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517 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, USA

Emergency Lunch

Nothing outstanding, but was starving and desperate for food when we found this place and very thankful for their simple, bland bean burrito.

4631 Boul. St Laurent, Montreal, Canada

very tasty

I go to this place every time I visit Montreal. The Mekong sandwich is a personal favorite. Service is a bit slow but the food is great so it's well worth the patience.

260 Richmond St E, Toronto, Canada

great for coffee and not much else

Great people and excellent coffee. Not much in the way of vegetarian food unless you like grilled cheese. Occasionally they have a veg moroccan stew.

655 Bay Street, Toronto, Canada


This place has a buffet style layout and a crusty cafeteria atmosphere. It features bland, starchy, mushy meals that are sit throughout the day in steam trays. They operate on a plate weighing system so for a decent sized meal, expect to pay ALOT... Unless you load up on something light like salad. Not recommended.

160 Baldwin St Unit 1, Toronto, Canada

hot burrito

Not the absolute best burrito in the city but VERY tasty, very unique and very vegan. The tvp burrito is my fav but you have to be in the mood for about 2 pounds of tvp and sauce. If you ARE in the mood, then get on it!

265 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada

Best Indian food in downtown Toronto

I've never tried their lunch buffet, but as an a la carte place for dinner, this is my favorite Indian restaurant in Toronto... And I've been to a LOT. The staff is super friendly and, although the decor is old, it is understated in just the right way and super comfortable. The food is fresh, flavorful and complex without being overly oily, salty of sugary, which many indian restaurants seem to fall back on. The tandoori cauliflower is a must-have and the saag paneer is masterful. Prices are good too. Don't be fooled by the other restaurants on the block. This one is a clear winner!

610 E Wright St, Pensacola, USA

Go for the atmosphere... not the food

A cool, casual atmosphere filled with local art and interesting people. Seems like a bit of a community hub. The food is all vegan but far from outstanding and mainly limited to very average salads and sandwiches. I wouldn't go out of my way for the food but I wasn't disappointed either.

50 Kensington Ave, Toronto, Canada

Overcrowded and overrated

Don't expect to get any pre made food here. This is just a small health food store. The isles are impassable and the place is ridiculously overcrowded. Selection is limited and prices are average. Enjoy some outside time and shop the rest of Kensington market instead.

894 Queen Street West, Toronto, Canada

A good staple

Overpriced but very healthy and tasty. No bad choices on the menu. Thai burger is a fav.

147 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Canada

Chaotic, noisy and delicious

I've been eating at Fresh (and formally Juice for Life) for well over a decade. The food is healthy and delicious and has never disappointed. the service is usually friendly and fairly good. Unfortunately, I have also seen the prices steadily and steeply rise and the condition and atmosphere of the restaurants decline as they get more and more hectic and overrun with ravenous yuppies. Definitely go, but be prepared to fight the crowds for your rice bowl.

53 Dong'anmen St, Dongcheng, Beijing, China

Some of the better food I've had in Beijing

Hidden just off the beaten track, Fu Hui Ci Yuan is a peaceful and delicious oasis for vegetarians in central Beijing. If you are tired of the bland, glistening and highly meaty offerings of the traditional local cuisine, this place offers a great selection of flavourful, spicy dishes ranging from pure vegetables to tasty vegetarian meats. The spicy vegetarian sausage and vegetable pot was the winner for me. Delicious teas also. Just be warned, the pin on the map is in the wrong spot. Follow the walking directions in the description and you'll be fine.

368 Queen St E, Toronto, Canada


Super friendly staff, excellent, home-made food and coffee. Some organics, some vegan options... But not "fast" food.

192 Augusta Ave, Toronto, Canada

A Toronto favorite

One of my favorite veggie spots in TO... Good if you are in the mood for gluteny fake meat in a healthy Chinese format. Kung po soy chicken, and soy drumsticks are recommended.

898 Queen St E, Toronto, Canada

don't believe the hype

There is a lot of buzz about this place these days... And thusly it is teeming with hipsters and the waits for a table are often very long... Especially at lunch or Sunday brunch. The food is not amazing but acceptable. Very limited healthy, vegetarian food and lots of loud, unpleasant music. In a neighborhood with few options, this is a better one, but don't go out of your way.

193 James Street N, Hamilton, Canada

Great atmosphere, ok food

The generic vegetarian chili or grilled cheese is a non-meat staple in Hamilton and this place is no exception, but they do it well and, more recently, they have added healthier grain bowls to the menu.

Mainly go for the great atmosphere and nice location.

854 Bathurst St, Toronto, Canada

Perfect Meal

I love this place... Super friendly staff and tasty, healthy, balanced meals. I highly recommend the chickpea and potato meal. Comes with salad, sprouts, avocado, plantain and rice. Yum!

18 Duncan St, Toronto, Canada

Decent food, but completely overrun with yuppies

The food here is pretty good... Although certainly not worth raving about. There are certainly better Thai spots all over Toronto

Vegan options are available on the menu, but the details are unclear. I.e. Beef curry with shrimp sauce (can be made vegan)??

Service was great but expect to wait in lines and fight armies of smug, suit wearing yuppies for your table. I recommend bringing earplugs as well to tune out some of the conversations in the room :p

455 Princess St, Kingston, Canada

very nice

Very tasty and authentic southeast Asian food with several good vegetarian options. The food is a bit heavy on the oil, but still feels tastes fresh.

Atmosphere is nothing fancy, but clean and comfortable. Friendly service too. Definitely recommended.

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