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1-3 Iron Bar Ln, Canterbury, England

good choice of organic food

It's a large shop with lots of vegan food and cosmetics. I definitely recommend to visit this nice shop!

15 Place Francois-Joseph Dargent, Luxembourg

Great veggie place in Luxembourg

I often go to this restaurant, because it always has at least one vegan option and the food has always been great! There are three daily options, from which one is vegan and one gluten-free. The three dishes vary every weekday and usually, one is pasta, one a salad and the last one is a mix of protein (seitan, tofu...) and carbohydrates. You can also choose a salad or a soup as a starter, but the main plates are huge, so I recommand to try a dessert instead.
They make fresh desserts everyday like fruit crumbles, chocolate cakes etc. Their soymilkshakes are delicious too!
The staff is very nice and courteous. The owner cooks herself and really does a great job!
Everything is organic and there is a shop where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as tofu, pasta etc and you can also take away the food they prepare.

14 George Street, Bath, England

Disappointing for vegans

The pub is nice and the staff is very friendly, but the choice for vegan dishes is very limited and many dishes were not avalaible the day we visited. I had a salad and fries with hummus.

13 Palace Street, Canterbury, England

Great food and nice staff

The restaurant has a lot of vegan dishes that are all absolutely delicious! The chocolate mousse was amazing!

18 Seamoor Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth, England


I absolutely recommend this nice restaurant: the staff is very friendly and the dishes are delicious! The vegan choice is good: I had a tomato soup and a pepperoni filled with quinoa and vegetables and a brownie with vanilla ice cream.

Neustrassee 27, Trier, Germany

Nice place for vegans

As a vegan, you feel really welcome in this place as they offer many vegan options and always improve their choices! The cakes an fruits covered in chocolate are awesome. Coffee an milkshake can be made vegan, too. This place is a must!!!

Calle de Esquivel, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain

Great vegetarian and vegan food

I spend 1 week in Teneriffa in february and visited Puerto de la Cruz, where I found El Limon. The service is super friendly (although their English knowledge is very limited) and informed me about vegan dishes. I got the dish of the day, which was a yummy soup with carrots an a main dish composed of seitan with mushrooms, salad with sesame and wheat with vegetables. The food was excellent and not expensive. I would abolutely recommand the restaurant!

Narrow Quay, Bristol, England

good food by the river

The falafel wrap was big and very tasty! Nice location

17 Prince Albert St, The Lanes, Brighton, England

Excellent food

I consider this restaurant as a gourmet restaurant because of the fantastic food they serve and the way they present it. As a vegan, I really appreciate this kind of restaurant.

50 Gardner St, Brighton, Brighton, England

Nice restaurant

I went to this restaurant with a meat-eater and we both appreciated the vegan blt sandwich with homemade potato wedges and salad. The vegan cake was nice too!

9, rue de la Chevalerie, Brussels, Belgium

Everytime again

I lived in Brussels for 6 years and La Saga is definitely my favourite restaurant. The food is delicious and the desserts are to die for! The ingredients are organic and the dishes are composed of various elements to garantee a balanced diet. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

189, route de Burange, Dudelange, Luxembourg

Nice organic shop

I go there to buy fresh vegetables and fruits, that is always of best quality! They offer many meat substitutes and even a vegan pizza. Great choice of vegan cosmetics as well.

Palaststrasse 3, Trier, Germany

Vegetarian Restaurant

The daily menu is vegetarian (mostly with cheese), but they are very friendly when asking for a vegan option. I was offered a vegan salad (or spaghetti instead) that was very yummy. The restaurant is located inside an organic shop, where you can buy fresh vegetables an many meat substitutes.

High St, Avebury, Wilts, UK, Avebury, England

Nice place for vegans

Visiting Avebury I was very pleased to find such a nice place that clearly marks items as vegan (and gluten-free). I even got a piece of vegan chocolate cake!

1 Canon's Road, Central, Bristol, England

Limited choice for vegans

Unfortunately, the waitress didn't know what was vegan, so I asked dish by dish (and she went to chef) until I finally ordered the sandwich with hummus and vegetables. The sandwich was ok, but the coleslaw was with dairy...

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