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CLOSED: Lord of the Fries - Elizabeth Street

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Contact 0423-067175

Shop 9A/26 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, Victoria, VIC 3000

Take out only shop. Hand-cut fries tossed in sea salt are made-to-order, topped with choice of 10 variety of sauces. Also flavored veggie burgers made from TVP, nuggets, hot dogs. Several locations. Reported closed to HappyCow, Aug 2014.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Western, Fast food, Take-out only

Reviews (30)

First Review by Petesternz

Perfect for a burger & fries fix! - Edit

Best veg burgers I've ever had. Mini burgers are a good option if you need a junk food fix without the extra calories. Fries are amazing - love the Mexican and French Canadian sauces. Deliciously addictive but not the healthiest vegan option

Pros: located everywhere, very tasty, fast

Cons: fat laden, expensive for fast food unless u get a mini burger, doesn't open until 10am which sucks if you want br

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Great post-pub Food - Edit

This is the kind of food you want to eat after you have had a few pints and want to continue on into the night. Fries are good, great selection of sauces, and tasty burgers. Granted, not a healthy option, but it will please vegans as well as non-vegans, which is a plus.

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Vegan heaven - Edit

This place surpassed my already high expectations. We've had a couple of the burgers, tijuana hot dog, onion rings, jalopeno poppers and fries. The least impressive thing on the menu is the fries, ironically. They are fine, however, everything else is just amazing. I love the extras, like the vegan sour cream and cheese. Oh ourse it's not very healthy, but it's great to indulge. At this location, the guy at the counter was great and juggled the many orders flawlessly and we got our large order very quick.

Pros: tasty, variety, service

Cons: not healthy

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vegan fast food - Edit

Not the healthiest of vegan restaurants but it's nice to have a junky choice sometimes. The fries aren't anything special though. The nuggets are good.

Cons: not healthy , no seating , homeless people outside

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"It's-so-damn-tasty-but-why-did-eat-it" food - Edit

This is a 100% vegetarian burger shop chain. The food is tasty! I like the vegan Thai sauce on my fries, and I order a wholemeal (wholewheat) bun with the vegan spicy burger. Meat-eaters ought to be totally happy with the hearty flavours of this place.

It's excellent fare, but I always lament afterwards, "ugh, why did I eat that crap?" It's super-greasy -- go there when you're hungry after a long day walking around, or do something to burn off the calories afterwards! You'll feel like you ate a brick!

Pros: Tasty, 100% vegetarian, Excellent vegan options

Cons: Expensive for what it is, Unhealthy, Service can be slow

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Veg fast food at it's best - Edit

Lord of the Fries has always been there for me when it counted. Late night munchies when I'm out on the town. A quick bite on break from work or uni. Something on the way to catch a train. It has never let me down. Many non-vegetarians I've eaten here with were convinced the burgers had meat patty's, being very surprised to learn they weren't. Burgers are great, with the recent introduction of wholemeal buns a welcome option. Fries are always fantastic, with such a wide variety of sauces (even though I always get american). LOTF is king and one of the few places I'm glad to see franchising, as it comes as a good option to your usually burger outlets. My only complaint would be that prices have risen in recent times, and while still being reasonable, if it got much more expensive it would be off putting for many. Still top notch though

Pros: Food, Convenience

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Vegan Junk Food Heaven! - Edit

Everyone has always raved about this place and their fries. I would often walk past the big line of customers on my way to school, never realizing that it was a vegetarian food outlet.

But having recently turned vegan, I sussed out all the recommended restaurants in the city and made it my duty to try this.

Today I bought a vegan Big Mark burger and a cone of fries.
It really hit the spot. I almost thought my order was wrong when I saw they gave me cheese, something I was happy to find out also comes in a vegan option. Yay.

Being vegan is made so much easier by stores like Lord of the Fries. Sometimes I feel like somewhat of a pariah because of my lifestyle choice, and sometimes get sick of eating so religiously healthily.

We all crave a bit of a fat attack every now and then, and it's nice to know that although I'm indulging compared to usual, I'm still eating a healthier option than all of the outlets on the other side of the road.

I will certainly frequent this place from now on.

Pros: Vegan!, Vegetarian!, Junk food that caters for us!

Cons: None so far, love it,

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Tasty Burger, Sad Squishy Fries - Edit

After all the hype I have to say I'm pretty disappointed that these fries were neither good, nor memorable. I don't know how they could be so squishy if they were fried twice. They are barely crispy on the outside.

I got the sauce on the side as others have said it makes them squishy, but it didn't make them better at all. They're just soggy in the middle anyways.

I ordered a box, so a good amount and all but the tiniest ones were squishy.

We got a large burger as well and it was pretty good, the most life like beef burger we've ever had, reminded us of backyard barbecue homemade burgers with the big buns and lots of toppings. So for a fast food burger it did the job.

But the price is pretty expensive, good thing we shared, but otherwise way too expensive for one person to get a combo $12 for lunch? Way too much for a 3 minutes to make vegan lunch, sorry.

They seem to have vegan cheese now, we had to check because we were afraid it was dairy.

Would I go back? No, too expensive for bad fries. The burger, maybe...

Pros: vegan options

Cons: expensive, squishy fries

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Great Vego Fast Food if you're not on a diet - Edit

LOTF is a convenient quick vego junk food fix. Let's not kid ourselves here, it's probably about as bad for you as a McDonalds burger, but it does the job when you just feel like that sort of thing. It has it's place.

It's non-pretentious, but has Jalapenos - YAY! Just remember to ask for no cheese if you're Vegan, as the burgers come with it by default.

The fries (or chips as we know them as in Australia) are quite good too. There are loads of interesting sauces to go with them.

Not a place to get your daily nutritional requirements, but it's really good that they're there nonetheless.

Pros: In the CBD, Tasty beef replacement, nice chips

Cons: Junk food, no tomato on burger, Only in Melbourne

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Amazing! - Edit

LOTF is one of the reasons I wish I lived in Melbourne, and is certainly one of the highlights of every trip to Victoria. It's just fantastic when you want a junk food fix. I always order the vegan original burger and everything about it is absolutely delicious. Even my non-veg partner thought so. The fries and nuggets are also incredibly tasty. They are always busy too (and I bet many of its customers don't realise it's a vegetarian burger chain).

Pros: Delicious, Cheap

Cons: Not all vegan

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Veggie junk food!! - Edit

I've only eaten LOTF once when I was on holiday in Melbourne. But I have to say, it was absolutely delicious! This is just the kind of thing we need to wean meat eaters off McDonalds and KFC (fast food was one of the things I missed most about eating meat). My only crit is that I found it slightly over-priced...

Pros: Fast food, Vegan friendly

Cons: A little expensive

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:) - Edit

Very tasty and quick. The burgers and nuggets are my favourites and I love the fact that meat-eaters are buying vegetarian burgers and not even knowing. In my opinion, this Lord of the Fries is better than the one at Flinders station.

Pros: Vegan options

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tried this place a number of times now and its hit and miss. its a fast, vegan fatty salty option which hits the spot but the quality varies from whose on shift. when its good its good when its bad its slimy and over sauced, with soggy fries. saying that for the price i always go back in hope it will be a good one next time :)

Pros: vegan, fast, cheap

Cons: hit and miss, too much sauce

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The BEST - Edit

Love the fries, they're fresh potatoes no additives so the taste and crispiness change seasonally - but they are always AMAZING. Love the Spicy vegan burger as well! Get an orginal mini and a spicy mini to see which you like more --- SO TASTY!

Pros: excellent food, good value, friendly staff

Cons: Long queues

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My love - Edit

The fries, they suck. Definitely not the best thing on their menu. Their burgers and nuggets are however ! I am a biggg fan of the vegan original burger and the nuggets with vegan cheese and gravy. So amazing.

Pros: AMAZING., Cheap, Easy

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Great fried and burgers - Edit

Hand cut, fries with the skin left on. Loads of different sauces to choose from. I had the Aussie (ketchup and vinegar) which is nice. They're beautiful fries whether you're vegan or not. The burgers also very good- I had the vegan option with vegan mayo, mustard, cheese, pickle etc. Really good.

Pros: Good food, Open all the time.

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a taste of home - Edit

I live in Sydney now, after living for a long time in Melbourne. And when I came "home" for a short work trip recently, Lord of the Fries was my first stop after getting off the airport shuttle at Spencer Street Station. Melbourne people, you don't know what you've got!

Yes, it's junky, but it's tasty junk, and such a thing needs no justification as long as it's only once in a while. We're all good little vegans, after all: live a little!

The chips are crispy, and the sauces are great (my fave is the thai -- which is a peanut sauce), although not all sauces are vegan so it's best to let them know. The burger patties are about as much like my distant memories of beef as I've ever had.

The best thing about lord of the fries, though, is that it passes as your corner greasy spoon: people pile off the train a flinders street and unwittingly eat vegetarian, and I looove the subterfuge.

Pros: convenient, tasty, good range for vegans

Cons: yes, I guess it's a little unhealthy

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healthy person's nightmare - Edit

It was a holiday so I decided to go off the healthy boat and try Australia's Best Vegan Burger (via Peta). They use Cheesely Vegan Cheese. I only got about 4 bites into before I decided it wasn't worth poisoning myself for a hard soy burger covered in oversized bread. If you're a junk food fanatic throwing caution to the wind, then this is the place for you, if you are struggling with your weight and health stay away.

Cons: fast food

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Tasty fries! - Edit

This location has started serving vegan sausage rolls and pies as well, so of course, we had to try them. The roll was really good, but the pie was almost all TVP. I assume it was meant to replicate a meat pie, but I personally would have liked some veggies in there too. We shared a large order of fries with thai satay sauce. The fries are just so damn tasty being made fresh! The sauce was a thick peanut sauce which I loved, but it got to be a bit too heavy for Dirk.

Pros: fries, more fries!

Cons: no place to sit

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My favourite fries - Edit

I love LOTF - I always have, even when thery were a mere foodvan at the Pako festa in Geelong.

Since becoming vegan, I love that I have sinful option.

I love the canadian fries with gravy and cheezely mmmmm

I am a bit worried about the franchising, so I have my fingers crossed that quality will remain a top priority.

Pros: Vegan options, Fresh, Tasty

Cons: No seating, can be a little pricey

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Chicken Nuggets! - Edit

Lord of the fries is amazing! This is the first place I have found that do great chicken nuggets. I had them with peanut sauce and it was amazing! Would definatly go again!
Sadly it is takeout only.

Pros: Price, Taste, Location

Cons: Takeout only

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Vegetarian fast food at it's best - Edit

Best vegan takeout burger ever! I just kept coming back to this place, if I was working late then Lord of the Fries was where I'd get dinner from. Even on a fine Sunday I would grab a burger and fries to eat down by the river. My friend recommended the gravy on fries - after that it was bye bye ketchup. Grab an organic cola and a vegan organic nougat chocolate bar and you're living life!

Pros: Fast, vegan cheese burger, fries with gravy

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Killer Burgers! - Edit

Even though they seem to be focused on the fries, I found the fries to be average. The burgers, however, I thought were incredible! They make a completely vegan version with vegenaise, and soy cheese! So good, I ended up going back twice! There's no seating here, it's a walk up window only, but even though it was cold and raining it was worth huddling under the awning to enjoy such a great burger.

Pros: Amazing burgers, Vegan mayo and cheese

Cons: no seating

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if you are gonna have fries... - Edit

you have to have these fries! THe burgers are pretty good as well. They have spicey and regular patties, and of course you can have it all vegan. Great for meat eaters too, as it shows them we are not all mung bean loving (although I may be) freaks (which I may be as well!) Vegetarian food can be fast food, tasty and interesting!

Pros: good fries, friendly service, you can take a meat eater, no probs

Cons: price, waiting after ordering, not enough vegan sauces

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Thanks Lord - Edit

Brilliant fries and Amazing burgers.
I love this place - most amazing vegetarian burger in Melbourne and maybe up there with the world.
Fries aren't too shabby either!!!

Pros: Spicy Burger, Music, Aussie Fries with Vinegar

Cons: Had to wait awhile

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Great Fries, burgers are downsizing :( - Edit

I love the fries at Lord of the Fries. Thai sauce is my favourite.
The burgers, on the otherhand, are going down hill... They are just a rip off.
I ordered a regular sized burger a few weeks ago from the Flinders station store. I could see the grill and it looked like there was only scraps of a patty pushed up into the corner. I was not very impressed when i watched the guy take one of the scraps and squish it flatter and put it on my "regular" burger. The patty was about the volume of a teaspoon full of patty mix and about the size of a 50cent piece when flattened. This went on to my "regular" burger. It would have needed to be 4 times the size to even be big enough to cover the base of the bun!
They might have been tight with the patty, but they put on WAY too much sauces on it. It was dripping with the stuff.
Overall YUCK. It was really dissapointing because i used to really enjoy LOTF veggie burgers. I don't see why they have to be so tight with the patties... Especially since they charge so much for them.
I hope they read this and make their burgers better. I'll happily come and re-review them if they improve!

Pros: convenient, authentic belgian style fries are great, They nailed the Veg McCheeseburger taste

Cons: too expensive, burger patties almost invible, not very speedy service

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toooo good - Edit

Amazing vegan fast food - burgers dripping with goodness and the chips with gravy are out of this world. Great for a late night feast after drinking - but I find it hard to walk past at any time of day.

Pros: tasty, big portions, vegan fast food!

Cons: bit pricey

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awesome! - Edit

there aren't many places to get vegan food in the city so when my friends and i discovered LOTF we were very excited (and still are!) delicious little burgers and yummy fries. yum yum. they have vegan cheese now (cheezly from the UK) and i hear they have just started doing breakfast too but have yet to try it. they even have a few vegan/organic chocolate bars that are similar to a bounty and a mars bar (from the UK). their location is an added bonus! definately keep supporting them!

Pros: open late, vegan friendly, location

Cons: bit expensive

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Refreshing and Audacious! - Edit

Really pleased with this place. Right in the middle of an area where late nighters like to eat fast food sits a Vegetarian! burger place that just says "burgers" with the veggie stuff in fine print. Burgers were very good (though not the best I've ever head - head to Katoomba in NSW, Niche Noch), and the fries and sauces were a real treat. Great idea, and very bold to go veggie in the meateaters heartland...

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