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Sacred Chow

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Contact 212-337-0863

227 Sullivan St (at between Bleecker & W 3rd, Manhattan), New York City, New York, USA, 10012

New york vegan restaurant. Small sit-down lounge like intimate environment. Offers: hero sandwiches, pastries including wheat & gluten-free, salads, tapas style vegan proteins, smoothies, and more. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-11:00pm, Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Juice bar, Beer/Wine, Delivery, Take-out

Reviews (36)

First Review by cassius

delicious but a tad costly - Edit

The food was great, my sister and I went, each ordering just one main. She ordered a drink as we'll. What astounded me was that sauces costed 1.50$ for not that much.

Pros: great food

Cons: kale is not chopped, hard to chew in sandwiches

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A perfect spot - Edit

I first got to know this place when they were over in Hudson. This venue is more restaurant and less cafe. It's a great place for a diverse range of foods and I have always loved their dessert items.

Pros: Great cake, Good location , Well priced

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Fantastic Brunch - Edit

We went here for brunch a couple of months ago and it was amazing! To start, they have great mimosas. The French toast was to die for. I highly recommend going here for brunch - I look forward to going back to try their dinner menu.

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Not a fan - Edit

We purchased a Groupon for this restaurant, perhaps that is why we received the half-hearted service, although I did hear comments from those sitting next to us that the service was not good, and it appeared that they paid cash (no groupon). The food is uninspired, even bland. My dessert (the cheesecake) was the only item that made me mouth happy, otherwise it was quite boring and our server was so uptight, curt and when we tipped her accordingly she stared at us with a seething glare across the room followed by that passive aggressive tactic, "was there something wrong with the service?" When I calmly began telling her how it could have been better, she responded on what I should do next time as the customer.....(next time?) So, she wasn't interested in hearing just responding. In short, there usually is something to be said about a restaurant that has been around a few years and offering a Groupon.

Pros: Cute little place with a cozy vibe, Good location

Cons: Bland food, nothing special about it, Unacceptable service

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A great meal - loved the tapas tasting plate - Edit

We ordered the tapas which gave us a little selection of everything and we weren't disappointed. All the dishes were top quality, while there were no particular 'must have' standouts they were all generally tasty and it was nice to try a bit of everything. It's a cute place, small tables. Nice wine as well

Pros: tasting plates, wine

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Tapas, Paninis, Desserts! - Edit

This place has great food! The tapas and the paninis have a lot of overlap, but I suspect that the paninis are a better deal. For $10 or $11, you get a sandwich with the same or more food than would be in the tapas portion, and delicious home fries. The rosemary foccacia is really tasty, but if you're gluten free, you can get the sandwich on a tasty tortilla.

Some of the absolutely delicious offerings include nama gori tofu, meatball sub, olive seitan, tempeh reuben, and BBQ tempeh.

The $11 chocolate cake is very rich and decadent! The brownie is also chocolatey goodness.

I will say that one Sunday morning, I met my friends at Sacred Chow for brunch. It was very crowded. A waiter with big hair sat us down and took our order, but then he came back twenty minutes later and asked us what we wanted to order... again! He must have been high or something. Ultimately, we got free desserts because of the mishap and for having to wait so long for our food, so the restaurant did right by us, but I would stay away from that server.

Pros: Vegan tapas, Vegan paninis, Decadent chocolate cake

Cons: Questionable service one time

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Tapas - Edit

We chose a selection of tapas: eggplant rollatini, grilled nama gori, tempeh, seaside nori bits, black olive seitan and the special brussels sprouts. They were quite interesting. The nama gori has a distinct texture from having been frozen (and which we've unintentionally replicate when we cook and then freeze).The nori bits and seitan were especially good. Overall, the food was highly salted and many items had a lot of oil. Desserts for us were the ample specials apple blueberry crisp and a maple cheesecake. The room was pleasant.

Pros: pleasant, interesting selection of tapas

Cons: too much oil and salt

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Sunday Brunch - Edit

This was not my first time here, so I've been able to sample several of the brunch menu items. I suggest the scramble and biscuits. The table we had was too small - it made it difficult to even lift your fork and cut food if you're seated against a wall.
For a place that specifically serves brunch, you would think you could get a glass of orange juice, but you can only order the more expensive juice blends.

Pros: 100% vegan, good portions

Cons: limited space for seating, limited juice beverage menu for brunch

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OK @best For Vegan Rest - Pro: Food, Tapas; Con: Service, Price - Edit

If you haven't been here, I don't think that you're missing anything. No world view will be altered by making a special trip to this restaurant as I did.

Their tapas style allows you to sample different entrées in reasonable quantities. I like their rendering of different foods -- meatballs, sobe noodles, mushrooms -- as deserving of Zag at review.

When I have to ask for H2O & my water glass is removed, w/o permission, after being refilled once, the service needs serious overhaul. Value for money is negative.

Pros: Vegan Variety, Tapas Style

Cons: Service, Value

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Favorite! - Edit

I continually recommend and take friends of all dietary choices and restrictions here and everyone loves it. I think I am addicted to their fantastic, mouth-watering-wonderful foods, their seasonal specials and seasonal specialty cocktails, their extensive and delicious menu and beverage selection....don't get me started on their desserts. The staff is always very nice and helpful, the atmosphere is welcoming, there's a great music selection and various seating options. The menu is helpfully labeled including items that are gluten free, wheat free, sugar free, nut free, etc; the owner is gluten-intolerant or Celiac and they're very conscientious about cross-contamination (just make sure you tell them if you have a dietary restriction). Plus, it's all vegan and kosher and very yummy!

Pros: wonderful menu, great staff, allergy and dietary friendly

Cons: could have more seating , could have longer hours

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Good food and variety - Edit

I went here with the family (2 young kids) and everyone enjoyed it very much.

It serves a variety of great comfort food and sometimes with a slight twist so it's interesting too. And it's all good from entrees to desert. There is plenty of variety.

Some people have left reviews that it's expensive for what it is. Well, it's table service in the city so let's be reasonable.

We were here for lunch and although there were plenty of people it seemed sort of subdued - like everyone was engaged in a romantic conversation or talking about things under their breath. But maybe it was just that day, or maybe it was just me? Not that it matters that much unless you plan to be the loudest one there.

Pros: All vegan!, Food tastes great., Variety

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average Overated - Edit

brought here by a cs member.
As it told me it wss the VEGAN PLACE IN NYC i had great expectation.
however i had a really low average plate for like 12 or 13 box which I assume is a decent place for NYC but well that hasn't convinced me to go back, nop nop

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Amazing - Edit

I love the tapas deal. I have gotten the kale, the olive seitan, and the peanut noodles. The peanut noodles were just okay. If I could choose again, I would try something else.
I had their mulled pumpkin wine. AMAZING. Do it. You won't regret it.
I wasn't impressed with the BBQ seitan sandwich. The seasonings were not my style.

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MY FAVORITE!!! Among all the restaurants in Manhattan, this is the one that I love the most! The majority of the dishes are SO tasty, and I don't really mind ordering the same dishes over and over again. The 3 Tapas deal is the best option to try more dishes in smaller portions - try the kale with Dijon mustard, it is surprisingly delicious! The desserts are also very good: some are healthy style (which I LIKE), and some are house-made decadent piece of heaven!
The place is simple but comfortable, and the huge windows make it very lit and perfect for an indoors Sunday brunch. Their brunch menu is SO good, I definitely recommend every dish there: banana french toast, walnut waffles, the scrambles, and sandwiches, etc - all delicious!

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I would highly recommend Sacred Chow. - Edit

Before meeting up with the lovely Our Hen House ladies for an interview, we stopped by Sacred Chow in New York's West Village for a bite to eat. Earlier that day, we had eaten at V-Note so we weren't very hungry; but we also didn't want to waste the opportunity to check out an institution like Sacred Chow. It's quite a skinny little space they have, and you can't see the kitchen space at all unless you walk to the back of the restaurant. There were two other diners when we walked in and several more showed up shortly after we sat down.

Their menu is different than standard restaurant offerings. They have tapas (divided between plant protein plates and complex carb plates), heros (sandwiches also known as subs or hoagies in our part of the country), salads, beverages, and desserts. I had heard about the food from my friend Lauren, so I knew I had to at least try some tapas to get the full experience. Jim and I decided on the orange blackstrap barbequed seitan with spicy onions, the root vegetable latkas with Indonesian date butter, and cold sliced ginger soba noodles with sweet and spicy peanut sauce. Rebecca ordered a 4 Seasons salad, which had greens, beets, carrots, apple, strips of yuba, and a Dijon vinaigrette (which was technically a small and quite large). She also ordered the Very Berry smoothie with apple juice.

Needless to say, we ended up with some spicy vittles! The barbequed seitan had a thick and tangy sauce that just lingered on my tongue until I took a bite of latka, which balanced out the spice. The ginger on the soba noodles was just right for me, but Jim was already stuffed and didn't care so much for the spice at that point. Rebecca loved the smoothie and snorfled down the whole thing in just a short bit of time (and she's one of those slow eaters). We had enough left over to wrap up and take home with us. I really liked being able to share my food this way, family style; it offers a more simple alternative to a structured restaurant environment and the food is just as tasty. I so wanted to get some of their poundcake or velvet triple chocolate brownie to go--but I was stuffed already and didn't want to bulk up anymore for our interview. I was so satisfied, in fact, that I really didn't need any dessert at all and was fine until we ate breakfast the next day.

I would highly recommend Sacred Chow. It's inexpensive, centrally located in the Village, and has a diverse menu and fantastic food.

Pros: Food, Location, Drinks

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Love IT - Edit

Okay, I think it's widely known that the service here is really bad. There's only one waiter and it's SLOW. However, the waiter was very friendly and nice and the food is great! The tapas are fun and filling! We got a quiche and tempeh (best tempeh I've ever had). The sweet potato soup was absolutely fantastic, I wish I had the recipe. The Charlie Brown Smoothie was also a big hit. The banana pound cake is good too. I'd love to come back for dessert and try out brunch some time.

Pros: Delicious Food, Creative Presentation

Cons: Slow Service

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Delicious hero sandwiches - Edit

I love this restaurant. I have been to it maybe six times, and I always try to get something new and different. I've never been disappointed. I love their specials of the day, I always get the Hummus of the day, and their hot chocolate! Their sandwiches, sauces, and brunch menu is amazing.

Pros: friendly staff, excellent food , small and cozy

Cons: expensive

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decent - Edit

been to sacred chow a few times. the brunch is pretty good as well as their bbq seiten hero. meatball hero was no good. it's really not worth the money at all. i have had much better food for cheaper. come on, $13 and change for a small hero? wtf?

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great place for tapas and sharing - Edit

While Sacred Chow has regular-sized plates available, I really appreciated the numerous tapas-style options. This allows you to sample several dishes and share with friends. We enjoyed the mac 'n cheese, a powerbowl (with soba noodles, western tofu, and kale), the hummus of the day, black olive seitan, and spa salad. Each one was wonderful, but I have to admit the powerbowl really stood out. I also had a berry smoothie (with coconut milk base) and it was very tasty. I liked the space a lot, and our server was very nice and made a good recommendation for the smoothie. I look forward to sampling other items on the tapas menu.

Pros: vegan tapas, nice portions, very tasty!

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Nice - Edit

I wish I would have been able to come here during the brunch that everyone talks highly of. I was here during the evening, so no brunch for me. They have a lot of good things on their menu, the restaurant is small and nice. The employees were very nice as well! Can't wait to try it again.

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Okay but not great - Edit

I've only been here a few times and only ate lunch here, but I wasn't too impressed any of the times. I only tried the sandwiches and salads... never any tapas or breakfast items. I don't recall ever having problems with the staff (as many of the reviews below point out), and it was never crowded in there. I agree that it is a cozy little place.

Pros: Cozy place, Decent variety of food, Reasonable prices

Cons: Not the tastiest veg food I've had

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Hit and miss - Edit

We ate here twice. The first time, we shared tapas amongst three people. The olive seitan and the special curried seitan were delicious; the 'meatballs' were ok and the orange bbq seitan was disappointing. We had a pretty decent charlie brown smoothie. The soup was amazing. The desserts, on the other hand, were pretty lousy. We nearly came back for breakfast one day but they weren't open when they said they would be and the menu didn't hugely inspire me.
Still, we gave it one more try, and unfortunately our second experience was very disappointing. I ordered the olive seitan, and this time it wasn't a patch on the previous time. The portion was smaller, with no salad garnish and not enough sauce, leaving a small, dry, bland dish which cost far more than it was worth. The salad I ordered was better, but came drowning in sauce - it would have been so much nicer if they had put the dressing on the side rather than saturating my nice salad with it. My partner ordered a 'hero' sandwich, which is basically tapas in bread (pretty much every tapas dish got recycled as a hero), and his meal didn't have all the promised trimmings. No opportunity to complain though, as they had only one waitress for a packed restaurant (and this was before 6pm - they had a huge group booking and didn't lay on any extra wait staff).
The decor is really nice, but the food and service are variable, and I probably wouldn't go back.

Pros: Soup, Decor

Cons: Not all food was nice, Poor service

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Amazing Food with inconsistent service - Edit

Went to Sacred Chow twice during our trip to NYC. Once for lunch and once for Sunday brunch. For lunch we both had the tempeh reuben sandwich served on fresh tasty bread with sauerkraut. The sauce had a really nice kick to it if you like spicy foods. The sandwich was delicious. We also had very nice cappuccino and lattes. My spinach salad with shitake mushroom was fine but nothing special. The reuben sandwich was really incredible. The restaurant itself is nice. Cute and funky, casual vibe. The only problem was our unfriendly waitress. We arrived just after they opened and we were the only ones in the restaurant (others came in shortly after). I don't know if she was just having a bad day but she was quite unfriendly (didn't bother to tell us the specials, check to see if things were ok with our meal). Anyway, we did go back for brunch because the food was so good. Luckily she wasn't working and the waiter there was very charming and nice. I had the tempeh hash which was great (tempeh and sweet potato) served with great collards. My friend had the breakfast sandwich with soy buttermilk biscuits. It was a tofu scramble atop the biscuits w/ gravy served w/ collards. I tried some of his and it too was great! Sacrew Chow food is really good hopefully the waitress was just having a bad day and normally she's cheerier!

Pros: Food, Prices , Ambiance

Cons: Inconsistent Service

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Can't be beat....unfortunately. - Edit

How I love the food here - the soups are divine. Really. Most of the tapas (if they can get them to the table warm, even) are good or better. Sandwiches are really nice. Their brunch is my favorite in the city, next to V-Spot in Bklyn. Waffles, yum! Cafe con leche! I eat at Sacred Chow frequently... But my lord is the service bad! Really bad...almost all the time. Part of the problem is the space; the kitchen is downstairs, its too small for two waiters but too big for one. But the people who work there really do a bad job making up for these problems. Slow, flaky, or distracted. It makes me want to get a job as a waiter there just so I can get decent service. Oh wait.... Great place, unfortunately.

Pros: Soups, Tapas, Waffles

Cons: Service, Service, Service

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didn't like it - Edit

we got two heroes - mama's soy meat balls and something with tofu, that tasted like tunafish. neither of us liked it.

the water tasted horribly and the waitress was rude.

Cons: rude waitress, didn't like the food

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Quite nice... - Edit

This was a cute little hole in the wall kind of place. A good place to enjoy a few tapas and a pitcher of beer. (YES I said pitcher.) You can't go wrong with any of the seitan tapas, stay away from the tempeh, its WAY too dry. Get one of their smoothies, a bit pricey but its a whole meal. Not usually crowded so getting a set won't be an issue. Down the street from Washington Square Park so its in a quit location away from the load crowded areas.

Pros: Cheap food, Tastey Food

Cons: Service could have been better, Expensive Smoothies

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We love Sacred Chow! - Edit

We would definitely recommend this restaurant! The food was delicious and creative. We tried 3 heroes while we were there--the Mama's Soy Meatballs, the Roasted Black Olive Seitan, and the Orange Barbecued Seitan--and we loved all of them. The service was excellent...our waiter was so helpful and friendly, and when I asked if one of the sauces was spicy, he even brought some out for me to try before ordering. Although the restaurant is small, it is clean, comfortable, and inviting. We look forward to trying the tapas and returning many times!

Pros: All vegan, Helpful staff, Yummy food

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Every morning I wake up and wish I were here. I constantly talk about how I had the best breakfast ever! The most delicious tofu scramble smothered in creamy vegan cheese...so heavenly!! Please if you have a heart let me live in the kitchen so I can wake up every morning here!

Pros: Everything Rocks, Cool Waiter

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Breakfast is out of this world here! - Edit

Probably hands down the best vegan breakfast I've ever had. Its a small restaurant with usually only one person serving. It can be difficult to get a larger group seated, but just try calling ahead. We saw a game of musical chairs going on with two parties (4 or more) trying to get everyone together as other patron's left.

Sacred Chow has a really good VIBE about it that goes along with the name. Its really a zen eating experience and my favorite vegan place to eat in NYC, yep even above Candle79. Is in Greenwich Village and is easy to find. The prices are reasonable. Don't miss it if you're vegan food adventuring! Order the biscuit breakfast sandwich. I think of my first bite of that like I do my first kiss...

Pros: breakfast, location

Cons: small

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Mimosa heaven - Edit

The food and service is very good. It is a bit small and quirky, but the food is reasonably priced and tasty. Have a mimosa if you like sparkling wine. They use fresh squeezed OJ!

Pros: good food, good value, friendly staff

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great for sharing! - Edit

this place is a lot of fun. Go with a handful of friends - not too many b/c it's a small place. Most of the dishes are inventive and really tasty. The tempeh was too dry, but everything else was excellent. A very fun, foodie spot.

Pros: variety, nice atmosphere

Cons: a bit small

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