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Contact 510-647-8684

2132 Oxford St, Berkeley, California, USA, 94704

Vegan cinnamon roll bakeshop located across from the UC Berkeley campus and near Downtown Berkeley BART. Offers many flavors and serves organic coffee. Its flagship location. Open Tue-Sun 10:00am-7:00pm.

Reviews (37)

First Review by Tigra220

Great find! - Edit

We had seen a clip of this place before we went to SF and we're determined to go here. I'm so glad we did. They had seats outside and we had a cinnamon rolls for breakfast and I had a coffee which although I'd asked for small was huge! They were sweet but tasty. Friendly service too!

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Best cinnamon rolls you can imagine - Edit

The fully customizable vegan cinnamon rolls in front of Berkeley University? Cannot be better! The rolls are very very very big, sweet and tasty, such as they are supposed to be. Definitively worth of visiting when you are in Bay Area.

Pros: many options, big cinnamon rolls

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delicious cinnamon rolls - Edit

I visited cinnaholic with my sister on a trip to Berkeley. I haven't had a cinnamon roll in a long time and finding a vegan cinnamon roll store was a reason to change it. I made a customized cookie dough with chai frosting cinnamon roll. It came freshly baked and was so delicious. The ladies there were really nice. It wasn't too crowded and everyone loved what they got.

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vegan munchies - Edit

This place was amazing. Completely vegan cinnamon shop near the college campus with flavors like oreo, twix, and blackberry pancake as well as customizable rolls with lots of options for frostings and toppings. I got the twix cinnamon bun and a chocolate espresso almond milk and it was delicious. Nice ladies working at the counter too.

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Sweet cinnamon rolls with loads of topping options - Edit

Absolutely delicious rolls, the place was full on a Sunday afternoon.
It took me 30 minutes to decide what topping to choose, luckily they have a few on display to help the beginners :)).
I loved the coconut cream pie, the triple chocolate was too sweet for me.
I can't wait to go back and try fresh strawberries and cream topping. :) I had my mind set on those.
They used to serve Ice Cream but not anymore, such a pity they don't anymore :(

Pros: All vegan, Fresh and delicious, Good price: 5.5$ for full topping

Cons: Stopped serving Ice Cream, Has limited seating (2 tables outside)

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Best cinnamon roles in the Bay Area - Edit

Cinnaholic has some of the best cinnamon roles i've ever had! They're so moist and delicious with so many options for toppings. My go-to sweet treat! They have so many frosting and topping options as well as pre-made options if you can't decide. They also have some super good cookies and brownies that are a hidden gem in their store.

Pros: great customer service, lots of topping selections, very large portions

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Delicious vegan bakery - Edit

Berkeley's all-vegan cinnamon bun shop, Cinnaholic, is a must shop, and then shop again experience. Everything there is mouthwateringly delicious, customizable, and simply melts in my mouth. Start with a basic cinnamon bun, very good by itself, add from a large selection of glazes, frostings, toppings, and enjoy!
Personal favorites, peanut butter & chocolate topping my buns!

Pros: All vegan, Variety, Friendly staff

Cons: Only one location, Parking

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Amazing - Edit

I went to Cinnaholic on their opening day and it continues to be one of my favorite desserts ever. Trust me when I tell you that the maple frosting is the best! I get maple frosting with coconut shavings and pie topping. The banana frosting worth chocolate syrup and banana slices is also A+. They don't advertise as being vegan, so take your friends and wait until they are done eating before you spring the Vegan card on them. They'll never see it coming.

Pros: Amazing cinnamon rolls , Tons of frostings and toppings , They make cinnamon roll cakes to order

Cons: Randomly closed sometimes at work hours, Not a lot of sitting area

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AMAZING! You need to go to Cinnaholic! - Edit

When staying in San Francisco we made a 2 hour round trip just to visit Cinnaholic and it was SO WORTH IT!

So many flavours.... I cannot recommend it enough!

Pros: Yummy food, Friendly staff, Generous portions

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Secret tips from a pro: TRY THE BROWNIES! and... - Edit

I go here almost every week. Here is a secret tip: While the cinnamon rolls are AMAZING, the brownies are RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME. There are no better vegan brownies in the world. Do yourself a favor and get a brownie to go, they are leaps beyond any vegan brownie I have ever had! Also the chocolate chip cookies are amazing too.

Another secret tip: If you're worried the cinnamon roll will be too sweet for you, get a day-old cinnamon roll. They are reduced price and they don't come with icing, so it makes them much less sweet if you prefer them that way. I actually like the day-olds better for that reason and usually get them!

Pros: Owner is superfriendly and nice, BEST VEGAN BROWNIES EVER, Day-olds at reduced price

Cons: Parking difficult

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Just as amazing as everyone says!! - Edit

I was so excited to come here and had such high expectations, and Cinnaholic met all of them!! They had some "speciality" roll ideas or you could make your own; I locked from a book of idea combinations (Oreo Explosion :-) and my husband just created his own, they were both amazing!! I also got a small original roll just to try without any of the crazy toppings. They were sooooo good, just like I remember from Cinnabon but better- soft, warm, with melty frosting and the best part, the gooey center!! I probably could have eaten like four, they were so good. The staff was also really nice, and they had a few cute little tables outside where you could sit and eat (they are located right across from the Berkley campus). They said they're working on getting a franchising set up up and running...I hope they succeed, there should be one of these in every city!!

Pros: So delicious, a million creative flavor toppings/combinations , began cinnamon roles- what more could you want?!

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Yes, Cinnaholic is in fact amazing. - Edit

What a great concept, all-vegan delicious specialty cinnamon rolls. Very similar to Cinnabon in selection, although Cinnaholic features a large variety of customizable toppings with none of the dairy yuckiness.

You can choose from fruity to full-on chocolate dessert mini or full-size rolls. So good for sure, but, be warned, if you're like me and don't eat loads of sugar regularly it will be really sweet, so maybe choose toppings to balance that out. (or consider buying some non-dairy milk to wash it down!)

The only negative is that it's a busy restaurant/store area so it won't be easy to find a parking spot to pick some up. Try going at an off-time or taking public transit.

PS. I heard through VeganSaurus that they're now going to franchise Cinnaholic to bring the yumminess to more communities, awesome!

Pros: So delicious, So easy to be vegan and have a treat

Cons: Messy.. but it's a cinnamon roll!

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Out of this world - Edit

Run to Cinnaholic. Right now. DELICIOUS VEGAN cinnamon rolls, toppings, and frostings. Awesome atmosphere, cool staff, great location.

Pros: Vegan, Affordability, Variety

Cons: Can't decide on frosting/topping combo

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This place is a MUST! - Edit

This place makes the best cinnamon rolls I have ever had. I know that sounds really dramatic, but they really are that good. Not only because they are hot and fresh, but because they make them to order, according to your tastes, so they will ALWAYS be the best. Choose your toppings, choose your icing, choose the size, and BAM! A hot tasty cinnamon roll exactly how you like it.

Pros: 100% Vegan, Many options to choose from, Fresh and tasty

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Absolutely delicious. A must visit! - Edit

Cinnaholic is absolutely sinful in how delicious it is. The buns are well baked and fluffy, the toppings plentiful, and the service friendly.

A must visit for any vegan, veggie, or general cinnamon roll lover.

The only real issue is picking out your toppings! Too many choices!!

Pros: friendly, delicious, delicious

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Heaven!! - Edit

After MONTHS of drooling over their instagram photos I finally got to try the cinnamon rolls for myself! I got four: two blackberry and two cookie dough. They. Were. Divine. Words cannot describe my love of these. Although I am sad this place is hundreds of miles away from me, I am secretly happy because I know I would be fat if I lived nearby!

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So many choices! - Edit

Cinnaholic is stressful for a vegan from a smaller city - so many options! The waitress recommended the lemon raspberry, so I got one for breakfast the next day - soft, sweet, sticky and perfectly delicious. I also ordered the soft serve with cookie dough, brownie chunks and fresh berries - amazing. I wish I went to Berekely so I could make my way through their flavour combinations!

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Rad baketivism in action! - Edit

Even though cinnamon rolls are actually shockingly easy to make yourself at home, it's pretty much guaranteed that if you make them, you'll eat tons of them and not be able to stop, so it's really better to just go buy just one from Cinnaholic. Trust me, I've learned this the hard way. Plus, toppings! All kinds of toppings at this place.

What's really so awesome about Cinnaholic is that it's popular with the omnis. This place doesn't exactly advertise its veganness, and that has clearly paid off for them. If it were up to me, every place would be like this: all vegan, but just treating it like that's the obvious, normal way to be. Places like Cinnaholic are doing some "baketivism" by proving, once again, that vegan baking is better. I remember before I started to cook veg, I thought that I could "never go vegan" because I wanted to eat delicious cookies and stuff. And then I got some cookbooks and began to experiment and, turns out, vegan baking is easier, cheaper, more delicious, and cruelty free. Win win win win. Every time you show an omni that vegan cooking and baking is better, a hen gets her beak back. Ok, sorry, that was dark.

These babies are made with love. You're bound to wait a bit because they're made to order, but just be prepared for this and you'll be fine. Also, they do French press coffee correctly here! That's important. I get really angry and start gnashing my teeth and yanking at my hair when I buy coffee and it's bad. So upset become I that I'll often warn the kid making it ahead of time: "You better stir that after a minute, punk!" But they do it right here. So no worries.

Pros: omnis love it, good coffee, prevents overeating from baking @ home

Cons: not many seats, overwhelmed by great choices, no, really, which should I get?

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***AMAZING*** - Edit

My sister and I made the drive from Sonoma County because we were tired of the same old lack of choices there. This place is fantastic. We had a cinnamon roll with orange frosting and chocolate syrup. You can design your own, which is what we did. A very happy place for Vegans to get their sugar fix. :-)

Pros: design your own, friendly people, delicious

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**WOW** - Edit

You absolutely MUST try cinnaholic. I can't even begin to describe how delicious their rolls are.
I got the peanut butter and jelly roll with Macadamia nut Frosting, and NutterButters as a topping.
I immediately wished I had another dozen or so to take home.

Next time we head to Berkeley for a weekend adventure, I will make certain to bring a few home with me to enjoy later.
Staff is extremely friendly, and very cool as well!!

We love you Cinnaholic!!

(BTW - All cinna rolls are made hot and fresh for you, and frosted and topped right in front of you. So you can trust that nobody is doing something gross behind closed doors with your food!)

Pros: Taste omg the yummy taste., They're light, not overly heavy , Cool staff, very nice group!

Cons: none, None, None

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Awesome - Edit

Love this place... all the flavors and toppings... its worth those calories!! You must try this place.. a little harder to find on my GPS but find them you wont be disappointed

Pros: taste, quality, staff

Cons: location

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Worth the trip! - Edit

I was visiting SF from Boston and heard about Cinnaholic from VegNews. I made the trip to Berkley just the try the buns, and I don't regret it! They were yummy and there are lots of options. The girls working were AMAZING, super helpful in picking out some good combos and also finding a place for dinner. Go!

Pros: awesome workers, yummy, vegan

Cons: a bit of a trip from SF

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WOW! - Edit

We trekked over to Berkeley early, hoping to be the first Saturday morning patrons at Cinnaholic. (I had heard great reviews from Colleen Patrick Gudreau of Compassionate Cooks.) Although the specialty buns looked amazing, we decided to stick with the original, which was given to us still warm from the oven and freshly frosted. First bite? Amazing. Last bite? Still amazing. We felt we had died and gone to sugar heaven and can't wait for a return trip.

Pros: Friendly staff, Excellent food

Cons: Very little seating

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Way too sugary - Edit

While in Berkley, my husband decided to stop here because it was listed as one of the bucket list items on the VegNews bucket list. We both got one of their pre-designed rolls, and at the cashier's suggestion I got the cookie dough roll. Unfortunately, neither my husband and I were that impressed. The rolls were sickeningly sweet and the toppings didn't help. I couldn't even finish mine, which is pretty out of character for a sugar-loving chocolate-hoarding creep like me. I think it was just a combination of the sweet white flour roll, the frosting that was so sugary it was kind of crunchy, and then the dessert within a dessert toppings. I'm thinking maybe a custom-designed roll would be better with some fruit or something? But, if all their rolls have the same dough and frosting base I'm not sure I'd be a fan...

Pros: Good price, All vegan, Lots of variety

Cons: Too sweet

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OMG! This place is awesome! - Edit

This place is 100% vegan and their cinnamon rolls are soooo good! It is now one of the must visit places when I'm in town. Just one item on the menu but you can get tons of variety with all the toppings that they offer. Don't miss out!

Pros: Yum!, Great Staff

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yummy goodness! - Edit

While visting the Bay Area for the weekend, we headed straight to Cinnaholic after leaving the airport as we really wanted to try them. We were not disappointed! Wow! The front display case shows the day's specialty rolls. We got the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Oreo Explosion ones. OMG! So yummy! But eating one all by yourself is a bit of a sugar overdose, but so worth it. We also took two "Old School" rolls to go to have the next morning. They reheated quite nicely. The store itself is a bit small with one table outside and another one inside, but the rolls are served in a to-go container anyways, so no problems. I highly recommend checking them out!

Pros: variety of rolls, extremely yummy, friendly staff

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WOW - Edit

For someone who loves cinnamon rolls, this is the place to visit!! So many different varieties to chose from. I wanted to try someone different then the regular, so had the oreo explosion, which was tasty but a bit rich on the sweetness even for me. Rolls are large enough to share or enjoy on own!!! A++

Pros: vegan, value, friendly staff

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WOW! I am now a Cinnaholic! - Edit

Cinnaholic, located in Berkeley, CA, is a cute shop with some amazing cinnamon buns. They've only been open for two months and they already have a large amount of customers/regulars. I can see why, because this is one of the best vegan treats I've ever had. I was never a huge fan of cinnamon buns when I used to eat dairy, but my goodness, these are to die for. My travel friend, not a vegan, was floored and said she couldn't tell they were vegan and went on to say they were the best she had. So as far as flavors, there are probably 30, so naturally that made it hard to choose what to get! I got three in total (one for there and two for the rest of the week) and all of them were really good (almond, strawberry, maple syrup). If you're visiting the SF area, I highly recommend taking a small trip up here. You can drive or alternatively you can take the BART, which drops you off a block or two from the shop.

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CinnaMAZING!! - Edit

An omnivore friend recommended Cinnaholic. I'm not a fan of cinnamon buns, but after checking out their website and seeing all the flavors they offered, I couldn't resist. I got enough for the whole family (an excuse for me to try several flavors). We got Butter Pecan, Caramel, Cream Soda, Strawberry, Coffee, & Root Beer. The caramel & cream soda were AWESOME!! It was like $4.50 per cinnamon bun, but they were huge! There were some fantastic creations that I hope to try on my next trip to the Bay area. Everything is vegan too! It's a small little cafe right across from UC Berkley. The staff was very nice & polite. I hope this new place gets lots of attention & love.

Pros: Large Buns!, All Vegan

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