and other dishes as well. It's one of the very few places to get vegan milk shakes and hot chocolate in NYC. Their vegan dessert options are extensive, although they all come from Vegan Treats (not personally a fan of their stuff--but I'm a minority in this regard). Staff is friendly as well. All in all, a very nice place.

Pros: Lots of vegan food, Good location, Cozy

Cons: Small, not vegetarian, bathroom--small & not easily accessible

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Dessert and Coffee - Edit

We stopped here just from dessert and coffee. When we walked in the menu was so extensive we both wish we hadn't eaten before we got there. We got dessert and it was incredible good but I would definitely go back again to try some of the other amazing items they have to offer. My only complaint about the place is that it was very cold in there, we were there on one of the coldest days of the year, I just wish it had been a bit warmer inside the cafe. When we go back it will probably be in the spring time

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Just go for the Vegan Treats - Edit

If you want good vegan pies and cakes this is your place. They have the greatest stuff from vegan treats, especially the donuts that come in on tuesday.
Nicely located at what I percieve to be the entrance to Manhattan this is a great place to start your NYC vegan feast frenzy.
I never tried the other food they have, but who cares really.

A must for the vegan feasting holiday

Pros: vegan treats, vegan treats, vegan treats

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they have almond milk!!! - Edit

atlas cafe is really good place to go with another vegan/vegetarian or meat eater. they have a good size menu with plenty of meat and non-meat options. unlike most cafe's that only have soy milk they have almond milk too which is so good in their hot chocolate. it's quite small with only like 5 tables but when the weather warms up you can sit outside and people watch on 2nd ave. always a friendly staff.

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all about the Vegan Treats - Edit

We went after Candle 79 to get dessert. We met friends who also ordered a late dinner. Their food was mediocre, ravioli came with some jarred tomato sauce. The place is so cramped, even if it's not that busy.
But we came for our Vegan Treats cake which was killer and awesome. But Vegan Treats from Philly delivers at least once a week to various places in NYC. So call them and they'll tell you where to get their awesome cakes. The Coconut Cake! The Peanut Butter cheesecake is beyond belief!

Pros: dessert

Cons: the environment

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Our favourite cafe - Edit

My boyfriend and I made this a regular place for brunch during our recent trip to New York. The place is a bit small and always busy, but the food is to die for so it's well worth it. We loved the bagel with veggie bacon, tofu cream cheese and salad. I tried both the sweet vegan crepe and one of the savoury vegan chicken crepes and both were delicious. Had a red velvet vegan cupcake and that was nice too. Some of the cakes looked incredible so I wish I'd had saved room to try them. We were travelling with omnivores and found this to be a great place as it's not exclusively vegetarian so there's something for everyone.

Pros: good food, caters for everyone

Cons: cafe is too small, can get cramped

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Rude and uncaring - Edit

I decided to visit this place with a friend at around midday on a Monday for lunch. There was a huge que and we couldnt actually see the menu or what was on offer until we got to the counter so we just had to hope it would be suitable. Both of our first and one of our second choices had already run out - however we did find things suitable to order. We also ordered the vegan soft serve and a cup cake to take away.

They seemed very rude as when we asked for a box or container for the cupcake they said that we couldnt have one unless our order was over $10 - we explained that our order was over $10 and they said that we had to buy a cake that was over $10 - obviously non of their cakes were over $10 - they said that if we wanted one the containers were $2 - so we decided not to bother with the cupcake!

The vegan soft serve had a strange after taste - we let 3 other people on the next table try it and nobody found it edible!

I think Atlas cafe is ok if you want to appear trendy but else I would suggest the Whole foods that is a few blocks up for better tasting food and nicer service.

Pros: Some vegan food

Cons: Rude, Over priced, Bad Service

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atlas- blacklisted! - Edit

atlas cafe. really. i liked the place. it curbed recent hunger pangs for a meat-like chew. and was always there for my cake face-stuffing needs. but this all came to a brief hault on wednesday night.
i had not eaten the day before..after running 20 hours on fumes of past food particles in me tum, i ran to atlas for the usual Vegan morocanm chicken wrap. my favourite. i sat down and took an enourmous bite. but something seemed a bit off. that heavily textured chew was not present and my teeth new the meat was meat. chicken meat to be exact. maybe i was acting a little crazy since i was so famished. maybe its because i had a prior incident at Salsa Salsa in port jefferson. but i brought the meat in question to the counter and explained.. "i think this is chicken. am i wrong or is this chicken? it looks like chicken to me." the guy looked at it looked at me and said.. yep chicken. I LOST IT.
i have not ingested animal flesh in quite some time and now i had pieces inside of me. i tried to remain calm,even though my nerves were already shakey from hunger.. but i said.. "youre calmly saying yes thats chicken? shoudlnt that matter?" the othe rman behind the counter let out a smirk and i started squalking like the very chicken inside of me.
its one thing to be in a kitchen and make a mistake.. even if they serve vegan food and should check what they are sending out..if they actually care about their customers. i know doubt that. but to add insult to it, i didnt enjoy someone smirking and i was upset. they didnt say sorry. they didnt offer anything free. i demanded my money back. i would have left but i go there pretty often. but nothing. after more yelling and appologizing at some point, i made them give me a free sandwich and ate it. talked to some lovely 19 year olds who sympathized and left. NEVER TO GO THERE AGAIN. i will not eat food from cross contaminated kitchens. i dont want meat in my food. if i did id have my momma cook it.
as good as the desserts are.. and as late as theyre open for a food fix at night. the service is crap unless badu is working. otherwise those dont care about anyones food choices. the place is there to make money off of vegans.. who could really trust a vegan/meat place anyway?

Pros: delicious desserts, badu is nice, regulars are friendly

Cons: poor service, mean staff, no compassion, not sorry

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Cramped - Edit

This is a small place with deli style counter service. I found it to be uncomfortably cramped and hectic with a long line and the staff making you feel rushed to order. I found the food mediocre, however I didn't try the sweets, which seems to be what they are known for.

Pros: Large menu

Cons: Small room

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Big vegan selection of desserts - Edit

Atlas has a huge selection of vegan desserts, pastries and donuts (though the donuts sell out almost immediately when they arrive on Tuesdays, so go early, as I learned the hard way). Their chocolate cake was decent, but a bit bland. Service is friendly and the location is nice, though, with outside seating.

Pros: Ambience, Selection

Cons: Not 100% vegan/vegetarian, Out of stock donuts

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service is terrible - Edit

but the chicken salad sandwhich is great with some avocado in it MMH! outside seating is nice too and a ton of vegan desserts. but i feel so pressured to order really REALLY fast, right away as soon as i'm up at the counter, it's almost scary. worth checking out though.

Pros: vegan desserts, outdoor seating

Cons: staff

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DON'T try the tofu soft serve - Edit

I know that because, as a vegan, you haven't had soft serve since you became vegan (in my 23 years I've never found another, though in Rome, Italy they have superb vegan chocolate, hazlenut & fruit gelato), so you might be tempted anyway. But now you'll have been warned.

The soft serve was overly sweet, granular & lumpy. There was nothing natural about it. It tasted like those life-saver shaped candies you eat off an elastic necklace when you're 7, except imagine eating the whole necklace in one go. That's how you'd feel.

We went expressly for the soft serve because we don't usually eat at mixed restaurants if we can help it, so I can't say anything else about any of the other food. I thought the place looked cute & cozy with an interesting mix of people (not all newbie trendmonger vegan hipsters).

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satisfy your sugar cravings HERE! - Edit

Open late, so Atlas is the perfect spot for after dinner or after whatever sugar fixes! Every gorgeous baked item on display is vegan - so, marvel first at the selection before honing in on what you really, really want! The chocolate peanut butter bomb is too, too good. Nice selection of tea and coffee too, friendly service.

Pros: CHOICES!!!

Cons: Not open 24/7!

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