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107/4 Thanon Pan, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand

Excellent food, and great owners

05 Jun 2008

I eat here every time I visit Bangkok, and am always pleased by the dosas, iddly, puri, and lassis. The food is very good, and the owners are incredibly friendly. Tastes very authentic!

42 Mahidol Rd T Haiya, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Simple food, but very inexpensive!

03 Jun 2008

Was completely shocked at how low the prices were here; noodle soup is 5B (though it's a small bowl), rice with one item is free, with two items 10B, and with three 15B. The food is very healthy, meaning no coconut milk and very little oil. But I found both the noodle soup and my rice dish to be bland, and most of the buffet was either watery curries or plan green vegetables. Didn't have the variety that most Thai veggie places in Chiang Mai have.

11 Nantharam Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Good khao soy and veggie curries

03 Jun 2008

I've been here twice, and enjoyed the food both times. First time, I had the khao soy, which was very rich and tasty, though the portion was a little small, as khao soy portions tend to be. Second time, I had a bamboo shoot curry and a mushroom stir-fry, both of which were really good. Prices are great-- 20B for two curries, same for khao soy. Would definitely go back. FYI, the name is spelled "Aubaon" on the sign, but it's the right place!

Melgar 101B, Cercado, Arequipa, Peru

Big portions but plain food

20 Aug 2008

Gopal has cheap set menus-- 5 soles (under $2 U.S.) for lunch, 8 soles (Under $3 U.S.) for dinner. I got the set lunch, which included a stuffed pepper (rocoto relleno), a layered potato/cheese dish, soy meat strips, rice pilaf, and salad. The portions were generous, but the food was bland and seemed like leftovers from the previous day (which it probably was). Dessert was a watery pineapple pudding, which wasn't great. Good for cheap and filling meals, but the food itself isn't great.

Jerusalen 408, Cercado, Arequipa, Peru

Decent set menu choices

24 Aug 2008

I ordered one of the dinner set menus here, which was OK value for 16 soles (about $5). Starter was a good cheese, potato, and vegetable salad, and a very flavorful pureed vegetable soup. The entree included vegetable curry, soy steak milanese, fried banana, rice with mushrooms, and fries; the variety was good, though the vegetable curry was far too salty. Dinner also included pineapple juice. Portions were good and the food was pretty good, except for the oversalting issue. However, it's not the cheapest veggie option in Arequipa.

38 Pan Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Friendly place, good food

05 Jun 2008

They do good dosas, sweets, and lassis here. Friendly service too. It's cheaper than Chennai Kitchen next door, though I would say that Chennai Kitchen is a little better in terms of quality. But it's worth giving both places a try. This place is Burmese/Indian, so they do have Burmese-style noodle dishes on the menu, which is a nice change.

Calle Moral 205, Arequipa, Peru

Pretty good Asian vegetarian food

24 Aug 2008

Good, cheap set lunch menus here, and plenty of a la carte options too. The Chinese set lunch was 7 soles (just over $2 U.S.), and included soup, a choice of fried rice, fried noodles, or tofu and vegetable stir-fry, plus a drink. Has a cheaper, Peruvian-style set menu for about 4.5 soles ($1.50). I've also tried their nasi lemak, wonton soup, and curry pineapple fried rice, which were all good. It's not the best Asian food you'll have, but it's a good veggie option for Arequipa. Restaurant also known as "Sunlight Vegetarian."

Sta. Catalina Ancha 384, Cusco, Peru

Best value veggie set menus

24 Aug 2008

El Encuentro has really cheap and good set menus for lunch. It's 6 soles for salad, soup, an entree, dessert, tea, and bread. The food is hearty, Peruvian-style vegetarian, and also very healthy. There are also plenty of a la carte menu options, and the soya saltado, a version of a meaty Peruvian dish, is particularly good. Service can be a bit scattered and slow, but this is a good place to eat, particularly for lunch

Calle Saphy 584, Cusco, Peru

Bland food, a little too expensive

24 Aug 2008

Went here for a set lunch, which was ten soles for soup, entree, and tea. The food was relatively bland-- a plain veggie soup, and an odd potato and soymeat dish without much flavor. The a la carte options are more expensive than at other veggie places in Cusco, and the set menu itself wasn't as good a bargain as the ones at El Encuentro and El Arbol.

191/3 Suthep Rd, Suthep, Chiang Mai, Thailand

OK food

05 Jun 2008

I've been here twice, and thought it was just OK both times. They have an assortment of curries and stir-fries in a case, and charge 25B for two items and rice. I tried four different dishes, and all were OK, none great. Portions are a little smaller than at similar restaurants.

Wat Suan Dok temple, Suthep Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Good organic food restaurant

05 Jun 2008

First time here, I had a good massaman curry; second time, a Muslim salad, basically a version of gado-gado. The food is all organic and nicely presented, and the restaurant is set in a nice garden. It's a little more expensive than standard Thai veggie places, but most dishes are in the 35-45B range. Definitely worth checking out.

Bumrungburi soi 1, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Excellent noodle soup & veggie dishes

05 Jun 2008

Out of 12 veggie places I've tried in Chiang Mai, this one is definitely the best for value and really good food. Out of 10 visits, I haven't had anything I didn't like. The noodle soup is very tasty, and also a big portion for 20B. The curries and stir-fries are great and good value, at two on rice for 20B. The spring rolls are excellent, and cheap at 12B. Very good food, friendly owners, and incredibly tasty vegetarian food.

54-56 Phra Pok Klao Road, Phra Singh, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Good khao soy, other dishes hit-and-miss

05 Jun 2008

I've been here a few times, and really enjoy the veggie khao soy, though the portion is a little small. The noodle soup is also good, though not nearly as good as the excellent one at Thai Vegetarian food. As for the pre-prepared dishes, they tend to run out early; I've been there at 2 p.m., and there's very little left in the case! Sometimes, they have good curries and fake meat dishes, but sometimes, the dishes are watery and plain. The som tum (papaya salad) is good as well, though no sticky rice. They also have a decent selection of snacks and sweets.

419/24 Wichayanon Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Food only OK, not a lot of selection

05 Jun 2008

I've been here once, at lunchtime, and was underwhelmed by the small selection of green vegetables and tofu dishes. The food was OK, not great, and I wasn't inspired to come back. The seating area is garden-ish and nice, but this seems like a place where you're better off ordering the noodle soup!

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