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103 E Huntington Dr, Arcadia, USA

very good

14 Apr 2007

I had dinner here last night and the food was really good, the spring rolls were really tasty and they didnt skimp on the filling. I tried the pan fried udon noodles and the sausage rice and they were both really good. I was there with a friend and the only thing that you can consider "negative" was that we shared the dishes but the only plates we had were the little plates they give you for the appetizers.........but heck that isnt even all that bad.....im going to try to come back soon and try some of the other dishes.

501 Main St Ste E, Huntington Beach, USA

good place

19 Aug 2009

I tried bodhi tree a few years back when i was working in lab on the weekend and i got someone to bring me back food from here and it was really good.....unfortunately it took me like 2 years to actually make it to the restaurant itself and have dinner there a few weeks back with two of my friends. The food itself is very very good, i started with a roll appetizer and it was delicious...but i have to say that when i got my main dish, it was literally the size of my appetizer...again i wasnt expecting a huge plate but i think for the prize its definitely a bit small. But then again they are in dowtown HB and im sure its what they have to do to survive. In terms of the food it was definitely delicious and both my friends enjoyed it as well. Give it a try if you are around and if you can find parking.

1686 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

It was good

08 Jul 2006

I was up in Berkeley this week and i had to try this place out. The food was really good, their miso soup (in my opinion) was killer. I cant believe no one else has mentioned how small the portions are for the price , i mean i wasnt expecting 5lbs of food , but the soup i finished in like 2 slurps, same with my entree.

400 SE 12th Ave, Portland, USA

surprisingly good

15 Aug 2008

i was here about two weeks ago while in town for a conference. Even though the menu at first seemed pretty plain and without much variety, the food was good. I ordered the guacamole with chips and the hummus sandwich. Everything was flavorful and very good, at first i figured i would still be hungry because the sandwich was a regular sized sandwich.......but it was definitely filling. The tea i had there was very good too, the atmosphere is definitely portland, very laid back and relaxed. The only thing i would suggest is to increase the menu a bit, with a total of like 8 sandwiches and a few salads, there isnt much to choose from but i was definitely happy with my visit.

903 W Foothill Blvd Ste B, Upland, USA


27 Jul 2006

the previous reviewer might be right, this place was awesome. Although ive only been here once, the food was outstanding. Unfortunately do to where i live i may only get to visit this place very very very sparingly. The people in there were nice and the food was full of flavor. It would be cool if the owners opened up another location ..........hmmm maybe closer to LA, if they did, im sure it would do great.

633 S Arroyo Pkwy Ste 3, Pasadena, USA


19 Aug 2009

I just tried my vegan last week and it was a great experience. To begin the people there are very nice and helpful when you are ordering. Being my first time they gave me some of the more popular items that others get, i think i ordered one of them and two others that i wanted to try. The place is cozy and very relaxed. The food was very good and very flavorful. If i there was once thing i might have an issue with is that the portions on one of the dishes i got was sorta small compared to the other two so i dont know if that was by mistake or if thats the portion they usually give....if it is it could be larger. I tried the potato curry, orange chicken nuggets and the pepper steak wrap....i also got an order of fries, which where basically normal small cut fries (nothing great) the food itself was very good. I definitely will try this place again, being one of the only veggie friendly places and only vegan place in pasadena its definitely worth the try.

8632 E Valley Blvd Ste E, Rosemead, USA

dang good yo!

02 May 2007

i agree with the first person, the food was really good and the service was excellent. I tried the kung pao nuggets, shredded pork and bean curd and the sticky ribs (i think they were called....not too sure on the last one).....they were all very good. i personally loved the kung pao nuggets. The service was way better than excellent and the atmosphere is really chill.

3801 Warner Ave Ste B, Huntington Beach, USA

freaking great!

15 Feb 2008

the secret spot rocks, yeah its not 100% vegetarian/vegan but it kicks ass. They make almost every dish vegetarian. The review before was right, their smoothies are great. They use all fresh ingredients and make things on the spot. After eating here you will be full for a long time. They also have specials throughout the week. Its a place you definitely should try at least once.....and my guess is, once you do you'll go back many many times.

364 Duckworth St, St Johns, Canada


24 Jul 2006

i visited this place right before having to leave. Its great! I had the miso soup right there and ordered a Bravocado sandwich (for my plane ride) and the pad thai for breakfast the next morning. The sandwich was really good and filling, the pad thai had a ton of flavors going all at once. The people that helped us were awesome, very friendly just like everyone in newfoundland, hopefully there's another fish conference there so i can go back, i only wish i could have gone a few more times while i was there :(

4213 Campus Dr, Irvine, USA

really good

10 Jul 2008

The food is awesome and very tasty. I came here and had the Portobello sandwich (and like most everyone else) substituted for the sweet potato fries.....insane! the food is healthy and delicious. The only problems that i could see (and they are not major and have been mentioned by other reviewers) is that the menu is pretty small and for those not expecting it, substituting the fries with your sandwich and drink will put you around $13-15 depending on what you get. But its definitely worth it and worth at least a try if you are in the area.

1740 S Euclid, Anaheim, USA

Glad they are back!!

21 Oct 2010

Like the first reviewer, i also visited many times at their old location and waited on pins and needles for them to reopen. When we finaly found out they had we were there. The food here is incredibly delicious and they have a nice variety. Ive never been disappointed with anything i have eaten here going back to their old location. The new place looks great and the new items on the menu are awesome. More than just food, the family that owns this restaurant are great people and treat you like family each and every single time. They always have a smile and give superb service. If you have yet to try Thuyen vien, once you do you will be hooked! Theres a reason why so many people waited for Thuyen vien to re-open, people cant ignore a place that i recommended by many. Believe me, give people a few months and the reviews will start building up like they did when they were at the old location.....glad you guys are back.

11329 183rd Street, Cerritos, USA


08 Aug 2006

This place is awesome, ive been coming here for about 2 years now and ive brought a ton of friends and family to eat here and they all agree that the food is outstanding...and all of them are meat eaters. The ladies that run this place are soooo sweet and the environment is peaceful and relaxing. Then you come to the food and its soooo awesome. Im going to keep coming back again and again, even if you try it once you'll admit that the food here is very good.

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