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1620 St. Michaels Dr, Santa Fe, USA

Terrific Vegan Desserts! Great Ayurvedic Cuisine!

29 Sep 2007

I used to go to school in Santa Fe, and when I did, this was a daily stop for me for soy chai. I have yet to have chai as good as at Annapurna! Whenever I go back, I have to come here for chai and their delicious vegan carrot cake. They have all sorts of deals for students, etc. Try their daily specials!

333 W Cordova Rd, Santa Fe, USA

Expensive food, snotty waitstaff

29 Sep 2007

But the food is quite good. Try the raw dishes, even if that's not your thing. We would come here every so often and really enjoy the food, but our bill and the lack of service would keep us away for the next while.

5010 Berwyn Rd, College Park, USA


29 Sep 2007

The people here are so friendly, and it was so nice to have such filling, healthful, and tasty vegan food. We went on Sunday afternoon, and the cafe was quiet, but we definitely weren't alone. The hummus is very good. So were the cookies! I can't wait to go back again soon.

1308 Colley Ave, Norfolk, USA

Is this really vegan?

10 Sep 2008

We ordered a "gimmie the biggest you've got" soy-cheese pizza, half with pineapple, half with garlic & broccoli, and for $25 (including tip) it was delivered to our door.

My bf kept saying, "This is NOT vegan," but I guess it is! Sauce is delicious, crust is perfect (not too thick, not too thin), but I guess we've just been vegan for so long, we prefer our pizza w/o cheese (soy or otherwise).

I would def reccomend--you've got to at least try it!

2606 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, USA

I Love Soul Veg

29 Sep 2007

Another in the "Soul Veg" family. I've been to their stores across the country, and in St. Croix, and the food here will not disappoint. MUST try the mac'n'cheese. And the biscuits. Then go down the street for vegan soft serve. I love Soul Veg!

9185 Central Ave, Capitol Heights, USA

One of the Best

29 Sep 2007

The "Soul Veg" family of stores are simply some of the best vegan establishments out there. It is so nice to go in and know that I can order anything off the menu. The Brunch is the best I've ever been to. The Mac'n'Cheese is the best I've ever had--vegan or otherwise. I wish I could eat here every day!

5809 Clarksville Square Dr, Clarksville, USA

Gourmet Vegetarian

29 Sep 2007

A true gem in all of Maryland! Great food, delicious brunch, and a uniquely artful design. We love this place! The vegan desserts are wonderful. Also try the organic cocktails!

917 W Grace St, Richmond, USA

Not cheap, but worth the drive!

02 Nov 2008

My BF and I went to a concert in Richmond last night (we live 1.5 hrs away), and stopped by Ipanema beforehand. The place was full of pretty people--the waitress said we could wait for a booth, but we accepted a small two-top in a back corner. Our dinner was delicious (lentil soup, vegan caesar salad, hummus & oven dried tomato sandwich with sweetpotato fries), and we both enjoyed the rhubarb strawberry pie for dessert (it was almost as good as the one my grandmother makes!). Some of the entrees were a touch more expensive than we were expecting, but our bill ended up being pretty reasonable. They had some great organic teas/wines on the menu that we'll have to try next time!

1626 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, USA

Great atmosphere, great food, great people!

29 Sep 2007

This place has really terrific, healthful vegetarian and vegan sandwiches, salads, juices, and smoothies. My vegan boyfriend and I went here for the first time today--we shared a generous bowl of the soup du jour (butternut squash chilli), followed by the Portabello sandwich and Tofu Salad, and rounded out our meal with the Liquid Earth Shake and the Hippy Lippy Smoothie--there wasn't one part we didn't love! The vegan chocolate cake was a little bit dry, but I was glad to see such a selection of vegan desserts. We will definitely be back!

2928 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, USA

The Vegan Soft Serve...

29 Sep 2007

...alone is worth the drive. But you must also try the biscuits and the mac'n'cheese. Part of the "Soul Veg" family. Such friendly people!

100 W University Pkwy, Baltimore, USA

Vegan Crabcakes?

29 Sep 2007

They were great! I've also been here for brunch and been very happy. They've always had one vegan dessert option--though I wish there were more!

Some of the waitstaff are a little snotty--it took us forever to get our bill--but I think it just depends who you get. I've been three times, and I know I'll be back!

1370 Park Rd NW, Washington, USA

Best Vegan Bakery!

29 Sep 2007

The sticky buns alone are worth the drive, but I ordered the cupcakes for my birthday, and even the non-vegans in my family loved them! I wish there were more stores!

1933 West St, Annapolis, USA

Best Vegan Option in Annapolis!

29 Sep 2007

Lovely little Health Food Store on West Street. Everyone here is so nice! I love that I can get bulk teas here--and bulk TVP, nuts, etc. But the best part, by far, is their sandwhiches--we love the gardenburger and the baked tofu! They are SO good, with lots of vegan cheese and veggies, and a really terrific value. The rest of the prices are a touch higher than WFM, etc., but I feel good supporting this locally owned company!

12059 Nebel St, Rockville, USA

Very knowledgeable & friendly service!

10 Nov 2007

"Terry" (?) was very helpful, and even helped me decode the non-English labels--showing me that some of the faux meat I'd picked out contained non-vegan ingredients (egg whites/gelatin). You might miss Terry's the first time--it's just a bunch of freezers in a garage building. But don't be frightened off--this is GEM!

833 Wayne Ave, Silver Spring, USA

Tofu pudding!

10 Nov 2007

Check out the salad bar for the tofu pudding. It's great! The nicest WFM in Maryland. Vegan prepared food items clearly marked.

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