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Living Kitchen

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2000 South Blvd, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, 28203

Located in historic South End a soy-free vegan restaurant serving mostly raw food: raw lasagna with cashew cheese, raw stir fry, quinoa-kamut veggie burger, organic fruit-filled breakfast. Smoothie and juice bar offers green juices, almond and hemp milks made in-house. Sells alkaline ionized water. Formerly Luna's Living Kitchen. Open Mon-Sat 8:00am-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Macrobiotic, Organic, Raw, Juice bar

Reviews (42)

First Review by bostont11

Outstanding Experience - Edit

My family and I had a perfect meal! Food was excellent and atmosphere was lovely and inviting. We had the Mock Tuna Salad Sandwich with Broccoli Waldorf, Fire And Brimstone burger with Cauliflower Rice, Lunasagna with Local Green Salad, and an Avacado and Basil sandwich with a Beet Salad, and everything was prepared to perfection! Only complaints were the dressing on the salad, which I believe was hemp, was very overpowering and none of us enjoyed it, and their table top planetariums hadn't been watered to the plants were dead, but the food and service was exceptional and we will be returning. I recommend this to all!

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Beautiful food and restaurant - Edit

I usually don't recommend taking non-vegan family here for their first vegan experience if they aren't used to eating healthy food. Seriously, the fresh, veg-forward menu could turn them off if they order the wrong thing. On the other hand, it could win them over, because they do such a good job.

They don't advertise themselves as vegan and you'll be hard pressed to find vegan listed anywhere on the menu or restaurant, but no worries.

My favorite, the Rawco Taco is sure to please. It has so many good flavors and a delicious hot sauce. They also have outdoor seating if the weather is nice.

Pros: Totally vegan (except for a wine or two), Beautiful Space and patio, Healthy

Cons: A little pricey, might leave hungry

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A love story... - Edit

Charlotte is one of my favorite cities, so when I moved to the west coast.. I had to also leave Luna's.

I have been a handful of times to this location and can say without a shadow of a doubt that Luna's is in my top three favorite vegan restaurants of all time.

Fun memory: I brought my mom here last year, I wasn't sure if she would be a fangirl like me. However after taking her first bite we came to a complete silence and didn't talk until we were done scarfing down our delicious meals. She loved the avocado & basil sandwich!

Favorite items: Mock tuna salad sandwich on a collard wrap. Fresh made ginger ale. Cookies & milk for dessert. There are too many items to just choose one.

They just opened a location in Raleigh. Of course right after we moved away, ha-ha.

Pros: Menu filled with endless options, Friendly staff, Beautiful location

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Wonderful Food - Edit

My wife and I enjoyed lunch there. Our server was amazingly knowledgeable. The food was outstanding. I don't know what they put in their bread, but it was the best bread I have ever had. We will definitely be returning!
Updated from previous review on Sunday April 03, 2016

Pros: Great food, Great staff

Cons: limited seating

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Great Food - Edit

Ate at Luna's for the first time on Saturday. The food was great!!! The people were awesome. Cannot wait to eat there again. :) The hummus is to die for. :) Best I have ever had!!! :)

Pros: Excellent food, Large portions, Friendly staff

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so healthy and delicious! - Edit

Everything here was really healthy which I appreciate. Usually vegan restaurants rely so much on fake meat and fake cheese but this place focuses on veggies and the result is delicious! It was so good I came here twice when I was traveling for work. I'll go there again when I'm back in town! Also the people are all really nice and the atmosphere is lovely.

Pros: healthy food, fair prices , delicious

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Yummy smoothies! - Edit

I like this restaurant because I can eat anything on the menu. They have great smoothies.

The taste of the food was kind of meh, so I'm taking off one happy cow head for that, but besides that everything was great. I tried some sort of sandwich, and my friend had the raw lasagna which I tried some of. Neither wowed me. I got a side of cauliflower rice that was plain not good.

Pros: Smoothies, nice atmosphere, committed to the raw & vegan cause

Cons: the food lacked fantastic flavor

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Must Try! - Edit

My friend recently moved to Charlotte and she frequently tries to accommodate me. We came here, and have been back sense ! I would go to heaven if they opened another location in Asheville! The food is literally just so amazing. Beverages are as well. Service was great, delicious raw options! Please go try!

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life is for the living - Edit

Trendy vegan eatery next to PureBody Fitness Studio and the Atherton Market with outside seating and wifi. The menu is deep and diverse. From Pressed Juices and Chia Breakfast Bowls to Vegan Burgers and Kale Salads you won't be disappointed. My fav was the Living Burrito, Cauliflower Rice and Dandy Greens juice. Feeling alive!

Pros: many options, green juices and smoothies , wifi

Cons: none

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food and service belie the fashionable and elitist veneer - Edit

from the architecture and menu design I anticipated an experience that would alienate anyone seeking a sustaining meal. Luna's fealty to the "health" demographic is expressed through its marketing and prices- it's food and service are comforting and delicious - though a bit staid. While the Pho was questionably Vietnamese: "did they bring the wrong item?," the burgers and their sides all satisfied the urge for hand held ground round gratification. leaf wrapped burritos were packed and the servings all ample. non-vegan kids (yrs 4-12) all cleaned their plates! Ginger ale was spicy and the juice was heady.

Pros: service

Cons: cleanse menu was off-putting.

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Fresh, Delicious Flavor - Edit

Wonderful experience! I had the sweet potato sushi, and the Living Burrito. Everything that came out of the kitchen looked amazing. Portion size is generous, and it's all fresh, delicious vegan flavor. Amazing.

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Reviewer Avatar

Perfection! - Edit

Pretty much everything about Luna's is perfect, from the decor to the food. The staff is super friendly and knowledgable and they make great suggestions so just ask them. We recommend the lasagna and the burger and the collard wrap, but we've never had anything bad here. You don't have to be a vegetarian or vegan enjoy this! So just go. It's VERY popular so be prepared to wait, even at 2pm on a Saturday. It's worth it.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday March 03, 2015

Pros: Knowledgable staff, Nice vibe, Excellent food

Cons: Sometimes a long wait

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Absolutlly amazing! - Edit

The location is very modern with an open kitchen and an inside/outside eating area. The staff is very friendly and helpful and the most important thing, the food, is outstanding! Very fresh and yummy meals and smoothies. Go there for a remarkable food experience.

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Wonderful Raw Cuisine in Charlotte! - Edit

Though I live on almost exclusively fruit and simple salads, I always try to support local raw vegan establishments and so my quick trip through Charlotte, NC included a stop at Luna's Kitchen, where I found a beautiful environment, friendly staff, and delicious fare. While some items looked more complex than I prefer, my meal was fresh, satisfying, and delicious, and I felt great afterward.

Don't miss Luna's Kitchen if you're going to be in Charlotte!

Pros: delicious food, wonderful ambiance, outdoor seating

Cons: some items were a little pricey, very helpful server didn't know all

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Amazing Breakfast! - Edit

Thanks to Happy Cow app we were able to find this awesome place. I had the Biblical Breakfast and it was absolutely delicious! If you like latte's you will not be disappointed! A Starbucks soy latte will never be the same :) we wish there was a Luna's in Charleston!! AND totally affordable!

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Fantastic! - Edit

I was looking forward to going here for awhile and it did not disappoint! Everything was flavorful, delicious, and quick. The tri-color hummus and Incan Warrior smoothie were what my vegan dreams are made of.

Pros: flavorful, quick, fresh

Cons: cost

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Raw Food - Edit

This place is a very nice Raw Vegan spot in Charlotte. The Happy Cow description is a bit deceptive, as my understanding (from asking the staff) is that this is not a "mostly" raw place, but rather, 100% raw. Very savory food, and a good place to try if you are curious about a raw, vegan, whole diet.

Pros: Raw Vegan, Savory

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Luna's Living Kitchen - Edit

This place is amazing. The food is so uniquely prepared and fresh, it will alter the way you think about food. It did for me.

The people here are also an asset. They are kind and generous.

Pros: Too many to list - just go

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It is wonderful to find a raw vegan restaurant, but to find one that does it with taste and style AND packs people in the middle of the chicken fried south is beyond Ab Fab! Luna is a treasure. Yes, the space is small, BUT THEY'RE MOVING ACROSS THE PARKING LOT TO A LARGER SPACE! And they're adding wine! I hope they keep my menu favorites: rawco taco, avocado sandwich, veggie burgers, sprout it out! Give Luna a try - you will not be sorry!

Pros: Living/raw!, full of flavor, nice staff

Cons: small space - but they're moving!

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My Daily Habit - Edit

Disclaimer, I do work here. But it's because I love the food and people so much, I feel lucky to be a part of it. I moved away for the past 8 months, and missed this place every day. Now I'm back, and chowing down. I just tried a newer dish, the Spaghetti Bolognese. Delicious. I have yet to try the Tiramisu, but I'll be rectifying that shortly. The dishes and drinks are always yummy, the staff is friendly and knowledgable. My body thanks me for eating here, and I've lost at least 20 lbs since fixing my eating habits. If you have any questions about vegan and raw diets, you can usually find the answer here. The cafe will be moving across the parking lot to a bigger space in the next few months. Can't wait to see the expansion. Enjoy!

Pros: Tasty, Variety, Friendly Staff

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Deeee-liciousssssssssssss!!! - Edit

just ate lunch today at Luna's Living Kitchen in Charlotte, NC.....voted One of the Best Restaurants Ever!! (by me) all items except the burgers are raw food & vegan........I had the lunasagna and my husband had a burrito wrapped in a collard leaf.....each came with salad w/tahini dressing....we both drank lemonade sweetened with dates and agave syrup....Deeee-liciousssssss!!!!

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First Timer - Edit

I must say, I was nervous about going here. Not because I had heard anything bad, just that I have never eaten at a Vegan restaurant before. And can I just say, YUMMY! Will go again.

Pros: Friendly Staff, Excellent Food

Cons: Desert/Juice was pricey

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Devine! - Edit

Stopped by this restaurant on our way through NC due to the reviews on Happy Cow. All those folks who rated this a '5' weren't wrong. My husband had the Lunazagna and I had the Fire & Brimstone burger. Both were delicious! If you are in the area -or even close - give it a try

Pros: creative & flavorful dishes, good service, good value

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Incredible - Edit

One of the best restaurants I've been too. The food was incredible, unique and mouth watering.

I had the Lunasagna (which didn't taste at all like traditional lasagna, but had incredible flavors).

I also had a parfait for breakfast and a chocolate pudding like dessert which knocked my socks off with the thickness and flavors! Absolutely amazing for both vegan and raw!

5 stars!

Pros: Food, Friendly Staff, Dessert!!!

Cons: None

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good food, not so good juices - Edit

very good food, plenty of options for a raw, vegan, gluten, soy free diet!
cute place, nice people, great deserts!
Juices not so good though, they just don’t have the blends right .. either too sweet or just weird tasting , but i really liked the place other than that.

Pros: good food, great deserts

Cons: juices not so good

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luna's living kitchen - Edit

We had a great experince at Luna's! The best part was the smoothies. We had three different flavours and they were all great! The food was great as well. We had burgers and wraps (some cooked, some raw) wrapped in collard leaves. We also tried some of their fresh bread with fig spread. We took some dessert and some juice to go and enjoyed them the next day. We would return to Luna's for sure!

Pros: great smoothies and juice, excellent food, nice vibe

Cons: crowded

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One of the best vegan restaurants in the world - Edit

The food is vegan and raw and just tastes awesome, whatever you have. The place is suiting the concept and everything is prepared fresh. I came here often during my year in Charlotte and even flew down from CT recently to have lunch here. Whatever you eat you can trust the food... at least until recently, now they have bee product in some
of their items and I am still shocked about that... No real explanation was brought forward when I asked the (new?) waitress only that people like it... hello?! people like a lot but that's no reason to add animal products to a vegan restaurant.
Happy to hear that hours have been extended though.

Cons: No longer pure vegan

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Wonderful - Edit

The food and the owner of Luna's are simply wonderful. Whenever I travel from New York, I make it a point to visit Luna's. This restaurant stands with the best of the best raw vegan restaurants in NYC and throughout the nation that I have tried. All of the salads are wonderful. Gaia's Treasure and the kale with orange dressing are divine.The entrees which I have tried (wraps, kelp noodles, and breakfasts) were delicious, and they were beautifully plated. Juliana is very friendly and knowledgeable. The smoothies are delicious. I am glad for the extended hours, and to see how this very necessary brings all types of people together. I hope they get a raw pastry chef to round out the dessert experience. I almost want to move down there to do it for them! Still, an excellent place, over all.

Pros: Artful Plating, Friendly Owner, Freshest produce

Cons: Slow Service, Prices a little high, Need more desserts

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Great little restaurant - Edit

I've eaten at Luna's a few times and the food is always plant-strong, fresh, healthy and delicious. The servers are very friendly and the atmosphere is very earthy, inviting and organic. Love this place and highly recommend it for vegan and non-vegan alike.

Pros: Vegan, fresh, delicious

Cons: location

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Yummy Yummy Yummy - Edit

Being unfamiliar with raw food I wasn't sure what to expect but I came away with a lot of respect for how good it can be. We had the Gaia Treasure which was wonderful, the Fire & Brimstone Burger which was also very good (think falafel burger with great seasonings), the Kale Lemonade which was good but a little bitter and the Chocolate Coconut Pudding with Raspberry's that was simply OMG. We also took with us the Orange Macaroons, some kind of cookies, the Hola Granola and the fresh roasted coffee beans. The whole thing was a fortune but I don't regret it at all.

Pros: friendly, unique, yum

Cons: expensive

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Excellent food you've probably not seen before - Edit

At first I was a little hesitant because of the small menu and the high prices. I ordered their lunasagna. $20 for an iced chai and a "lasagna" (raw food, vegan) seem a lot but when I got my meal I immediately got the price. Everything is fresh and hand-made right there whith the utmost care. This meal was an experience and nothing short of excellent. Also, go there when you have a lot of time. Everything took pretty long.

Pros: Creativity, Quality, Freshness

Cons: small menu, pricy

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Fresh Creative Quality - Edit

I've visited a few times since the business reopened as "Luna's" and everything has been the epitome of fresh. The folks who run the place are genuinely happy to provide you with the best, and they demonstrate it with the quality and presentation of their fare. The price may be a little high for Charlotte's low cost of living, and sometimes I've had to wait a little long, but it's always been worth it. The menu is exciting and creative. The city is lucky to have them!

Pros: Quality, Creativity, Dedication

Cons: Price, Speed

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Great Place - Edit

My husband and I like this place so much we actually ate there on our 5 year wedding anniversary! Get the veggie burger if it's your first time.


-The food is all real. It's like eating from a garden.
-The staff is very friendly.
-The tables are large (I can't stand restaurants with teeny tables and no space to fit all the food!)
-The artwork is beautiful
-They have some really interesting books on the bookshelf that you can read
-They practice what they preach
-The food is beautifully and artfully arranged, not just thrown on the plate


-They can be difficult to find for first timers who are unfamiliar with the area
-Menu items are expensive and it is not feasible for us to eat there more often
-They could use a more spacious seating area. They are located in the same building as and attached to a fitness center, and space feels kind of small for a restaurant with food so expensive.

Pros: food, staff, large tables

Cons: hard to find at first, fairly small

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Vegan Business Traveler's Oasis - Edit

As a Vegan/Macrobiotic business traveler it's always challenging to find a good place to eat while on the road. So I was extremely happy to discover Luna's Living Kitchen.

I had lunch there today and the whole expererience was wonderful. The food was excellent, very fresh and alive. The service was genuinely warm and friendly. In fact the entire atmosphere was very postive and full of peaceful energy. (I felt like a regular after one visit!!)

Next time I'm in town on business again I will definitely make a return visit. For those of you living in Charlotte, I'm envious, you have an oasis in a culinary desert you can visit anytime you like.

To the owner's and staff of Luna's, Thank you again for the great meal!!

Pros: Excellent food, healthy cuisine, friendly staff

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