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611 S 7th Street (at Kater St), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 19147

Vegan restaurant in Philadelphia offering changing seasonal menu. Reservations suggested for the main dining room on the second floor. More casual seating is available for walk-ins in the lounge on the first floor and at the wine bar. Reported closed to HappyCow.

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36 Reviews

First Review by tua34086


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16 Apr 2011

Gourmet and Delicious

I love Horizons! I've eaten here twice and been fully satisfied both times! The first time we tried the chefs tasting menu, which was great. The parsnip soup was one of the best things I've ever tasted. Our broiled tofu was perfectly crispy on the outside and silky smooth inside. And the sticky toffee pudding was to die for. I've also had the seitan entree, which was very good. My favorite desserts are the Irish Cheesecake (a St. Patrick's day special I think) and the toffee pudding. I found the chocolate mousse cake a bit too dense, the beignets rather heavy, and the creme brulee too tofu-y. But my friends all had different opinions, so try them all! I also was not impressed by the truffle fries; they were bland.
All in all, this is my favorite restaurant! Furthermore, because there's not meat on the menu, it's much cheaper than your average gourmet restaurant. Woo! And also, service is great.

Pros: Gourmet, Good Prices, Fantastic Food

Cons: A few weaker dishes

Steve Siegel

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11 Dec 2010


Horizons is quite likely the greatest restaurant in the world. I have travelled all over the U.S. and Europe and dined at many wonderful vegetarian and vegan restaurants, but have never found any other place at this level. The menu constantly changes, so you can always try something new. No meat-imitation dishes; just endlessly creative, flavor-filled masterpieces from the freshest local vegetables, tofu, tempeh, grains, etc. The staff are wonderful and there is a great bar on the second floor. It is not cheap, but worth every penny.

Pros: greatest food, friendly staff, ambiance


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Mostly Veg
04 Dec 2010

Thank you Happy Cow!

I read about Horizons online and knew that this is where I wanted to celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary with my husband. Happy Cow Reviews lead me in the right path! We booked a table ahead by a few days for a Saturday night dinner. The interior restaurant was a bit small inside. I wasn't sure what to really expect, at first I was put a bit off because it felt less "upscale" based on the price of the meals, but as the evening moved on, they lowered the lights and it really started to feel more romantic.

The food was amazing. The barbecued seitan is an experience that every vegan must live through! It melts in your mouth. The pacific rim tofu my husband was raving about, and my meal was amazing too. I loved that they tried to use local ingredients, such as the heirloom tomatoes and fresh roasted turnips. Also the alcoholic drinks were very tasty!!! They definitely do an amazing job at this restaurant. There is also outdoor seating, but it was middle of the summer here in Philly, and you never know what you will expect outside so I played it safe indoors. It was one of the best vegan meals of my life!!! I plan to return many times in the future to come. The meal between two of us, with alcoholic drinks came out to about $60/pp. Street parking can be found with a lot of hunting. We eventually found parking but it wasn't that easy..

Pros: Delicious Food, local ingredient inclusion

Cons: parking



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03 Dec 2010

great place

I have eaten at horizons 7 times. It could be the best vegan restaurant in the country. The grilled seitan and The pacific rim tofu are delicious. All the entrees are a decent portion size, but i would recommend an entree and an appetizer if you want to be full. of the appetizers, the bbq seitan and the moroccan tacos are great. the english pea soup is tasty. Try the cheesecake, its much richer than most cheesecakes. The place is beautiful, especially upstairs at night. Perfect place to celebrate with friends and family. Brought my parents here and they enjoyed their meals. Its too bad vegan drinks isn't held here anymore.

Pros: Better than candle 79 IMHO, great atmosphere, friendly waiters

Cons: expensive

Roger in PA

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Mostly Veg
08 Aug 2010

Our favorite restaurant in Philadelphia

Horizons gives as near to a perfect restaurant experience as I could hope for. Excellent, creative and interesting vegan offerings that change frequently. Amazing appetizers, entrees and desserts. An outstanding selection of superb beers and wines. Flawless service. An interesting neighborhood for pre- or post-prandial wanderings. Book your reservations well in advance, because this is a deservedly popular eating spot.

Pros: excellent food, flawless service, totally satisfying


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01 Aug 2010

The best.

The best restaurant in the country. I have never been disappointed by a meal here and having been coming for years. I wish I could say the same about Candle 79, Blossom, Millennium, and Ubuntu, some of its upscale vegetarian counterparts, where the food has either been bland, too tough, or derivative on many occasions
The food at Horizons is always extremely fresh and truly inventive in both flavor and technique. It's incredible from the warm, melt-in your-mouth foccacia served to each table with the daily infused olive oil to the desserts (and on that note, cheesecakes are a must-have; I still dream about the white chocolate-lavender slice I had two summers ago). All the spices and textures always complement each other so well. The atmosphere is always pleasant and quiet but never pretentious or stuffy, so you can enjoy the food, conversation, and vegan cocktails made with fresh fruit juices and organic ingredients.

This restaurant is truly on a different level from its competition and I would recommend it to everyone. The only thing I could possibly complain about is that occasionally the service is a bit iffy: sometimes it can be slow (but what restaurant doesn't have this problem?) and sometimes the servers are a bit weird/inexperienced/undertrained. It's never been enough to detract from a meal and leave me unsatisfied with my visit. The food is just that good (and the services has never really been BAD, per se, just not the greatest). Even the staunchest omnivores I've brought here have walked away full-stomached and raving (in a good way).

Pros: amazing, inventive food, fresh, local, seasonal foods utilized, all vegan

Cons: sometimes slow or confused service


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19 Jul 2010

No Complaints

This place was great as all the other reviews already say. We went there not knowing it was a upscale type of atmosphere and had my 5 year old with us, but they didn't mind and luckily my son liked it enough not to get roudy. The food was all amazing! Only downside is the cost.

Pros: taste, selection

Cons: price


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23 Mar 2010

My favorite vegan restaurant

Although I don't eat cooked food anymore, I still enjoy dining out, which means I need a place with spinach or other greens, tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, or sweet fruit. Horizons is always willing to accommodate. I have had their cooked food as well, and it always impressed me. My favorites were the seitan and the cheesecakes. Vegan cheesecakes are normally better than omnivorous ones, in my opinion. Do try Horizons if you're in Philly!!


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28 Nov 2009

Simply the best!

Ok to be completely honest i am not vegan or vegetarian. I took my fiance here for her birthday, because she is vegetarian. At first she felt bad, because she thought that i would sit there the whole time and complain about how the food would taste. I have to say i loved it. In fact it is one of the best places i have ever eaten at. The food tasted better then real meat itself! simply perfect. It is a relaxing, romantic lit place. I will, without a doubt go there many more times. Make sure to make reservations.


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13 Nov 2009


I love Horizons! The food is wonderful, & it is ALL vegan. It is expensive, but is a good place to go to for a treat.

Pros: All vegan food, good service

Cons: expensive


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29 Aug 2009

Amazing meal

Loved our meal. A true chef at the helm. Far exceeded my expectations. We savored every bite. Spendy, but well worth it. They wouldn't let us bring in our outside drinks from the cafe who recommended us. Otherwise, great service.

Pros: all fresh, absolutely vegan

Cons: Spendy, wouldn't let us bring in drinks


02 Oct 2009

Went directly to Horizons upon arriving in Philadelphia. Bought the cookbook. Another splendid meal.


22 Feb 2013

Even lesser places don't let you bring in outside food or drink from outside. Horizons is among the very best in country and its crazy of you to think it'd be ok otherwise. Guess you can take the girl out of Corvallis but no the Corvallis out of the girl...


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16 Aug 2009

a must-visit for anyone in the area

LOVE this place. Finally a taste of fine-dining menu items without all the horror of meat. EVERYTHING is vegan!!!

I brought non-vegan family along, and they found things they liked.

Decor was pleasant. Staff was helpful, though a bit slower service last time I was in. Location is convenient, walking distance from all the action of South Street. Menu was very extensive. Wait staff VERY understanding of vegan diners -- what a nice change from other restaurants! :-)

The killer is the price. The four of us had lunch dishes and I think an appetizer or two and it was over $150. While I understand they're catering to a specialty audience and have the higher overhead of being in Philly, their prices are out of line with similar [non-vegan] restaurants in the area. We were joking that I guess only the very rich can afford to be vegans in Philly.

It is not huge, so be sure to get reservations if you're coming at peak dining times.

They did have limited outdoor seating last time I was there.

It is a must-see. I'd visit more than 1-2x a year, if they offered more affordable options.

Does not have its own parking lot, but there are lots within walking distance. Tip: if you don't mind walking a few blocks, there is a wonderful Whole Foods Market on South Street nearby.

Pros: VEGAN!, complex wonderful dishes, always tasty

Cons: price, no parking lot


22 Feb 2013

I've never heard of a place in center city that has its own parking lot. I think that's an unreasonable expectation. I bet w those 2 apps ($20), plus 4 entrees ($80) there were likely a few high end cocktails or some desserts ($$). Don't go to a high end cafe order 4 or 5 courses and say its cost prohibitive. That is unfair. If you are on a budget, either order more modestly or don't go to a high end place to begin with. But ORGANIC food and drinks are more expensive and people who enjoy top of the line ingredients and cuisine enjoy it tremendously.


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27 May 2009

Superb dining experience every time

This restaurant rates in my top 5 of all time. The food is delicious, the service is exceptional, and I have always been pleased with the meal, dessert, and beverage choices. If you travel to Philadelphia and are looking for a night out, include Horizons in your plans--you won't be disappointed.

Pros: excellent food, all vegan, lovely atmosphere

Cons: pricey

rob mafia

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14 May 2009


food is decent (desserts were good), but portions are tiny and the price is massive.

after eating appetizer, entree, and dessert, i was still hungry. and $45 poorer. haha.

Pros: desserts, not meat

Cons: price, portion size


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22 Apr 2009

Too Yummy for Description!

Wow, finally, a really fine vegan restaurant for downtown Philadelphia. I've been there three times in one month, and will return often. I enjoyed the low lighting in there, so I could kiss my food before each bite, telling it, "thanks for being so yummy". OK, so my date was laughing his head off watching me do this. We shared the baked seitan and the lemon/peppered tofu. Yes, the prices are high, but if you cook, you can appreciate all the many flavors, sauces, crunchy/salty accompaniments that make each bite a savory trip to outer space. Very time-consuming and tedious to make fine vegan fare. I can appreciate all the work involved with the food. Even after dinner was over, burping it back up (I know, ick) was another taste treat. The smoky and chewy flavor of the seitan was marvelous. Even though I stopped eating meat 16 years ago, I still miss that chewy/smoky meat taste. A pan-fried portabello mushroom doesn't quite cut it. I also loved the blueberry cheesecake for dessert. Nice wait staff, you can tell they are proud of the food they bring out of the kitchen. Now if all meat-eaters could taste how good food is without the dead animal. I wish we had a Horizons out on the Main Line. You should call for reservations, as one time we didn't have one, and ended up eating at the bar, which was fine, but not as romantic. And I couldn't kiss my food as much.

Pros: yummiest food ever, baked seitan, blueberry cheesecake

Cons: hard to get a weekend reservation, hard to find street parking


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11 Feb 2009

Amazing as always

I cajole everyone I know into going here, because so many people think vegan eating is joyless. At Horizons, it is an art and a celebration of life and peace and flavor and creativity. One example -- we ordered the Jamaican Jerk Seitan for an appetizer. My boyfriend took his first bite and looked at me incredulously with joy on his face, knowing it would blow my mind with flavor, and it did. I am crazy for mushrooms, and the dish that featured them prepared 4 different ways was heavenly. It even had a tiny shepherd's pie with mushrooms on the bottom. He had the Cauliflower Mac, which mimics the comfort of macaroni and cheese, a new dish for them. But when your partner is a vegetarian too, you can just switch plates the whole time. :-)

We really enjoyed tasting the wines by the glass, many organic, and our waiter made excellent recommendations. The staff is very well-trained and enthusiastic about the food. It makes me fantasize about working in a vegan eatery. As a coffee fanatic, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the loose teas. The blueberry rooibos tasted so good that I am now after a teapot of my own. We have the Horizons cookbook and have made quite a few dishes. It is filled with good advice and cool stories of how Kate and Rich get their food ideas. I love that there is a vegan restaurant so good that people have to make reservations far in advance. Maybe someday people will go out for vegan like they do for sushi. I cannot believe people complain about the prices. They are right in line with other nice restaurants and probably lower, with all entrees under $20. Long live Horizons! Bravo Kate and Rich!

Pros: upscale atmosphere, unusual great wine, enthusiastic service

Cons: makes me intolerant of meat places


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19 Nov 2008


I thought I had died and gone to vegan heaven. This was probably the best vegan food I've ever had! It cracked me up a bit that it was so swanky and that we had to make a reservation, but it was all so worth it, as was the cost which was about 20 dollars a plate. I would gladdly pay it again and again if I lived in the area. I ordered the seitan steak and it was unbelievable. It actually had a very steaky flavor to it which I hadn't tasted in a very long time. My boyfriend and I split an entree and an appetizer and it was enough food for the both of us, and made it a lot cheaper. I will definitely be back if I'm ever in the area.

Pros: Amazing Food!, Good Service

Cons: Pricey, but worth it

ellen and alan

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12 Aug 2008

Loved this place

We had two awesome meals here this past weekend. The service was excellent although the second night a little slow we think due to the influx of people all at once. The servers knew the menu and offered excellent suggestions. We loved the BBQ appetizer and the palm cakes. We also tried the Asian type brochette and the grilled seitan which were both excellent. We had desert both nights and loved the blueberry cheese cake. We also had the mojito perfecto which my husband liked alot - I am not too into the citrus tastes. The chef knows how to make a sauce and his dressings are superior. Although we are both vegan I would not hesitate to proudly bring a meat eater here.

Pros: atmosphere, food, bar


Points +58

22 Jul 2008

Ditto! Horizons is THE BEST.

I can't really add much more than all of the other glowing reviews. I have been to Horizons twice and each time it was an amazing experience. Yes, it is very expensive but oh my god it is totally worth every penny. The quality of ingredients, the presentation, the unique dishes that you cannot get anywhere else. Horizons is truly an original!

Don't come to Philly without going to Horizons!!!

Pros: delicious, high quality, attentive staff

Cons: none


Points +7596

02 Jul 2008

A "stolen" Review of a wonderful restaurant ! ! !

This read so well that I could not resist stealing a section of it & posting it here.
Vegetarian Food in Philadelphia at Horizons
By Judy Barr

Excerpt -

So just what is this vegan palace of delights? To begin with, it's on the shady side past South Street, up a flight of stairs in Ikea beige and bleached blonde floors and straight on to goodness. The reservation was discreetly checked, coats were collected, and the party allowed to slump into comfortably upholstered chairs in a room that could double as a yoga zone or casual modern art gallery. One face at the table beamed, wide eyes blinking, as if arriving at a sort of mecca. The staunch carnivore offered to gnaw my arm, proclaiming that "Meat is my Jesus!"

Horizons is like "Pimp My Haffner" gone decadent. For one thing, dining halls don't usually offer pomegranate sangria. It arrives on a tray, zesty from an orange garnish and sweet from the sliced fresh grapes mamboing among the ice cubes. I mean, I could feel the beneficial antioxidants tingling down to the tips of my toes within minutes of the first sip. Like the cuisine, the beverages--from wine by the glass to cocktails and even a cappuccino--are totally and completely vegan, no weird menu symbols needed.

Once appropriately watered, it's time for the viands--and oh, what a feast. Remember the carnivore? She almost licked the plate. One companion was fearful that perhaps "vegan" was a code word for healthy as in, lacking in the usual indulgences of processed carbohydrates. Right on cue, the cone of homemade warm focaccia, served with a dish of oil and freshly pressed herbs, arrived. Thick and chewy, the focaccia soaks up the flavors of the oil and works well as a foil to the fruity sangria and red wines. The Red Chili and Cauliflower soup was a luscious bowl with a velvety broth, fragrant with lemongrass and finishing with a hefty kick. Golden Beet Panzanella Salad is a riff on traditional Italian that roughly translates to "leftovers." This is not leftovers. This is cuisine. Croutons with that kind of crunch and savor wouldn't be hour-old in my house. Cucumbers and tomatoes are married with chunks of smoked tofu and croutons studded with crisp red onions and salty bursts of capers, topped with mandoline-fine sheets of golden beets and frisée and surrounded by basil oil and dots of balsamic vinegar.

Read the entire Review here -


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19 May 2008

The best meal I've ever had

In October of 2007 I ordered an entree and it came out with a skewer of what appeared to be steak. I had to ask my husband to test it for me. He spit it out and said "this is meat...WAITER!" "This IS a vegan restaurant, right???!!!"

We both had quite a laugh when we were told about how the "steak" is made from mushrooms, and upon re-tasting we both realized it was indeed mushroom! Everything was awsome, even dessert, and I highly reccommend the orange flavored tea, as it tastes just like orange soda!

The setting is formal and the service was immaculate. Our flight was delayed 6 hours and we were able to push back our reservations. When we arrived late at night, they gladly took us in. We wish there was a Horizons in every city. I have no reason to return to Philadelphia, but am considering flying up for special occassions just to eat there again. I will never forget that restaurant.

Pros: menu, hours, setting/service

Cons: price


Points +35

05 Mar 2008

Worth a drive from New York!

My friend who's a flight attendant was in Philadelphia till the next day and called to say, "Wanna come to Philly for a few hrs?" And what the hell we went. Of course once we got there what to do but eat! Had never even heard of Horizions before, just did some asking around. We had no reservations so we had to sit at the bar and that didn't even matter. The food was some of the best vegan food I have ever eaten and knowing the menu is 100% vegan made ordering all the more easier. Living in New York I am surrounded by great vegan options but I would take a road trip again just to go to Horizons. the bill was hefty but it was well worth it and I'd spend it again. Being at the bar didn't make the atmosphere any less initmate either. It was a great time.

Pros: amazing food, nice staff, great atmosphere

Cons: expensive- but worth it!


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13 Jan 2008

What else can I say?

Everyone else has already said it. Horizons is amazing in every way. I do agree with what someone said about them removing the pecan/sage seitan dish from the menu. I liked that dish a lot as well.

Richard Myers

Points +684

20 Dec 2007

Fine food

While visiting Philadelphia for the marathon we made reservations at Horizons and we were not disappointed. The vegan food, service and atmosphere are all great. You need to eat here.


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16 Dec 2007

mouth watering

I've finally had the chance to check out Horizons after hearing so much about the place. It is EVERYTHING it's cracked up to be and more. There is nothing mediocre or ok. It is FABULOUS. It is expensive, but totally worth it. Probably the best restaurant I've ever eaten at. Hands down.

Pros: incredible food, friendly staff, small

Cons: expensive


Points +51

14 Dec 2007


i had the jamaican bbq seitan as an starter and the grilled seitan for an entree and all i can say is...
delicious!!!best food i had in years!!


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31 Oct 2007

All Vegetarian Cuisine

The best vegetarian haute cuisine restaurant I've been to this far. This is a must when in Philadelphia. The seitan is mouth watering and stays with you in a delightful way, while the tempe will have you coming back for more.

Pros: Excellent Food, Good Value, Friendly Staff

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