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Blackbird Pizzeria

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    ( 95 reviews )
Contact 215-625-6660

507 S 6th St (at South St), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 19147

Philly's all vegan pizzeria. Offers a variety of vegan pizza whole or by the slice, plus sandwiches like Philly cheesesteak, mushroom wrap, salads, and vegan dessert. Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-10:00pm, Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Pizza, Fast food, Delivery, Take-out

Reviews (95)

First Review by Jamie Roberts

Wow. Fav vegan pizza in the world - Edit

I've had vegan pizza in a lot of cities around the US, and Blackbird is the one I fantasize about periodically. I can't wait until next time I'm in Philly to have some more. Tried their award winning cheesesteak - it was great, but that pizza is what I'll be eating next I go.

Pros: Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

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Best Vegan Pizza & Wings - Edit

Definitely the best vegan pizza place I've been. The wings are to die for, I tried both the Sweet & Spicy and the Barbecue. The Sweet & Spicy I found a bit sweet, but my partner found them a bit spicy, so perhaps they are just right! The Barbecue are incredible. The barbecue pizza and Haymaker pizzas were incredible, so nice. Was with some very skeptical meat eaters and even they enjoyed them, so that was a plus! They do use Daiya cheese, which is good, but I wish they had home-made cheese or something a bit more special. Though, it is still very nice. Also got a bunch of different desserts, cookies, cupcake and a whoopie pie. I thought the cookies weren't very special. The fungi pizza was also really yummy. The only thing we didn't think was very good was the Cheesesteak; I thought it wasn't good at all.

Pros: Best pizzas, Can get slices to go, The wings!!

Cons: Philly Cheesesteak is not nice, Cookies not very good

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Blackbird Pizzeria is the BEES KNEES!!! - Edit

Situated next to Starr Garden Park & Playground in a very Sesame Street section of Philadelphia, Blackbird Pizzeria stays good at making amazing foods for the famished. Unique pies and hearty subs accompanied by loaded salads & carnival-style fries… Why yes indeed!

Being in the birthplace of Rocky Balboa, we’da been big dummies to pass over the Balboa slice. With cherry tomatoes, fennel seitan crumble, tofu ricotta, and pumkin seed pesto resting on a chewy crust, all topped with a loaded handful of baby arugula. Oh! The seitan was perfect. Perhaps the finest seitan sausage we’ve eaten. Fennel was a flawless touch, the pungent licorice and salty protein paired well and created the subtle but remarkable flavor. Blackbird’s tofu ricotta was also spot on, rich and tangy lush mouthfuls mimicked the sweet salt fatty hits of dairy-based ricottas. The Balboa is a great slice.

Blackbird’s seitan cheesesteak took the concept of a meat and dairy free alternative to Philadelphia’s historic sammie and broke both its thumbs, and that is meant to be a compliment in the highest regard! Chip chopped seitan served on a blistered chewy baguette, mixed with sweet handfuls of grilled peppers, onions and Blackbird’s own Vegan Whiz, a creamy hit of salty perfection. Blackbirds seitan cheesesteak is no joke, put one in your belly!


Pros: ALL PLANT-BASED, Punk AF, amazing food, amazing staff

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Gives Vegan Pizza a Good Name - Edit

Most shudder at the thought of vegan pizza, but this is delicious. The crust is exceptional. Only wish they offered a non-refined flour crust option. Tried the "wings" but not a fan. Seitan was too thick. Very casual. Order at counter. Friendly service.

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Incredible food - Edit

I was lucky enough to eat at Blackbird Pizzeria as I was driving through Philly. The parking is not convenient, but I did find a spot in front. Everything was very delicious. I even took a few things to go. Absolutely the best cheese steak I ever had.

Pros: Delicious food, Great variety, Reasonable prices

Cons: Parking is not ideal

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Great food, less than great location - Edit

The food is amazing here. The cheesesteak is amazing, with tons of flavor and texture. We also got the root beer bbq wings, and while the wings are pretty good, dipping it into the cucumber sauce makes it even better. That being said, I have yet to find a "vegan wing" that makes me go crazy for it, but these are way better than other veg wings I have tried. The crunch was there as were the sauces, but the texture is a little too chewy to be a wing. The pizza is thin crust but packed with flavor. If you order a slice, they pop it in a little oven to rewarm and it comes out piping hot, but it doesn't seem to negatively affect the flavors at all. The chocolate pudding cup at the end of the meal is thick, smooth, and chocolately. It's a great end to a filling meal.

Now for the reasons why it's only a 3-star place and not a 5-star place...the setting. The cashier didn't even crack a smile or say "hi how are you" or anything remotely inviting. You don't have to be a cheerleader or wave pom-poms or shout at us (like a certain other chain restaurant), but at least don't seem like we're the inconvenience. She ignored us for a few minutes while she was walking back and forth behind the counter fixing another order and then she just really seemed like she didn't even want to be bothered with taking our order. We ordered two fountain drinks, a slice of pizza, wings, and a cheesesteak, and while the pizza came out within a couple minutes, we had to wait a few minutes longer for our drinks, and the wings and cheesesteak never came out. It wasn't until several minutes later that a cook (a very friendly employee, in complete contrast to the cashier/server) came by, asked if we were missing something, I explained, and she fixed the issue (system froze) and got the food cooked up right away. The restaurant itself is on the dirty side; it doesn't seem like anyone really wipes off the tables after guests and there were paper towels, straw wrappers, etc scattered about the floor. The AC is on the warm side and it feels rather squished when it gets busy.

The food however is great. But if I eat here again, I'll be getting delivery or takeout because the restaurant setting just wasn't worth it.

Pros: Excellent food

Cons: Dirty restaurant, Grumpy service

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Best Vegan Pizza! - Edit

A small pizza joint that offers vegan pizza, sandwiches, cheese fries, and AMAZING vegan seitan wings. The food is fantastic! On our short visit to Philadelphia, we ate here twice!I highly recommend trying a slice of The Hay Maker.

Pros: Many pizzas available by the slice

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lives up to its reputation - Edit

This place is pretty well known for its pizza, cheesesteak, and seitan. They ship their seitan to a bunch of other restaurants on the east coast (for example Champs Diner in Brooklyn uses it) and for good reason - it's the best. You can even buy it in little boxes to use for home cooking. All of the pizzas are excellent. Try the haymaker and the fungi. My favorite sandwich is the ringer. Their wings rule too. Such a good spot!

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omg best pizza ever! - Edit

I have never had pizza this good (even before going vegan).
The dough was super fresh, the sauce was perfect and I could create my own toppings from a stunning variety of vegan toppings. I went for the pepperoni with jalapeños, red onion and green bell peppers. All topped of with Vegan cheese. They do pizza by the slice but I was a pig and ate a whole small 12" to my self!

Pros: vegan pepperoni!, pizza by the slice, vegan cheese

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Excellent pizza - Edit

The vegan pizza was delicious and there were at least 8 pre-made options so if you wanted just a quick slice or two you could order whatever strikes your fancy. You can also order whole pizzas with the toppings you want. The wings were also amazing. We had the sweety and spicy and were tempted to go back for more. They also had several types of cookies and desserts. Would definitely return!

Pros: Delicious options, quick

Cons: None

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Delicious pizza & seitan cheesesteak - Edit

Within the pizza and sub genre, I rate Blackbird Pizzeria, 4 stars. I'm not rating for healthfulness, just taste. I found the seitan cheesesteak and cauliflower pizza to be excellent (5 stars), and the funghi (mushroom) pizza very good (4 stars). My only pizza complaint is that the topping on the funghi pizza didn't extend far enough out to the circumference.

I had one salad, the caesar. This salad was not made fresh, but pulled out of the fridge and was served crammed into a plastic container. I've had many vegan caesar salads, and don't really consider this salad to be caesar. It was more of a regular toss salad with an Italian dressing. I'd give this salad 3 stars at most. The only available "silverware" was environmentally unfriendly plastic.

I had one dessert, which was a chocolate pudding parfait with cookie crumb layers. I would have liked more chocolate pudding and less cookie crumbs, but none-the-less, it ranked about a 4.5 in taste.

The service is pretty good, but could be improved. The staff patiently answered all my questions. But when I was sitting at the table, I asked where I could get a napkin, and the server who is half my age or less, pointed out where they were. As she was standing up and standing in between myself and the napkins, she could have gone the extra mile and handed a napkin to a patron old enough to be her mother.

My table was not clean, and I had to clean it myself. They seemed to have a lot of staff, so there was no excuse for dirty tables.

On the strength of the cauliflower pizza and the seitan cheesesteak, I would have rated this place 5 stars. Lack of attention paid to cleaning tables, excessive use of plastic, and the mediocre salad drag the rating down to 4.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-24

Pros: Delicious Cauliflower Pizza & seitan cheesesteak, Staff patiently answers questions

Cons: Not healthy food: oil & salt used, lots of bread, Can't order pizza by the slice over the phone., Only plastic silverware.

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Un posto bellone - Edit

Pizza che merita, detto da uno abituato a mangiarla in Italia. tantissimi gusti, alcuni si sciolgono letteralmente in bocca. ottime anche le alternative della cucina e I dolci. uno dei pochi posti negli USA dove mi sono letteralmente sfondato.

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Grubby - Edit

The food here is ok. The pizza is nothing special but it is vegan pizza which is always a bonus to find. I would not say it is anywhere near as good as the vegan pizza from &pizza for instance. The wings were pretty tasty. The main dislike I had about this place is the grubbiness of it. It just looks like it needs a good clean. From drink stains up the walls, to broken ceiling tiles and being generally dirty looking all round. Tables also all dirty and sticky and had to clean our own.

Pros: habanero wings

Cons: grotty

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THE vegan pizzeria in Philly! - Edit

This pizzeria deserves to my view its high rating on HC. It offers various vegan pizzas with great flavours at a decent price. You can take one slice of each pizza to try them all, and that's great. I also took a creamy cookie sandwich that was really good. Pizza slices are big, varied and excellent. The only critique I could have is that they have too much crust on their sides. The place is quite small so it's better to take away and go eat your pizzas in a park nearby.

Pros: all vegan, great pizzas, various flavours

Cons: too much crust on sides of their pizzas

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Best Philly Cheesesteak anywhere! - Edit

Excellent flavors, lots of cheese, and perfect artisan bread! One of the best sandwiches I've ever had!

Pros: full, excellent vegan menu, helpful staff, delicious cookies

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yummy! - Edit

After reading the other reviews, I thought we should stick with wings and skip the pizza that sounded Daiya-heavy, but a number of the pies were daiya-free (the Popeye was great!) and slices all looked really good and the wings were very much straight seitan, not like fake chicken or tofu that you might expect.

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didn't even try the pizza - Edit

The cheesesteaks and cheese fries were out of this world. So damn delicious. The sweet and sour wings tasted strange... I think they used honey mustard... I hate mustard so it was just a weird flavor

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Hands down best pizza in Philly - Edit

I remember when Blackbird first opened up. I couldn't believe that there was an all vegan pizzeria. I kept trying to find it, but didn't know the name of the place so I would always walk right past it. Now I've actually been to it, and I am kicking myself for not going when I lived in the city. My husband fell in love with the place even before he went totally vegan, and I hear so many omni eaters who love the place. I haven't tried much outside of the pizza, but it is so hard to branch out! They have hearty comfort food pizza, regular pizza, and more of fancy styled pizza.

I've lived in Philly for four years, and in those four years I never really found a great pizza place (well I did, but the quality had diminished with new management) I can say the dough at Blackbird is perfect for thin crust pizza. They make most everything on location so it is amazing, like their seitan.This place is perfect after walking several miles around the city.

Pros: Best Pizza, Low key and fast, Non-pizza options

Cons: Tucked away

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delicious pizza - Edit

the pizza was really good. I did not like the service, it took too much time to get the food and it felt a bit "cold".
also, I ordered the barbecue wing and it was all sticky and difficult to eat.

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So Delicious! - Edit

My husband, sister, bro in law, friend, and I came here for dinner. The food was so good!!!! We ordered cheesesteak sandwiches and sweet & spicy wings. Only my husband and I were vegans but even the non vegans loved the food. My husband wants to go back already for the cheesesteak sandwich!

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great place - Edit

one of my favorite restaurants anywhere. try the seitan cheesesteak, veggie supreme pizza, or the haymaker pizza. the bbq sandwich is the one you must try

EDIT: got the cheesesteak march 30, 2015. don't know what they did to it, the seitan is perfect now
Updated from previous review on Friday April 03, 2015

seitan parm sandwich- light tasting. good. my new favorite november 11th 2015

Pros: pizza, sandwiches, vegan treats desserts, natural sodas

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Favorite! - Edit

I get Blackbird very often (probably too often) and always love it. The pizzas are amazing; their in-house made seitan is so good! They have some really creative pizzas that are all very good. Their wings are also great and are interesting flavors. Their Philly cheesesteak is amazing and is worthy of the best Philly cheesesteak award it has won. The only thing I've been iffy about here are the desserts; I've gotten cookies and whoopie pies multiple times and never seem to like them. However, all of their main food makes them deserve five stars. Great service and great food, and now deliver much further than they used to!

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Best vegan cheesesteak in Philly - Edit

My husband and I hit up Blackbird all the time and at this point have tried almost everything except the calzones and salads. My husband loves the habanero wings more than any other food he's ever eaten, so it seems to me anyway. My favorite is the Funghi Pizza.

Pros: vegan pizza, vegan cheesesteaks, vegan wings

Cons: hard to get a table , not enough sauce with the wings

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Epic vegan munch - Edit

Shared a Seitan Cheese Steak, wings, and fries with my partner and struggled to get through the whole thing - if it wasn't so delicious I'd have given up. Didn't seem the healthiest as I was eating but it was a treat nonetheless - 'wings' in particular were fantastic. Loved the vibe in the place, too - chilled and friendly and lo-if. Best vegan munch I've had so far on my US tour.

Extremely good value - we shared a bunch of stuff and a couple of drinks for just over twenty dollars (in total, so a monster dinner for about ten dollars).

Pros: delicious, good value, great atmosphere

Cons: i don't live in Philadelphia

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best reason to live in philadelphia - Edit

oh blackbird, blackbird, blackbird. i will sing your name until i die. bury me with a large balboa and a side of smoked habanero wings.

Pros: ...and a seitan cheeseteak for later

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wings!!! - Edit

My fiancé and I ordered from here twice while we on vacation in Philadelphia. We had the Hawaiian pizza one night, it was great my only complaint is that I'm not a huge fan of daiya, I would have liked less cheese and more pineapple and delicious firm tofu.
The other night we ordered from them we got their Philly cheesesteak, cubano and bbq wings. My fiancé was surprised at how much the philly cheesesteak tasted like beef and also loved the cubano. The wings were the best thing though, the genuinely reminded me of chicken strips from my past life, the sauce was a bit too sweet for me but it was easy to overlook because the wings were that good. Hail Seitan!!

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Amazing pizza, wings, cheese steaks! - Edit

Vegan pizzeria right off of the popular South Street in Philadelphia. The food is absolutely AMAZING. We've made the 45 minute drive into Philly just to eat here. Every time we've been there, we've ordered too much food to eat there and then ordered more to take home. I've tried a few different things here and been very pleased with all of them. Their pepperoni pizza is the best I've ever had. Their house-made "meats" are unparalleled. That leads me to the cheese steak. Voted the best vegan cheese steak in Philly and definitely deserves it. Next, the BBQ wings. I have no idea how they make them, but they have this beautiful crispiness on the outside, as well as some really tasty sauce. Their cheese fries are also amazing, and totally satisfy that junk food craving.

Service leaves a little to be desired. Sometimes the person at the counter acts like you are the biggest bother coming in and ordering and eating. Fortunately for them, their food pretty much makes up for this. I just wish the overall experience could be as absolutely amazing as the food.

Overall, definitely recommended to anyone in or around the Philly area looking for that local pizza parlor feel, but cruelty-free!

Pros: AMAZING food, great custom options, easy to find parking

Cons: service lacking at times, seating area small

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Love Love Love - Edit

What's to say that hasn't already been said? The sauteed kale and root beer bbq wings really made my day, and the slice of haymaker pizza I ate and the root beer I drank were also great! I only wish I lived nearby; I would be here all the time! So good!

Pros: Delicious Food

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not to be missed - Edit

If you are vegan and visiting Philadelphia this place should be at the top of your list. I was last here in 2006 when it was going by a different name and was also vegetarian and not all vegan. It has only improved in the near 10 years between visits. The cheese steak still tastes great and the cubano is a new favorite (having had a real cuban sandwich before going vegan this is everything I wanted it to be, except maybe a bit more mustard, it tasted like it was omitted). Would have loved to have had more time to try the pizza and some of their desserts.

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Good Pizza, Philly Cheese Steak! - Edit

We stopped here for lunch and they had a nice little selection of vegan pizza by the slice. I got the Hawaiian and really liked it. My husband got the vegan Philly and hasn't stopped talking about it. It was cool to be able to get a vegan version of the classic dish while visiting the city. We split an order of fries and they were the worst fries I've ever had! I'm not sure why, they were a little burnt, and not salted at all, and the oil tasted old. Really gross. Weird because the rest of the food was so good. We also split a Kitchen Sink cookie, which was great! The girl behind the counter was very friendly. If we lived nearby we'd get takeout pizza from here for sure. Just not the fries. Yuck.

Pros: pizza by the slice, vegan philly, cookies

Cons: BAD fries

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great inventive pizza!! - Edit

I'm vegetarian not vegan so was a little skeptical about ordering food from a vegan pizzeria where the cheese was not authentic. However I thought it was delicious! My favorite was the Funghi pizza and the pizzas are all very inventive and good. The crust is also excellent and I highly recommend!

Pros: great soft drinks too! loved the ginger beer

Cons: service could be a little better though, the wings are extremely spicy

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WOW!!! - Edit

What a little gem of a restaurant! If you are vegan/vegetarian in Philly, you MUST try this place. And go hungry so you can try everything! The calzone is incredible (with a vegan ricotta OMG!)! The wings are terrific!!! AND... they have a vegan cheesesteak!!! It's delicious!!! What else?... Fantastic cheese fries and pizza. Just a perfect place to eat. Loved it!


Cons: NONE

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Vegan pizza and metal, a good combination - Edit

So, I don't know about the American context, but in Toronto this place would undoubtedly be known as 'that hipster pizza place' - it is, after all, a vegan pizza parlour that played drone metal the entire time we were there. I don't say any of this as a bad thing.

The pizza itself was...well, it's vegan pizza, you probably know what Daiya cheese tastes like now, and you know whether you can be down with it or not. If you can, these guys use it well; if you can't, this won't be to your taste. We also tried out the wings with mustard sauce, and they were excellent.

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Excellent pizza & salad - Edit

We try to eat only vegan, no-oil food. We had pizza & salad. Although we omitted the vegan cheese (due to its fat content), it was still a bit challenging to come up with no-oil toppings. However, the staff was really helpful & vigilant with helping us stay true to our dietary program, & the cheese-free veggie pizza & beet salad both were yummy!

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Got to love it! - Edit

As soon as i walked in i heard Fugazi on the stereo. That made an awesome first impression. Although this place is primarily a pizzeria, I was in need of healthy stuff so i went for the soup of the day, followed by the kale and mushroom salad. The soup was good, but the salad was amazing. Those mushrooms!

It's kind of a punk rock place, but without the cliquey-ness. Got to love it!

And the playlist just got better and better: Johnny Cash, Led Zep, Misfits, Descendents, Smiths...

Pros: Kale salad, music, friendly staff

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Love Me Some Blackbird! - Edit

The hubby and I visit Blackbird often. We are always craving it. Just be aware that some things are much better than others. We love the Fungi pizza. Yums! Seriously, try the Fungi pizza! Truffle oil, mmmm! The 'meat' pizza was also very good. The tofu wings are fantastic! Everyone seems to love them, veg*n or otherwise. The cheeze steaks are good. I would not say they are amazing but once and a while I'm in the mood for them. Though, we have certainly had better cheeze steaks from other places. We brought a large number of omnis with us one day. They seemed to not enjoy the pizzas that were heavy with the Daiya cheeze but loved everything else. The desserts are delicious but be aware that on multiple occasions, I have had stale desserts before. I'm guessing those had sat for quite a while. Not a huge fan of the staff. The service is slow, which I expect for a lot of vegan places but kind of overly slow. Also, we have had some very rude service before. We never know if the staff is going to be super nice or just rude. Very weird, doesn't seem to be any in between. Also, check your orders before you leave because occasionally, we have had some burned pizza. Overall, the food is amazing and mostly the staff is great but sometimes we have had rough experiences.
Updated from previous review on Saturday May 17, 2014

Pros: Great food, Perfect portion sizes

Cons: Staff can be rude, Have had burned pizza & stale desserts, slow service

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Great pizza, cheesesteaks, wings & other vegan ite - Edit

Outstanding pizza, cheesesteaks, sandwiches, wings, cookies, desserts & designer sodas - all vegan and vegetarian! Our large group from the Hindu American Foundation has several pizzas - the ones with tomato sauce were really good as you could taste the tomatoes well. The wings were good - I liked the BBQ sauce. And the cheesesteak was also very good. This is a place to return to for good food without the fancy trimmings. The service was pleasant & fast. They were able to accommodate our very large group.

Pros: good variety of food, totally vegan, tasty

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OK Pizza parlor - Edit

This a vegan pizza parlor. The food is very salty and not particularly healthy, and the prices are not particularly cheap. I have never had a real Philly cheese-steak, but I would imagine that it would taste a lot better than what Blackbird's vegan seitan cheese-steak, which I couldn't finish. I cannot say that I was impressed at all by this place, but I do appreciate the effort in establishing a vegan pizzeria, and I assume that vegetarians who really like pizza would love this place.

Pros: vegan

Cons: not particularly healthy

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Awesome - Edit

I love, love, love that this joint is totally vegan. Got the cheesesteak with onions/peppers & aoli - yummy. Wasn't too crazy about the Root Beer BBQ Wings tho. The best part was the cupcakes, soo good.

Pros: All vegan, Great food, Lovely photos lining the walls

Cons: Parking

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Great spot to refuel on our visit! - Edit

Started off rocky on our trip to Glendale/Philadelphia, but Blackbird straightened that out. Split Seitan Cheese-steak and home-made fries as well as ordering a large Veggie Supreme with Pumpkin Pesto subbed for tomato sauce (allergies). Figured we would have a couple of slices then and save the leftovers for dinner before the show we were there to see. Cheese-Steak was large enough that we only needed one slice and topped it off with cupcakes for dessert. Yummy. Would go back regularly if I lived there and will definitely visit again the next time we are in the area!

Pros: Large portions, Friendly staff, Excellent food

Cons: Parking

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Quite delicious - Edit

I had a slice of the Funghi and the Nacho and both were quite delicious. Though I must say the Nacho could have used salsa or maybe a chili sauce (similar to what you might use on enchiladas) to put it over the top. I also got to try the wings and got both Root Beer BBQ and Citrus Habanero sauce. Both were nice and spicy and had great flavor though the Citrus Habanero was marketed as a more classic "buffalo" sauce and lacked that flavor but it was all in all quite tasty. I also must say the pizza box with the Youth of Today X'd hands making pizza was quite awesome as was the Misfits version.

I should also note they use vegan soap which can be a rarity amongst restaurants claiming to be vegan and this is a good thing. Get animal exploitation out of all aspects of our lives

Pros: Delicious Food, Good Prices, Vegan soap

Cons: The pizza could have been heated more

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Blown away - Edit

Went for dinner with my family... I wish I lived in Philadelphia (or at least less than 5 hours away) because I would come here all the time. Extremely good food! We ordered the root beer BBQ wings, which were out of this world, and I got the philly cheese steak with fries. I have never had a "regular" philly cheese steak, but this was awesome! The french fries are house made and you can definitely tell because they were super tasty.
The staff was really nice and friendly and did not mind that we went up multiple times to order more! The atmosphere is nothing special, but it is suiting for a pizza joint. Go, go, go!!

Pros: YUM, Good value, Friendly staff

Cons: Not in Rhode Island!!!

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unreal. my vegan pizza Mecca. - Edit

This place was fantastic. Try the root beer BBQ seitan wings and thank me later. Great food. Great vibe. Pizza is fantastic. They have soda from Maine, really good. If I lived in Philly, this would be the reason I would get big.
Updated from previous review on Thursday October 17, 2013

Pros: so f'ing good!, really good., great service and prices

Cons: doesn't exist where I live

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LOVE Blackbird - Edit

You have to try this place. Fantastic vegan pizza, sandwiches are great, and the root beer BBQ wings are my favorite. Plus they have some vegan desserts!
I wish they'd do just a little more with the decor. Stained dropped ceiling just doesn't cut it...

Pros: All vegan, Great food

Cons: Decor, Parking

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Great Pizza - very dangerous walk to Rest Room - Edit

Went to Blackbird based on recommendation from vendors at a street fair a few blocks away. Pros: Fungi pizza, vegan wings and tuna wrap were outstanding. Cons: there are no gluten free options.

Biggest issue is the rest room. The door frame to the back hallway is barely 6 feet tall and there is no warning sign. I witnessed a tall customer crack his head very hard and staff simply shrug. (Short pizza team today, I guess).

Pros: Excellent Food, Very Good Selection

Cons: No Gluten Free Options, Dangerous for tall patrons

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Blackbird Pizzeria, Philadelphia - Edit

I was here yesterday afternoon. Despite being the quiet time of the day between lunch and dinner, it was still very popular with a steady stream of people coming and going and people placing phone orders.

Its all vegan and while billed as a pizza place they also do buffalo wings. The pizza I had was quite sensational, a triumph, one of the best I have ever had.

There's a bunch of fliers and stuff by the door with blurb on musical events, political stuff etc.

Location in in the historic district in downtown Philly. Its around a 10 min walk from 5th street subway and the Liberty Bell centre.

Setting and service were both fine. Prices very reasonable indeed.

Pros: All vegan, Superb pizza, Great value

Cons: No wifi

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One of the best veg pizza on the market - Edit

The pizza tastes very good and almost like real pizza. They have veg wings which remind me exactly of real wings! Can't get much better than that! I left the airport one time during the heart of rush hour and made a detour into South Philly to go to Blackbird because I've haven't been there for months. Anyone familiar with South Philly would know that traffic is a nightmare there during rush hour.

Pros: Great food, Great desserts from Vegan Treats

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Best Vegan Cheesesteak - Edit

This place has by far the best vegan cheesesteak in the US (and, by extension, the world).

I grew up around Philly and used to eat the real thing when I was a kid. After going veg it is the only food that I've missed. I've tried seitan steaks in Portland, Seattle, NYC, and none of them hold a candle up to these: thinly sliced seitan fried up until it's just shy of crispy and spiced to perfection.

The atmosphere here is typical Philly pizza-and-sub-shop: place your order at the counter, grab a seat, and keep an ear open for your name to be called.

While I don't live in Philly anymore, this will be one place that I stop by every time I'm in town...

Pros: Great food, Greasy (if you like fried things)

Cons: Gets a bit busy at times, Greasy (if you don't like fried things)

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New place, great pizza - Edit

This place is in the location of the old Gianna's (may they rot in hell), and I'm glad to see a vegan place has replace the business that lied to vegans for so many years.

The pizza here is really good, and the staff was friendly. I was glad to find this place on a recent trip to Philly. Definitely recommended.

Pros: All-vegan, Pizza

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Blackbird - Edit

So excited to find this place! In a great artsy area of Philly. What the restaurant lacks in decor it totally makes up for with taste. We tried quite a few things and everything was great! I recommend the Cuban, wow! Also the chickpea parm was amazing and we reheated that at home the next day. We had a cheesesteak that was good but it wasn't the best we've had. The seitan could have used more flavor and more cheese but it was good. We also had the seitan pizza which was awesome, the crust was perfect, nice and crispy. The eggplant grinder was also a winner and got rave reviews from an omnivore in our group. To finish it off we had a chocolate mint moon pie and a pumpkin moon pie. Both were excellent but I am dreaming about that pumpkin moon pie and am resisting the urge to make the hour drive back for another!
Updated from previous review on Monday November 19, 2012

Pros: taste, location, friendly staff

Cons: decor, no juice

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Sooooo good! - Edit

ALL vegan, ALL the time...
I can't get enough of Blackbird! I go there all the time. Their vegan cheese steak is the best I've had so far! Soups fantastic, pizzas delicious!
If you're in from out of town you must go!
If your a local, make this your regular hangout :)

p.s. they have vegan treats baked goods! Voted one of the best bakeries (not best vegan bakery - best bakery) in the country by American Express (I think). Delightful!!!!

Pros: Vegan cheese steak, soups, pizzas, Vegan treats baked goods, friendly staff

Cons: none!

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Even Better Than I Anticpated! - Edit

This is one of those vegan restaurants I read about when it opened and have been super excited about ever since! I finally got a chance to go last weekend, and boy did it live up to my expectations! Let me start off by saying that it was quite an adventure to finally get to eat there... on Saturday night my boyfriend and I gave up looking for a parking space in the area after having driven around for a half hour (and we had to make it to a concert so couldn't spend more time). On Sunday night, we went back with my brother (who lives in Philly and knows more tricks about parking than we do), and while we managed to find a spot a few blocks away, it was raining and we barely made it to the restaurant before they closed due to how long finding a spot had taken again! Anyway...

Food: 10. All that they had left were 2 slices of the nacho pizza, and the kitchen was closed when we walked in. Luckily, they let me have those last slices, and was I ever glad that they did! That was the flavor I had wanted to try most, anyway. It did not disappoint! Even my brother, who often mocks vegan products, said it was good.

Price: 8. I was in such a hurry that I honestly don't remember exactly what it cost, but I think it was okay.

Atmosphere: 8. Decent sized. Nothing fancy, but not too shabby, either.

Staff: 10. They were super nice to me, even though we walked as they were closing. They let me eat the pizza there and did not make me feel like I had to rush.

Pros: All vegan!, Yummy!, Good variety

Cons: Parking is a pain

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Amazing Food - Edit

This place has Amazing food and does even more than pizza. All the food there is very good and freshly made. Even the fountain drinks are unique and delicious. Highly recomended. Also has a pretty diecent sitting area.

Pros: Excellent Food, Vegan, Good sized portions

Cons: A nudge on the pricey side

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The Best Pizza/Sandwiches Ever. Period. - Edit

Since Blackbird opened, we've been there at least once a month. We've tried most things on the menu (all great), but by now we have our order down to a science - caesar salad, seitan cheesesteak, a slice of haymaker pizza (seitan sausagge, onions and oregano) and a slice of veggie supreme (peppers, onions, artichokes, olives and mushrooms). The crust is so good, and they do amazing things with Daiya. After having Blackbird, other vegan (and omni) pizzas can never live up!
As for the location - we love the cozy pizzeria vibe and simple decor. Yes you get some South Street characters, but they are seriously half the fun! And the prices are reasonable and all of the staff are so nice. Easily worth a visit or two or three (a week).

Pros: Best Pizza, Best Cheesesteaks, Everything Else

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Blackbird Pizzeria - Edit

A non-veg friend of mine heard I was going to Philly and immediately recommended the vegan Philly cheese steak from Blackbird. Thank goodness that I listened to him!

I'm going to start by saying, this was my favorite vegan Philly ever, that is until I went to Mi Lah a few days later...but it's still pretty amazing. When I ordered my food they immediately put it on the grill and cooked the seitan with Daiya cheese. The sandwich looked really good when they brought it to me and it tasted even better than it looked. The bread was really good as were all of the ingredients. I also ordered a vegan brownie from Vegan Treats, which was ok. Overall, Blackbird is in my top 3 for Philly. Such a great place!

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Good Pizza - Edit

I have only been to Blackbird once and had a slice of their mushroom truffle pizza. I often don't like vegan cheese, but this was very tasty. The slices are a good size and I was satisfied with one slice. They rotate their offerings of pizza by the slice so not all of the menu options will be available if you don't want to order a whole pie. There is a decent amount of seating and service is friendly. They also had some vegan cupcakes for sale when I was there. I will definitely be back to try more of their pizza varieties.

Pros: Friendly service, Tasty pizza selections, All vegan

Cons: Location far from center city

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the best vegan pizzeria in the states - Edit

i always find a way to stop in blackbird when i'm in philly. every pizza style i've sampled there has been outstanding, and the smoked tofu cubano is my go to sandwich.

Pros: good food, good price, good folks

Cons: can be heavy

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Gets Better Every Time - Edit

My first visit last Fall delivered the best vegan pizza I've had ("nacho" slice with avocado and carmelized onion) ... but that visit was ruined by DEAFENINGLY LOUD music (even by South Street standards)! One would think a vegan restaurant would strive for a more pleasant atmosphere. Still, I can't resist the place and the food always delivers. They seem to have cleaned it up/scrubbed it down a bit, too. Blackbird delivers vegan comfort food that tops all the rest. I just don't want to guy deaf while getting my fix, though.

Pros: Food, Prices, People

Cons: Atmosphere

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Finally! - Edit

An all vegan pizzeria...need I say more???? I had a slice of the veggie supreme for lunch and carried out the seitan cheesesteak to eat later for dinner. I love the variety of pizza choices and am in love with this place. My pizza was out of this world! The cheesesteak did leave something to be desired, though. It was lacking seasoning - so it did end up being a disappointment. But I will be returning during my next Philly trip to get some more of that yummy pizza!

Pros: good variety, good prices, plenty of street parking

Cons: some choices lack seasoning

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Fantastic! - Edit

The best vegan pizza I have ever eaten, better than NYC or NJ establishments. The staff is friendly and I love that they don't use meat analogues, just homemade, delicious seitan. The staff is friendly and the toilet is clean and large, which is a huge plus when eating out with children.

My only complaint is that I wish they had desserts that were not Vegan Treats. Those desserts are just way too junky. If they are looking for a wonderful, vegan baker, they should check out Wildflower Vegan in Millville, NJ. Awesome vegan desserts with some healthier ingredients.

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff, Great variety

Cons: Food can come out haphazardly, Vegan Treats desserts are horrible, Wish they had tea/coffee

1 Response

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sgoodmanesq 23 Feb 2012 - Thanks for pointing out that those are Vegan Treat deserts. I will not eat them as they contain hydrogenated oils.

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Best sandwiches. - Edit

I always try to go here when I'm in Philly. The menu is creative, fresh and inspiring. The pizza is very good (I'm partial to the mushroom). However, the sandwiches are what really rock my socks off!! The Cubano is D I V I N E! Best whoopie pies too. Also the staff isn't stuck up and they are attentive, always appreciated. Good music.

Pros: Fresh ingrediants, Sandwiches rule, Relaxing atmosphere

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The BEST vegan pizza & sandwiches! - Edit

I love Blackbird. The food is amazing. Everything off the menu tastes great- pizza, sandwiches, fries, etc. They even have Vegan Treats for dessert. The "decor" isn't very nice, but the food makes up for it.

Pros: food, price

Cons: decor

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Good pizza and sandwich spot - Edit

Truly innovative and creative pizzas rotated on a daily basis. The sandwiches are also excellent. Although not exactly health food, it's probably the best vegan pizza place I've tried on the east coast and the best New York style vegan pizza I've ever had. I would recommend walking down South street to Whole Foods for dessert. This Whole Foods location had an amazing selection of vegan desserts, more so than any other location I've visited.

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Best Vegan/Vegetarian comfort food in Philly - Edit

This is hands down the best vegan comfort food in the area. I have not had a pizza or a sandwich there that I did not love! The food is fantastic and the prices are just right. Save room for the cupcakes! Those are also delicious. I noticed some people commenting on the appearance. Last time I was there you could see work had been done but even before it was fine. Id rather have amazing food in a casual laid back place than moderate food in a fancy place. I love Blackbird Pizza!

Pros: excellent food, reasonably priced, friendly

Cons: difficult to find parking

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YUM!!! - Edit

We absolutely love this place, we visit it every time we're in Philly. Delicious pizza & sandwiches, and the desserts (by Vegan Treats) are amazing.

Yes it's a dive like everyone else has stated, but the food more than makes up for that. I highly recommend giving this place a try.

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Great food, dive - Edit

So glad we found this place. We drive into the city, especially, for it! Usually get the cheesesteaks and cubanos, but have sampled a few pizza slices, as well. I can't say a bad thing about any of the food we've had. We don't usually sit there to eat, just get it to go. It's a bit of a dive, but I wouldn't expect much from a sandwich shop. Can't wait for our next trip downtown!

Pros: Great food, Takeout

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Not for everyone - Edit

My husband and I visited Blackbird with our daughter this week during our visit to Philly. This place isn't for everyone. Located in a shabby little hole in the wall with no air conditioning, the atmosphere leaves one wondering if you should just back out. My daughter noticed a sign on the wall speaking about a violent sex offender and we realized this wasn't the kind of place we would ever visit again.

But let's talk about the food. We were hungry and wanted to get to a tour around the corner. So sticking it out, we tried to order. YOU CAN NOT ORDER OFF THE MENU. The pizza is sold by the slice and you can only have what they have available. So the menu you see online and might have your heart set for, isn't always what you get. The pizza was DRY and didn't have a lot of flavor. My hubby ordered the cheesesteak and it was served about 20 minutes after our pizza slices. The Philly was bland and dry, not any effort put into it.

The service.. wow.. If you are a 20 year old college student, it might be ok. But otherwise, I would rather not see your butt cheeks hanging out of your jumper while I am having dinner with my family. And please, guys.. wake up and focus on the customers and not each other.

We ended up being late for our tour and disappointed with our dinner.

We should have just left when we walked in and went to one of the places around the corner with other customers.

I wanted to give this place a 1 cow, but happy cow doesn't allow this. So..2 unhappy cows.

Pros: good fries

Cons: expensive, dirty, poor food

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outstanding - Edit

I have to agree with supervegan that the cubano and bbq mushroom are amazing, really delicious sandwiches. It doesn't stop there though, I have tried all of the sandwiches and they are all first rate, the cheese steak is the new standard in Philly. Contrary to what the reviewer bellow me said, I found it very tasty, especially with hot sauce drizzled on top. As other people have pointed out, the crust is fantastic, though sometimes it can seem like there is a bit much of it relative to the other ingredients. However, this is a minor issue, as the pizza tastes great and the creative combinations are delightful. I must say that the first few times I went here the guy who took my order seemed apathetic and was not at all pleasant, but lately there have been new people behind the counter and they have been outstanding. If you ever find yourself in the Philly area, you owe it to yourself to go here. Really, you have to.

Pros: great sandwiches, great pizza, clean and welcoming

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Worth a Second Shot - Edit

I love that this place is 100% vegan! They also use compostable silverware; a nice touch. I had the BBQ pizza. I thought it could have used more sauce. While the crust was delicious there was too much of it relative to the other toppings. The fries were fantastic, best I've had in a while. I also tried the chocolate cake, which was a bit too sweet for me, but I'm not a big cake fan. The peanut butter cup brownie and pumpkin whoopie pie were both fantastic. I'd definitely come back but I want more (dare I say it?) grease on my pizza!

Pros: All Vegan, Creative Menu, Great Desserts

Cons: Not enough toppings, Too dry

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Not as nice as I'd hoped - Edit

This place got an excellent review for vegan cheesesteaks in the local paper so whilst I was visiting Philly I popped in. Easy to find, somewhere to sit and prices seemed reasonable. However, the music was way too loud, the table was sticky, foodwise - a disappointment, the pizza was dry and tasteless and my vegan cheesesteak was the most greasiest, tasteless thing I have ever eaten. I guess it just didn't suit my European palate as the place was pretty popular with locals.

Pros: Cafe style, Easy to find

Cons: Noisy, Greasy food, Dry pizza

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great vegan addition to Philly - Edit

First, let's just be honest...this place is soooo much better than what used to be in this location.....okay....now on to the review:

Good vegan pizza. The haymaker and nacho are very good. They also have a very good seitan cheesesteak. Nice people and vegan treats availabe. Also, they use biodegradable (sp??) plastic ware. Of course, you should bring your own silverware and "reduce" but its nice that they are thinking out of the box. Vegan coleslaw is a tasty treat and fries are very good as well.

Pros: cheesesteak, nice employees, all vegan!!!

Cons: you might be too full for dessert :)

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yum - Edit

Love this place. The owners are really nice. The food is really delicious. I wish they offered whole wheat and more salad options so that I could eat there more often.

Pros: delicious

Cons: cold, weekend traffic and parking, no whole wheat options

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Bring your blanket - Edit

I think the experience would have been better had the heater been working.
Also, the Pizza needs more oil and more sauce on it.
I felt it was a little under cooked.
I think this store has potential. It has good spirit and needs to have a more colorful promotion in Philly.
It is a nice place to eat lunch in the Spring.

Pros: MEnu, Seating, Pricing

Cons: Freezing, Pizza needs oil, area

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Impressive pizza and sandwiches - Edit

I've gotten takeout a few times from Blackbird. The pizza is really good with an excellent crust. But I really love the sandwiches which are creative and interesting. The tofu cubano is my favorite by far. The fries are delicious too. I just wish they were located closer to where I live!

Pros: vegan pizza!

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Dream come true. - Edit

Their tofu cubano and bbq mushroom sandwich are all I want/need in life. The pepperoni pizza is great too. They also make some really fun and interesting gourmet pies. I do hope they'll expand the menu a little, though. I want Sicilian pizza! And more vegan cheese options, at least for whole pie orders. Daiya is OK, but it gives several of my vegan friends stomach troubles and they never want to go in for a whole pie with me!

Pros: all-vegan, friendly staff, gourmet toppings

Cons: only uses Daiya cheese

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ooooooh pizza how i missed you - Edit

Great tasting pizza and lots of choice. Everything in this place is vegan. Even yummy deserts including 4 different huge cakes they're slicing. Nice staff and lots of seating. Nice ambience complete with friendly vegans and art/photography on the walls. Will be coming back!

Pros: great tasting pizza, no animal products, nice cosy ambience for a pizza joint

Cons: cannot think of one

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The BBQ Portabello Sandwich is Fantastic! - Edit

This is a nice avante-guard little pizza place just off South Street with a terrific variety of pizza (topped with Daiya cheese), superb sandwich offerings and some yummy desserts. Whenever we're in the area, we'll be heading back.

It would be nice to see a non-Daiya tomato pie offered.

Pros: Excellent Food, Friendly Staff, Variety

Cons: Parking in the area is rough.

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