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Vegan, Gluten-Free Christmas Fruit And Nut Truffles

The festive season has an incredible reputation for encouraging less-than-healthy eating. Yet, with a little extra care and consideration we can still enjoy super-healthy celebrations, whilst knowing that every morsel that we eat and share with family and friends can be filled with health affirming goodness. I’ve enjoyed eating healthful foods for years and would choose wholesome plant-based delights any day of the year. Learning to create very satiating recipes…

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Looking Behind The Label

Ethical Consumerism

Overstimulated. Thats how I felt when I returned to Europe after 8 years working and living in Latin America. It became apparent to me that the media have to SHOUT to get our attention; overpopulation, sustainability of food production, loss of natural resources, animal welfare, human health, and so on. Information overload. Two years later saw the start of Veganbnb Travel; vegan adventure holidays in Guatemala and Spain and the…

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Promote Sustainability – Get Great Tea

Promote Sustainability - Get Great Tea

Share the story of a vegan tea farmer who started growing organic tea. Mr. Lin has been vegan for 40 years, and in recent years his principles of compassion toward all living beings have been put into practice. After dropping out of the large-scale commercial tea industry 15 years ago, he returned to his family land to plant a persimmon grove. For years, he attempted to prevent his fruit from…

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Overcoming Africa’s Flesh Fetish: How A Vegan Diet Saved My Peace Corps Service

By Just a Pack contributor Amy Benson ​I’d read before coming that meat was a big deal, had steeled myself for potential hunger, awkward encounters, wider hips. Had attempted to comfort my previously ​​pescatarian, juice-obsessed self with the idea that it would be fresh, free roaming, grass fed – that the African version of myself, steeped in pink sunsets and newly barefoot, wouldn’t mind. ​Botswana exports only two things to…

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Watch: Robin Quivers, Vegan Radio Personality, Interviewed At DC Veg Fest

Robin Quivers Interview

At Washington DC’s annual DC Veg Fest on September 20, 2014 the Cows met up with radio personality, author and actress Robin Quivers. Ms. Quivers has been vegan since 2007. She uses HappyCow to find vegan restaurants when she travels. In her new book, The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life, Ms. Quivers provides us with 90 delicious vegan recipes, and describes how she vastly improved her…

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