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Veggie Nightmare - Edit

Dirty, Dirty, and Dirty! The filthiest restaurant I have ever eaten in. Dirty dishes in bins piled on tables, sticky menus... make that sticky everywhere. I would have rather dined in their bathroom than at a table.

Food doesn't matter when the restaurant makes your skin crawl. So many great vegan restaurants in Austin that I wouldn't waste your time going here, unless you're a celebrity chef with a reality show.

Wish I could have given it a zero or one cow rating. Two cows as a minimum is way too generous for this appalling excuse for a restaurant.
Updated from previous review on Monday November 17, 2014

Pros: None

Cons: Open for Business, Filthy, Unsanitary

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Worth trying whilst in town - Edit

This place serves typical Asian food. As others have said, the menu is extensive, and it does look like the same dish made in 50 different ways- but anyway, it was still alright and I didn't mind my food! It wasn't bad, but wasn't special or memorable either. The portions were pretty big though, and not bad for the price at all.
The staff were alright-not overly friendly but not miserable either. The place is small, dated and rough around the edges but I like that :)

From what I can tell, they feed the homeless- I saw them leaving food on a stand by the door and every now and again, someone (who I judgementally assumed could be homeless) would pop in and pick something up. They then said they would put our leftovers on the trolley in case someone wanted to take it. A very admirable thing to be doing in a world full of waste!

We also had a bubble tea as they said this was vegan- it was bloody lovely, so I hope they were telling the truth!

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Veg haven - Edit

The menu was a binder full of veggies. VEGGIE HEAVEN. The name in itself sold me.
However, The way it was organized, or lack or organization rather, made it hard for me to decide what I wanted to eat. I felt like I was just reading off 50 variations of the same dish page after page. We got delicious food mash ups though. I had some amazing mango bubble tea as well.

Pros: Variety, , Generous portions, Cute tShirts

Cons: Unsure of use of organic ingredients, Styrofoam To-Go containers, White fluorescent lights

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Tons of meat Alternatives - Edit

In the transition of giving up meat this place has alot of imitation brain teasers that taste and act just like meat (without any of the guilt!) My girlfriend and I shared our plates and they were both great. I like to eat with chop sticks too and they have several at each table in a bucket. Your not supposed to take them but I may have a set or two at home now :) shhh dont tell

Pros: Fancy Chop Sticks, 5 Dollar Tshirt, Good Ideas For Replacing Meat

Cons: Gotta Sneak The Chops, Getting Caught Is Embarrassing

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Lots of options. Has character (kind of a dump) - Edit

Food was good, but not great. Service was poor. Has a lot of options for a veggie place in Texas. Food is inexpensive and you get a good portion. Vegan Thai Iced tea was appreciated. I haven't found one anywhere else since I went vegan.

Pros: Variety, Inexpensive

Cons: Bad service

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A Little Bit of Everything - Edit

This place is just on the outskirts of the UT campus so I definitely made my rounds to this place several times. Sometimes for some take out, to dine-in, or just for a cup of tapioca (because it's slightly closer to campus than the two boba places a little further up the road or I'm in a hurry).

I have to agree with most of the other reviews. The place isn't the best when it comes to cleanliness, but then again, it's not the most unhygienic place I've been to. Their food's not bad, though I did take my grandparents there once and my grandpa kept on commenting on how he could make it and even better. If you haven't been before, just stick with the recommended favorites and you're good to go. Otherwise, if you're planning on making several trips, then feel free to explore a bit. I have to say outside of the recommended dishes, there aren't many favorites (perhaps two or so) and most of them can get pretty mediocre. However, I do like the option of brown rice that you get, so props to that. As for the staff, they're not the friendly kind but they do their job and I honestly can't blame them. As long as my food comes to my table in a timely fashion, it's pleasant on the taste buds, and edible (I'm not very picky nor am I a difficult customer), then they've earned themselves a repeat customer. Especially when it's so conveniently located and the prices are just right. After all, there aren't that many vegetarian Chinese places out there, right?

If all else fails, just get a t-shirt to put a smile back on your face. :)

Pros: convenient, reliable favorites, t-shirts

Cons: not the cleanest, not the friendliest

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great t-shirts - Edit

Yes, the T-shirts are great, but sadly nothing else is. The next best thing about this place is the charmingly poor service. The biggest problem is the food. But the menu is extensive, so I kept going back... maybe this time... but no. The food is consistently pretty bad. so sad because I was expecting this to become my go-to vegetarian restaurant when I moved to Austin.

Pros: t-shirts

Cons: food, taste, flavor

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Quick tasty meal - Edit

While visiting friends in Austin, we arrived at Veggie Heaven right when it opened, so we were the first ones in. The place got busier and busier the longer we were there, so we were glad to have arrived when we did. Yeah, the place is sort of dumpy, but we focused on our food which was tasty! The extensive menu is pretty much almost all vegan, but it's all labeled as well. We started off with steamed buns and "egg" rolls. We shared the following entrees: tangerine mushroom, Hawaiian taro, thunder tofu, lucky seven and the open sesame noodles (and had plenty of leftovers to take home). The food came out really quickly which was good since we were pressed for time ourselves. They focus more on tofu than mock meat, so if you love tofu, come here. I also got a lychee boba which was fantastic. Overall, we got what we were looking for, tasty quick Chinese food. We'd go back for more.

Pros: mostly vegan, tasty and quick

Cons: sort of dumpy place

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The good and the bad - it's all true, but... - Edit

Having eaten at Veggie Heaven several times over the years, we can generally concur with most of the good and bad reviews here, but our overall review is still one of moderate enthusiasm.

- The menu includes dishes both outstanding and mediocre. For those who like more flavorful dishes, stick with the recommended selections.

- It is indeed one of the messier places you're likely to see. Thankfully the food is properly cooked and served piping hot, so we have no reason to suspect that the food would be unsafe. But if you can't ignore the mess, you might be happier eating somewhere else.

- Yes, some of the restaurant staff don't measure up to Texan standards of friendliness, but, amigos, they're refugees from another country working really hard to feed a lot of people, so cut 'em some slack and give 'em a smile to cheer 'em up!

Five cows for the recommended specials
Three cows for most of the rest of the menu
One lonely cow for cleanliness and ambience

Pros: Most recommended specials are great, Vegan-friendly, Pretty fast service

Cons: Messy, Limited parking, No apparent efforts to be eco-friendly

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This place is... - Edit

I always ignore reviews where people say the staff was rude and the place was dirty. Usually that means it's a little hippy coffee shop where I will feel at home. I don't mind a little dirt and slow service in those places. In the case of Veggie Heaven, all the reviewers that said this place was dirty and the staff was rude were right on the money. It isn't dusty, it's unsanitary and disgusting! The menu had chunks of old food and slime on every page and something that looked like snot all over the cover. There were chunks of old food stuck to the window by my table and the table and chairs were gross. The owners had piles of personal crap piled all over the floor in the corner- it was really the most poorly kept place I've ever eaten in the US. I had to wash my hands after using the menu and the bathroom nearly made me wretch. But I stuck it out and ate the food- which arrived about 2 minutes after the hostile waitress took my order. And the food..... not bad. I wish I could say it was gross because I think the place is awful, but it wasn't that bad. I had the spicy soybean tofu and an eggroll. In a town without any good vegan places, I would probably go back because they have something I will eat. In a town like Austin where there are dozens of places with vegan food, there isn't a chance in hell I would go back to Veggie Heaven and endure their ridiculously rude staff and their "holy shit- does texas not inspect restaurants" cleanliness.

Pros: Vegan food, Maybe someday they will clean the place, Super duper fast food preperation

Cons: Filthy disgusting place, Rude staff, Go someplace else

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Veggie Chinese - Edit

A wide variety of Chinese food. The fast food of Veggie/Vegan Chinese food. Very good.

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Pretty good. - Edit

I went in here because one of my friends was eating at Schlotsky's across the street, and I didn't think they would have very many vegan options there. Fortunately the first page of the menu at Veggie Heaven was "Top 5 Vegan Dishes" I ordered the #1, entitled, "Protein 2000". It was basically vegetable protein, steamed broccoli , and amazing rice. I also got a creamy mango bubble tea (make sure you ask for this to be prepared vegan). Wow was everything tasty! The vegetable protein tasted a lot like sesame chicken, although it didn't give off the feeling that it was trying to be "mock-meat". The broccoli was perfectly steamed, and WOW, was the rice perfect. I would go as far as to say; best plain brown rice I've ever tasted. The bubble tea followed suit; best bubble tea I've ever had. On top of this, I placed a to go order, and it was ready in about three minutes (and they were packed full!). If this place was all vegan they would be getting "5 Happycows" from me for sure... the last cow wanted to be happy, but it was stuck on a dairy farm being routinely impregnated, having it's children sold for veal, and having the milk meant for it's children sent to places like this restaurant.

Pros: Lots of vegan stuff, quick, great taste

Cons: dairy

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100% vegetarian delicious goodness - Edit

The spicy yam, thunder tofu, and lucky seven are all yummy; I have had each on several occasions. The staff is pretty businesslike, but you are served quickly and efficiently, and in a campus area that's what you want. Huge variety of entrees available, and bubble teas. Protein 2000 is also delicious. I have gone many times (I work at UT which is nearby) and have never been disappointed.

Pros: delicious, variety, 100% vegetarian

Cons: shortage of parking, crowded

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Veggie Delight - Edit

Veggie Haven was an enjoyable little restaurant tucked away in the corner of a bustling UT neighborhood. As others have noted the staff could have had more of the traditional cheery-vege-face attitude however the lack of enthusiasm didn't take away from my overall meal and experience.

I ordered the Protein 2000(rather funny name at first glance) which was cooked to just the right crispy texture and served with a generous bowl of steamed rice. Adorning the dish was a tangy lemon pepper sauce which brought out the flavor of the dish very nicely. The coconut bubble tea I ordered served as the ideal accompaniament, and unlike many places that overcook the poor tapioca pearls these were just to my liking.

I even bought a cute colorful asian inspired t-shirt on my way out! Delightful little place overall.

Pros: Bubble Tea, Menu, Location

Cons: Staff

1 Response

Jeffrey 02 Nov 2009 - Hi Stephanie, I found your review very helpful. This place sure has lots of funny names for menu items!  

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A Treat for Fake Meat - Edit

At first, as a visitor from out of town, I was taken aback by the dismissive, impatient staff as I walked in the door. They almost seemed scornful as they gestured at an empty table and flung down a menu. But my blissfully creamy almond pearl drink and Veggie Shrimp Bowl, with brown rice, more than made up for it. The texture of the fake shrimp approximated the texture of the real thing to a degree I hadn't thought possible. And when this place indicates that a dish is spicy, they mean it! My mouth was on fire! The brown rice was perfect. I also enjoyed the student conversations around me about social injustice and pop culture. Definitely a student hangout. I bought t-shirts for myself and my spouse as keepsakes of such a fun experience.

Pros: flavorful cuisine, relaxed atmosphere, cool t-shirts

Cons: impatient staff

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Dirty - Edit

Unfortunately the place is very dirty, bugs and other unsightly things have been seen by myself and others which has led me to remove this place off my list of possible veggie options.

Cons: Dirty

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Veggie Purgatory - Edit

The food is decent, but the service is deplorable. I have experienced a weird vibe in most of the religion-oriented veggie restaurants I've eaten in, and this place is no exception. This is the place to go if you are on the UT campus, but otherwise it's generally not worth the hassle.

Pros: Decent food

Cons: Crowded, Bad service

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Ehhhh, not impressed..... - Edit

Not impressed whatsoever. I ordered the Thunder Tofu, listed as one of the most popular... thank goodness I had wheat gluten added, otherwise I wouldn't have eaten any of my meal. My friend got the spicy bean tofu, that wasn't any good either. I'm hoping we came on a bad day, otherwise I would rather go to my local hole-in-the-wall Chinese place, which is much better than this place.

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