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2132 Oxford St, Berkeley, USA


24 Apr 2011

For someone who loves cinnamon rolls, this is the place to visit!! So many different varieties to chose from. I wanted to try someone different then the regular, so had the oreo explosion, which was tasty but a bit rich on the sweetness even for me. Rolls are large enough to share or enjoy on own!!! A++

1 Ferry Building, San Francisco, USA


17 Apr 2013

I love to try vegan donuts and I must say, it was worth the trip to the Ferry Buidling while on vacation. The donuts where different from others I have tried, but very tasty. I would rate my second favorite donut place

2451 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

Lots of choices

24 Apr 2011

I was in town visiting and I wasn't sure if I should check it out because some of the reviews were not so great, but I have realized that you cant always go by what people say. First of all, there menu was impressive. I don't recall seeing so many different options available. The food was awesome and so were the dessert. I had the carrot cake and it was so moist and so good. They have vegan cocktails to drink, but perhaps next time in town, I will have one!! For sure a must go to place if visiting!

6100 N Mesa St, El Paso, USA

Lots of options

24 Apr 2011

It is not as grand as whole foods, but they have a variety of options and vegan and vegetarian options are available. Organic fruits and vegetables are available.

1 Parker Square Ste 401, Wichita Falls, USA

meat eaters

24 Apr 2011

I have gone to this place twice and it's been disappointing. Don't have any vegan frozen items or much of anything for vegans.

2912 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, USA

Great food

24 Apr 2011

First of all, this one place I visited frequently when I lived in the area, and I always go back when in town. Pretty much all there dishes can be made vegan, you just need to let them know. The staff and owner are great, though when it gets busy, you may be waiting a bit longer for the server to reach you, but the meal is worth the wait. They list which desserts are vegan and which are not and have a special dish every day!!! My favorite dishes are the samosas, but everything is great!!

460 Ramona St, Palo Alto, USA

Great Chinese

17 Apr 2013

while visiting the are while on vacation, came across this, and I was very pleased. loved the dishes, great staff, and great price. If I am ever in the area again, will visit again! The orange veggie and lemon veggie where so good!

854 Washington St, San Francisco, USA

Chinese in China Town

17 Apr 2013

From the reviews, I was a bit skeptical, but I happened to be checking out China Town while on vacation and it was time for lunch. As others have stated, it is located on the side street off the Main Street. Inside, it is small, and at the counter, there is an assortment of faux meats cooked you can get by weight. The menu was pretty good, and dishes could be shared. the pot stickers where a bit greasy, but soooo good. Fried rice dish really was really good. also had the chow mien....not really sure what was in it but it was good. overall, I would go back especially for the price. the staff was nice!

960 Hwy 98 E, Ste 112, Destin, USA

A great place for vegans

22 Feb 2011

Daiya vegan cheese to substitute on pizza. Hoagies with tofu options and large salads that you can create your own. The salads are large enough to share. You can create your pizza with plenty of toppings to chose from. A great vegan-friendly restaurant with plenty of options to chose from. The service can get slow during peak hours, but the staff is great and the food is well worth the wait! The pizza crust is usually topped with butter and parmesan cheese, but when I stated vegan cheese, waiter verified if I wanted that removed. It will be a place I will visit when I come back to the area!

5500 University Way NE, Seattle, USA

Best Pizza

22 Feb 2011

By far, the best vegan pizza!!! It's a must go when I visit the area!! The meat-free toppings are great and the crust is great!! Great staff!!

1205 SE Stark St, Portland, USA


04 Jun 2012

What they are able to create is simply amazing. This is by far the best bakery I have gone to. The cakes are so moist and good....people will question if these are vegan. While they serve donuts, once a week, I have had much tastier up in Seattle, but for everything else...this is for sure the place to go!! Once you finish, you can go next door to the all vegan grocery store...what can be better than this!!

508 SW Taylor St, Portland, USA


04 Jun 2012

When visiting a new place, I always make it a point to find vegan places and this was a place I have gone to twice now and the food is great. The spring salad mix, was by far the best salad I have eaten. The wings are tasty and fulfilling and cant get enough. The carrot cake, was a bit small, but so moist and tasty that it makes up for it!!! The staff is just amazing and they make it a point to explain the menu if you have never been. I will trying out some other items before I leave...but this is a must go to place!!

Calle 11, Ave 6 y 8, San Jose, Costa Rica


24 Apr 2011

While visiting, my friend found this place in our travel guide and it did not disappoint!! Great vegan options and the staff was truly amazing. Each dish in the menu is indicates if contains animal products or not. Such a great and tasty meal, that went back for the last meal on last night!! A place worth eating at if visiting or a local!!

Avenida 1, between Calles 1/3, San Jose, Costa Rica

veggie options

28 Feb 2012

Every time I travel, I try and find vegan restaurants to check out and I ended up returning a couple of times. Vegan burger was not like your typical burger that you would find in the states, but it was pretty good considering. The server was helpful to exclude dairy products in burger and shake. Overall, was pleased!!

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