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2451 Shattuck Ave (at Haste), Berkeley, California, USA, 94704

Berkeley vegan restaurant serving contemporary vegetarian cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. Wide range of offerings from fresh squeeze juices and pancakes to sandwiches, salads, main entrees, and cocktails. Casual, modern decor. There are 2 more locations in San Francisco city. CONFIRMED CLOSED, AUG 2016.

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65 Reviews

First Review by mizzrizz

large menu - Edit

While on a weekend trip, my friends and I ate here twice, once for dinner and then again for brunch. For dinner, we sat at the counter/bar. I got the pesto ravioli and my friends got the ramen soup and quesadilla. We also got cocktails to go with them. The ravioli was good, but my friend's soup was served room temperature, so they had to microwave it for her. For brunch, we got the front corner booth by the window. We ordered a carafe of mimosas to go with our entrees which were savory crepes, Indonesian noodles and nachos with a French toast side. It was all good, but not spectacular. The service was much better for brunch too. The menu is really large and covers lots of different types, so it's a good solid place to go if everyone wants something different.

Pros: large menu, nice atmosphere

Photo of CLOSED: Herbivore - Berkeley  by <a href="/members/profile/Sonja%20and%20Dirk">Sonja and Dirk</a> <br/>Indonesian noodles <br/> July 27, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/11367/162548'>Report</a>

Indonesian noodles

Photo of CLOSED: Herbivore - Berkeley  by <a href="/members/profile/Sonja%20and%20Dirk">Sonja and Dirk</a> <br/>nachos and French toast <br/> July 27, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/11367/162547'>Report</a>

nachos and French toast

Photo of CLOSED: Herbivore - Berkeley  by <a href="/members/profile/Sonja%20and%20Dirk">Sonja and Dirk</a> <br/>mimosas <br/> July 27, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/11367/162546'>Report</a>


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Pleasantly Surprised! - Edit

I love the 50's theme going on with the outside of the building. Yet the inside was modern and minimal. Lot's of natural lighting and very spacious.

The menu options are great, so many categories to choose from and the prices are even better! My boyfriend and I both ate for under $20 and ordered full meals.

I had the shawarma with a side of roasted potatoes and my boyfriend had a burrito and salad. The food tasted great and I wouldn't change one thing about it.

We had a great waiter, service was both prompt and friendly. Based on price, quality of food, options and service. This has been my favorite location in the bay area so far.

My boyfriend and I travel all around the world looking for vegan restaurants. We go to 1-2 places a day and will be in the bay area a few more weeks. During our time here, we have been to 10-15 Vegan only locations, Herbivore has made it's way to the top of our list for the bay area.

Simply Amazing!

Pros: Prices, Portions, Options

Photo of CLOSED: Herbivore - Berkeley  by <a href="/members/profile/VeganVentures">VeganVentures</a> <br/>Grilled Chik&#39;n sandwich & potato salad <br/> July 2, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/11367/157436'>Report</a>

Grilled Chik&#39;n sandwich & potato salad

Photo of CLOSED: Herbivore - Berkeley  by <a href="/members/profile/VeganVentures">VeganVentures</a> <br/>Southwest Tofu Scramble  <br/> July 2, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/11367/157435'>Report</a>

Southwest Tofu Scramble

Photo of CLOSED: Herbivore - Berkeley  by <a href="/members/profile/VeganVentures">VeganVentures</a> <br/>Pizza <br/> July 2, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/11367/157434'>Report</a>


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Maybe if the staff were vegan, they would be more open to considering warm hospitality. - Edit

4 other friends and I went to this joint to eat and happened to make it 17 minutes before closing. Once there, they told us they weren't serving anyone. Seriously? There's no service higher than service to others. That staff is lazy and inconsiderate. I'd rather eat anywhere else anyways. A lot of good friends tell me they mess up on orders a lot and aren't the most polite.

Pros: Can't say

Cons: No service = no stars

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Delicious vegan cuisine - Edit

I come here quite often and everything that I have ordered has been absolutely delicious! My favorites are the Raw Kale Salad, the Green Salad, and the Shawarma wrap. They also serve some excellent nachos and milkshakes! They have a huge menu so there are lots of appetizers, entrees, and desserts to choose from. The only downside is the service can be very hit and miss.

Pros: lots of selections

Cons: alright customer service

Photo of CLOSED: Herbivore - Berkeley  by <a href="/members/profile/Julianabanana">Julianabanana</a> <br/>Raw Kale Salad <br/> April 23, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/11367/145914'>Report</a>

Raw Kale Salad

Photo of CLOSED: Herbivore - Berkeley  by <a href="/members/profile/Julianabanana">Julianabanana</a> <br/>Shawarma Wrap <br/> April 23, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/11367/145913'>Report</a>

Shawarma Wrap

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take me here please - Edit

My sister took me here once to eat with her friends and I can't wait to go back again for my birthday soon! The wrap I got last time was something I've never had before - uniquely delicious.

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Good but not impressive - Edit

The food is good, but I didn't think it lived up to the hype I've heard from so many people. It wasn't bad, just over-hyped.

Pros: All vegan

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great food, but maybe too much choice! - Edit

Visited Herbivore with friends. It's in a lovely art deco building and the service is very friendly. The menu is vast, ranging from Mexican to Italian via Chinese. It took me a long time to decide what to have. We all enjoyed our food but sadly didn't have room for dessert. The carrot and dinger juice was delicious as was the pear martini. I'll certainly be back.

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Nothing special, but totally fine - Edit

Had a scrumble for breatkfast which tasted very good. Also, the staff was nice and basically there's nothing to complain about except for the fact that the choices are pretty boring and the food is fast-food style.

Pros: Good breatkfast, Nice staff

Cons: "Cold" atmosphere, fast-food style, boring choices

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Still not working for me - Edit

My husband & I hadn't been to Herbivore for some years. We mostly got tired of the rude service, given the prices. But since his parents wanted to take us out for my birthday, & Bkly is closer than Oakland, we decided it was time to give Herbivore one more chance. Unfortunately, my opinion remains the same. It was around 6pm, so the sun was shining blindingly on most of the available tables. I asked the waitress if we could push together two of the two-person tables over by the wall, where it was a bit shadier, & two people could sit on the banquette (I thought it would be more comfortable for the in-laws, in their 80s). The waitress looked annoyed look, but finally said "Well, okay, since it's not busy right now." This seemed unnecessarily rude and unhelpful. How is it any different for 4 people to sit at two 2-person tables, than for 4 people to sit at one square 4-person table? The parents didn't want to "be a bother" so we ended up at a square table in the middle. Those uncomfortable chairs are almost impossible to pull in, on that floor. The meal was just okay; hard to find anything on the menu that didn't include kale in some form. I had lasagne; the flavor was nice, but the thing appeared very overcooked. My husband & his mother both had ravioli. They don't really give you a lot of those, for the price. We all had side salads that came with the entrees; my husband's father had a dinner salad as his whole meal; salad dressing was almost undetectable - the men both asked for more. There were no leftovers. My husband & I are not big-portion eaters, & we're used to eating at vegan places where there is a lot more food for less money; for the same price at an Asian veg restaurant, two of us can always eat till satisfied, & still have enough leftovers for another dinner for two. I also had the house-made ginger ale; flavor was okay, but the glass was so full of ice, that as soon as it quickly melted, there was only half a glass of actual beverage, which was, of course, diluted with melted ice. The waitress made a point of bringing the dessert menus, but those prices were ridiculous - like $7 or $8 for a slice of cake. We stopped by WholeFoods on the way home; got 4 big slices of cake there for $14. Herbivore also had jazz playing in the background, but as I observed at the time, at least the place was so noisy, it mostly drowned it out. We decided we didn't ever need to go there again, since it wasn't any better than we remembered, in any way.

Pros: if you're in Bkly, it's fairly nearby, great for people into kale

Cons: small portions, some rude staff, kale in or with almost everything

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Ate way too much - Edit

We were sent here by some friends on the other side of the bay. Wanted to spend the morning at Grizzly Peak anyway, so it was a great start to the day.

Based on their recommendation we had the french toast breakfast combo, blueberry cornbread, tempeh bacon, buffalo bites, and I ordered their Grilled Chicken Shawarma. If that sounds like too much for two people... you would be correct.

The star by FAR was the Shawarma. Oh my. French toast was also excellent. The tofu scramble was a little mushy for my taste, and the tempeh bacon was so-so.

Get the Shawarma and don't turn back. Order three.

Pros: The wrap was out of this world.

Cons: Other food was so-so

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Loved it again! - Edit

After having lunch at the San Francisco location, we went to the Berkeley location for breakfast and also loved it. We loved the scrambled tofu and red pepper sauce on the savory crepes. The blueberry cornbread was also good. Too bad their wifi did not work while we were there, but the servers were helpful.

Pros: Prices, Nice, open atmosphere, Friendly service

Cons: Wifi didn't work

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Garbage salad - Edit

I went here for about a decade pretty regularly. I frequently cut them slack for having very variable service, several crappy dishes, and other weird practices. Not a classy place. (Don't be surprised to find things like lemon wedges just laying on the floor.) Anyway, one morning, I got the salad and pulled a big piece of soggy cardboard out of my mouth. They wouldn't even comp our whole meal... just mine. I asked to talk to management and they said I could e-mail the guy who owns all the Herbivores if I had a problem. Not going back after being a very loyal customer for over 10 years.

Pros: vegan, serves alcohol, some of wait staff is nice

Cons: some dishes are awful, garbage in food, terribly managed place

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Surprising - Edit

The food, not the ambiance or the service, is what makes Herbivore a worthwhile stop. Twice I have eaten there in the past 6 months, once for lunch, and other for dinner. Both menus are extensive, and the results that I have tasted have been excellent. Do not over order- the portions are generous and filling.

Regarding the service, for lunch it was carelessly written down with a couple of errors. The dinner server did a fine job and her personality was exactly lively and informative enough to fit our needs.

The restaurant needs an overhaul, but I guess with the amazingly low prices one should not complain. The location is not in the richer part of Berkeley, and so making it more expensive would clearly hurt business. Perhaps they should open another place in North Berkeley and make it more elaborate, and with just a bit more care about presentation.

Pros: Excellent Food, Mostly friendly staff, Wonderfully low prices

Cons: Appearance is very plain, Regular staff performance

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Best of the trip - Edit

The atmosphere was great, the service was great, food came out on time, and it tasted delicious.

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Nice vegan diner - Edit

I like Herbivore because it's decent and not overly expensive and although it's not pushing any boundaries, it's a good quality vegan diner. I've been known to kill time here, drinking pomegranate ice cream floats waiting for time to pass at the bar with a book. Every time I go in here, I run into someone I know because all the vegans know each other (kinda sad, huh?). If you want a nice sammy and some salad or other standard fare, this is a good place. I like their charbroiled veggies. I like their potato salad. I like to grab a bite here now and then.

I think they need better coffee, though.

Pros: diner food, decent, reasonable prices

Cons: coffee isn't great

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Herbivore - Berkeley - Edit

The best! I had the grilled veggie sandwich on Acme bread, with sides of roasted potatoes and salad. Every bite was delicious. My husband had the Indian Wrap, which was also terrific. We couldn't resist finishing up with a Coconut Bliss chocolate shake. Our server was very helpful and when he didn't know the answer to a question about an ingredient, he promptly went to find out. All in all, a wonderful dining experience! If I lived here, I would eat at Herbivore regularly.

Pros: Delicious Food, Helpful Staff, Nice Ambience

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Did someone say solid? - Edit

In a very funky art deco building - hard to believe they got it so right in 2004!

Herbivore is good. It's a diner with mostly predictable items - but that's fine because we need that too, and they do it well. I remember the cheese-steak sandwich was very good. The kids also liked their meals a lot - but TBH I can't remember now what they got!

It is a diner style restaurant but it's different to, and much nicer than, the cheap and nasty diners I'm used to seeing on American TV. I'd happily bring someone special here.

It was a good meal. Thanks Herbivore.

Pros: Supposedly it's solid., Plenty of options, All vegan

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Solid vegan breakfast - Edit

I avoided Herbivore for a few years, based on their mixed reviews. Finally, I was in Berkeley, with my non-veg dad, and I finally had to try the place.
We had a very pleasant dining experience. Our waitress was pretty attentive, and our food was really quite lovely. Straight-forward vegan diner breakfast. I had the crepes with pesto sauce, and they did not skimp on the sauce, which earns lots of points! My dad was also very pleased with his tofu veggie scramble.
I wouldn't call this food innovative, gourmet, or mind-blowing.
But I would call it healthy, delicious, filling, and perfect for breakfast for a day in Berkeley. I ate every bite on my plate and it kept me full all day.
I am not scared of Herbivore anymore...I would go back!

Pros: decent portions, good people watching, good breakfast

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Hecka Solid - Edit

I really enjoy Herbivore. It's a very nice environment to eat in with the big windows. I've had the Fajitas, Swarma wrap, the quinoa cake, the Indonesian salad and the combo breakfast. All of them tasted great and I never left a scrap on my plate. There's nothing unexpected or super creative - it's your typical café food done vegan style. The service is fast. It's nice to see a 100% vegan restaurant so popular with lots of regulars. They also allow some animal rights literature there which is AWESOME (Walk the talk! Souly Vegan also allows this). I come here regularly for a meal I can count on.

Pros: Solid timeless dishes done vegan, Nice environment for sit-down, Good fast service

Cons: Not hyper creative, but who cares

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A vegan diner, what more could you ask for? - Edit

Herbivore is a very unique experience. I have been vegan for a couple years and I have to say that I have always missed the diner experience. Whether it is ordering a giant breakfast or comfort food for dinner, herbivore has a certain sense of nostalgia to it.

On to the food. Herbivore is very creative, and for any vegan out there who hates going to a restaurant and having only a few items to choose from, herbove gives you a gigantic menu to choose from. The first night we were there, I had a meatball sandwich, and my wife had a shawarma wrap. They were both tasty, not necessarily perfect but definitely hit the spot. Their potato salad that it came with was delicious and fresh. Our second trip was for breakfast and we were blown away. We had the western tofu scramble and french toast. I highly recommend coming for breakfast.

Despite the occasional negative review we had a great couple meals at herbivore. We came at off times so perhaps it gets a bit too busy here and there. Despite this, you can tell that Herbivore is a restaurant that tries hard and delivers tasty and good quality food to its customers. Will return again

Pros: tasty food, large quantities, massive menu

Cons: food isn't the best in berkeley

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Sad Service - Edit

We chose Herbivore because of a friend's recommendation. The restaurant was filthy. We were one of only a few customers when we arrived. The service was awful. The employees seemed annoyed that we were there. The food was just ok.

Pros: Vegan, Location

Cons: Service, Staff, Food

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Delicious - Edit

We've had many meals at the original San Francisco location, but just had our first two at the Berkeley branch. We found the food to be the same and the atmosphere to be preferable here — less crowded and more relaxed and conducive to conversation.

The shwarma is good, as ever, as are the fresh juices. The nachos (with homemade cashew "cheese") are among the best vegan nachos we've had. Good soup, too.

The service we received was mixed. The server on our first visit might be best described as being just on the agreeable side of indifferent, but he got the job done and we enjoyed our meal. By contrast, the server on our second visit was very warm and attentive.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday January 21, 2014

Pros: varied menu, good flavors, fresh juices, quieter atmosphere than the SF location, all vegan

Cons: service inconsistent

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I'm in love - Edit

We had the pesto pizza and it was wonderful. We came here after having a disappointing meal at Cha Ya so we didn't get to try alot. If the rest is as good as this we are in for a treat when we return to try other items off of the huge menu.

Pros: excellent food, large menu, friendly, great value

Cons: none this time around

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Absolutely delicious! - Edit

Whenever I am in Berkeley I have to eat here. The food is so flavorful and the restaurant has a nice vibe. There are so many dishes to choose from. Most recently I ordered the lemongrass noodles and I couldn't imagine it to be better. My only disappointment is that I wish they had a location in LA!

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disatisfied diner - Edit

I had lunch here on May 21, 2013. Ordered Pad Thai and substituted the tofu for the seitan. It was the worst seitan I've ever had. It tasted mass-produced. I was very dissapointed.

Pros: friendly staff

Cons: food was bland, seitan was terrible

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Fantastic breakfasts - Edit

We traveled from Sonoma County to eat here. Was it worth the drive? YES. We loved our green juice, loved our pancakes, and loved the tofu scramble. I had read about the possible bad service but our service was just fine. Would make the drive again in a heartbeat.

Pros: green juice, amazing breakfast, extensive menu

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ok..i guess.. - Edit

I got the cheese steak and their 'fried potatoes' ? The cheese steak i could've easily made at home for way cheaper. The fried potatoes were cold, dry, and grease laden, just kinda yucky, i would've probably left most of them, but i was starving, and my sandwich was on the very small side.
My husband ordered a bowl of curry ramen soup with beef tips added for an extra $1.00 and they brought out a big bowl that was only half way filled with soup... ? I knew I should have gotten the lentil loaf with mashed potatoes instead, but the price scared me away seeing as we were there for lunch, and i didn't feel like spending the extra $$ on it.
However if i decide to return, I will go to the one in SF , and i will get an entree instead of a sandwich. I dont know maybe it will be better, I hate spending hard earned money on food that's just okay. Waitress was nice, Drink order took a while. We finished our meals, then our drinks finally arrived after the plates were cleared away.

Pros: Vegan friendly, lots of choices, fresh juices

Cons: a bit pricey , fried potatoes , my portion was small

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