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Serves meat, vegan options available. Has a customized veggie dog where you choose the sauce, a relish, mustard, and other options. Note the "secret sauce" contains butter - ask staff which sauces are vegan suitable. Relocated from 2360 Kiahuna Plantation Dr. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-7:30pm.

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First Review by Hallie


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03 May 2023

Good Vegan Hotdog

The vegan hot dog with the sauce was good. The vegan dog itself was not flavorful. A bit expensive for a normal-sized hot dog.

Pros: Good they have a vegan hot dog

Cons: Expensive for what you get



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10 Feb 2023

Convenient location

The veggie dog takes about ten minutes to make, I wish it had been worth waiting for. The garlic sauce has dairy so for $10 a dog you get one with relish and mustard. I had to throw most of the bun away, it was so stale and dry I couldn’t bite through it. They place the hot dog through a hole in the middle of the bun and pipe in the toppings. I was hoping for a better lunch.

Pros: Unique relishes, Large size

Cons: Stale buns, Expensive


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18 Dec 2022

No veggie dogs

They said they don’t have any veggie dogs and their supplier hasn’t sent them in a long time. They don’t know when they will have them again.


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14 Nov 2022

3 1/2 stars

I like their new location, right across from the beach. Lines are long so it is best to give them a warning that you will be ordering a veggie dog. The garlic sauce is not vegan but the relishes are! Have to get at least one Puka dog when we come to Kauai- wish they still had the Hanalei location!

Pros: Tasty relishes

Cons: Long line


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14 Jul 2022

Hit the spot!!

So good! Always thankful when I can get the full experience at a super popular food spot! Went with classic ketchup mustard pickle relish since I'm not a huge fan of sweets on my savory and it was delicious! Also got a side of the pineapple relish just to TRY it and it actually wasn't bad! Definitely hit the spot after a fun day in the sun!


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24 Mar 2022

Yummy veggie dogs

Had the veggie dogs with lilikoi mustard and mango and pineapple relish (special sauce has dairy), very tasty!

Pros: Good veggie options

Cons: Long line


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01 Feb 2022


This was SO GOOD! They’ll ask you what type of sauce you want, the sauces aren’t vegan so move to the next step which is relish choices, there are 6 different kinds like mango, pineapple….(I hade the pineapple) then choose plain yellow mustard and get yourself a lemonade (I had the mango lemonade) and go sit across the street on the beach and enjoy. I really liked this place!

Pros: Has a vegan hotdog option, Relishes are amazing , Really good lemonade!

Cons: The sauces are not vegan


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22 Jan 2022

Interesting sauces, but that's about it

A non-veg friend recommended we try out Puka Dog. We were in the neighborhood and had the time, so we went. There was a line out the door on a hot day. Eventually we moved up to the indoor portion of the line and then to the front. When we got to the order counter and told them we wanted the veggie dogs they asked if we'd told anyone so they could be warmed up. We thought we were telling someone. The lesson is that as soon as you get in line, even if you won't be to the front for another 10-15 min, go in and give them a heads-up. We ended up having to wait for the hotdogs to cook while others got their orders and left.

As previous reviews have noted, it's just a Lightlife veggie dog, but they do have a variety of interesting sauces. Some of the varieties of the base sauce have egg, so check. The fruit sauce was pretty amazing as was their special mustard. Be careful eating it as a lot of the sauce pools, and might explode through, the bottom of the special bun, making a bit of a mess.

Pros: Interesting fruit sauces

Cons: store-bought veggie dogs, Tell them to cook the veg dog upon entry

Sarah P

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21 Dec 2021

Not worth it IMO

We passed when we found out the hot dog was a Lightlife that it took 12 minutes to “heat up”. The sauces looked interesting, but the staff, who were all very kind, didn’t know what vegan meant.

Pros: Cool condiments, Quick snack by the beach, Friendly, welcoming staff

Cons: Super expensive for a dog, Generic vegan dog for lots of money


01 Feb 2023

how do you know it's lightlife? i can't find their supplier info anywhere

Sarah P

03 Feb 2023

Hi- they showed me the package when I asked about the vegan option.


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18 Feb 2020

Good for your veg Hot Dog fix

Got a veggie (vegan, maybe light o life?) dog with mango relish and Hawaiian mustard. Special garlic lemon sauces are not vegan (staff made sure to ask me if I ate dairy), but they’re damn delicious if you’re just vegetarian. Overall it was good but the relish was almost sickly sweet, I’d get it on the side if you don’t like sweet or skip it all together. The fresh lemonade was to die for!


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15 Jan 2020

Good vegan hotdog

The garlic lemon secret sauces aren't vegan, but the six different relishes are, as well as the Hawaiian mustard. Tasty, yummy cooked to order non-gmo soy hotdog. Do yourself a favor and get a jar of the Hawaiian mustard to take home. If you're still hungry, this place is right next to Island Taco and Bangkok Happy Bowl and both have vegan options.

Pros: Clearly labeled sauces, Non-gmo soy hotdogs, Tasty relish and mustard options


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16 Mar 2019

I liked it

Pretty simple. They have polish sausage and veggie dog. All the hot sauce are non-vegan, but there are fruit sauces and mustards. Potato chips and lemonade round it out.

I got the veggie dog with mango sauce and Hawaiian mustard. It was a great combination of flavors. Very messy though. All the sauces drip everywhere.

Pros: Simple menu

Cons: No vegan hot sauce


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29 Mar 2018

don’t go here if you have a choice

I went here based on a recommendation from a non-vegan friend and saw they had a veggie dog option, so I figured it would be decent at least. Not at all. Don’t eat here. First of all, it was somewhat hard to find. Then there was a really long line to order on a Tuesday afternoon, waiting maybe 15 mins in line. None of the sauces are vegan, so I had to just get it with a mango topping. I assumed being in Hawaii that they would use real fruit. This is not the case. The mango topping was some fake-tasting high-fructose corn syrup mango-flavored gooey stuff that I was a bit disgusted to be eating. The veggie dog itself was mediocre, not heated all the way through, and I would be really surprised if it were local or organic. The bun was just bleh—it’s a standard white bread hot dog bun—not a healthy option at all. I was a bit grossed out after eating this that I had to stop at the Kauai Juice Co on the way out. I should have gone there first.

Cons: unhealthy vegan food, long line, overpriced


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09 Jul 2017

Tasty Dog, Chill Restaurant

Casual place, in an outdoor, patio setting, with interesting decor. The vegan Puka dog (hot dog) with mango relish was really good. Went back for a second one a couple days later.

Pros: Vegan hot dogs!, Outdoor seating

Cons: Also sells animals molded into shape of hot dogs


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06 May 2017

good dog

We had walk by this place a bunch of times and finally came back for lunch. The veggie dog with regular mustard and mango stuff was really good. The wife liked her polish dog too.


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20 Apr 2017


No sauces are vegan but you can get the relishes/Hawaiian mustard. Glad to have the option for a veggie dog!!


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07 Jul 2016

Great dog!

Sometimes I just to enjoy a vegan hot dog. This place has a great one ! Mango relish is my favorite - I tried the pineapple and banana too. Both good. Enjoy!


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31 May 2016

Worth going for the relish

I had lunch here twice during our trip because it was right across from our hotel at Kiahuna Plantation. Based on the reviews I thought it would be an overpriced hot dog, but I actually really enjoyed it! You pick the veggie dog option, skip the special sauce (has dairy), and then pick from a variety of fruit relishes (pineapple, mango, coconut, banana, etc.). I had the pineapple relish one time, mango the next, and both were really delicious! Yes, it's white bread around the dog, but I didn't find it excessive and you can tear it off from the outside and dip it in the relish. Definitely worth trying while in Hawaii!

Pros: Fruit relish options are unusual and delicious, Staff knew what vegan meant (advised me that speci

Cons: Had to wait for veggie dog to be cooked (because i


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02 Feb 2016

Split one with a friend. The end.

This was incredibly overpriced and tasted like they add a TON of sugar to their fruit relishes and Hawaiian mustard. I think it'd be a lot better if they didn't add the sugar but it probably appeals to more people the sweeter it is. I'd like to have the option of a whole wheat bun since the giant bread makes up most of this "meal." An interesting hot dog (if you're into that kind of thing) but nothing special.

Pros: close to resort, unique, local business

Cons: too much sugar, overpriced, unhealthy


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29 Sep 2015

Good hot dog

We went here because we were pretty hungry, I wouldn't recommend it unless you really love hot dogs or you're just hungry and have nowhere else to go.. It was good, but nothing too exciting; it was also pretty pricey for one hot dog. The relish was really good, but the sauces they use aren't vegan so I'm sure it would be even better with those (wish they'd make one vegan!)

Pros: Easy, Fast

Cons: Pricey, Can't eat sauces, only relish


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03 May 2015

Great Vegan Dogs!

Charming beach atmosphere. Great place to get your veggie dog on. They will steer you away from the non-vegan garlic sauce. The others are amazing. Happy cow app said it was closed but we called and it was open for a couple more hours. So check on your own.


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24 Mar 2015


All fruit relishes & mustards are vegan (all except the garlic secret sauce) & they fill the large bun so you eat it like a hot dog popsicle. This location uses smart dogs which are fine, but nothing special. I had starfruit relish & lilikoi mustard which was tasty.
Overall, it was too much bun & not enough veggie dog for my preference, but this is a good vegan option for anyone in the Poipu vicinity.
FYI, this is behind (or next to) Poipu Tropical Burger near the far back corner of the mall. I had some trouble finding it...

Pros: 1/2 menu is vegan, Tasty sauces

Cons: Default garlic sauce is not vegan


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21 Nov 2014


I ate one veggie dog. Simple, good sauce, and good. I just think 7 dollars for one hot dog is a bit expensive.


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23 Oct 2014


I love this place! The staff is friendly and the vegan dog is great! I love all their relish choices! FYI the garlic sauce isn't vegan.

I have never gone at a peak time (lunch and dinner) so I can't vouch for any lines.

Pros: Friendly staff, yummy food, good service


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22 Oct 2014

awesome veggie dog

Delicious veggie dog. Love the bready bun. The secret sauce is not vegan, but they have other yummy condiments!


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21 Dec 2013

The best vegan Puka dog!

After trying both the Waikiki and Poipu locations, the Poipu location wins the vegan hot dog battle! They use Lightlife Smart Dogs which taste better than the Tofurky Beer Brats that I was served in Waikiki. I had my dogs (three dogs in three separate visits in less than 24 hours!) without the secret lemon sauce and they were delicious! My favorite was the mango relish with lilikoi mustard, with the pineapple relish with lilikoi mustard coming in a close second. Only the regular flavor Maui Style chips are vegan; the Maui onion chips have milk in them. My spouse and I come to Kauai every time we're in the islands purely to eat at Puka Dog! Make sure to come before or after lunch/dinner. The line ups are super long at mealtimes, but it's quiet before and after. Once you're done your hot dog, pop next door to the gelato place for a nice cold vegan dessert!

Pros: Best vegan hot dogs, Yummy lemonade

Cons: LONG line-ups at meal times


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12 Jan 2013


Dogs and service were fantastic! Highly recommend this place. My wife thinks I should add that the veggie dog was shorter than bun. Apparently this bugs her :)
Updated from previous review on Friday January 11, 2013

Pros: simple menu, vegan friendly food and staff, homemade lemonade

Cons: small water cups, buns not long enough

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