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3104 Hamilton Blvd, Allentown, USA

Yummy breakfast burrito!

13 Feb 2011

Every time I've eating there I have gotten the 'breakfast' burrito with tofu and potatoes. It is delish. They have a very good fresh salsa bar, where you can procure little cups of many kinds of salsa. I believe that they had several vegan options.

1920 Perry St, Durham, USA

Love this place!

13 Feb 2011

If I could eat the Tofu Burrito everyday, I probably would. This particular burrito comes vegan with tofu, black beans, rice, and salsa. The vegan plate is also very good and cost effective. If you eat there, they give you chips and fresh salsa (but not if you take out). As a vegan, I always check my food before I leave a restaurant to make sure that they haven't slipped on sour cream or cheese....and Cosmic Cantina has gotten it right every time!

740 9th St, Durham, USA

HUGE falafel sandwich!

13 Feb 2011

This is a good spot for a quick falafel sandwich. The falafel is green and very tasty. They also have good hummus and tabbouleh.

410 Blackwell St Ste 100, Durham, USA

Daiya cheese

13 Feb 2011

The Downtown Durham Mellow Mushroom recently added Daiya vegan cheese to their menu options. With vegan options, and plenty of options for meat-eating folks, this makes a good stop for vegans/vegetarians with friends/family in town.

111 E Main St, Carrboro, USA

Vegan Southern BBQ, need we say more....

13 Feb 2011

The vegan southern style (vinegar based) BBQ sandwich is the stuff cravings are made of, and it comes with yummy beer battered fries, AND a pickle! We have also gotten the vegan buffalo wings, and have enjoyed those as well. This is a great place to go with family or friends who are not veg.

4201-112 University Dr, Durham, USA

Vegan delight appetizer very good!

13 Feb 2011

The vegan delight appetizer (battered and fried tofu and butternut squash with a sweet chili dipping sauce) is very good! We have heard tale that the other 'vegan/vegetarian' entrees may contain fish sauce. When I've asked, I'm not 100% sure that I'm getting a 'real' answer. We stopped going after a vegan friend had a piece of fish in his dish. Buyer beware.

621 Broad St, Durham, USA

Like all Whole Foods...

13 Feb 2011

Whole Foods is a pretty sure bet for vegans/vegetarians to get something to eat. The same is true here in Durham. They have a big salad/food bar, with a hot bar, and plenty of other options (sushi, deli, sandwich area). On a good day, you might be able to get them to make a vegan pizza (with Daiya cheese).

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