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Producing Vegan Wine Biodynamically

An Earthworm Podcast – Scott Poynton talks with Swiss biodynamic winemaker Pierre Fonjallaz about his vineyard and winemaking practice on the hills beside Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Pierre talks about the motivations to change his approach, his new 5000 year timeline for sustainability, and his discovery how – as he started implementing biodynamic processes – that he began to learn from the land and the plants about other aspects of life.…

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Hong Kong: Omnivorous Veg*an Friendly Eateries?

hong kong

Hong Kong can be a real nightmare for veg*ans trying to eat in omnivorous eateries. For example Chinese omnivorous places often use chicken stock in food they bill as vegetarian. As per tons of other omnivorous places around the world (as mentioned before in this blog), many HK places to eat have no serious detailed understanding of vegetarian terms and concepts. This is regardless of the ethnicity of the cuisine…

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2015 Hong Kong Top 10 Vegan/Organic Restaurant Awards

Wednesday 26 August witnessed the 2015 Hong Kong Top 10 Vegan/Organic Restaurant Awards presented by Part of Natural and Organic Products Asia 2015 at the cavernous Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Centre, the ceremony was also supported by Meat Free Hong Kong. All the winning restaurants obviously had in common being geared to the vegan/organic food market. Also as a minimum, all are 100% vegetarian. Within that criteria though…

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Promote Sustainability – Get Great Tea

Promote Sustainability - Get Great Tea

Share the story of a vegan tea farmer who started growing organic tea. Mr. Lin has been vegan for 40 years, and in recent years his principles of compassion toward all living beings have been put into practice. After dropping out of the large-scale commercial tea industry 15 years ago, he returned to his family land to plant a persimmon grove. For years, he attempted to prevent his fruit from…

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Sin Dawg – Amazing Bread!

sin dawg vegan bread review

On a trip several years ago to the Pacific Northwest, a package of Sin Dawg bread caught my eye at a local co-op. I don’t know if it was the long, baguette style shape that caught my eye, or the picture of the cute Dachshund on the wrapper. It was probably the Dachshund, since I’m naturally drawn to anything dog related. In any event, I picked up the loaf and…

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Staying Vegan in a Mixed Dietary Preference Household

Staying Vegan in a Mixed Dietary Preference Household

Suppose that you are vegan and you live in a house with non-vegans. And suppose that these omnivores are your family, your children and/or spouse. Oftentimes families have mixed dietary preferences and approaches. But families still want to eat together—eating together as a family provides communication, an opportunity to listen, eye contact,  and of course, time to remember gratitude. It’s good and it feels good to herd everyone together for…

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