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HipCityVeg - Rittenhouse

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Contact 215-278-7605

127 S 18th St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 19103

Vegan cafe established spring 2012. Offers salads, sides, burgers, sandwiches, drinks, and sweets and has a children's menu. Try the caviar. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-10:00pm.

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Reviews (45)

First Review by serosenberg

Amazing vegan fast food option - Edit

The food is great. Going to a 100% vegan restaurant is a real treat because I can just pick what I want, instead of picking out what I can eat and making a selection from there. The employees were all very nice and smiling, with quick service and amaaaaazing food. We got the cheesesteak and burger, and while the cheesesteak was pretty good, the burger was amazing. If I didn't know I was in a completely vegan restaurant, I would have to do a double-take. But this is definitely a place to get your order to go. The restaurant is in a very small space with three or four tables (two seats each), and as soon as a line starts to form, you feel really squished in and rushed to eat because of the crowd. However, it is a great fast service vegan restaurant, and while I didn't try any of their baked goods, they all looked amazing!

Pros: Friendly service, Amazing food

Cons: Squished location

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Ziggy Burger was a bit disappointing but still tasty overall - Edit

I went here for lunch and ordered the Ziggy burger patty as a salad. I was told that the veggie patty was a carrot, beet, and greens patty and didn't contain soy (it was implied that they were house made). The person taking my order also told me that the patty and tempeh were not cooked in oil. When I got the salad, the patty was a Boca burger, pan fried in oil, and the tempeh was cooked in oil as well. The staff was not very knowledgable about the menu and I was disappointed that they used pre made patties. BUT, that being said, I like Boca burgers and the burger and tempeh were both tasty. The staff also was VERY friendly and were not even slightly angered when I spilled water twice. I was just a bit disappointed that the patty wasn't homemade.

Pros: friendly staff , food was tasty nonetheless

Cons: Ziggy burger was a boca burger, staff didn't know about the contents of the burger

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delicious! - Edit

I've been here twice. The first time coming with my brother and sister and just getting the frozen banana froyo type dessert, which was awesome & the second time ordering the crispy chick'n sandwich. I have a friend that lives in Philly and she text me the one day highly recommending the sandwich. Considering she's not vegetarian or vegan, it must have been awesome and she was right! Amazing! The sandwich was HUGE which never really happens at vegan restaurants. I highly recommend this place to anyone!

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Awesome Veg Spot - Edit

Delicious meals! We got the Caesar Salad and Udon Noodle Salad and the flavours were superb! Super quick and super easy

Pros: quick and easy , good price , friendly service

Cons: small place, minimal seating , crowded

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best cheesesteak - Edit

nice cheesesteak compared to any vegan cheeseteaks anywhere. also the chicken fajita is amazing. I've taken kids there who are not vegan and tricked them and they loved it

Pros: all vegan

Cons: its a little tight on space

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Delicious food for on the run - Edit

HipCityVeg is yet another awesome place to grab vegan food in Philly. This establishment is more of a take-out restaurant, but there are a few tables you can eat at. We came here on Sunday and tried the steak & cheese, chicken ranch sandwich, and a brownie. The steak & cheese was good, but I didn't taste any "cheese"... maybe they accidentally forgot it. I think if I ordered this again, I would also omit the ketchup, but all in all the sub was good.

The chicken ranch and brownie were both incredible and I would definitely recommend them both. The staff is awesome and the wait time minimum. Great place, will definitely visit again on my next Philly adventure.

Pros: Quick, Huge portions

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delicious chicken sandwich - Edit

My husband and I stopped here yesterday for lunch. I read reviews that this place had limited seating and sometimes long waits... But we took our chances. We waited a bit for a seat but luckily someone was leaving just as we got our food. The crummy thing I didn't like was that the fries are sweet potato fries but they don't bother putting that on the menu. That being said, their sweet potato fries were awesome, and I hate sweet potatoes. My husband got the cheese steak but we liked the one from blackbird pizza much better.

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favorite lunch spot in philly - Edit

I've been here every time I visit and its always lovely. Service is great despite how busy they are, and the food is fantastic. I've had about five different things from the menu and they were all great. Their cupcakes are delicious, but I always end up scooping off half the icing. There's double icing to cake ratio. Haha but that's nothing to really complain about. We also got delivery yesterday to the convention center and the food was still super fresh and everything was packaged lovely by the time it got there.

Pros: great service , fresh

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Good take out - Edit

I love this place, my husband loves this place and we go often. I gave only four stars because this place is always packed and busy. So sadly it can be hard to form a line even to order! If you aren't from the city it might be a challenge to stop here because there is a good chance you won't be able to sit down to eat. There is rittenhouse park nearby but not so cool if it is raining, or winter time. But otherwise I have little complaint about the place. I haven't ordered anything I didn't like (maybe their one shake was a little too sweet) If you want a seat, try coming during their off hours.

Pros: Great food

Cons: Very little seating, hard to form a line for ordering

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Franchise, anyone? - Edit

Purchased three sandwiches/wraps plus a vegan shake. Wish this place was in my town.

Pros: Quality, Fair portion size, speed of service

Cons: Parking nightmare, Small space for high traffic inside, Lack of area to dine-in

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great food and service - Edit

I had the philly "steak" sub and carrot juice. The food was great - warm and tasty. I would definitely recommend it.

Pros: fresh and tasty food; many vegan options.

Cons: no place to wash hands before eating

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vegan fast food. love it. - Edit

i love seeing a line out the door at an all vegan establishment! the line moves fast and there's a pretty good chance they'll take your order before you even get to the counter. since they give it to you to go, take a hint and go have a hipcity picnic at, you know, the big park that's not even a block away.

i want kale lemonade now.

Pros: long line, everyone is nice, delicious, healthy, fast food

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surprisingly good cheesesteak - Edit

Went here with my fiancé, it was bit pricey but not insane. He got the philly steak and said it was as satisfying as a non-vegan one. I got the udon noodle salad, I would have liked more noodles and less mock chicken, but still tasty overall. I will add that the plant based plastic straws they use are kind of flimsy, mine cracked when I was playing with it, so just take care and don't play with the straw.

Pros: friendly staff

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Fast and Simple - Edit

Small, trendy and hip, the vegan fast food joint satisfies when desires of your past life begin to manifest. Burgers, sweet potato fries, cheesesteaks and nuggets for the kids are their staple meals. When I first converted to veganism HipCity was my go to spot when I visited Philly. The Ziggy Burger to be exact. But now I only eat fake meats once in a very very blue moon. I need more salads, veggies and legumes in my meals. Though, I am a fan of the Udon noodles and smoked tempeh spinach salad.

Pros: tasty fast foods, served quick if that is what you desire, green Smoothies

Cons: too much fake meats, tough to park, limited seating

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Banana Whips Forever - Edit

Went there with my non veg friend and we both got fajita wraps - they are mouthwatering! My friend couldn't believe it wasn't chicken. But OMG, banana whips. I could eat them all the time :D

Pros: inexpensive, great options

Cons: small place, hard to find a seat

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nice spot - Edit

I had the Crispy Hip City Ranch sandwich and a brownie for dessert. Both were very enjoyable. I like that they don't offer a million different options. It allows them to do their dishes really well. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of options on the menu. It's just not overwhelming. Depending on the time of day you go, street parking could be quite difficult.

Pros: great food, friendly staff, reasonably priced

Cons: parking can be challenging

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Best, quickest food ever - Edit

Even if the food here sucked, this place could make a killing simply by virtue of how incredibly quickly the food ends up in your hands. I mean, it's quicker than a drive thru! It's the fastest thing ever! It's competing with light.

I grew up in Philly but have been living in the SF Bay and I notice there are many places that have vegan "Philly" cheese steaks around the country, but people too far outside Philly for some reason really do not understand that a Philly cheese steak is only cheese, steak, and fried onion. No mayo, absolutely no lettuce, mushrooms can be excused. I figured I'd get one while in my old hometown. And I feel I made the right choice. Delicious food! Tastes like the cheese steaks I remember, sans cruelty and environmental devastation.

I also got the green smoothie, which they cutely call a "Groothie." I liked it but I do wish it wasn't called a "Groothie." For some reason, calling it that fills me with an irrational rage. What can I say? I'M FROM PHILLY!

Pros: quick, yum, comfort food

Cons: small, ain't health food, "groothie"

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Great Restaurant - Edit

The Crispy HipCity Ranch is amazing! From what I can remember, it's tastes so much like a Wendy's breaded chicken sandwich with ranch dressing. The other sandwiches are very good too.

I love the milkshakes and the Groothie (green smoothie) as well.

Pros: Fantastic food

Cons: Limited menu, Store is too small, Pretty expensive

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Delicious Vegan Fast Food - Edit

I had a delicious lunch here with my mother on my one full day in Philadelphia this week. There isn't much seating, but we were lucky to get one of the few tables. They had ample supplies of fruit infused water for customers to help themselves to for free.

Most of the menu is based around fake meat, which isn't my favorite thing, but I had a wonderful lunch from a generous bowl of quinoa and bean chili and a big bag of tender sweet potato fries. My mother very much enjoyed her chopped salad with garbanzo beans and mock-chicken. The very best part was the vegan hot chocolate which was so good I could feel it fixing parts of me I hadn't known were broken.

When I got to Hip City Veg I was in that state common to the traveling vegetarian, really desperate for something nutritious to eat. After my lunch I felt refreshed and restored and had the energy for a gorgeous afternoon of sightseeing.

Pros: Fast, Ample, Healthy

Cons: Too much fake meat on the menu, Not much seating

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greasy, delicious food - Edit

We went here twice in a weekend in Philly. Yes! That good! You can share an order of fries, FYI. We couldn't finish 2 side orders. Good portion size, good food. Decent prices for how fantastic it tastes.

Pros: fast, delicious, hip

Cons: limited seating

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Pretty good - Edit

Just had a quick dinner here. My partner and I shared the philly steak sandwich, smoked tempeh spinach salad, a groothie, and rounded off with a brownie. Everything was good and we left happy. The brownie was the best; we literally fought over it!

Pros: good food

Cons: limited seating

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Loved the Groothies! - Edit

I went to Hip City Veg in August 2013 and I enjoyed my experience. This is a great place if you want a quick sit down or even if you want take out without having to wait too long.

The staff was nice and the food was good. I had their Crispy Hipcity Ranch and on another visit I had the Smoked Tempeh Spinach Salad. I try to stay away from the fake meats but I would definitely have another Crispy Hipcity Ranch sandwich as a treat.

The cupcakes are so-so. Saving your sugar craving until you get to Vegan bakery is the better option if you like dessert.

But I'm hoping to be able to stop by the next time I'm in Philly so I can get another Smoked Tempeh Spinach salad.

Finally, I brought my niece with me who is not Vegan or Vegetarian, she's 11. When she first saw the Groothie she turned her noise up in true Tween fashion. However, as soon as she took a sip of the sample she loved it! If Tweens like it, it much be good, lol.

Pros: Nice Staff, Food Variety, The Groothie

Cons: Small Location, Okay Dessert

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Reviewer Avatar


Delicious Vegetarian Fast Food. I recommed the CRISPY HIPCITY RANCH.
Very tasty. I've been a vegetarian for 42 years and thoroughly enjoyed their food. Prices are fair. You get what you pay for. I read
several negative reveiws and had some reservations. After trying the restaurant I'm glad I disregarded them. The food is excellant and the service was fast. There is limited seating but we've always managed to get a table. My non-vegetarian friends were enthusiastic about their meals. Look forward to eating there again.

Pros: Excellant Food, Fair Prices, Good Service

Cons: Limited Seating

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Crowded but Worth It! - Edit

The food was fabulous, even my 8-yr old & 4-yr old nieces loved it! There was a lack of dining space, but the food more than made up for it. The staff was super friendly, even during the hectic lunch rush. If you're in the Philly area, definitely dine here!

Pros: Delish Food, Friendly Staff, Inviting Vibe

Cons: Very Small

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Great food - Edit

Food: 10. I had the chicken ranch sandwich, cream of zucchini soup, and banana "mash" (soft serve style frozen bananas). All were fabulous.

Price: 7. About the same as most vegan restaurants, in my experience.

Atmosphere: 6. Too small and cramped, and not enough seating.

Staff: 10. Friendly and helpful.

My only complaint is that parking sucks in the area.

Pros: all vegan!, yummy!, great variety

Cons: parking is a pain, little seating

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Great vegan food in Philadelphia - Edit

I was in Philly for 3 days and looked for vegan food within walking distance from my hotel and decided to try Hip City Veg and I am glad I did. Everything about this place is awesome from the food, the look and feel of the place to really friendly staff. Even though there only about 5 small tables for sitting (many people were getting food to go), I was able to get a seat. I got the Ziggy Burger and must say it was one of the best "burgers" I've ever had. It was so good that I went back the next night (my final night in Philly). I will be going there every time I am in Philly from now on.

Pros: awesome food, friendly staff , nice vibe

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A Nice Surprise - Edit

I was in Philly for the weekend and was walking around looking for a veg restaurant. The first one I went to which was recommended strongly by a friend was closed. The second one I went to had finished their lunch service and had closed the kitchen early for the afternoon. So I just kept walking......and came upon Hip City!
The counterperson recommended the Chicken Ranch sandwich and I wasn't disappointed. Very crispy on a nice bun with tomatoes, onion, lettuce and of course, ranch dressing. I wouldn't have believed it was a mock meat had I not known I was in a vegan restaurant. I would highly recommend it. In looking at the menu, I noted that there is a heavy reliance on mock meats done in comfort food style sandwiches which is okay in moderation. I wouldn't go in thinking I was going to be eating nuts and sprouts. This is very much a fast food style menu. I tasted their signature smoothie which was delicious and will return for one before I leave town.
Staff was very friendly and helpful. Lots of takeout traffic coming and going. Seating is limited. A great place for a quick bite.

Pros: great food, friendly staff, complimentary water

Cons: limited seating, perhaps not the most healthful...

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HIP CITY VEG!!! - Edit

This place is nothing short of Amazing!!! Been there 3 times now, gotten something different each time, and i have come out happy every single time with everything I've ordered. The Crispy Hipcity Ranch is Life Changing and their Philly Steak is the best Vegan one ive had. Amazing food. Quick service and freshly made.

Pros: Amazing Food, Freshly Made, 100% Plant Based

Cons: A little Pricey, Small sitting area

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Just OK. - Edit

I've been to HipCity about ten times. I really wanted to like this place. An all-vegan place in center city!. I thought Hipcity was going to change my life. Well, I haven't been there in a couple months and I don't miss it.

You see, it is expensive. A sandwich, drink, and side will cost you nearly twenty dollars. The Crispy Ranch burger is crazy-good, but that's about it. There is a lot of fake meat and mushrooms in the menu, and that's just not my style. Uh, whatever happened to seeds, beans, vegetables, and other nutritious and delicious whole foods as a burger base?

Yeah, I'm a vegan and I only want one thing on their menu. This place just isn't for vegans. They are targeting meat-eaters. They won't even say "vegan." It's all "plant-based."

Pros: All-vegan!, Location, FAST

Cons: Expensive, Fake Meats, Wasteful

1 Response

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s144799 05 Apr 2013 - What's your definition of expensive? I've been to restaurants that cost about that much. That's the price you pay for fresh, good food. If you are comparing this restaurant to McDonald's or IHop, yes, I would agree that this restaurant is expensive. They don't have the same fresh food that Hip City Veg has and that as healthy for you. But for typical sit-down restaurants, that is about how much you would pay per meal. Almost every item on the menu is good, very good, or amazing. You can think all you want that there is only one good item on the menu, but every person I've heard went into Hip City told me the food was amazing. Some of them have no to little interest in becoming vegan. If fake meat and mushrooms aren't your style, why are you a vegan? Most vegans eat fake meat to get their protein. Hip City makes their own burgers and doesn't use Boca Burgers. They are better than Boca by far, and my guess is that they use a combination of vegetables and soy in their burgers, what you call "delicious whole foods." Ask the cashier in the restaurant to find out what they put in their burgers. You are right that the place targets meat eaters. They probably want everyone to be happy at Hip City, not just the vegans in Philly. Their restaurant is out the door during lunch hour on weekdays. I doubt that all the people in that lunch line are vegan. What's the problem for Hip City to attract non-vegans? I actually think that is a very good thing because they prove to the world that vegan food can actually taste very good! Hip City Veg probably doesn't say they're vegan to not scare away meat eaters. I've seen many solely vegan restaurants do this; not just Hip City. You are probably alone in your review if you think what you said in your review about Hip City Veg.

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Delicious!! - Edit

I have been to Hip City Veg twice in the past few weeks, and both times the food was amazing. The first time I ordered the Crispy HipCity Ranch. It was absolutely delicious: great flavor, texture, and very filling. The second time I ordered the Philly Steak, which was another winner! Neither of these sandwiches tasted like "fake meat." I also couldn't resist ordering a five dollar shake each time. While expensive, it was definitely worth it for a vegan who misses a good shake now and then. Chocolate was amazing, vanilla was good. My fiance, who is not a vegan, also had high praises for his Philly Steak (which he ordered twice), saying it was one of the best vegan steaks he's had. I highly recommend Hip City Veg and would love if a place like this were one day as widespread as McDonalds/Chick-fil-a/etc. Seating inside is pretty limited, but there was seating for two both evenings we came (one Saturday, one Tuesday). Good thing since we came all the way from the suburbs :)
Updated from previous review on Saturday July 14, 2012

Pros: excellent food

Cons: small seating area

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I wanted to love HipCityVeg - Edit

I work in center city and was looking forward to trying HipCityVeg since it is all vegan. There are not many take out restaurants in center city with vegan food. I heard good reviews so I was excited when it finally opened. My first time there I ordered the Philly steak sandwich to go. I have never liked cheese on a steak sandwich so I was not happy when I got back to the office and found melted "cheese" on the sandwich. This was not listed as an ingredient on the menu. I took a bite to try it, but just didn't care for it. I called and was told that they would deliver a new sandwich to me without cheese at no charge. To their credit, a new piping hot sandwich was delivered to me pretty quickly, but to be honest it was just ok. I have had better vegan steak sandwiches. I did go back and have also tried the Crispy Chicken sandwich which I thought did not have enough flavor and the Portabella sandwich which was good. I might return to try the Asian noodles. This could be a great restaurant, but sadly, in my experience, it's been just ok at best.

Pros: Helpfulness, Line moves quickly, Good green smoothie

Cons: Overall food taste

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Hip City Veg - Edit

I was excited to try Hip City Veg during my first day in Philly. Sadly, it didn't live up to my expectations, probably because of a mishap I had there. Needless to say, I likely won't go back.

So long story short, the young lady at the register talked me in to getting the cheese steak - apparently they can't remove the mushrooms (I hate mushrooms) but she assured me they'd be chopped up so finely that I wouldn't even notice. So not true. I would venture to say that this was primarily a mushroom sandwich (the mushrooms were huge too). I expressed my dismay to her and asked for the crispy chicken sandwich instead. Well, the kicker here is she charged me for the second sandwich. In this case, where she talked me in to a sandwich, I don't think I should have been charged - because of this I won't be back. I ended up leaving the food out on the street for a homeless person. The second sandwich was OK.

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Quick and Delish - Edit

I enjoyed my meal here! I got the udon noodle salad. The flavors were well balanced and the salad was fun to eat with the varied textures of the udon, bean sprouts, and well-seasoned chik'n. The green smoothie was tasty as well. This meal, although healthy and seemingly light, kept me full for about 7 hours! My only qualm is I wish there was a "to-stay" option that enabled reusable plates and dish-ware. However, all their to-go containers are compostable, so I can't complain too much!

Pros: Tasty, Fast, Universally Appealing

Cons: No reusable dishware, Small Seating Area

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It would have been enough for me that the meals are creative and delicious - try the buffalo bella with some sweet potato fries and green lemonade - and that they bake their own pastries. That the staff is exceptionally friendly, the head chef kind and enthusiastic about her work (she refuses to work at a restaurant that offers meat, even if it means driving an hour to get to work) and the ambiance a lot of fun makes the whole experience even better. To top it off, all packaging from Hip City Veg is compostable. This is a place to support and help grow. It would be great to see them pop up all over Philly.

Pros: Delicious Food, Creative, Ethical Head Chef, Friendly staff

Cons: parking is a bit tough

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Yum, Yum, and Yum! - Edit

This is a tiny place that is perfect for take-out .

My non-vegan dining partner and I ordered the Udon Noodle Salad, Jerk Caesar Salad, Classic Veg Burger, and Fajita Wrap.

The Udon Noodle Salad was very, very tasty, although I would ask for dressing on the side next time because I think there was too much on there. The Jerk Caesar was very good - I was surprised at how spicy the chick'n was. The Fajita Wrap was our favorite - great combination of flavors and filling and delicious. The Classic Veg Burger was tasty with the toppings, but honestly looked/tasted like a Boca burger so I'm not sure I would ever order it again, lest it was indeed something I could have bought in the frozen food aisle of the supermarket.

Because our order took a little longer than expected, the girl at the cash register threw in a complimentary bag of chocolate chip cookies which were really delicious. They reminded me of the Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies you can make with those tubes of refrigerated dough; it's been over 15 years since I had one of those and eating these HipCityVeg cookies was a nostalgic, mouth-watering experience.

Definitely a must-try!

Pros: food, value

Cons: not much seating

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loved the place - Edit

This is a great restaurant for Rittenhouse Square. Mostly take out and delivery and in my experience, fast. I had the jerk ceasar salad. I loved the jicama and the homemade plaintain chips. The dressing was bold and a little spicy. Everything was fresh. The green lemonade was made with fresh squeezed lemons, agave and kale juice-probably the best lemonade I ever had. I followed it up with a banana whip. I can't believe it's just frozen banana,it tastes like soft serve ice cream. But they don't add a sweetener because the natural fruit doesn't need it. My friend is a meat eater. He loved the Ziggyburger. He said it tasted better than a big mac and he was suprised he enjoyed it so much (I think I get what they are trying to do here). He had a Groothie (green smoothie) and really liked it. That was impressive given that it is just bananas, apple, pineapple, kale and filtered water. The place is cute and clean. You can eat while gazing out the window, although most people just order and go. The staff were friendly and it was a comfortable place. I'm looking forward to trying other items on the menu.

Pros: very satisfying, fresh, mellow vibe

Cons: small, mostly takeout

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lots of processed fake meat... - Edit

Just discovered Hip City Veg today, a counter-service vegan place right near Rittenhouse Square. It was nice and clean inside with their menu on a big board. I ordered the Ziggy Burger, which was not so great. A very meaty tasting burger (boca maybe?) with fakin bacon tempeh, some tomato and pickles and a very little bit of "special" sauce on a ginormous bun. Husband got a "Philly Steak", which was chunks of what I guess was seitan (woman taking order didn't know what the steak was.. she went to ask and reported back that they use both wheat and soy protein) and onions in a reasonable tasty marinade/sauce.. this was ok, but not nearly as good as Blackbird's cheesesteak - I wonder why Hip City doesn't use Daiya? Got the "nuggets" for my son from the 2 item children's menu (other item was "veggie steak sandwich"). I didn't feel great about giving him breaded and fried processed soy protein, but he did enjoy some along with the really delicious sweet potato fries it came with. We ordered a side of those as well, and I liked the cilantro bean dipping sauce. The sautéed kale side was alright, but kind of boring and oily. My green lemonade, made with agave, was great. If you're in the neighborhood, definitely give Hip City a visit, but if you're going out of your way, I recommend Blackbird or Grindcore instead.

Pros: clean, all vegan, sweet potato fries!

Cons: too much fake meat

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