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187 9th Ave, New York City, USA

great food, couldn't hear myself think

came here for my dad's birthday (who is not vegan or even vegetarian but enjoys vegan food). all the food was really great. didn't have anything we didn't like. the only issue was that we couldn't really hear each other because it was so loud. but i mean, it's nyc. most places are like that. and the fact that it was completely packed on a mon night really says a lot. the friendly service and yummy food more than made up for the loud noise.

5 Mott St, New York City, USA

best veg-chinese place in ny!

i love this place! the faux-meats are really good. the pineapple fried rice comes in a pineapple and is absolutely delicious! the cheese cake is insanely good. the people are nice. it's a veggie oasis in china town!

666 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada

Best hole in the wall ever

don't go here looking for charm. accept what it is. it's a hole in the wall. it's amazing. anyone who gives this place a bad review doesn't know what to order or is looking for something that this place is not. the people who run this place are friendly as long as you're not a prick. the fake duck is absolutely outstanding. the spring rolls are delicious. anyone who likes veggies should be able to appreciate that the veggies are always fresh. the veggie dish with cashews is really good. i no longer live in the area but i make a point to come back here every time i am in the neighborhood. i love this place beyond words. it's cheap. big portions. good food. go get some fake duck already!

154 East 79th St, New York City, USA

my go-to place on the upper east side

my whole non-veg family is obsessed with this place! it's a classy vegan restaurant on the upper east side. the food is outstanding. the desserts are delicious. the vibe is great. nice people. my grandma is 80 years old and was a bit hesitant to try a "vegan" restaurant, but she's still talking about this place!

Evn Gvirol 86, Tel Aviv, Israel

a little piece of vegan bliss!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place. all the burgers are absolutely delicious. all the salads are amazing. the date ball things are so yummy. i haven't had anything i didn't like from here yet. the people are nice and friendly. why are you still reading this? go get a burger already!

109 St. Marks Pl, New York City, USA

pretty good

i came here with my brother. we had two appetizers, falafel and eggplant. and two hummus dishes, the mushroom and the tahini. we also had an israeli wine, but i can't remember which one. i can't say that this is the best hummus i've ever had. but i can say that in nyc really good hummus is hard to come by. the hummus and the falafel were pretty good.

54 Irving Place, New York City, USA


i came here with my family for my birthday. let me just say, wow! we were fortunate to have nice enough weather to sit outside on the patio. we were lulled into a nice state with the wine and the AMAZING food. we all tried something different and EVERYTHING was delicious. yes, it's expensive, but it's SO WORTH IT! not to mention the desserts are outstanding as well. this place is awesome. so. very. awesome. :)

1522 1st Ave, New York City, USA

v-note is v-licious

came here with my boyfriend. we have absolutely no complaints! loved everything. it's warm and cozy. the waitress who served us was really nice and helpful. the food was really good. the wine was good. hand-down my new favorite place on the upper east side.

326 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Canada

fresh is fresh

i used to live really close to this place. i always enjoyed eating there. the food is good, the service was good when i went. it was usually packed and therefore loud, but if it's packed you know people are liking it. :)

12 E 32nd St, New York City, USA


this place is amazing. i've been raving about it for years. the food is all out-of-this-world great! my favorite was a dish in the clay pot with rice and veggies. so good! the service was great. my only problem is i can't convince my parents to come back because they don't like sitting on the floor. but it wouldn't be the same if we were at tables. i really love this place.

140 West 4th St, New York City, USA


this place is a must. i haven't met anyone who's been there and didn't love it (veg and non-veg). go!

Ben Yehuda St 43, Tel Aviv, Israel

great place

the people who run this place are really warm and friendly. i went with my non-veg boyfriend and we instantly liked the vibe of the place. we shared a grilled soy cheese sandwich with veggies which was delicious. we also had the seitan "steak" dish with gravy and rice and it came with a salad. the seitan was really yummy and salad was so fresh. i don't know what the dressing was but i would go back just for that salad alone! then we had a pb shake and a banana shake. both good but the banana shake was phenomenal. it had some sort of spice added to it and the bananas were really ripe. we ended with vanilla and carob ice creams and cinnamon roll and brownie. we liked the vanilla ice cream better than the carob (and i usually prefer carob/chocolate). the brownie was a bit dry, not sure how long it was sitting out before we got there. we also might have been too stuffed at that point to really judge. overall, we really liked this place and highly recommend it.

222 Waverly Pl, New York City, USA

best falafel in nyc!

yum, yum, YUM! the israeli woman who owns this place knows her sh*t. you will not find better falafel in nyc, i swear! unless you don't know good falafel. call me a falafel snob but i love my falafel and this is THE falafel place to go to in ny. what are you waiting for?

1413 York Ave, New York City, USA

cute place

what i've had here, i enjoyed. it's a bit pricey (upper east side!) but the desserts are really good and the place has a good vibe.

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