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New Harmony

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Contact 215-627-4520

135 N 9th St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 19107

Vegan Chinese food restaurant. Open Mon-Tue 11:30am-11:30pm, Thu-Sat 11:30am-11:30pm, Sun 11:30am-11:00pm. Closed Wed.

Category: Vegan, Chinese, Delivery, Take-out, Asian

Reviews (47)

First Review by squirrelgirl

Doughy "meat", always late - Edit

I hate to give a bad review, I really do, especially of places that specialize in vegan food. But this has happened a couple times now, so it's hard to brush it off at this point.

Our first issue is that "chicken" and "spare ribs" are both basically the same thing, which is basically a big ball of dough, mushy with no texture at all. We are used to mock meats with some kind of chew to them. These mock meats are just mush, and not a pleasant eating experience. They also don't give you the meat in the sauce, but instead package it separately, probably because if they did, it would be nothing but goo by the time it got to you. With other more solid mock meats, this would not be an issue.

The second issue is the price. It is over $10 per plate, which is average for a veggie place, but the quality does not match the price. If it was a lower price, or a high quality, I could understand, but the price just does not match the quality.

Finally, the last two times we ordered, they have been much later than it said online. Last time we ordered was 3:30 on a saturday, and it still took an hour and half to get here.

So overall, I appreciate what this place is trying to do, but it is just not for us, and we'll be looking for other options in the future.

Updated from previous review on 2016-12-11

Pros: All vegan menu, Some unique options

Cons: Poor quality overall, Unpleasant texture of some mock meats, Always deliver later than they say

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favorite Chinese food ever - Edit

Cannot say enough good things about New Harmony. I don't know why anyone would rate this place less than five stars. Their menu is HUGE! Dinner specials are a good deal - about $14 for a soup, appetizer, main course, and dessert. Their mock shrimp is extremely realistic and delicious. Came here for a birthday party last year and there were about ten of us so we ordered a special large dinner combo for about $100. They brought out about 8 different entrees for us to share. I've never been disappointed here. Try the walnut shrimp, any of the hot pots, vegetable pancakes, and finish it off with some pistachio ice cream.

Pros: extensive menu, friendly staff, large portions

Cons: no free parking nearby

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China Town Vegan - Edit

The restaurant is a traditional Chinese restaurant with the traditional dishes in a vegan manner. The soy beef bun was good and very hearty. The Kung Po Mock Chicken was traditionally prepared, but the soy meat was bland and rubbery. There is a very limited beverage selection, so I stayed with water. Overall, if you are in the mood for traditional Chinese in a vegan style, this place works.

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One of the best, and Classics!! - Edit

Positive always trumps the negative. And New Harmony is all about the positive. From the delicious choices, both healthy like Gluten-free items, brown rice and steamed dumplings, and the delectable vegetable pancakes, mock meats, drumsticks and other fried offerings that may not necessarily accentuate healthy eating (that some people may rather want to limit), but are treats for a night out.
One of the great classic Asian cuisines. The Dinner Box might be the best deal in Philly, hands down! Ming (the owner) is one of the nicest hosts on top of it. Highly recommended, and a must-visit for any true vegan eating in Philadelphia!!

Instagram- @onecheapvegan

Pros: Great value, friendly staff, delicious food

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Who would have thought? - Edit

I have several off the bat things to say about this place:
1, the location is great. It is really convenient and on the edge of Chinatown that borders Center City/Old City. It is easy to get to.
2, the staff is great and the food comes quickly.
3, now, I am not the biggest fan of fake meats, but I knew that I had to try things since I was here. It was not bad, but next time I will have a straight up veggie meal.
4, there are typical Chinese entrees here, some of them are traditionally greasy, therefore the vegan version will be greasy as well. A lot of people don't like greasy food, therefore they also have steamed options.
5, the turnip cakes may have been my favorite thing. Also, carrot dumplings.

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Highly Disappointing - Edit

My husband and I went here after the Philadelphia Marathon and was really hoping for so yummy Chinese foods, but it was a big disappointment. We ordered pan fried vegetable dumplings, pan fried turnips, vegetable pancake, dumpling noodle soup, and walnut shrimps. Everything was really bad and excessively oily except the walnut shrimps. My husband is Chinese so we eat vegan Chinese food often, and New Harmony is one of the worst we ever had. I do not recommend this place for good Chinese food.

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ROBD 27 Feb 2016 - Most traditional American Chinese food is oily, especially when ordering "pan-fried"? Slandering a restaurant for complaining about it being "oily" when ordering fried food is quite a paradox. :-) Maybe try steamed next time?

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Best Chinese food around and Vegan Burger - Edit

I'm vegan but have non vegan and vegetarian friends that agree that's it's the best Chinese food in Philadelphia. I personally love doing Dim Sum or the Sunday Buffet but everything is amazing, the Vegetable Pancakes are my favorite appetizer, Walnut Shrimp is my favorite with the Orange Beef coming right behind it but all the dumplings, noodles and everything are amazing!! Ming the owner is super nice and a fun guy to talk to. Also they have a private karaoke room you can rent downstairs for dinner party's, it's a blast and the menu for he party's is always the best stuff!! Almost forgot, they have the best vegan burger I've ever had, it's on the appetizer menu, do not forget to order it even if you're already stuffed!!

Pros: All you can eat Dim Sum, Vegan Burger!!!!!!

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vegan Chinese - Edit

Visiting Philly-
Had many appetizers....carni wife really enjoyed the pork buns and turnip pancake while I enjoyed the buns as well as spring rolls, spare ribs, and peanut chicken

Pros: all vegan

Cons: loud music

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Dark and so so ... - Edit

The restaurant was poor in lighting. We got sited at a dark small corner in the restaurant due to the pram. Had set lunch and it was so-so. The dim sum looked quite appetizing though, should have order that. It seems like, they have all you can eat buffet on Sunday evening at 12$.

Pros: Price

Cons: Ambience

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Disappointed... - Edit

I returned to New Harmony and 6 years later it just wasn't the same. Too bad I didn't find out until $70 later.

Lotus Cakes Studio no longer makes their cheesecakes (which I wasn't told until after I had paid. But to be fair, I didn't ask either.), so they were not as good. The chocolate cheesecake was pretty good, just not as good as what I was used to from them.

My "chicken" dishes (fried "chicken" and broccoli with a pineapple sauce; General Tso; "chicken" satay) were just ok. Nothing inspiring or memorable about them. The broccoli that accompanied 2 of the dishes was really good though.

My Scallion Pancakes and Sesame Balls were very good as well. I should've saved myself $60 and just got that.

Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed this go 'round.

Updated from previous review on Friday January 23, 2009
I was in town for a family function and based on the reviews here, I decided to give New Harmony a try. I ordered (to go): Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Fried Sesame Balls, Scallion Pancakes, Spinach Pancakes, General Tso's 'Chicken', Moo Shu Veggies, String Beans in Szechuan Sauce, Broccoli with Garlic Sauce, and Raspberry Cheesecake.

The Moo Shu Veggies, String Beans, and Broccoli dishes were good. Everything else was SUPERB! SO delicious beyond my vegan belief, b/c at the time, we didn't have anything that came anywhere near close to this back home. (I couldn't keep my non-veg*n family members away from my food!) The food was fresh, perfectly seasoned, and exciting. The staff was very friendly and helpful during all of my questioning. To top it off, everything was reasonably priced as well.

And that vegan raspberry cheesecake was to die for! Never would've guessed it was vegan. I craved it so badly once I got back home that I had to look up the lady who makes them for New Harmony.

Pros: 100% vegan food, decent prices, hours

Cons: food quality has declined over the years

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vegan hangover food - Edit

I consider New Harmony a cheat day! Yes, they have multiple delicious dishes-- all vegan, but it does have a lot of salty fried food. So, of course it's yummy!

Pros: cheap, yummy, casual, byob

Cons: not very healthy, dingy

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All vegan Chinese - Edit

Before we went vegan my husband was a huge fan of Chinese food. So when I saw there was a fully vegan Chinese place in Philly we had to check it out! The place was pretty dead when we got there, but it was early for dinner. Our waiter was very nice and kept our water full the whole time. We both got the dinner that came with a soup, appetizer, entree and dessert. It was a great value. I loved my wonton soup and the vegan ice cream at the end was wonderful! I had noodles for dinner and an egg roll, both were fine, nothing amazing. My husband got the general tsao's and liked it. The food at New Harmony didn't knock my socks off, but it was fun to get that same little Chinese restaurant experience without having to worry about what to order.
Updated from previous review on Friday November 07, 2014

Pros: good service, fair prices, vegan ice cream

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vegan dim sum - Edit

shabby vegan Chinese place with an extensive menu including dim sum options which is what we ordered. some items were outstanding. some only fair. but overall, a good all vegan restaurant worth visiting and returning to.

Pros: a few outstanding & unique items, all vegan, not a big detour off the NJ TPK

Cons: shabby, a few items were only fair

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Yummy Vegan Lunch! - Edit

This was my second time visiting New Harmony. I don't live in Philadelphia but made sure to visit New Harmony on a return trip. This time I visited for lunch. The $6.95 lunch specials were great! I had the curry with mock chicken. I know a lot of vegans and vegetarians don't care for mock meats but I tend to like them, and I did here as well. The curry had a nice homestyle flavor. The lunch also came with a choice of spring roll or soup and rice. I was definitely happy for $6.95! The service was also very friendly. Thanks, New Harmony!

Pros: Delicious Vegan Food, Great Lunch Specials, Friendly Service

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Typical chines mock meat place - Edit

This is like your standard Chinese restaurant--except that it is vegan. I myself am less into mock-meat foods nowadays, but of this type of restaurant, this is a pretty good one--I enjoyed the food here, and have no complaints.

Pros: Tastes good, reasonably priced

Cons: not over healthy

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Love, love, love this place - Edit

I love New Harmony. The most amazing dishes are their walnut shrimp, incredible cheesecake, and hot & sour soup. I love their buffet and think it's an excellent value.

Pros: great flavors, walnut shrimp, cheesecake

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Amazing cheesecake! - Edit

My cousin and I met in Philadelphia when I traveled there for a meeting. We found New Harmony and had lunch there.

My cousin is an omnivore and was surprised that she enjoyed the food so much.

There was so much that we had the rest boxed up and they kindly refrigerated it for us while we walked around.

We came back, grabbed the leftovers and bought a piece of cheesecake each, to enjoy in a nearby park.

It was great! So good in fact, that we went back on our way to the hotel and bought more cheesecake for later!

Pros: Nice, helpful people., Have vegan donuts!, Cheesecake is amazing.

Cons: Can't think of any....

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Sunday vegan buffet! - Edit

What good luck! We went to this place on a Sunday where they had a vegan buffet! I think it was $7. Pretty dang good. This place reminds me of The Loving Hut chain, but a little better. They have a lot of mock-meat. It's not meat substitutes, but imitations. I don't particularly like that, but you might be down for it.

Other than that, I really liked the food and the service. It was a nice place and they seemed like good people. With the buffet, I assume I tried most of the menu. And it's all good!

They are also orthodox kosher so they've got that going for them if you care.

Pros: consistently good across the menu, fair prices

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Excellent Chinese food - Edit

Their vegan Chinese food is AMAZING. I get the Dim-Sum. Try the Sunday night buffet. I never had shrimp, but my mom said their fake shrimp made her remember the decades ago when she last had shrimp.

Pros: GREAT Sunday buffet

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New Harmony, Philadelphia - Edit

I went in here yesterday around 3.20 in the afternoon. Its a few mins stroll from the Greyhound bus station and with an hour to kill, this was perfect.

I went for a meal deal type thing they had on offer. A choice of 3 soups (I went for tofu and sea weed), a spring roll with sweet & sour dip, around 10 mains (I went for lemon chicken, the mock chicken was in bread crumbs and was just like fry's chicken burger) with rice and a scoop of peppermint and walnut ice cream. Also a pot of chinese tea. This was a bargain, I was stuffed at the end.

Staff was helpful and efficient, I was ready in planty of time for my bus.

All vegan and nothing cooked in garlic the guy said to me. Going by the marketing propaganda they are also targeting kosher customers.

Pros: All vegan, Great value meal deal

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vegan chinese takeout - Edit

we order from here once a month or so, randomly picking menu items with pork, duck, jumbo shrimp etc with gleeful abandon. the shrimp vegetable fried rice is a given. we always get it delivered, but if you aren't too lazy or happen to be in Chinatown, can't go wrong with New Harmony or Singapore. haven't tried Veggie Lovers yet, and it would seem Kingdom of Vegetarians has closed.

Pros: mock everything, delivers

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New Harmony - Edit

I was very excited to try this place while traveling. Unfortunately I did not enjoy it as much as I wanted too. I don't like the taste of meat and my soup was fishy smelling. The spring roll was good, the tofu eggplant in black bean sauce I found bland. Maybe I'm spoiled by having Delicious Vegetarian in Winnipeg where I'm from. The bar has been set too high. Still the owner was very nice and accommodating, I wish I liked it better!

Pros: nice staff

Cons: tastes too meaty

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Can't say enough good things - Edit

By far the best place in Philly. Go here. And then go again.

The staff are super friendly, the food is great, the prices are good. There's nothing bad to say about this place.

Pros: All-vegan, all-around amazing

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So glad we tried this place!!! - Edit

My husband & I are not very good at planning ahead. We ended up in the area & I found New Harmony on the Happy Cow mobile app. So glad we tried it out! The menu is overwhelming - there are a lot of dishes that sound good. He wasn't very hungry so he had a ginger chicken soup. I had the Walnut Shrimp. They were both very good, but the meats seemed almost too realistic! If it wasn't an all vegan place I would have been afraid we were given the wrong things. Can't wait to go back for a Sunday night buffet so I can try lots of other things! It is not a fancy place and the severs were not overly friendly, but it fits right in with Philly's Chinatown. You have to go for the food!

Pros: Portions are big, Good Quality, huge number of selections

Cons: hole -in -the wall atmosphere

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Delicious! - Edit

Absolutely love the food! My personal favorite is the Seasame Chicken with a side of spring rolls. Myself or my friends have never had a bad experience. The service is great and the prices are very good as well!

Pros: Large Portion Sizes, Delicous

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Tasty and Fun - Edit

I really enjoyed my meal here. The menu is hugggeeee, and I wish I could try everything on it. I had the wonton soup, which I always get at any chinese restaurant, and it was delicious. The beef bun didn't taste like beef, but I loved the slightly sweet and extremely hot bread (I hate lukewarm food!). For my main dish I got the intricately crafted duck - a chef's specialty. I was tempted by the shrimp too! This is a beautiful dish. The duck has many layers, making it succulent and crispy all at once. I wish I got to try the dim sum as well as just about everything else. I would say the sauces are a tad bit too oily for my tastes, but certainly no more so than at any other Chinese restaurant. I would certainly return here.

Pros: Creative, Varied Options, Tasty

Cons: Slightly Greasy

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The Grandfather of All Philly Veg Restaurants - Edit

Ming started Harmony, New Harmony's precursor in 1989, long before all other veg restaurants cropped up in Philly. His success and devotion to excellence inspired others. His contribution was recognized in an article about veg restaurants in Philly in this month's VegNews magazine and I have met people who have come from as far as New York to enjoy his food (they're big fans of the all-you-can-eat buffet offered Sunday evenings). His dim sum is the best vegan fare of its kind you'll find - cha siu bao that tastes exactly like real pork buns, for instance. Those who avoid seafood for ethical reasons - or who are allergic to shellfish can delight in the delicious walnut shrimp, which looks and tastes like the real thing. There are even offerings for thanksgiving. It's a great restaurant run by a truly kind and generous man.

Pros: Delicious Food, Friendly Staff, Wonderful Owner

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Dim sum - Edit

I went to eat dim-sum with my friends just the other day. It was only 12 bucks per person!! oo: That's a great deal because I got full for a great deal and we could keep ordering until we were completely full. Soup, Appetizers, desserts, you name it. It came with it. My favorite dim sum was the vegetable buns, veggie pancakes, salad, sesame beef, sweet buns, and the coconut triangles. they were all soo delicious. The owner gave me free iced tea too!! that was a bonus plus with hot towelss :D

Pros: service, food

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Great selection and service - Edit

I've had many meals take away and eating at the restaurant only to never be disappointed. Everything is fresh tasting and servied with respect. Perfect choice for if you're feelnig like Asian without the hassle of meat products.

Pros: great portions, friendly helpful staff

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Vegan Chinese - Edit

I had a nice lunch here one day. Sweet & sour Soup, Kung Poa Chicken, Tea and a fortune cookie on a hot day at a great price. worth it. Nice environment as well.

Pros: Food, nice staff, location

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Nice place! - Edit

After reading the reviews, my family wanted to try New Harmony while on our visit to Philly. It's a tiny little place that holds hidden treasures! We have traveled around the country and tried many vegetarian dishes only to find that they lacked any creativity in the dishes. But I was so impressed with the variety of dishes that were not simply mock "meat" with sauce. Nice place! The buffett was very good. I had the Wonton soup and it was a huge bowl of soup with great fresh veggies for a thick soup not just broth.

Try it!

Pros: fresh, nice people, inexpensive

Cons: Not close to my house!

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My Favorite Place - Edit

After close to a decade, my fiance and I are moving out of Philadelphia. The ONLY thing we are upset about leaving is New Harmony.

Every dish I've tried here has been delicious. I've eaten here about twice a week for 6 or 7 years and I've yet to get a bad batch or something. The amount of items on the menu and the consistency in the preparation is very impressive. The items are now labeled steamed or fried on the menu for people who are concerned.

There have been two vegan shops in philly that were serving non vegan food. When the owners were confronted, they didn't care. It scares me to think of all the places claiming veg that are not. I don't need to worry about that at New Harmony because the owner (Ming) is vegan himself. He has been for over 10 years.

I'm confident entering new harmony that I will get a meal that's actually vegan and that I will be treated like family.

Pros: Truly Vegan, Incredibly Nice Staff, Large Menu

Cons: I overeat and then I can't ride my bike

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One of the Vegan Gems of PHilly - Edit

New Harmony is one of the best vegan restaurants in Philadelphia with great service and delicious food. Say hi to Ming (the owner) when you go- he's one of the nicest people, and he's doing great things with the restaurant, including amazing customer service as well as consistently trying out new dishes and expanding the menu.

Pros: vegetable pancakes, great service, vegan donuts

Cons: wish there were, New Harmony restaurants, in every city

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Less than pleased - Edit

I was a bit disappointed when I entered this restaurant. It's a bit cramped and not as clean as I would have liked for it to have been. The staff was friendly, but less than attentive. I was impressed with the number of choices offered and ordered the Phoenix Chik'n. The portions are huge here but I would not recommend this dish. Aside from it being fried to perfection, it was fairly bland. Plus, I kept running across hard pieces of 'something or other' in my veggies when there shouldn't have been anything hard in there at all. Overall, it's okay...it just isn't a place to which I will return.

Pros: wide variety, large portions

Cons: inattentive staff, bland food, not so clean

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rob mafia 22 Feb 2013 - fyi - the phoenix chicken comes with a lemon dipping sauce. it's meant to be dipped and eaten.

ie: it's intentionally "bland." it's breaded/battered, but not seasoned. and not sauteed in sauce... because that's what the lemon sauce is for.

it's also one of my favorite dishes. i don't think i've ever been disappointed with it, and i've probably had it 60 times, over the years.

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love - Edit

i love new harmony. i love ming. if youre in philadelphia, go. fake meat can freak me out sometimes but they do it right. i recommend the wonton soup, BEEF BUNS (i LIVE for these), scallion pancake, and general tsaos chicken. the staff are all so incredibly friendly and sometimes Ming will give you something he whipped up in the kitchen. stop reading reviews and go now :)

Pros: good food, big portions, friendly staff

Cons: china town parking sucks

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Peace & harmony with Ming - Edit

We go a lot to New Harmony for an immense array of vegan food, plus all sorts of different ways to enjoy it: dim sum, vegan turkeys for the holidays, all-inclusive meals, homemade soymilk for sale, and so on. Plus, it is BYOB. There is an endless stream of people coming in for takeout. Parking in Chinatown is always a challenge, but that is not Ming's fault. I don't think he ever goes home. NH is open on nearly all holidays, it seems, and he is always there with a smile, and it's nice to see him on Fb too. Not a fancy place, but the sight of the blue-green walls and pink tablecloths always make me feel happy. We are especially crazy for his vegetable fritters with some kind of Veganaise sauce. When we go to see a show at the Trocadero, we always seem to end up here. New Harmony is probably the most famous Chinese vegetarian in town, likely because of Ming constantly coming up with new foods and ideas (like the VIP lounge). Enjoy!

Pros: Kindly Ming, low cost, huge variety

Cons: parking tricky

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vegan - Edit

There are no bugs in this place.

Ming is a great guy, he always goes out of his way to serve a great meal, lunch or dinner. The walnut shrimp and house special fried rice are amazing dishes, and the spring rolls and scallion pancakes are a must.

Go here if you enjoy supporting generous, genuine people while inhaling some awesome food.

Pros: ming, rice, ming

Cons: not free, not in my house, not on my block

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Sesame beef and walnut shrimp! - Edit

These items contain vegenaise, which is HEAVENLY! Everything here is delicious and reasonably priced. The owner/operator often brings complimentary juices and drinks to the table, especially on hot days. I really apreciate the regular buffets as an affordable and delicious meal choice for a thrifty family.

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best restaurant ever - Edit

i've eaten at veg places across the country, and this one tops them all. the food is INCREDIBLE. absolutely delicious, and generally with huge portions. and there are so many options.. the owner/staff are friendly and helpful, and if you're not sure what to get, they'll steer you in the right direction.

on sundays, they have all you can eat buffets, where you can fill up on all sorts of incredible dishes/soups/appetizers/desserts for $8/$12 (lunch/dinner). you can't go wrong, especially if you're trying it out for the first time.

in addition, they feature special dinners (spring roll, entree, bowl of soup for $12). both the hot & sour and wonton soups are amazing (as are the others), and all of the listed special dinner entrees are nothing short of delicious.

go there. you won't be disappointed. unless you hate awesome.

Pros: food, price, service

Cons: absolutely none

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Consistently AWESOME - Edit

New Harmony is an awesome, family-run restaurant serving the Philadelphia vegan community. Ming and his family are such nice people and are always willing to accomodate requests. I have had multiple birthday parties here and have never been disappointed with the quality of food or service. Now that Kingdom of Vegetarians is under new ownership, please continue to support Ming and his family by dining at New Harmony! My favorite dishes are: Walnut Imitation Jumbo Shrimp, Vegetarian Ham Fried Rice, and House Special Fried Chicken.

Pros: tasty food, 100% vegan, VIP room

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Generous portions - Edit

Ate at New Harmony for the American-style Chinese lunch special. Wow, what huge portions! At some places, they have a plate divided by sections of food. Here, they don't bother! Here's what you get for under $10 with tip & tax: a bowl of steaming hot soup, bowl of hearty brown rice and a full-sized dish of your entree of choice. A worthy investment: 2 meals for the price of one. Nice touch to have dim sum on the menu--so hard to find vegan dim sum! Too much dim sum can be overwhelming though, so gauge your appetite! The all-you-can-eat dim sum is for 2 or more people, and limited to a handful of items. If you love all dim sum, go for it. If not or if you are picky, consider ordering exactly what you like. Either way, you won't be disappointed. It was very quiet there during weekend lunch, with the restaurant owners' family milling about, etc. They were very nice. Bad to-go packaging though, if you hate having styrofoam and plastic. The cute Chinese to-go boxes would be so much nicer! Final note: though I didn't notice anything unclean, the link to their inspections is a bit unsettling.........

Pros: Portions, Service

Cons: Styrofoam, American style

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No bugs, just good food. - Edit

Ate here today for the second time. Food was delicious, staff was friendly. I loved the sesame balls. Absolutely can not go wrong with the all-you-can-eat dim sum.

Pros: Cheap, Good food, Friendly staff

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This place is totally disgusting. Me and my girlfriend are vegans and we use to go there serveral times a week UNTIL...

My girlfriend found a huge grub like worm in her rice. I picked similar things out of my rice in the past not knowing what they were but this was clearly a worm. I asked the waiter and he told me that they regularly pick bugs out of their rice before cooking it. My girlfriend threw up on the spot. I went into the kitchen to talk with the staff and they gave me the emtpy bag of rice. I was so close to filing a lawsuit.

Look at their Phila Dept of Health Restaurant Inpsection results here:



Pros: attempts to be veg


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zmcgarvey 22 Feb 2013 - This guy is just a jerk. This place is very clean, the staff is friendly, and the food is great. I went to that health inspection link and the only violation was for something minor and certainly not out of the ordinary. This is a good place to eat, don't let the views of a germaphobe asshole scare you. There are no worms in the rice, trust me.

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futhepharmer 22 Feb 2013 - I agree, not a very nice guy at all. no need to slam a place for one bad happening. We've been going to New Harmony for a while now and Hiro and his staff are very friendly and All of our meals have been delicious. disregard this misrable man's review

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findabiggerplace 22 Feb 2013 - Please do not stop supporting a local business like New Harmony because of Kevin's review. It's coming from a person who purchased a designer dog from a breeder but thinks it's ethical to slam a restaurant serving the vegan community. Many restaurants have bug and mouse infestations, and it's absurd to think otherwise. Please support this family-run local business.

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Twice 22 Feb 2013 - New Harmony is one of the best vegan restaurants in Philadelphia with great service and delicious food. Don't let some jaded person's silly review stop you from enjoying one of the gems of Philly. Say hi to Ming (the owner) when you go- he's one of the nicest people, and he's doing great things with the restaurant, including amazing customer service as well as consistently trying out new dishes and expanding the menu. 5 stars

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FABULOUS in Philly! - Edit

The kitchen gods have blessed New Harmony! We eat here several times a week, and we are never bored. The menu is amazingly extensive - everything you've always wanted to be vegan in a Chinese restaurant, and much, much more! The chef is quite inventive, and is constantly coming up with new dishes-he studied in Hong Kong, and although he is a master at what he does, he is quite willing to accomodate special requests. Do listen for suggestions when you are ordering-you won't be disappointed-but we've had dishes specially prepared, always graciously. For example-the "duck" can be prepared baked instead of fried! The hot and sour soup is a classic-rich and spicy, but the chicken ginseng is superb, complex and quite unique. However, don't skip over dishes that may seem simple-for example tofu and spinach is wonderful-perfectly garlicky, with the greens cooked to perfection-and as always-generously portioned. If you have room for dessert, don't miss the selections from Vegan Treats-they're delivered fresh (we've seen the goddess baker herself!), and they are the pride of the Philly vegan community-none better! Speaking of community, the ownership here should be especially proud of their efforts in building the Philly vegan scene-parties and other events can be accomodated in their downstairs room, and their bulletin boards are great for checking out area happenings.

Pros: Super friendly staff, Special requests allowed, Extensive menu

Cons: Not open 24/7!

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pjdesign 22 Feb 2013 - I am somewhat of a germaphobe. My family has been to New Harmony several times a year over the past 5 years - I have NEVER found anything, that should'nt be, in my food. NEVER felt sick or gastrointestinally upset after a meal there! More than I can say for many other restaurants I've been to "vegan" or otherwise! Hey "Worm Man"! what makes you think Ming and his staff are unintelligent? Bet they speak more languages than you do! I happen to be setting up a fundraising dinner for May there right now, and I can't wait until our next visit there!

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