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5240 University Ave NE, Seattle, USA

Friggin Awesome

04 Apr 2008

I absolutely love this place. The buffet is delicious and reasonably priced. An absolute must-visit.

1347 NW Highway 101, Lincoln City, USA

Totally Unique Experience

04 Apr 2008

Okay, so this isn't the *best* veggie food, I've ever had, but it was easily within the range of "good." Why 5 Happy Cows then? You will never visit another restaurant like this. When in Oregon, visit Aunt Mary's for good food and a great time.

909 Pike St, Seattle, USA

Interesting, but Disappointing

04 Apr 2008

My "cyber dog" was served to me in a soggy and collapsing paper tray, the dog and the bread drowned under an inch of sauces and toppings. It wasn't bad, but I had actually been looking forward to something like a hot dog. This thing I literally had to eat with a fork and spoon. Very expensive, very crowded; probably won't return.

804 SW 12th Ave, Portland, USA


04 Apr 2008

Cheap. Quick. Authentic. And if it wasn't a cart, they'd probably have good service, too.

3272 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, USA


04 Apr 2008

Perhaps my expectations were too high, I love Thai food and I had been dying for a vegetarian Thai restaurant. I've had better Thai food from grocery store-bought mixes, though, and I gave myself better service than this place gave me. At a fraction of the price, no less. I guess what I'm saying is skip it. UPDATE: If you are craving veggie Thai, I have found it: Araya's in Seattle is amazing, I dare say worth the drive for your Portlanders; make a day-trip of it!

22 NW 4th Ave, Portland, USA

Good Food, Weird Vibe

04 Apr 2008

The food here is not bad at all, but as with most other religion-oriented joints, the vibe is downright weird. If you can get to Bay Leaf, go there first, but if you're stuck downtown, just sit with your back to "Supreme Master Television" and enjoy the authentic-ish eats.

1914 Guadalupe St, Austin, USA

Veggie Purgatory

04 Apr 2008

The food is decent, but the service is deplorable. I have experienced a weird vibe in most of the religion-oriented veggie restaurants I've eaten in, and this place is no exception. This is the place to go if you are on the UT campus, but otherwise it's generally not worth the hassle.

3667 West Broadway, Vancouver, Canada

Best in Vancouver

04 Apr 2008

I was told that Naam was the must-visit veggie place in Vancouver, but I found the wait and crowding to overshadow the food. Then I found Dharma Kitchen. The menu here is similar to Naam, though more Asian-oriented. The service and atmosphere, however, far exceed those of Naam. THIS is the must-visit place in Vancouver, in my opinion.

5-560 Johnson St, Victoria, Canada

Yummy, Healthy

04 Apr 2008

I made a quick stop in here on a visit to Victoria and was very pleased with the experience. The buffet had an impressive variety of foods and flavors, all with a fresh, healthy taste.

2414A S Lamar Blvd, Austin, USA

Vegetarian Salvation for South-Austinites

04 Apr 2008

Sometimes it can get a little rough being a vegetarian in the far southern reaches of Austin, where BBQ and Tex-Mex reign--but fortunately Mr. Natural is within reach on S Lamar. The food tastes *good,* not *great,* but I keep coming back for the intensely healthy feeling I get in my gut when I'm finished eating. I don't have the healthiest diet in the world, so a monthly visit to Mr. Natural has become my yummy detox routine.

5500 University Way NE, Seattle, USA

A Seattle Must

04 Apr 2008

The staff is awesome, and the pizza is delicious. I didn't particularly dig the faux meat, however. Everything else, from the breads to the sauces and toppings was top-notch, though.

9515 N Lamar Ste 156, Austin, USA

Good, but Beware the Language Barrier

04 Apr 2008

The food here is delicious. The catch is, Swad is for Indians, by Indians. That means authentic and tasty food--but it also means that Swad really only depends on its Indian customers (probably 90-95% of their clientele), and this place is NOT outsider-friendly. Not that they are rude in any way, just don't expect any descriptions of the dishes or assistance in ordering in the English language. Makes me wish I spoke Hindi, but sadly I don't, and rarely end up with anything like what I wanted. I will probably not go back without one of my Indian friends to interpret. If you speak an Indian language, or are just otherwise extremely well versed in that region's cuisine: GO NOW. Otherwise, make a date with a friend who is qualified to order from their English-free menu.

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