Oribio operates several cafes in Japan - this one est. 2011 previously in Suita City then move to this space that's a short walk from Osaka Monorail Unobe station. Menu is almost entirely vegan. Kitchen makes an array of dishes including ramen, sandwiches, burgers, yakitori style soy skewers, and vegetable buns. Vegetable sushi & 9-item plate can be provided with at least 1 day reservation. Owner speaks some English. Menu with photos available. A retail area sells some packaged foodstuff. Open Mon-Fri 12:00pm-9:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by JesseD


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28 Sep 2023

Good but Over-priced

The food was alright but the prices were absolutely ridiculous. I think the food was too simple and with far too small portions to warrant the prices. I wouldn’t consider this “fine dining”. The restaurant also had a very strange vibe and location which gave the meal a less comfortable feeling. I would be interested in buying some of the products they sell in the store.



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26 May 2022

About 7- 10 minutes from Unobe Station

I come to this restaurant very often. Highly recommend the tofu katsudon. It’s delicious.
The places design has a nice zen like quality to it with the rock waterfall. Also the shopping center for vegan food is very convenient.

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-17

Pros: Great food at decent price , Nice staff , Good atmosphere

Cons: No wifi, Could use more seating


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20 Nov 2021

Good choice food and products!

Very yami restaurant. Many different tasty dishes from soy meat burger to kimuchi ramen. Also a lot of organic and vegan products to buy!



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23 Mar 2020

This food is so good

Most items on the menu are vegan. I've had the omurice with buttered rice, and also the one with tomato rice. It substitutes egg for yuba. The yuba doesn't really taste like egg, but it was delicious (enough to order twice). I'm really glad to have a delicious vegan option for this dish. The skewers are delicious. They are a must every visit. So yummy. Good vegan ramen. I've also tried the hash brown stars. Cute and tasty. I've had the daikon and carrot soups. They are both good but the daikon was especially delicious. They have a small grocery area with some hard to find vegan items like vegan ice cream, cheese, pancakes, dried soy meat, etc. I really like this place.


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21 Feb 2020

skewers are to die for!

Everything was delicious here. But I will come again for the skewers! I’ve never tasted something so delicious in my whole life!

Pros: Phenomenal Taste

Cons: Expensive


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Mostly Veg
03 Oct 2019

Rec: Soy Skewer, no rice

Classy restaurant well worth the trip. I made a happy cow account specifically for this restaurant, it is that good. Their soy skewers were the best thing I have eaten in years. I am not exaggerating, I almost cried. The produce is super fresh, rice is from Nara apparently and almost everything on the menu is vegan. You often have the choice to get a dish as a solo item or as a set menu (e.g. with rice and soup). Prices are mostly between 1000-2000 yen. I would get the soy skewers without rice for 1100 yen. They also have a store inside where you can buy vegan snacks and frozen goods.

Pros: almost everything vegan, classy but affordable, great choice of japanese dishes

Cons: far away


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20 Jul 2019

Great food, cool cafe, portion sizes a little small

This was the only restaurant on Happy Cow nearby the Expo 70 area, so we stopped by for lunch. The food was great, but unlike other reviews I didn't think it was life changing. Portion sizes were small, I had to order a second burger on top of the first and hash browns and was still not completely full. Was an expensive lunch, but the food was great and as the only option in the area I would 100% recommend for lunch if visiting Expo Park.


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10 Apr 2019

The perfect meal

Without a doubt the finest vegan restaurant I have ever visited.
Everything is perfect, the Sleek design, the fancy and stylish food, the exquisitely polite staff and above all the taste of the scrumptious food : we had the vegan sushis and the cutlets, both were a real success.
You should know that it takes about 40min to prepare the sushis, you might wanna call before.

Pros: Food is an absolute bliss , Adorable staff

Cons: A little pricey


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23 Sep 2018


Oribio is a very special place. With all honesty I can say that in my vegan life I've never had anything like that. Each dish is carefully composed with incredible textures and flavors. Amazing substitutes for traditional Japanese food that taste so much better! Moreover the atmosphere is very warm and the staff super friendly. It's pricy but definitely worth checking it out!

Pros: Friendly staff, Excellent food, Good atmosphere

Cons: Expensive


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16 Nov 2016

Repeater No.1!

Moved close to Osaka Expo '70 in October 2016, so information about the location in previous reviews is no longer valid! Now located about a ten minute walk from Unobe station.

Peaceful cafe that serves up to around 30 people. Been there many times and the food is always absolutely delicious. Kimchi ramen and soy meat skewers definitely recommended.

Shop sells cheap dried soy meat which tastes really good if soaked and marinated. Vegan cup ramen, vegan curry powder, home made ketchup (the only ketchup in the world I ever liked), veg kimchi etc. Lots of homemade vegan faux meat in the freezer. Occasionally no egg strawberry shortcake and no egg cream puffs (contains milk so it's not vegan).

About half of the menu is vegan, the other half contains milk (no meat fish or eggs are used at all). I advised them to clearly mark which items contain milk, and they edited their menu! Now it's clearly marked on the menu, which is also available online so you can check beforehand if you want to.

Updated from previous review on 2016-11-07

Pros: Excellent food, Lots of soy meat products in shop, Very friendly staff

Cons: Some menu items contain milk (clearly marked)


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09 Aug 2016

Soy skewers -WOW

A beautiful restaurant with many vegan/vegetarian options. I got the sesame ramen (pretty good) but what stole the show was the soy skewers. Literally one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten. 3x better than chicken skewers no lie. Just a note though, the prices are a bit steep. Also, if coming from Minami senri station like I did I recommend just walking 25 minutes. Tried to take the bus and got lost/stuck at the station for an hour...


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24 Feb 2016

Amazing mock tofu dishes.

I went to ORIBIO by bike - got lost a time or two, but it was definitely worth the effort. My boyfriend, who eats meat, said that the dishes tasted a great deal better than their original non-vegan versions and we just couldn't get enough. The atmosphere is also very interesting and cosy. The shop they run at the front is also very handy for vegans, if just a little bit pricey.

Pros: The fooooood!!, The atmosphere, The shop area

Cons: The price, The location


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24 Mar 2015

Good food, great environment

In the middle of a very long day, my girlfriend and I decided to stop in at ORIBIO for lunch before we checked out the Suita Expo commemoration park. As I entered the restaurant I was struck by the range of foods available for sale out the front, particularly a wide variety of reasonably priced TVP (which I wish I had found a year ago, they would have made my life a lot easier).

We entered the dining area, and we were the only people there. The dining area was beautiful. It only seats 18 people who sit in two lines either side of the tables. We sat on the tatami side of the dining area. Behind us was a small garden area with a water feature. All around, it was very beautiful.

The server brought us a menu and water, and a few minutes later returned with an English menu. I ordered the katsudon set: fried "pork" (tofu) on rice, with some konyaku noodles and a soup; my girlfriend ordered the tartar "fish" burger set, which came with smiley fries and a glass of juice. Both meals were absolutely delicious, though a little small, and, while not particularly expensive, certainly weren't cheap by Japanese standards.

Overall, the experience was very positive. The location was a little round-about to get to, and the meals were a little small (if you're hungry, you might want to get more than just one meal), but the food was delicious and the environment was beautiful (the best of any restaurant I've visited in Japan). I'd highly recommend this place if you're in the area, and if you're not, I'd recommend eating here as part of a day trip to Suita.

Pros: Beautiful enviroment, Great food, Great service

Cons: Out of the way, Smallish meals


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21 Nov 2014

my absolutely favorite place

If I'd be sentenced to death tomorrow and the judge would let me go to eat at my favorite restaurant...... I'd go here and order "炭火焼き"(soy Teriyaki skewers) ベジカツ丼(rice bowl) and die.

If you think Japan's vegetarian foods are sucks, please go there before making your final decision... But the only problem is this place is in suburbs of Osaka need to take a bus or taxi from nearest station, and please call ahead the dinner is open from 7:00 pm and sometimes they close at night. Just writing this review makes me want to go there now!! Irresistible!!


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02 Jun 2012

Great Meal at a Peaceful Cafe

I found this place while on a work trip to Osaka using the HC app (meaning it was one of the closest to where I was), and was very pleased I did.
I had a delicious meal in a peaceful, downstairs room, and bought a few goodies to take away for my trip.
The owner/manager spoke good English and understood veganism well. Some dishes contain dairy, but many were vegan.
Definitely recommended!

Pros: good vegan food, peaceful dining area

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