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City Market, Onion River Co-op, is a 16,000 sq ft community-owned food cooperative located in downtown Burlington. Dedicated to supporting the local economy and enhancing the sustainability of agriculture. Has a salad bar and hot food bar plus a cafe inside. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-11:00pm.

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First Review by lovegoodfood


Points +585

29 Sep 2022

Delicious options, could maybe use more

City Market has some delicious vegan items in their grab 'n go section including the paradise wrap that comes with big juicy chunks of seitan and is my new obsession. (Too bad I live in California and was only here for 1.5 days. Yay for me that I get to eat this wrap one more time on the plane ride home though.)

It does seem like they could use more vegan options, but what they have (from what I tried) was great. And co-ops are my happy place.

They also have a nice large section of maple syrup and maple syrup products.



Points +544

23 Feb 2022

A favorite place

So many vegan products! They have a bakery section that even sells local vagan baked goods, such as awesome cookies and cupcakes from Sweet Alchemy. Their deli section also has many vegan dishes clearly labeled. It makes a great affordable take-out meal.

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Points +79

29 Nov 2021

Tons of great organic and vegan options

City market is a co-op that has the best products around for vegans and health conscious folks.

Pros: Great selection of vegan options, Great selection of organic options, Lots of package free produce

Cons: It can be a little bit on the expensive side


Points +366

17 Nov 2021


Had tons of variety! All the produce looked so fresh and delicious. The bulk section and hot bar were abundant. Staff was great, and overall I loved everything that this co-op had to offer.


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Mostly Veg
27 Sep 2021


Since there is no Wholefoods nearby, this will have to do, but pretty much the same stuff.


Points +63

05 Oct 2019

Great bulk food, vegan food

I love coming here for my groceries and I feel good knowing I can get them easily in an environmentally friendly way.

Pros: Great bulk section , Lots of vegan food

Cons: Expensive


Points +751

21 Oct 2017


Nice large food co-op with all the vegan refrigerated and non-perishable options you'd expect.


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27 May 2015

Plentiful Produce

It's about to kick into high gear for the bounty that the northern hemisphere's harvest has to offer... and VT is certainly pretty far north in the US "domestic/mainland" area, so it'll be exciting soon enough. Wow - the produce already though, was impressive. However, I feel that maybe because it's not quite high season, that the local and organic produce shipped in from all over the place causes a higher price point? No matter, the selection is stupendous.

I especially liked the entire area devoted to baby and micro greens from local farmers - probably indoor/ greenhouse raised? All the same, yes, yes and yes! Love those baby greens for salads or... straight from the bag?

Also, I don't know if I've ever seen a better mushroom and fresh root/spice section in a co-op or otherwise? So many choices, I was so impressed!

The other stuff is what you'd expect: apples, berries, mangoes, bananas, oranges, broccoli, etc. All looking just as lovely, but not nearly as lovely as those baby greens and mushrooms!

The bulk section is also about ready to burst out of its small corner of the store. Such a beautiful selection of items! Always a good choice to reduce on packaging and maybe save some money. Dried fruits, nuts (some refrigerated, if raw), grains, herbs, spices, coffee, sweeteners, etc.

After those two sections, though, I was a bit disappointed. It wasn't that I was unhappy with the rest of the store, it's just that those two aforementioned sections set such a high precedent!

There were also some cool local baked goods, a hippie cooler corner, liquor/ alcoholic beverages and other traditional grocery aisles/ items. If your need it, they probably have it... but, there isn't anything extraordinary for the gluten-free vegan connoisseur. There are some market items pre-made in the fridge section if you want food to go as a vegan eating things like vegan mayo, seitan and cooked food.

Good selection if you need a few items and are living/ visiting near this store.

Pros: Produce, Produce, Bulk items

Cons: Needs more gluten-free vegan items


Points +1429

25 May 2015

Loved it

This was a fantastic market stocked with everything you need. Prices were fair too. My only minor quibble was a bit of a lack of vegan baked options. Almost all of the baked goods were veggie-friendly only.


Points +1435

21 Apr 2014

buffet university vibe

City market is a health food store. Inside they have a sandwich bar and a small pay by weight self serve buffet. The majority of the items were vegan or vegetarian. The items were marked vegan and included an ingredient list. A full plate of food cost around $6. My favorite item was a warm freekah dish with mushrooms. The food was very good. There is a small seating area and the staff very helpful.
The store itself was large and typical. The prices were better than a whole foods but not as good as Wegmans.

Pros: buffet mainly veg, friendly staff


Points +615

28 Sep 2011


There are big variety of organic vegetarian food from fresh products to can food. Price is reasonable too. Free parking for the clients.

Pros: Variety, Price, Location

Cons: *


Points +70

18 Nov 2009

I like this place

Excellent place. This store is right in the city and gets a lot of business with seating both inside and outside. The hot bar has good veg food, and there are many other options within the store. Can't wait to go back...


Points +29

Mostly Veg
12 Jul 2008

Go to City Market!

Whenever you're traveling through Burlington, go to
City Market (http://www.citymarket.coop).

Their food is consistently good! There is a hot bar of tasty food (e.g., vegetarian chili, au gratin potatoes, sesame noodles, greens, tofu, etc.). The store also has a good selection of packaged ready to eat food (e.g., sushi, masala dishes, grape leaves, etc.), as well as artisanal cheese, bread, etc. Oh, and if you like wine, you'll find it there!

There is a small indoor and outdoor area to sit and eat. However, it gets crowded sometimes. So try to find a chair
and Bon Appé[censored]!

Pros: Tasty Food, Full scale grocery store, Good service

Cons: Eating area is tight, The fruit is pricey but it's organic

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