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68 Masonic St, Northampton, USA

Cozy and Filling

Bela has a really adorable atmosphere and feels like sitting in someone's lived in dining room. The food was delicious - I had a special tempeh and zucchini with black bean sauce. The coconut almond chocolate pie (vegan) was amazing. I'm really impressed that most of (if not all) of the food is locally sourced and that the desserts are all made in house. There aren't a TON of options, but I'd rather have solid staples and creative specials that use in season food than a huge range of dishes that aren't made well or with quality ingredients. If I were to get really picky, service was a tiny bit slow, but done very nicely and we got water refills and were checked on! Only complaints would be convenience - it's cash only and any substitutions come with a fee (which is donated to charity). Also, everything is clearly labeled for people with allergies, gluten-free, or vegan!

507 S 6th St, Philadelphia, USA

Worth a Second Shot

I love that this place is 100% vegan! They also use compostable silverware; a nice touch. I had the BBQ pizza. I thought it could have used more sauce. While the crust was delicious there was too much of it relative to the other toppings. The fries were fantastic, best I've had in a while. I also tried the chocolate cake, which was a bit too sweet for me, but I'm not a big cake fan. The peanut butter cup brownie and pumpkin whoopie pie were both fantastic. I'd definitely come back but I want more (dare I say it?) grease on my pizza!

1017 Wealthy St, Grand Rapids, USA

Five Cows

I loved it! This pizza place has it all. The vegan options are limitless, and there's something to please every omnivore as well. None of the "crunchy granola" vibe that can scare off people unaccustomed to veganism. I can't wait to eat here again and again. Also, try the buffalo tofu, it's amazing! My only adjustment would be to possible ask for slightly less oil in my dish, which I bet they would be more than happy to accommodate.

507 Columbus, New York City, USA

Not Bad

I enjoyed my experience at Cafe Blossom, but wasn't blown away. We got both the Chocolate milkshake and the cookie dough milkshake, both of which were creamy and delicious. The fries were also quite good, and my friend really enjoyed her lentil-quinoa burger. I got spaghetti squash alfredo with cashew sauce. It tasted good, but was a bit too oily and watery? for me. Prices are HIGH but portions are huge, so for New York, not horrible. I found the ambiance of the restaurant to be nice (although the bathroom could have been cleaner, but that's being picky!). Finally, I wish it said on their website that they don't serve brunch during the week. I suppose that is obvious, but we didn't know. I guess I'll have to come back to try their pancakes!
All in all I felt that the dishes could use some refinement in presentation and quality, perhaps using less oil, but I had a good time and would probably return.

22 Chestnut St, Florence, USA


I liked this Cafe. While a little grungy, the atmosphere is pretty nice. I got the chili and the nachos, both of which were good. I would love to try brunch!

209 Diamond SE, Grand Rapids, USA

So Much Food!

This food is delicious and extremely hearty. If you order veggies, you get veggies! I'm a huge fan of the steamed vegetables. The hash is great too. I do wish there were more completely vegan options, but the vegetarian ones are great and you can get many without cheese to make them vegan. Go with an appetite! (And get a vegan cookie - the best dessert in Grand Rapids!)

401 Avenue of the Americas, New York City, USA


I only got dessert (apple crisp) and bubble tea. I thought the dessert portion was small for the price, but tasty. The tea was good. The restaurant was far too noisy; we couldn't have a conversation.

611 S 7th Street, Philadelphia, USA

Gourmet and Delicious

I love Horizons! I've eaten here twice and been fully satisfied both times! The first time we tried the chefs tasting menu, which was great. The parsnip soup was one of the best things I've ever tasted. Our broiled tofu was perfectly crispy on the outside and silky smooth inside. And the sticky toffee pudding was to die for. I've also had the seitan entree, which was very good. My favorite desserts are the Irish Cheesecake (a St. Patrick's day special I think) and the toffee pudding. I found the chocolate mousse cake a bit too dense, the beignets rather heavy, and the creme brulee too tofu-y. But my friends all had different opinions, so try them all! I also was not impressed by the truffle fries; they were bland.
All in all, this is my favorite restaurant! Furthermore, because there's not meat on the menu, it's much cheaper than your average gourmet restaurant. Woo! And also, service is great.

48 Main St, Northampton, USA

Not Bad

This restaurant has a lot going on! There are a couple of floors, a juice bar, a stage, a dessert case, and then tables to sit and eat a fancy meal at! It's exciting and all completely vegan, which is nice.
Our waiter was slow, which was surprising, considering not that many diners were eating that night. We ordered the garlic bread with pesto dip as an appetizer (they were out of sweet potato wedges =[), and it was delicious. As entrees we split the cashew broccoli alfredo pasta and the pasta with spinach and tomatoes. In my opinion I could have used more sauce and broccoli in my pasta dish, but I'm a huge veggie freak, so different people might feel differently. Overall, the meals were good. It took absolutely forever to get our check. Also, the host seemed a bit lost, like he didn't have much to do. Perhaps he could be enlisted to help speed up service! I'd like to return to try some other items on the menu, apparently they're known for their raw dishes. The desserts and drinks also look very appetizing, but we didn't get a chance to try them.

Finally, my friend who I ate with are all omnivores and all enjoyed the food, so that's a good sign!

61 Main St, Amherst, USA


My whole family really enjoyed our experience here. Unfortunately, there weren't many people in the restaurant, so we got a private dining experience. It seems like their lunch business is probably a bit busier. The ambience is nice, with candles and beautiful artwork lining the wall, although the logos and outdoor decorations could be updated. Our waitress was very friendly and helpful. The menu is varied with choices for everyone, vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore. It encompasses a wide range of foods, from Indian to Chinese to American. We got the naan with olive tapenade and chipotle black bean dip for an appetizer, which was delicious. Then I got a cup of sweet potato chili (which was more than enough; a bowl must be huge!) and my parents got moo sho vegetables with mango rice and a curry dish. The portions are extremely generous and the food is packed with flavor. We were served quickly. I can't wait to come back and try all the items on this menu!

2 E Lancaster Ave, Ardmore, USA

A Great Coffeeshop

This shop is great! A wonderful place to sit and work with good wifi and friendly staff. I tried the vegan scrapple (it tastes like a sausage patty; good with ketchup and hot sauce) and an iced soy mocha (a bit sweet for my taste but good). They also carry delicious desserts from Vegan Treats. I'd love to get a full-fledge breakfast here. The workers were more than happy to accommodate my requests and didn't mind at all when I took forever to decide what to order. They offered suggestions and customizations. I can't wait to go back!

1408 South St, Philadelphia, USA

Not my Favorite

Overall, I was not super impressed. I felt it was a little grubby, and my meatball grinder was on rather stale tasting bread, with slimy soy cheese. However, my friends enjoyed their meals, so either they were humoring me or I got the wrong thing!
The servers were very nice and even sat us in our own private dining room. However, we were a bit confused as to were the restaurant was (it's next door if anyone was wondering!).

Main St, Northampton, USA

Great Spot!

I came here for lunch with my friend during the week and while it was busy, we were able to get a seat right away. I love the vibe of this restaurant. They've tied the "hip earthiness" into everything, from the community bulletin board to the mason jar cups to the wooden architecture. Our food was great and filling. I loved the real maple syrup served on the side. My only complaint would be it's not clear what menu items aren't vegan. For example, non-vegan scones are served with vegan dishes and the veggie sausage isn't vegan. However, a few questions would probably clear this up. Also, our waitress was sweet and very efficient!

15 Amber Ln, Northampton, USA

Great Spot

I love the atmosphere of Haymarket. I find the food to be a bit hit or miss. I've gotten a vegan cookie that was bland and way too salty. However, I've also gotten the vegan chocolate cake, which was delicious. My tempeh burger had too much bread and unseasoned tempeh, but the curried soup I got was amazing. So there's some really good stuff it you don't mind sorting through the not so good stuff. And, as usual, I appreciate the soy milk!

8 Old S St, Northampton, USA

Nice to Have an Option

It's wonderful to be able to go out with non-vegan friends for ice cream and not have to get sorbet. Of course, I wish there were more than two flavors, but just the fact that it's something other than vanilla or chocolate is great. The ice cream is almond and cashew based, so if you're watching out for soy you're in the clear. Also, the famous chocolate sprinkles are vegan! (You have to get the sprinkles, they're free!). All in all, a nice option.

Finally, the prices are a little steep.

127 S 18th St, Philadelphia, USA

Quick and Delish

I enjoyed my meal here! I got the udon noodle salad. The flavors were well balanced and the salad was fun to eat with the varied textures of the udon, bean sprouts, and well-seasoned chik'n. The green smoothie was tasty as well. This meal, although healthy and seemingly light, kept me full for about 7 hours! My only qualm is I wish there was a "to-stay" option that enabled reusable plates and dish-ware. However, all their to-go containers are compostable, so I can't complain too much!

1001 Lake Dr SE, Grand Rapids, USA

Fun and Tasty

This was a wonderful eatery! Clearly popular, with lovely decor and delicious food. I got the zucchini soup and a side of grape leaves, along with a coconut pineapple vegan cookie. Everything on the menu is clearly labeled vegan, and the staff is more than happy to help you if you're curious about a certain dish. My mom got the salmon surprise and loved it. I also enjoyed the little deli; I know I'll be running in to grab something for lunch many times! The only strange thing was the server told me they only had one type of vegan dessert left, but when I went to check after dinner there were a few varieties of cookies. Curious, but oh well. Besides that our waiter (Justin) was fantastic, friendly, and helpful. I recommend this place!

135 N 9th St, Philadelphia, USA

Tasty and Fun

I really enjoyed my meal here. The menu is hugggeeee, and I wish I could try everything on it. I had the wonton soup, which I always get at any chinese restaurant, and it was delicious. The beef bun didn't taste like beef, but I loved the slightly sweet and extremely hot bread (I hate lukewarm food!). For my main dish I got the intricately crafted duck - a chef's specialty. I was tempted by the shrimp too! This is a beautiful dish. The duck has many layers, making it succulent and crispy all at once. I wish I got to try the dim sum as well as just about everything else. I would say the sauces are a tad bit too oily for my tastes, but certainly no more so than at any other Chinese restaurant. I would certainly return here.

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