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Long established Indian vegetarian food restaurant. Try the dosas. Relocated from 9515 N Lamar Ste 156. Open Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm, Mon-Sun 5:00pm-9:30pm, Sat 11:00am-3:00pm, Sun 11:30am-3:00pm.

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First Review by Masalaflower


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03 Sep 2022

Saucy serenades of sensational shabash.

The strip mall here was surprisingly popular on a weekend afternoon.



Points +583

21 Jun 2020

Delicious and good value

Had Vegetable Biryani, had just the right amount of spice and flavor. Good value, very filling.

Pros: Good value , Filling , Good flavor


Points +27

04 Jan 2020


Great Indian restaurant, 100% vegetarian with Vegan options. Highlights to Thali and Samosa, very good recipes indeed!

Pros: All vegetarian with Vegan options.


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13 Mar 2019

Good with many vegan options

Restaurant was clean, large menu with lots of clearly marked vegan options, food was generally very good, it was a good value as my dosa was large and had more filling than I've ever had before, initial service was fast, food was prepared quickly, and servers were attentive when we needed additional items.

I can't give five stars, because it took a long time for us to get our bill and the chutneys were lackluster and served in plastic.


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24 May 2018


This is my favorite place for Indian food. The food is consistently perfect. Very filling. You have to try Swad!

Pros: Gluten free options


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15 Feb 2017

Excellent value; not as healthy

As far as value goes Swad is very hard to beat. I don't think there are many items on the menu over $10. It's a fast casual place where you order at a counter and are then brought the food. If you are hungry and can't decide what to get I suggest the Thali plate which you can ask to be prepared vegan. Swad is definitely on the greasier/less healthy side, so if you're like me and eat a lot prepare to face a bit of a food coma afterwards. Definitely worth it though!

Pros: Great value, Delicious food

Cons: Location, Oily/heavy


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18 Oct 2016

Delicious food, pleasant atmosphere

They may have decorated the place since some of these older reviews were written because I thought it was cute enough with its curtains and unique seating option where you can sit cross-legged with cushions. The woman at the counter was also nice and helpful when I asked her for suggestions, which turned out to be the most tasty items we ordered. I wasn't expecting much based on all the poor reviews here but I was so pleasantly surprised at how good the food was and I will definitely be returning.

Pros: delicious sauces , lots of flavor, not bland at all, authentic

Cons: sauces come in plastic containers :(, styrofoam cups


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01 Nov 2015

Not a pleasant experience

We were disappointed when we found this place as I think we expected something with at least a bit of ambience. Its bright lights and basic and not particularly cheap either. You order and pay at the counter - fast food style. None of the soups listed on menu were available. The food was just ok. Pappadams were stale and upsettingly all accompanying sauces came in their own polystyrene bowls as did one of the dishes - all vessels destined for trash afterwards, and looking at other tables there were loads of these polystyrene containers. We arrived at around 8:45pm and as soon as the family near us left at about 9pm, the staff began putting up the chairs on tables throughout the place. Then they began vacuuming the whole place. Yes we were still eating as was one other guy at another table. Enough said.

Pros: nice Dosa

Cons: polystyrene containers, vacuuming whilst eating, putting up chairs whilst eating


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17 Oct 2014

Good Food, Uncomfy Atmosphere If Unfamiliar With Indian Cuisine

I am not very familiar with Indian food, so the menu can be intimidating at first. What to order? Hmmm. We spent a few minutes going over all of the options. Settled on some Dosas and the mixed veggie pakora. We got a potato Pattie with pea appetizer too.
No one was eager to greet us, or ask us if we had any questions. A couple of creepy seedy looking men were staring us down too from the table across the way. Not the most positive of vibes. I'd say we waited 15 minutes for our food which was supposed to be a Togo order but came out at the table. The woman seemed irritated with me when I asked politely of I could have it Togo.
The food was great though. The meal came with a few

different, very flavorful sauces. All of which I loved. Spicy, sweet, and coconutty. I doused my food, regretted it later. The spiciness upset my stomach quickly. Flavor overload but super yummy, unique food.
Next time, I'll view the menu online, do some Google research on what the dish is about, and order for carry out.

Pros: Authentic, Variety

Cons: Unwelcoming


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28 Dec 2010

Can't go wrong with good food.

No service No atmosphere just good food... and my indian friends claim it is authentic.
I recommend you bring your own spork and enjoy.

Pros: food , taste, flavor


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10 Sep 2010

Mmm Yes, Swad!

Yes, Swad is one of Austin's best kept restaurant secrets, and we are eating dinner there once a week at least! We found them through the local restauranteur review book called "The Fearless Critic" - a wonderful review which holds true!

What I like to do is share a masala dosa and paratha shak, and also order their fabulous eggplant pakoras and kachi dabeli TO GO, for lunches in the days that follow.

Oh, and you have to try their coconut-rose-ice cream drink called "Falooda" - it's totally awesome, especially with a savoury hot plate of samosas or pakora!

By the way, the bathrooms are always super clean, I like that! And their staff has remained consistent over the years, with the family-owners managing.

And now open 7 days a week!!!
Updated from previous review on Wednesday September 03, 2008

Pros: authentic homestyle!, friendly staff, astounding thali platters

Cons: need more eco-friendly containers, not many english translations...


22 Feb 2013

P.S. They now have an easy-to-read listing on the Northwend Mall's businesses sign on Lamar Blvd.


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13 Jun 2008

Best Vegetarian Thalis in Austin

This all-veg establishment (very important factor for me, as I don't like animal corpses involved in the kitchen) has amazing thali platters for the six-tastes sensation experience (9.95 now), accompanied by your choice of breads: nan, poori (deep fried puffy), paratha (flaky handmade griddle bread), and roti (sort of like flour tortillas). Have eaten there since just after they opened 5 years ago, and it's been consistently great. I personally have no problem that English explanations of native dishes are not on the menu, as I hardly ever order anything but the THALI platter or MASALA DOSA because they are so fantastic. We have introduced over a dozen native Texan friends to the place, and they love Swad now too! This is not a fancy restaurant, but it is cheery, clean, and authentic. In the evenings, there is a security guard for the parking lot, and I always feel safe, even though the neighborhood has gotten a bit dicey. Regarding the previous review, heck, if you're worried about being overcharged, simply observe the register when you are ordering at the counter!!! That's what I do, anywhere where they have those fast-food pre-programmed touchpads, because unintentional errors can happen. I have found Swad's hardworking staff to be gracious and helpful...

Pros: 100% vegetarian, Scrumptious thali platters, Quick service for most items

Cons: Takeout containers are not eco-friendly, Paper towels in bathroom run out alot


Points +62

04 Apr 2008

Good, but Beware the Language Barrier

The food here is delicious. The catch is, Swad is for Indians, by Indians. That means authentic and tasty food--but it also means that Swad really only depends on its Indian customers (probably 90-95% of their clientele), and this place is NOT outsider-friendly. Not that they are rude in any way, just don't expect any descriptions of the dishes or assistance in ordering in the English language. Makes me wish I spoke Hindi, but sadly I don't, and rarely end up with anything like what I wanted. I will probably not go back without one of my Indian friends to interpret. If you speak an Indian language, or are just otherwise extremely well versed in that region's cuisine: GO NOW. Otherwise, make a date with a friend who is qualified to order from their English-free menu.

Pros: Delicious, Authentic

Cons: No habla ingles


Points +37

31 Aug 2007

A Home Away from Home

We adore this place! Family owned and operated, and straightforward, and generously homestyle indian cuisine. A typical busy afternoon will find you surrounded by people speaking Hindi, Urdu, and English in a swirl of happiness as we dig into the six-tastes THALI platter (the only place in Austin that has this) or its short-form, PARATHA SHAK. For an Indian sloppy Joe experiece, try the Kachi Dabeli, listed under pakoras on the menu. Many natives order diverse snacks including 3 foot long Masala Dosas! A much loved eatery, so prepared to stand in line for the ordering cashier at peak times. A great place to meet up after a yoga class!

Pros: All-India Veg Menu, Amazing Kitchen Production, Incredible handmade breads

Cons: Not listed on the street sign, Blowers in bathroom, need towels too.

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