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2400 Harrison St (at 20th St, Mission-Potrero Hill District), San Francisco, California, USA, 94110

Part of the Cafe Gratitude restaurants with locations in California. Offers both raw food and cooked vegan food. Has Sunday brunch. Unique setting of warm colors, beamed ceiling, wooden tables, bar seating. Menu item names based on abundance affirmation. No honey is used in any items at this location. Reported closed to HappyCow.

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20 Reviews

First Review by juliotnunes

Over-rated, Over-priced, Over it. - Edit

I've tried this place many times over the years and am still baffled by their cult of followers. I've never had anything here truly memorable or really tasty. It is primarily raw but nothing innovative or that raw foodist werent doing years ago. They use a lot of cashews which are never raw due to the way they are extracted. They are the cheapest and most acid forming nut though. Priced (small portions) and geared for yuppies it is no suprise they are in with corporate Whole Foods now and expanding down to Los Angeles. Despite all the positive propaganda and lip service their business actions speak louder than psycho babble. SF has so many amazing places this is not a place Ive ever suggested people try.

Anyone who needs further evidence of their anti-labor/people/cult policies should read this.

I wouldn't give them one cent ever again. They truly have NO ETHICS.

Pros: Primarily raw

Cons: portions, pricerancising/Corporate affiliations, francising/corporate affiliations

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Wholesome experience - Edit

We were blown away by the variety of items available on their menu.

Although it took a little while for our ordered items to be served to us, all the food was prepared with care and presented beautifully.

Enjoyed the entire experience.

Pros: vegan!, healthy, courteous staff

Cons: only in SF, long commute

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Nice Space, Good Food - Edit

I had read about this place on happycow and decided to stop in on my way from San Francisco to Los Angeles 2 weeks ago. Here's my Cafe Gratitude review.

The interior is quite unique, has a modern day saloon resemblance with its bar area and wooden dining tables. The vibe is relaxed, and my waitress was very friendly.

I got the day's soup (mushroom miso) and the "I am energized" green smoothie (avocado, kale,...). There is a small glass case displaying some desserts, most of which are made with agave. I personally do not like agave, so I didn't get any dessert (Cafe Gratitude uses agave in most of its desserts).

I had wanted to try a dessert, but all the yummy-looking pies contained agave nectar, which I personally do like the taste or the effect on me. So I didn't get dessert.

One side of the restaurant features a wooden shelf stocked with various raw foods stuff (coconut oil, nuts, dehydrated crackers, goji berries) along with books, and Cafe Gratitude shirts.

Pros: ambiance, food choices, friendly server

Cons: can get pricey

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Cult of Gratitude - Edit

Entering Cafe Gratitude is like temporarily joining a very mild-mannered cult. The food is terrific - ignore the corny titles - and the place is very popular, with it filling up most evenings. When my friend and I ate there, we arrived late and found that several dishes had sold out (including the raw mac & cheese). The raw pizza was mind-blowing, the salads hearty, the juice incredible. Not the cheapest eatery, but the charity bowl on the menu (suggested donation price $7, but "no one will be turned away") is commendable. Great atmosphere inside - laid back, comfortable.

Definitely worth seeking out.

Pros: amazing food, varied menu, good atmosphere

Cons: pricey, cultish, pretentious

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I am Grateful - Edit

I love Cafe Gratitude....The food is excellent, very delicious and generous proportions. The service is very accommodating and friendly. I have been a vegan most of my life and I moved here form Orange County. There is one raw restaurant in Costa Mesa called 118 Degrees that is awful and the servings are small, the service is ridiculous and the place is really dirty. Cafe Gratitude is fresh, vibrant the choices on the menu are amazing. I love the bowls, the salads, the drinks and all of the deserts. Cafe Gratitude is my favorite place to dine and my non-vegan friends like it too. When I took my non-vegan friends to 118 Degrees in Costa Mesa, most of them literally got sick. Cafe Gratitude is a clean,healthy and delicious place to dine whether you are vegan or non-vegan. The place is usually packed which tells you that lots of people love it. I was there today and they were really busy but their service was quick, the food was amazing and the staff is the best.

Pros: vast menu, generous servings, realistic prices

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Great Raw Food. - Edit

The food and the people are amazing. Everything that I have tried I have loved. I forget the names of the items. They have unique names for everything. Just try anything! The milkshakes are so good. It is expensive but they use high quality ingredients it is worth it.

Pros: great food, friendly staff, nice atmosphere

Cons: expensive, small place

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Good Food, But NOT Raw... - Edit

I am sick of this place being called a "raw vegan restaurant". I am not even a raw foodie, but it irks me because it is not an accurate description. Many of the dishes are cooked, and most of the desserts have soy lecithin in them, which REAL raw foodies don't even eat. Oh, and they have honey on the menu, which isn't vegan, so, technically, it isn't even a vegan restaurant!!

That off my chest, I love this place! Always check the specials board (usually really good). I love the live nachos, the raw pizza, and almost everything I've had here, but my favorite is the sunflower burger. I love it with the cheddar "cheese" and avocado (PRICEY but I like to spoil myself). But the best thing about this place is the desserts. AMAZING vegan cheesecakes and such. My favorite is the key lime pie. Oh, their drinks are good too.

I am not crazy about the names of the menu items. I won't order anything by it's name (i.e. "I am elated", "I am celebrating") I find the whole thing phony and pretentious. It seems like they encourage their wait staff to adopt a certain attitude of enlightened grandeur that I find very off putting as well. Not every server I have encountered here has this attitude but more than half, which makes it seem like more than a coincidence. Another downside is the price. Flippin' expensive!

Pros: Great healthy vegan food!, GREAT desserts, Some servers are friendly, real

Cons: Claims to be, but is NOT RAW., EXPENSIVE, Many of the servers are phony weirdos

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Raw Food Done Wrong. - Edit

One would think that being in California and having some of the best and freshest produce available to you, one could have a really badass raw food restaurant. But Gratitude manages to screw that up. Really nut-heavy and just not well done. They should take a field trip to some NYC raw restaurants and take lessons (starting at Rawstar, who doesn't rely on nuts very much AND has pretty accessible prices).

I've given Gratitude several chances, but just can't get behind paying so much to be asked questions by cult-y waitstaff and eat mediocre heavy food.
The only plus is the desserts are good.

Pros: dessert

Cons: creepy waitstaff, overpriced, reliance on nuts

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RawMatt Approves 2 Thumbs up - Edit

This restaurant is the complete package for raw cuisine. I came here with high expectations and left with the recipe book that I decided I could not live without. I have to say it was the tiramisu that compelled me to ask if they had a recipe book. The food was outstanding. I am not real particular about service so it takes a lot to discourage me. The only reason they do not get 5 stars is because of personal preference.

Pros: Top notch cuisine, They sell recipe books, Layout and service exceptional

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Awesome Food - Edit

This was our first time to eat at Cafe Gratitude and absolutely loved it. We shared the sampler platter as our waiter told us it was enough for 2 and at $16 we believed it. The plate had an excellent array of food items on it but the plate was small...cute but small. We added desert to our meal and ended up with a $30 bill and left hungry. Still the food we ate was really good. When our waiter told us about the special of the day, I asked the price and it was the same as the menu price. I'm not sure what made it a special unless they were just trying to move some food items before they were not so 'special' anymore.

The communal table seating was interesting as we were seated with left over hippie's from the 70's. I would have preferred to choose my own seating.

The building itself was unique with its positive affirmations on the walls, doors, tables, plates and even the menu. The names of all the items had I Am before it. Interesting.

Over all if you are looking for raw vegan un-cooking then you have found the right place as it is very good. The service was a little slow but still doable. We will go back again.

Pros: good food, healthy food, great food

Cons: expensive price, small portions, communal seating

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I Am Unconvinced - Edit

Oh dear, this is too much. It feels like the vegan scientologists, adept at emptying your wallet with a smile and no discernible effect on your appetite.

You walk in and the brainwashed smiles and relentless happiness should warn you of what's to come. Everything on the menu starts "I Am", for example the "I Am Insightful" spring rolls, which would be far more accurately named "I Am A Massively Overpriced Side Salad". My main course, "I Am Elated", a quesadilla (*obviously* - duh!), was OK - better than I'd expected, but nothing like as good as a hot quesadilla from any mom and pop Mexican joint - and nothing close to a $15 value.

This was my second raw food experience - it was actually better than my first in Santa Monica last year, but the whole raw food movement still strikes me as a rip-off. A starter, main course and a beer each for Sunday lunch came to $80 - and we both left hungry. What a total con. Luckily my date was paying.

Pros: you know where the freaks are eating, so you can avoid them

Cons: extortionately expensive, just not very good food, way too much idealism

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Stellar - Edit

I'm vegan, but not raw vegan. And this place just makes me want to GO RAW. It's THAT good, yet I know how much work goes into raw food so I'm not sure I could actually make the switch. ;o)

And that's why I love eating here -- let them do all the work! ;O)

The food is mouthwatering. Try the appetizer with a selection of their dips. I LOVE their raw pizza. The soup was to die for. And the shakes -- OMG!! So delicious!!

Can't wait to go to the city again and give it another go.

This was my first time to this location and found the "sharing tables" idea interesting. There were 2 Mexican guitar players who came in to play when we were there, and it really added so much fun to the scene.

Highly recommend this place! But try both locations and decide which you like better.

Pros: Delectable raw food, Yummy shakes, Great service

Cons: None!

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My favorite raw restaurant in California - Edit

I am a raw vegan and having lived in NYC, California, Canada and London, England it's hard to beat my expectations of raw food. But Cafe Gratitude is about so much more than just the food. I feel like I met my soul family here. I absolutely love the atmosphere, the communal seating, the artworks, the music, the joyful staff.

I adore the food: the green juices, the raw nut-milk shakes, the deserts that make you moan, the main courses that are so filling. I have eaten most of the main entrees and I definitely expanded my palate by trying new things. I brought a completely meat-and-potato kind of guy here and he actually enjoyed the meal and most importantly the desert.

My boyfriend once bought me the entire day's batch of raw cinnamon buns! I always used to go there for take away and just walking in made me feel so good! I wish I still lived in San Francisco. I love you Cafe Gratitude, you made being raw one of the most fulfilling things ever.

Pros: amazing tasting raw foods, super cool staff, worth its weight in gold

Cons: some people might not appreciate vibes

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I am Truly Pleased - Edit

The food here is excellent, if a bit pricy. Mostly raw (try the cinnamon roll!) food and drinks, which is really most energizing way to start your day.

The self-affirmations on the menu and in the air are very pleasant in the morning. It isn't my cup of tea in general, but who can really object to a bit of honest positivity?

Pros: good, healthy food, positive atmosphere

Cons: not the cheapest

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Stand out vegan place (don't be scared by the raw) - Edit

This is hands down the 2nd place you should go in SF next to Millenium. Its definitely pricey. I had a little sticker shock, but we did order a few too many "I Am Beautiful's" All of the menu items have a self affirming name, which is part of the charm of the place. Even if you're not into raw go here for the "I Am Beautiful" The Enchilada is good (I Am Elated)

Pros: shakes, fun names

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love this place! - Edit

Great vibe! (I would spend way to much time and money here if I lived in SF.) Great food! Friendly staff! I'm daydreaming of it right now.

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Amazing Place to eat and visit - Edit

This place was amazing and was a great place to meet like minded individuals. My wife and I went and spent about two hours having fresh juices, entree and then really just sitting back and enjoying our desserts. A must for anyone traveling anywhere near this resturant.

Pros: RAw, Vegan, Prices

Cons: Location

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My favorite! - Edit

This is my favorite place to eat in San Francisco. I am never disappointed in the food!

Granted, the menu is a bit silly with the "I am Loving" or "I am Thankful"-esque titles for dishes, but you have to look past that to taste the INCREDIBLE food.

I've been here more times than I can count, and I LOVE it. I never pass up a chance to come here.

Sometimes, it's very crowded and you have to share a table with strangers, but that can add to the whole experience.

I CRAVE their raw pizza (and it's only $10) at least once a week. I can recommend most anything on the menu.

Go with an open mind. It's excellent!

Pros: DELICIOUS FOOD, Cute Atmosphere

Cons: Can get expensive, Crowded OFTEN

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First time raw - Edit

My first experience of eating a prepared raw meal. Very delicious and even my meat-eating companion was pleasantly surprised with the taste and how full he felt.
Menu names were fun. Some of the dishes we ordered seemed very similiar.

Pros: good atmosphere, tasty

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Nice - Edit

Very good. I can eat here all the time.

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