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齐善素食, at 常德路426号, is a small shop selling a large variety of vegetarian and vegan imitation meat plus dumplings and other cooking ingredients. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-6:00pm.

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First Review by Tianci


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22 Jun 2020

More Than You Could Imagine

Happened to be walking past this place, spotted the Happy Cow sticker on the window. I didn't spend long looking around but they sell the mock chicken nuggets that are served at a lot of restaurants here, plus the chicken burgers & spicy drumsticks all of which I've cooked at home, really good. I did notice among all the bizarre looking fake meats tgey also had fake fish & prawns if that's what you're missing. I just picked up some instant noodles but will venture back one day now I know where it is.

Pros: Incredible selection.



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05 Aug 2018

Mock meats and a weird experience

Vegetarian jelly fish, veg kidney slices, veg shrimps, veg sauteed/spicy shredded pork, smoked sausages etc. - one has to be brave enough to try out some of the above mentioned. Both in their veg/non-veg option. As a foreigner not used to such traditional Chinese products, they mostly looked disgusting to me (except the sausages, maybe). Ended up not buying anything. Not to mention that they looked artificial and like the type of mock meats full of monosodium glutamate. However, I am still rating the shop with 5 stars: for the creativity factor and for the fact that such products will help create more awareness and a more veggie friendly China in the future. Looking forward to seeing China evolve more and more in this direction and increasing the popularity of the veg products and their availability. Something else: the shop owner/assistant only spoke Chinese and from what I could understand using my basic Chinese skills, she looked at me and said: What is it (that you want)? After which she got out her phone and video called another girl and said: look at this foreigner, and directed the camera at me. I just smiled and waved at her friend. Funny.


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20 Jan 2018


Here you can get really a lot vegan meat option even the store is a bit tiny.


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05 Sep 2017

Totally Vegan

As far as we can tell talking to the proprietors, this is totally Vegan. Great place to go for mock meat if you are into that. However they have many other Vegan items as well.

Pros: all Vegan, quite friendly and want to help, prices seemed reasonable

Cons: speak only a little English

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