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2425 18th St NW, Washington, USA

Yummy and cheap

19 Jul 2008

I went here with three friends when I was in DC last summer. I had mentioned falfael as we waited for the metro train to take us from MD (where we were staying) to Dupont Circle (where we were going to hang out) and one of my friends literally asked me "What's falfael" and I was like "Whatttt!? You've never had falfael. We have to go get some now." So we went, and he wasn't disapointed at all. None of us were. The vegan friendlyness of the place was awesome, and I'll definetly go again when I am in DC.

3234 Main St, Buffalo, USA


19 Jul 2008

I ate here when I was in Buffalo in 2005. I hate the hummus and pita plate and I remember it being really good. It was awesome to be feed vegan food so late at night (after the bars closed). I was pretty drunk when I went there so it might be interesting to go back again.

1298 Market St, San Francisco, USA

Made my evening

17 Oct 2008

I was at the SF Love Festival walking around from the festival area in search of a cell phone signal to call a friend that had come with, when I ran into this restaurant. I was hungry, but thought I would have to venture into the mission for a vegan restaurant after the festival was over, so I happily went in and ordered a cup of tea, a hummus plate, and a portabello burger wrap. The food was decent, nothing too spectacular, but not disapppointing either. The presentation of the hummus plate was a bit weird though - a big scoop of hummus (ice cream style) with triangles of pita and iceberg lettuce as garnish. My wrap fell apart, but it was still good. I love portabella mushrooms. :) I think they had five or six vegan options on the menu. The staff was friendly and efficient. The place was packed when I went but my food didn't take very long to arrive at all. Apparently their vegan chocolate cake is "the best in the city" but i was way too stuffed to try it.

2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, USA

this place is amazing

03 Dec 2007

Huge grocery store that I would describe as half way between a Trader Joe's and a Wild Oats. The selection is amazing! Definetly go here to stock up on food if you are staying in Berkeley.

Shop 1-2 Ha'Penny Lane, Blue Mountains, Katoomba

Went here in June 2006

19 Jul 2008

A good place to stop if you need a snack to nosh on during the train ride back to Syndey.

849 W University Dr, Tempe, USA

Okay, but Bile Nile is better

21 Jul 2008

I ate here in March. I found the food here to be greasy and not as tasty as the food at Blue Nile. Considering the fact that Blue Nile is just up the street you really should go there instead if you are in Phoenix and looking for vegan ethopian food. Our server were nice though they forgot/never brought me the coffee I ordered. Then again we were a table of 13.

762 Valencia St, San Francisco, USA

Good food, bad service

19 Jul 2008

I went here on a Saturday night when I was starving. The place was packed - no open tables - and there was only one server. The server didn't acknowledge me at all until she had a table for me. She sat me at a table with three empty chairs, when I was only one person. I had made friends with the people standing behind me in line (a non-vegan couple) and waived over for them to sit with me. They talked to the waitress and then came to me and told me that the waitress said that she couldn't sit them at my table b/c I might not like that. So I told a busboy it was okay and the couple sat with me - but that was definetly odd. There was a lot to choose from on the menu. The soup that I got came in a cute traditional clay pot. I got to sample a lot of things because the couple let me try their items - and they got a lot (they really like Japanese food). The mochi and azuki bean dessert was different, but amazing. I would not recommend the deep fried eggplant dish if you don't normally eat deep fried food. My stomach felt weird for three hours after I ate it and I wans't sure if I was going to throw up or what. The sake was served hot was good. It was only my second time having sake so I can't really rate it as amazing or not. It was my first experience at a vegan Japanese restaurant, and besides the bad waitress it was a good experience. Definetly check this place out if you are in SF, but go to Herbivore first (on the same street, a few blocks up). If you are staying at Elements Hostel Herbivore is one block over from you and just a few doors down from the corner. This place is just down the street a bit from there. Oh yea, and some of the menu items are small so you'll need to order a few things to feel full.

1686 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

Smaller than their location in the city

23 Apr 2009

The Berkeley Cha-Ya is much smaller than the one in the City, but the food is just as good. The staff here seems to be more friendly as well - although I have only been to the location in the city once so I may have been there on an off night. There are lots of things to chose from on the menu. See my review for their location in the city for more information.

1 Ferry Building, San Francisco, USA

Definetly try it!

11 Oct 2009

I haven't been to their actual restaurant... I've only bought their stuff from the stands that they have at farmer's markets and the like, but I like what I have had. It is a bit pricey but so is all raw food. The presentation of the food is incredible. The raw hummus wrap is good but it doesn't really taste like hummus so don't eat it expecting it to. It is a huge wrap however and it will fill you up. I haven't had any of their mini pizza looking things, but they look tasty... maybe I will try one the next time I see one of their stands.

933 E University Dr, Ste 112, Tempe, USA


03 Dec 2007

My roommate took me after we went to ASU for a conference. Yummy! We had the plate of five vegan dishes with a salad in the middle. I see why my roommate is addicted to this place and goes there every time she goes home. They have a vegan coffee cake too.

2400 Harrison St, San Francisco, USA

love this place!

03 Dec 2007

Great vibe! (I would spend way to much time and money here if I lived in SF.) Great food! Friendly staff! I'm daydreaming of it right now.

12113 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 207, West Los Angeles, USA

pretty good

24 Jan 2007

It's not as good as Real Food Daily or Native Foods but the menu is huge - so much to choose from and ALL vegan. The orange "chicken" is good at the first few bites but then gets boring - the dish should come with vegetables - I was stealing veggies from my friends plates so I didn't have tofu overload. But there is lots to choose from and it is reasonably priced. Great place to bring non vegans.

1926 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

Tasty, cheap, healthy and fast

12 May 2010

Cheap, tasty, healthy, and fast food. Most items are vegan or can be made vegan upon request. Food arrives quickly, but is healthy and fresh (not greasy, etc). I love their falafel as it tastes different from other falafel that I have had. Their signature french fries are great and you can usually find a coupon to get them for free with an order of other food in the East Bay Express. This is a quick place to go for lunch. I highly recommend it.

3521 Seneca St, West Seneca, USA

Glad this exists

19 Jul 2008

I grew up with this as the only health food store near me. Their old location was about a mile away from me and the new location (though they've been there for at least six years now) was pretty much around the corner from my house. The selection is small as is the store, but veg options in Buffalo are limited. We usually bought nut butters (I discovered my love of almond butter here), sprouted bread, and other misc. items here. They used to have an awesome stamp program which I think they phased out after moving to the new store. I am sure that the vegans and vegetarians of West Seneca can get things here that Wegmans and Tops (despite their improved natural food sections) don't carry. This place also has that old school "health store smell" which I oddly find cozy and comforting

1401 University, Berkeley, USA

I love Berkeley

23 Apr 2009

I love Berkeley for it's non-vegan restaurants with very clearly marked vegan menu items. Fellini is an upscale restaurant that caters to herbivores and omnivores alike. I think that there are about 6 or 7 vegan options. Their hummus plate is amazing. I like the touch of it being served with green olives. I had the tofu and aspargus dish as my main course the first time I was there... it was way too heavy on the tofu. The other time I just had hummus since I had already eaten dinner but was out with a friend who hadn't. I wouldn't recommend the tofu aspargus dish, unless you want to eat a block of tofu and have only five spears of asparagus (and the lemongrass based sauce below it all) to break it up. Still, the other vegan menu items looked good and I like the atmosphere of this place so I will give it 4 cows. One down side wuld be that it is a bit pricy.

2016 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

My new favorite Thai place

05 Feb 2010

Okay... so I haven't exactly been to very many thai places since moving here from Flagstaff, AZ, but this place is amazing... and the fact that it is all vegan is even more amazing. I went with two friends and we shared two plates and a soup and it was all delicious. Your only problem will be deciding what to order. The prices were reasonable, and the space is inviting. Check this place out soon if you haven't already! Also the downtown Berkeley location is great. Right near the campus, several businesses and BART.

2451 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA


23 Apr 2009

I just moved to Berkeley recently and since then I have been to the Herbivore in Berkeley twice and the one in the city once. Prior to that I had eaten at the location in the city 3 or 4 times while here on vacation. I always liked eating at Herbivore but found the food to often be mediocre. The last few trips have proved me wrong. My tastebuds have been amazed. I love eating at Herbivore. I highly recommend the portabella mushroom and sundried tomato sandwhich... mmm. The thai/curry dishes are all really good too. And if you are looking for a boozy night with friends their mixed drinks are good and then even have frambois on the menu as a beer offering. I don't recommend the ollallieberry pie but all of the other deserts I have had have been good. The Berkeley location seems to have more seating and is more spacious. Definetly check out Herbivore whether you are in the East Bay or in the City.

54423 Village Center Dr, Idyllwild, USA

awesome little shop

19 Jul 2008

I ran into this shop when I was camping in Idyllwild with friends in 2005. It pretty much made my day. The store is small and expensive, but worth it for the little bit of happiness it brings.

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