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225 E 6th St, Charlotte, USA

New Menu and Vegan cheese!

I went on Wed. 10/08/08 and got to see their brand new menu which is not yet posted online. Changes:
1. Veggie cheese is now Vegan Gourmet brand cheese
2. Now offer whole wheat pizza crust
3. No longer carry broccoli so the veggie pizza is now a California veggie pizza complete with avacado and tomatoes and roasted garlic! It was very good!
4. Added a veg. pasta dish
5. Added Mediterranian salad feat. bananas(?!)

We ate at the bar and the bartender was very nice and went back to look at the new cheese to tell us the brand name. We were a little nervous about trying the new pizza but it ended up being really tasty. It's much more filling than the old one.

206 E 13th Ave, Denver, USA


Something about visiting this place late at night is romantic. It's also a great place to just hang out with friends. The food was great. The variety of vegan baked goods was excellent and so was the vegan pizza. The salads were huge and we couldn't even finish ours!

51 N 12th St, Philadelphia, USA

Philly Cheese Steak

I ordered a Vegan Philly Cheese Steak and got a foot long sandwich with onions, "cheese", and "steak" that was greasy and delicious. I took it to our hotel and ate it while waiting for our airport shuttle...I fit right in, as it appeared to be the real thing. There were only 4 inches left for my husband. This was a great experience for us, as it allowed us to truly experience Philadelphia by immersing us in the Reading Terminal Market, and allowing us to enjoy a traditional menu item!

551 N Polk St, B, Charlotte, USA

Great Food

My husband got us lunch from Bollywood Bites today. We got Aloo Tiki ($3.49), Samosas ($2.99), Puri Bhaji ($3.99), and Pulao ($3.49). Yummy! All vegan too, apparently!

Like Zizi's, this restaurant is takeout only.

The food is so filling. We didn't even touch the Pulao (rice pilaf). The container is in the fridge and will be enjoyed at dinner.

The Aloo Tiki (thick potato pancake things) is only $3.49 and was enough for 2 people. The Samosas (2 potato and veggie and spice stuffed fried pastries) for $2.99 are also enough for two people. Good deal!

We found the food to be filling, delicious, intense, and flavorful. Even the bread was intense and flavorful.

So far, I highly recommend BB!

709 S 3rd St, Smithfield, USA

Memorable Experience

We dined at Eden's over a year ago but I still can't get the experience out of my mind. The service was warm, personalized, and friendly. The food was fantastic, and prepared fresh. The best bread, split-pea soup, salad dressing, and iced tea I've ever tasted!

105 E Broad St, Statesville, USA

Wonderful Resource

This store provides more than vegetarian merchandise. The key feature of "Fake It" is its community atmosphere. They have a notably friendly staff and are even a CSA produce drop site.

Beyond the service, the store offers an array of products. There are cosmetic brushes, frozen pizzas, marshmallows, and even tea. Everything is reasonably priced, a little above average as to be expected when purchasing novelty food items. The black and pink reusable bag given at checkout is super cute.

This store is a real treasure for the vegetarian community of Iredell and even North Mecklenburg. It's close to I-77 and would make a great stop on any road trip.

611 S 7th Street, Philadelphia, USA

The best meal I've ever had

In October of 2007 I ordered an entree and it came out with a skewer of what appeared to be steak. I had to ask my husband to test it for me. He spit it out and said "this is meat...WAITER!" "This IS a vegan restaurant, right???!!!"

We both had quite a laugh when we were told about how the "steak" is made from mushrooms, and upon re-tasting we both realized it was indeed mushroom! Everything was awsome, even dessert, and I highly reccommend the orange flavored tea, as it tastes just like orange soda!

The setting is formal and the service was immaculate. Our flight was delayed 6 hours and we were able to push back our reservations. When we arrived late at night, they gladly took us in. We wish there was a Horizons in every city. I have no reason to return to Philadelphia, but am considering flying up for special occassions just to eat there again. I will never forget that restaurant.

2338 Main St, Columbia, USA


We went in April or May 2010. The decor was fabulous, the staff was super friendly, and the food was out of this world. We enjoyed lasagna and strawberry-chocolate cake. The carrot-ginger juice was amazing and so was the natural orange soda. This is a memorable place to dine with very distinctive food. We live 2 hours away and want to drive back just for the food!

40 Wall St, Asheville, USA

Huge Menu, Couldn't Decide

I had the hardest time figuring out what to choose. As a vegan, I'm simply not used to having so many options. It was truly overwhelming, but so exciting!

The quality of the food was excellent. Everything from the appetizer to the dessert was filling. We will go back if we go to Asheville again.

2102 South Blvd, Charlotte, USA

Great Place

My husband and I like this place so much we actually ate there on our 5 year wedding anniversary! Get the veggie burger if it's your first time.


-The food is all real. It's like eating from a garden.
-The staff is very friendly.
-The tables are large (I can't stand restaurants with teeny tables and no space to fit all the food!)
-The artwork is beautiful
-They have some really interesting books on the bookshelf that you can read
-They practice what they preach
-The food is beautifully and artfully arranged, not just thrown on the plate


-They can be difficult to find for first timers who are unfamiliar with the area
-Menu items are expensive and it is not feasible for us to eat there more often
-They could use a more spacious seating area. They are located in the same building as and attached to a fitness center, and space feels kind of small for a restaurant with food so expensive.

14211 Reese Blvd, Huntersville, USA


The menu features vegan noodle and rice preparations. We love the vegan noodle stir-fry. It is even better if prepared spicy.

The vegetable sushi features asparagus tempura and can be prepared vegan by asking for the asparagus to be steamed instead. The sesame tofu is a delicious choice, and so is the lettuce wrap appetizer.

Also, the ginger tea is delicious.

1129 Weaver Dairy Rd Unit X, Chapel Hill, USA


Service was excellent and the food was fresh and innovative. The server made sure to tell us that the bread was vegan - we didn't even need to ask! The bread was warm and the vegan tofu salad dressing was creamy and delicious! The vegan chocolate cake was moist and delightful. The lighting was dim and romantic and the decor was beautiful. We totally recommend the place!

3411 N Halsted, Chicago, USA

Tasty Classics!

The vegan milkshakes are great. Everything is just delicious. This is a classic 'wings, burgers, fries, shakes' sort of place, but vegetarian! Great artwork on the walls, warm, pleasantly crowded. A must-see for any vegetarian visiting Chicago!

627 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Mount Pleasant, USA

Great Lunch!

We got the sunburger, chocolate soymilk, and a smoothie. The burger was the best I've ever had, and the smoothie tasted more real and fresh than any other smoothie I've ever tasted. The restaurant was clean, the lady took our picture for us, and we even picked up chocolate mousse to store in our hotel fridge for after dinner. Worth the fairly quick drive from Charleston.

May 2008

837 E 17th Ave, Denver, USA


We stayed in Denver for a few days and we practically lived at this place. It has breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There was no need to go anywhere else! It was an easy walk from our hotel and the convention center. It is a large restaurant with a huge menu. This is the best dining experience we have ever had. We even got a T-shirt!

7128-A Albemarle Rd, Charlotte, USA

Great Indian food

The food was excellent and the atmosphere was open and friendly. I would go back if they were closer to Lake Norman.

7945 N Tryon St Unit 110, Charlotte, USA

Very Filling

This is the most filling vegan food I've ever had. I am NEVER able to finish what I get, even if it's just one wrap!

Occasionally, they offer a weekend brunch special featuring tofu scramble, veggie ham, grits, and blueberry pancakes. It is totally worth it!

The carob shake is delicious. The sweet tea is amazing. The 'crispy chicken' wrap usually hits the spot. They also have an amazing salad called the Spicy Tofu Salad. That's a great choice for those who are naive about eating realistic faux meat products.

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