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Small chain of vegan restaurants originating from Southern California. Offers a menu of sandwiches, veggie burgers, bowls, salads, and others. Order at the counter and food is brought to your table. This one est. 2012. Now offering 'Plant-Based Proteins' check app for more details and to place an order. Reported closed October 2023.

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First Review by lisamoshop


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01 May 2023

I love this place!

Awesome and tasty vegan food every time. The best place to get some vegan junk food.



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26 Aug 2022


everything i have tried here has honestly been so good.
im not a frequent eater of vegan “junk food” or the more processed food items but this place has never failed to make my taste buds and tummy happy! I never feel gross after eating it, which i do when eating at some other places…

favorite thing so far is probably their crunch wrap & meatball sub. love the parm fries and side kale 🙂

fairly affordable ~ love that everything is vegan.

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19 Aug 2022

Disappointing food

I really want to like this place, but several menu items were lacking. We loved the cauliflower dippers and the key lime cheesecake parfait, but the Elote Dip and Buffalo Chicken Run sandwich were bland. The mac and cheese was just macaroni with a tasteless yellow liquid. I’ve been to Native Foods in other cities with the same mixed results. It was a great place back in the early 2000s (in California), before they franchised. Bring back the original basil pizza with seitan sausage!

Pros: Lots of options , Reasonable prices

Cons: Bland, Unpredictable


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08 Aug 2022

Best vegan burger I’ve had!

I’ve gotten the Jalapeño burger and kale side twice and it’s delicious. Probably the best vegan burger i’ve had!


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02 Aug 2022

Solid fast-chain option

Having a wide variety of vegan options in a mall location is great. We came here before a movie which was very convenient. Nothing to complain about with the taste, but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat here.

Pros: All vegan, Location , Wide variety of options


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29 Jul 2022

Meatball Madness

I’ve been coming here for a few years and I always love their food. I usually get the meatball sub which is super tasty and I love the marinara sauce they use. My other favorite is the orange cauliflower entree, they took it off their menu for a while but I saw it was back today so I had to get that to go. I love that their app is easy to use and you build points to get $5 off after every 100 points received.

Pros: A lot of different variety of food , 100% vegan, Always coming out with different chefs specials

Cons: Not enough locations , A little expensive


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24 Jul 2022

Vegan but. . .

I asked to see the ingredient list, there's canola oil in almost everything! It is also what they have in the frier. The Buddha Bowl didn't have any canola so I ordered that. It's a bed of rice with cubed sweet potato and pineapple, a piece of avocado, roasted corn , chopped chives and toasted almonds. How can you screw that up, right? About 25% of the rice was scraped from the bottom of the pot and was concrete hard!!! The sauce poured into the sweet potatoes was basically just a thick soy sauce, 💯 sodium. And the avocado had some brown spots. This place is vegan and therefore marginally better than meat based fast food places for healthy eating. If you want to save the animals, sure, it's good for that. (They got the second start for that). If you don't mind sacrificing your own health, eat here to save the animals.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-24

Pros: 💯 Vegan, Fast

Cons: Prices are really high for what they serve, Canola oil in almost everything, No attention in the kitchen


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14 Jul 2022

Hits the spot

Great staff, chill atmosphere, art and menu selections

Pros: All plant based menu, Worth every penny, Nutritious and delicious junk food


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04 May 2022

Always reliable vegan food

I’ve been to other Native Foods locations and this spot did not disappoint. I shared the month’s special called the Munchwrap Supreme and omg it’s so good! It’s crispy and full of flavor, and the sauce really ties it all together. Also had the taco salad with chipotle dressing and it was also delicious and filling. I came here with family who are meat eaters and even they enjoyed their meal! Definitely recommend stopping by here for a yummy vegan meal!

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24 Apr 2022

The absolute best vegan restaurant ever! So many great vegan options!

Out of all the restaurants I have ever been to in Colorado (or anywhere in the us) this is by far the best one hands down! It’s an all vegan restaurant so you don’t have to worry when ordering! The menu is huge and there are so many great vegan options to choose from! It was so good that I went twice in one day! The food is absolutely amazing, great flavor, good prices and the staff is super friendly! It a very reliable place to eat, anything you get is going to awesome so you can always count on them! 5 stars!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Big portions , All vegan restaurant


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09 Apr 2022

Can always count on them

One of the first places I tried when I 'went' vegan and they never disappoint!

Pros: Tons of options, Reasonable prices, Can bring non vegans and they LOVE it


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13 Mar 2022

Love Native

Wish they were in Seattle. $13 dollar burger underwhelmed though. No sauce, dry. Cauliflower was great as always. I will continue to go when I’m in town.

Pros: Vegan heaven, Kids menu, Variety

Cons: Need to expand their empire


14 Mar 2022

I ran that kitchen. Don’t go back. Trust me.


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25 Feb 2022

Vegan Awesomeness

This is one of my favorite Native Foods locations. The food is always good and the ingredients are fresh. They sometimes don't get your order right, but they'll fix it right away.

Native Wings w buffalo sauce
Native Nachos - my favorite nachos of all time!
New Chicken Tenders with Hot Honee sauce (this sauce is amazing!)
Chicken Bacon Avocado Club
Any of the burgers
the new Key Lime Cheesecake parfait

So many awesome favs!

My biggest peeve is that they'll sometimes discontinue a favorite menu item. I hope the key lime parfait stays around a long long time.

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05 Feb 2022

Good option for vegan fast food

I think they’ve really improved their menu and it may differ with each location. But they have really stepped it up. Many good options on the menu!

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09 Jan 2022


Not the best vegan food. It’s very much a fast food place. Still appreciate the fully vegan menu, but we won’t be coming back here


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21 Dec 2021

Nashville Chicken dry as toast

I love the idea of the restaurant. Hopefully my first visit was an anomoly. The Nashville Chicken sandwich came on a super dry whole wheat bun that sucked the life out of the sandwich. A few pickles provided a little moisture. Maybe it could be improved with twice as many pickles, more mayo, a lot more sauce on the bun, and a white bread bun. I know that whole wheat is healthier, but for a Nashville hot chicken sandwich the proper bun should approach Wonder Bread. With actual fried chicken, the sandwich would have lots of fat to moisten it, so the vegan version needs to compensate somehow. The spice level was good. But overall I felt like I needed water after every bite to be able to swallow. My wife's tortilla soup was really good.

Pros: Great to have a vegan restaurant!, Fast service, Many menu options

Cons: Non recyclable plastic utensils


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14 Nov 2021

Fast and incredibly delicious!

Cool all vegan spot with a good amount of seating inside and great music. They serve multiple types of house-made vegan meats. The chicken on my chicken sandwich was super realistic and very flavorful. I think this would be a perfect spot to impress your non-vegan friends.

Pros: All vegan , Serves many different entrees to fit your mood , Quick and friendly service


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20 Oct 2021

Burgers are okay, everything else is awesome!

I've gone here plenty of times, as Boulder does not have as many vegan places as one would assume, and in my opinion, where native foods shines is not on its burger menu (which are okay, but I've had better), but in everything else, especially the veggie heavy dishes. My favorites are the nachos, the southwest salad, and the orange cauliflower. The oatmeal creme pie is also amazing, so extremely sweet.


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10 Oct 2021

My Favorite Restaurant

I absolutely love Native Foods! Specifically the Boulder location is the best. I've been going here for over three years ever since becoming vegan and their food is always amazing! Everything here is0 vegan. I've tried quite a few things here over the years including monthly specials and, while certain things have definitely been better than others, I've never tried a dish here that I flat out disliked. Other than a portobello burger I haven't seen them make in years, my favorite has consistently been the Orange Calliflower. It has amazing flavor and a great crunchy texture. They also have wonderful burgers, sandwiches and bowls. I've come here to order vegan Thanksgiving food as well and that was also exceptional. Fingers crossed they will bring back their Holiday Roast this year. Anyway, I cannot recommend Natvie Foods enough! If you're in the area I would highly recommend trying it out! ❤

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-10

Pros: All vegan, Nice relaxed atmosphere , Amazing food


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07 Sep 2021

Always amazing

The food is always delicious here! We love to eat here when we travel. Please open a Native Foods in Massachusetts!!

Pros: All vegan, Amazing food, Friendly staff

Cons: None!


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25 Jul 2021

I love coming to this location in Boulder. The food is always delicious!

Recommend it! I love their outdoor patio. The staff is wonderful and the food is fantastic.

Pros: Fully vegan menu, Great vegan burger, Incredible chipotle sauce


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13 Jul 2021

So many delicious options!

Quick and friendly service, not to mention the DELICIOUS food! Love that everything is vegan and I don’t have to figure out what I can order.

Pros: All vegan, Great food, good quality, Friendly service

Cons: A little pricey


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24 Jun 2021

Great Vegan Restaurant

I’ve been going to Native Foods for over a year now and love the food. The menu has lots of varying options and it’s a great place to take non vegans as well. I love the “crazy good grilled chicken sandwich” from here. There are lots of great dishes though.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, The homemade drinks are yummy but expensive , You can sit down or get takeout

Cons: Somewhat expensive


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22 Jun 2021

Pretty tastey but expensive

Love to support completely vegan restaurants but this one is pricey. Staff was a little cold as well

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Small sides , Expensive


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14 Mar 2021

Always delicious!

We took my carnivorous family members to this location and everyone enjoyed their meals. The nachos are always a great choice!


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23 Jan 2021

As good as other locations

Just as good as the other locations. Fast service and kind staff. Yummy variety. Good Covid plans.

Pros: Variety of options, Fast service , Kind staff


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30 Oct 2020

Bland and boring

I thought I remembered this being much better but it was kinda dull for me. Bowl was just some veggies sprinkled on a lot of white rice. Crispy chicken not that crispy. Not a lot of veggies to be found.

Pros: Somewhat healthy

Cons: Bland

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