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10 av between Constituyentes and Calle 16, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

So Convenient!

03 Jan 2014

I love having a health food store so close to the heart of town. They have all the typical supplies (except for fresh fruit and veg), with some extras unique to Mexico.

10 av between Constituyentes and Calle 16, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


03 Jan 2014

Originally located at the far north end of 5th Avenue, Bio-Natural is now positioned perfectly under my favorite yoga studio - Yoga By the Way.

This is a health food store and organic veggie restaurant - great to fill up on nutritious supplies or for a delicious spirulina smoothie and body-nourishing feast.

Today I had the "Vegan Casserole with Eggplant, Tahini and Grated Tofu" and it was AMAZING.

108 Jonson Street, Shop 13, Byron Bay


05 Feb 2013

As soon as I flew into Byron Bay for my first time, I dragged my non-veggie boyfriend straight here. After hearing so many great things about it I've been eager to try it out. Despite my expectations being sky-high, I was still blown away, and so was the boy! We had three meals to share, drank out of a coconut and had the Detox Juice, and everything was absolutely amazing. The hardest part is refraining from ordering the entire menu! You can smell the coconut oil cooking up as soon as you walk in. It truly is a must-visit, for any person, not just veggies!

Here are the three meals we had (ingredients copied direct from the menu):

"COSMIC SHIFT" - Flaxseed crackers topped w/ homemade cashew, almond, brazil nut pesto, basil leaf & toasted pepitas/sunflower seeds - "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" - Organic egg omelette w/ fresh herbs, parsley, basil, green peas, beans & seasonal salad with a buckwheat crepe. - "TREE OF LIFE" veggie pattie made w/ pumpkin, quinoa, biodynamic brown rice, sweet potato, spices, black poppy seeds & fresh herbs topped w/ homemade hummus & pesto served with two delicious salads of sweet potato & quinoa & a fresh garden salad.

120 Beaufort Street, Perth

Great Selection of Vegan Groceries

24 Feb 2013

I was visiting Perth for a business trip and was so happy to find PAWS to stock up on some nutritious snacks. It's a not-for-profit organisation that do so many wonderful things they do for the local community, like providing housing next door, and jobs for those in need. They have a great selection of grocery items, beauty goods, and a hot-food snack bar - everything vegan of course!

30 Ave and Constituyentes, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Love love love!

03 Jan 2014

Dac is an organic market full of all the fruits, vegetables, grains, spices, and almond milk you’ll need. I just love browsing around aimlessly in this place every day.

Connected to DAC is one of my favourite restaurants - La Ceiba de la 30 - using all the fresh produce from the market. The veggie burritos and quesadillas are the tastiest I’ve ever had, and their wide selection of freshly-squeezed juices are delicious.

Plaza Chemuyil, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

I Love to Refuel Here!

03 Jan 2014

They now have two locations in Playa, only approx 50 meters away from each other. The original is literally a "Green Box" on the corner of 5th Avenue and Calle 38 where they serve to-go juices and sandwiches, and now they have opened an actual restaurant approx five shops up 5th Ave.

I love stopping by the Green Box on the corner for a freshly-squeezed juice and a hand-made wrap or bagel. Although don't go if you're in a hurry as everything is freshly made by the solo person, so speed is not always their biggest asset... But the wait is always worth it and the staff is so friendly that I usually end up just chatting with them in "Spanglish" as they perfectly handcraft my order.

By Pass Road, Basseterre, Saint Kitts

A Drop of Organic Veggie Heaven!

01 Dec 2013

Ital Creations at Fari Organic Farm is a little drop of fresh, whole-food, organic heaven. After a couple of weeks on the road eating mass-produced resort food, I was ecstatic to be taken here by a local friend. The farm is owned by a beautiful, chilled out couple with seven young children. They greet you with “one love” when you arrive and feed you with vegetarian deliciousness and freshly-squeezed green juices made from locally-grown Moringa Oleifera, also known as “The Miracle Tree”. Just when I thought I was satisfied, we returned again the next day for a yoga class in the middle of the farm at sunset. Bliss.

Calle 10 entre Avenida 15 y Avenida 20, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Hole in the Wall Awesomeness

03 Jan 2014

Owned by a Venezuelan family, this local favourite has loads of veggie and vegan options. They are big on supporting local farmers, using only local ingredients. After receiving huge recommendations, I thought “WTF?” when I saw the place, but the experience and the food is amazing. The family who owns it are the ones who serve you and they shower you with welcoming love. They play reggae tunes and even provide free samples of their unique Venezuelan juices as soon as you arrive. It’s a must-try.

Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico

I LOVE Los Loosers!

24 Jun 2013

I was so happy when I came across Los Loosers on Instagram! The process is simple - they announce their day's menu each morning on Twitter/Facebook. You order if you want it, and they will come knocking on your door that afternoon! It's cheap, fresh and DELICIOUS. I highly recommend!

97 Jonson St, Byron Bay


08 Feb 2013

Really friendly staff, great set up with lots of open windows and natural light throughout the whole restaurant. The food was delicious - I had the big brekky with scrambled tofu, roasted tomatoes, garlic mushrooms, fresh greens and beans. I couldn't finish it all, it was so big! The green smoothie was amazing! I highly recommend.

Plaza Popocatepetl 41-A, Hipodromo-Condesa, Mexico City, Mexico

Handy, Healthy Little Store

21 May 2013

I was very happy to find this place during my stay in Mexico City. It's located on the corner of a quaint little street of Condesa, where you can sit on the tables outside to enjoy a meal or a fresh juice. I didn't eat there, but I did stock up on plenty of healthy groceries, including all-organic fruit and veg.

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