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109, rue du Faubourg Poissonniere, Paris, France

great food, rather expensive

I loved everything they served.
Also the people were really nice and caring.

Rua da Emenda 110, 2nd floor, Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal

nice place with a lot of vegan choice

I just ate a chocolate strawberry cake there. It was cheap (2€), vegan and fluffy. Great taste without lying in your stomach like a stone.
The lady in there was really nice, wouldn´t accept the tip and told me that they don´t use dairy, only cheese with their main dishes.

Joze Surana 10, Porec, Croatia

almost vegan

When I ate at Artha several times in August 2015 they had only vegan food and drinks on the menu. When asked the waitress said they sometimes use honey for cakes but then they would announce it. So free choice for vegans!
I always loved the food and for this touristic place it is also really cheap.

Alleeweg 2a, Kaufbeuren, Germany

nice people, beautiful place

I ate a goulash soup and liked it a lot
the owner is really nice
there are also regular meetings of vegetarians and vegans of the surrounding
and brunch every secound sunday in a month. I hope I will make it there!
Was there for brunch today. This time it was mostly raw and I am full of great food and inspiration. And the smile of the lady running the place is worth going there anyway.

Av. Almirante Reis 152 R/C esq, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

good food, vegan friendly

I went there in the afternoon and they offered me a choice of three dishes of the day, two of them vegan.
It was good food for a reasonable price. Just the interior was not so cosy.

Magnusplatz 6, Fussen, Germany

nice & friendly, but not very vegan-friendly

Although it is all vegetarian, even organic, there is almost no vegan meal on the menu. They will change the meal for you though. If you order a vegan crêpe you get it with buckwheat flour which is a pity because I just don´t like it. Today they couldn´t even tell for sure if the soup is vegan. Other than that it´s a beautiful place with friendly staff.

Lindauer Str. 75, Kempten, Germany

great store

What makes this store special is the range of products from the european south. There were some I had never seen before. And there is a cafe integrated where you can also get lunch.
Vegan products are not easily to identify (like green labels in other stores).

Rua 25 de Abril, Aljezur, Portugal

all I needed, just no fresh fruit & vegetables

great shop, sells even icecream made of ricemilk...
the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables is not too bad as you get really good ones from the region in a grocery shop and on the market.

Landwehrstrasse 13, Darmstadt, Germany

great food

I love the place. Try the vegan tiramisu. And send me the recipe if you can somehow convince them to give it to you!

Tuerkenstrasse 29, Munich, Germany

great cake, a little slow

I loved the coconut cream cake. Really good in taste and consistency. One of the best vegan cream cakes I ate so far.
The staff was very friendly yet not really fast and the soup was too hot when it came so I could read quite some pages untill I finally started eating.
And yes, I love the cats around but was irritated by the customers dealing with them.

Kreuzgasse 5, Weilheim, Germany

cosy place with vegan choices

I had a soup and a cake ther. Both vegan and tasty. The place is small and cosy on the first floor. Downstairs is a small organic market.

Spiegelgasse 1, Regensburg, Germany


It´s a great place to relax, the couches are really comfortable.
I haven´t eaten there so I can´t say anything about the food.

Gautinger Str. 3, Neuried, Munich, Germany

still few vegan choices

I like the place, it´s pretty cozy. When I went there in September 2015 they had at least one really tasty vegan choice on the week´s menu, some vegan pasta and vegan porridge for breakfast. For a vegetarian restaurant still pretty poor, but at least increasing.

8 Rue de la Grange aux Belles, Paris, France

best vegan tiramisu ever

If you find a way to get the recipe out of her, send it to me, you will be rewarded. I wasn´t succesful.

Rua Sub-Vila, 71, Nazare, Portugal

nice shop but did not stick to opening hours

I like the shop and though it is little I found some great food in there.
The guy who worked there did not care about the opening times though. Came half an hour later and closed an hour earlier. That was really bad for me because I wanted to buy food for two days and couldn't.

Insel 7, Neu-ulm, Germany

misleading advertising

I was there in November 2015. I wanted to try vegan Cigkoftem but they only had them with meat at that time. So they do serve meat. As I was not hungry enough for a vegan Falafel I went out trying nothing. But on several spots on the car and in the windows it says "vegan 100%" or "vegetarian" so that you get the impression that this place is at least all vegetarian.

Travessa do alto da Bonita 5B, Sintra, Portugal

good food, vegan friendly

I ate a soup and a dessert there. Both was really good. The atmosphere is very nice and the tables outside are pretty quiet as well.

various, Lisbon, Portugal

very tasty & friendly, but only two dishes

I had the choice between just two dishes. I took a curry and tasted very well. There was also a lot of curry on the plate and few rice, not the other way around as it is usually.
You can easily tell that this place is run by vegans by heart as there are books and flyers about politics and animal rights.
They also serve filtered water as they don´t want to participate in the plastic bottle madness.
The waitress was really friendly and gave me good advice on what to choose.
The curry came within seconds, for the cake I had to wait quite long.
I would rate it inexpensive as the lunch main dish was only 6€.

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