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Serves meat, vegan options available. Casual atmosphere, fresh salsa bar. Offers tofu and grilled veggies option in burrito, taco, or rice bowl. Previously on Hamilton Blvd. Open Tue-Sun 11:00am-2:30pm, Tue-Thu 3:30pm-8:00pm, Fri-Sat 3:30pm-9:00pm, Sun 3:30pm-8:00pm.

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21 Reviews

First Review by SilverCrescent


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30 Oct 2023

Just Okay

It’s nice that you can make some menu items vegan or customize a bowl or burrito with only vegan ingredients but the food is just okay. The rice is kind of soft/mushy and the smoked tofu is so salty I couldn’t eat much of it. The grilled veggies are probably the best part so if you are coming here definitely get those. The chips are greasy and not as crispy as one would expect. I would not recommend this spot unless you are nearby and don’t have other options.



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10 Mar 2023

Food is Often Cold

I love the Vegan options, but the food is often cold (even when dining in).


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Mostly Veg
15 Jun 2022

My Favorite Taco Joint

Great food, staff, and great weekly specials!

Pros: Lots of vegetarian options , Fresh salsa , Lots of free add ons for burritos/burrito bowl

Cons: Wish they had vegan cheese or vegan queso, Literally nothing else!


Points +163

04 Feb 2022

Lots of Guac

I ordered The Cambria w/o cheese and it came with the guac at no additional charge. The burrito arrived fresh and loaded. The salsa bar offered a good variety of flavors and the establishment is clean.

Pros: Lots of items can be customized to vegan, Several types of vegan protein

Cons: Menu handed to us wasn't current.


Points +46

20 Oct 2021


I’ve been a huge fan of Cali burrito even before going vegan, so I’m glad to see I still have options at one of my favorite spots! The Shasta is 10/10

Pros: The vegan options they have are really good, Ability to create your own burrito

Cons: Wish there were more vegan options!


Points +441

21 Aug 2021

Love it!

I would get this 5 stars if possible! It’s seriously great! Love their smoked tofu. Tons of vegan options and a salsa bar! Came back 2 years later and they still got it!

Updated from previous review on 2019-04-26

Pros: Fast, delicious and fun!

Cons: It get really loud when it’s busy.


Points +75

03 Aug 2021

4 Star Burritos (would love to see a vegan menu listing options)

Solid food and pleasant waitstaff. I have had a few odd/confusing conversations with waitstaff who may not fully comprehend ‘vegan’. This would be 100% rad if they could simply provide a vegan menu and/or list all ingredients (with allergens) on a menu. Otherwise, rad.

Pros: Seemingly a few solid vegan options (via mods), Interesting and unique burritos, Rad lady at counter complimented my kitten tattoo

Cons: Confusing veg/vegan clarity , Waitstaff a tad flaky on vegan options


Points +89

15 Aug 2020

Few vegan options unless you want to modify but then you compromise on flavor.

The few vegan options they have are tasty, yet if you stray from that get ready to modify. Arent we all tired of having to modify and plan and search the menu. It gets old. Wish they would have more vegan options.

Pros: Few vegan options, but they do taste great, Great salsas

Cons: Somewhat uncomfortable seating, Not enough vegan options


Points +723

14 Aug 2020

A local favorite

Tofu scramble, smoked tofu and falafel options are all great. Customizable options. Great staff.


Points +20

28 Jun 2020

5 Stars!

Love the Humboldt burrito! Smoked tofu. Hold the cream and cheese to make it vegan. Whole wheat tortilla option. Free hookups like cabbage, pico de gallo and cilantro.


Points +1589

24 Nov 2019

We Go Here Whenever Possible!

We absolutely love it here 🤤 it is our favorite restaurant and we love the food because it is so fresh!! We heard a story about when they first opened... turns out that they ran out of food and even though they were located near a grocery store, they opted to close and lose money instead of getting ingredients from them - I love their integrity (the quality of ingredients are so important)!!!


Points +443

14 Apr 2019

Always a good experience.

Their falafel burrito is my fav. They label the ingredients and can easily modify others to make them vegan. The salsa selection is always fun. They have a burrito if the week that changes and is has even been vegan occasionally. The staff gets what “vegan” means and has even picked up on it and asked the right questions when I request no cheese or something like that. My non-vegan friends never put up a fight going here.

Pros: Vegan choices, Great tasting

Cons: Long lines if you go at prime times.


Points +56

31 Dec 2018

You’ll want to try everything

Love that they have tofu and seitan options for the tacos and burritos. The tacos and burritos are delicious and I love the chips, salsa, guacamole and atmosphere. I would love if they would incorporate vegan cheese and sour cream into their menu. I would definitely eat there more often!

I like to call ahead to pick up my order, but they sometimes take the phone off the hook when it’s really busy. I get that makes it easier on the staff, but defeats the purpose for the customer.

Fingers crossed for vegan cheese and sour cream someday.

Pros: Tofu and seitan options, Reasonable prices , Delicious salsa and guacamole

Cons: No vegan cheese, No vegan sour cream, Sometimes long wait times


Points +830

12 Sep 2017

Great food & great atmosphere!

The food was delicious and the employees were very nice and helpful. Since it was our first time there, we said we were vegan and were happy to find out that they had quite a few options for us that didn't need to be altered.

We got the vegan chili, The Nepenthe burrito and The Shasta burrito. My hubby and I agreed that the chili was off the charts good and the Nepenthe burrito was the better of the two. We'd both get that one again, but we might skip the Shasta. It didn't have as much flavor as the Nepenthe, but that's just our opinion.

I'm glad we tried both burritos and would go back in a heart beat next time we are in the area!

Pros: Vegan options, Salsa bar!, Cool atmosphere w/ quick service

Cons: Not 100% vegan, Closes daily 2:30pm - 3:30pm


Points +34

23 Jul 2017

Vegetarian is NOT Vegan

I've been here a bunch a times in the past but it had been awhile since my last visit. I was surprised when a staff member claimed that everything with a peace sign was vegan to the people ordering ahead of us. So, when it was my turn to order I asked if they now carry vegan cheese and sour cream. The girl was now confused and another staff member chimed in that they were not. So be careful when ordering. Staff need better training in this area. Also, tried the vegan chili...it was more like soup. Just ok flavor in my opinion. Burrito was as I remembered. Overall...it's ok.

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Staff didn't know the difference between vegetaria


Points +70

12 Mar 2017


The tofu is delicious!

This place closes between 2:00-3:00pm. We arrived a 3:10pm and there was a good size line formed. They were very quick to get everyone's orders and I was more surprised how quick the food arrive to the table.


Points +32

19 Jul 2014

Best Tofu!

I am truly addicted to this place. The tofu is amazing . I always add it to anything I get here.

Pros: Great salsa, Brown rice as a choice, Great guacamole


Points +73

08 Aug 2013

Best Vegan Burritos in the Area

Good solid vegetarian/vegan California style burritos. Tofu, seitan and grilled vegetables are among the options that can be chosen. As several reviewers have already noted, the fresh salsas (mild, hot, and some variety of fruit) are delicious. The restaurant is located near a couple of colleges, so the California beach motif and the atmosphere reflects such. You order at the counter and can either choose from the given choices or customize.

Pros: Fresh salsa, Variety of choices, Good value

Cons: Not dedicated vegan restaurant, At times busy with limited seating


Points +442

18 Oct 2011

Fast & Fresh

With names like The Nepenthe, The Humboldt and The Cambria, I have enjoyed Cali Burrito's specialty burritos a few times. I have been with my sister and mom and hubby a half a dozen times. Sometimes we have had agonizingly long waits and other times we have been the only folks in the place.

The food is consistent and the most outstanding feature it the fresh salsa bar - very nice.

I like Cali Burrito but think I will check out some different places next time I am in the area.

Pros: large portions, salsa bar

Cons: uncomfortable seating


Points +78

13 Feb 2011

Yummy breakfast burrito!

Every time I've eating there I have gotten the 'breakfast' burrito with tofu and potatoes. It is delish. They have a very good fresh salsa bar, where you can procure little cups of many kinds of salsa. I believe that they had several vegan options.

Pros: cheap, fast, tasty

Cons: they sell meat


Points +53

15 Apr 2008

Great place

The food here is great. You can choose exactly goes on your food, and they have a guide to let you know what is vegetarian. They have what appears to be homemade tortilla chips that come with your meal, and the portions are decent. The spicy salsa is amazing on a tofu burrito. They also have vegetables that you can put on, and rice, as well as two types of beans.

Pros: Friendly, Fast, Delicious

Cons: Busy

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