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Zuidsingel 66, Amersfoort, Netherlands

Nice restaurant for special occasions

Had a 3-course meal here on Valentine's Day. They had a nice Valentine's Day special, but we chose vegan items of their regular menu. Tasted great. The staff is not that quick (the restaurant was completely full though), but they are really friendly. The portions are on the small side, but not extremely small.

Burgwal 11, Delft, Netherlands

Great food - in the evening

Had dinner here with my boyfriend. Perfect setting for a datenight. Loved there red lentil salad, barley risotto and baked apple & ice cream as dessert. Beautifully presented and several vegan options. Don't go here during the day though - then they do actually serve meat (while the dinner menu is totally vegetarian).

Hellingweg 127, Scheveningen, The Hague, Netherlands

Nice food

A bit of an alternative place, though not like others. For about 11 euros you'll have a 3-course meal and a drink. Portions aren't large, but they're neither small. Quality of the food differs very much though, sometimes I've been disappointed, sometimes they served very inspirational food. Best to visit in summers, when you can sit outside and visit the beach before or after your meal.

Pluvierstraat 402, The Hague, Netherlands

Definitely worth the try

Great place for those who like to eat mock meats and Chinese food. I myself have never been a big fan of the latter one, but they have great seaweed soup and some spicy meals that keep me happy. The menu lists many, many options and the owner is happy to explain which ones are vegan. They also do delivery, though only in the nearby area, which is not very useful since the restaurant is located on the boundary of the city. It is a great restaurant for a dinner together with omnivores/vegan skeptics

Stationsplein 5A, The Hague, Netherlands

Great addition to the city

It's great to have a place like this in my own hometown. They not only serve fries with vegan mayonise & peanut sauce, but they also have a variety of vegan snacks, burgers, fish analogues and of course the 'broodje karma' - a vegan version of shawarma. Also vegan cupcakes, cakes and other desserts. Enthousiastic owner and great atmosphere.

Walstraat 43, Vlissingen, Netherlands

bad service

Made reservations for a vegan lunch here, but they didnt cater for us at all. We got soup with meat in it and a salad dish with fish and cheese. Upon request they changed the dish but the veggies still tasted like fish. They probably just took off the fish... a shame, cause it srems like such a nice place.

Schivelbeiner Strasse 34, Berlin, Germany

Absolutely LOVE this place

Whenever I'm in Berlin, I just wanna have breakfast, lunch and maybe even diner at this cafe. They have the tastiest bagels, wonderful pies (also the raw pies are very good!)and other baked goodies such as cinnamon rolls, and great salads. My boyfriend loves their smoothies and I adore the coffee, though it's a pity that they've cut down the special latte options. I could easily say that this place has the best bagels in the world. You just cannot visit Berlin and not have a meal here!

Vlamingstraat 37, The Hague, Netherlands

Love it for a quick lunch

Have been visiting this falafelbar for ages. Their whole wheat pita breads, tahin sauce and cilantro sauce always make me wanna come back here.

Only recently I noticed that some of the vegetables in the salad bar now seemed to have a white (milky) kind of dressing, so you might wanna watch what you put in your pita.

A pity that the baked potato is filled with animal products, but the falafel is definitely worth it.

Kollwitzstr 54, Berlin, Germany

I'd move to Berlin for this place!

Have been here twice, once last summer and again last weekend in their new location. Excellent, excellent food! The plates look like they're made by an artist and the food tastes like it's made by a vegan top chef. Great service and the prices are relatively low.

Sokolovska 327/29, Praha 8, Prague, Czech Republic

Great place!

We had dinner here on our last nigt in Prague and I was so happy that we chose this place. The food was wonderful and the staff was very friendly. We had a great tomato soup with zucchini fritters, a nice stir fry meal and a burger as entrees and for dessert they actually didn't have anything vegan, but the cook was happy to make us something. I got banana pancakes with chocolate sauce and was the happiest girl in the world. The sweet pumpkin puree my boyfriend got was very special as well. Definitely go here and try the lemon beer, very refreshing!

Kungstensgatan 62, Stockholm, Sweden

Amazing pizza!

Im surprised no one has reviewed this resto yet! They have a humongous selection of vegan pizzas, made with faux meats and vegan mozzarella. All pizzas are prepared in a stone oven. I absolutely loved the vegan kebab pizza! also had a bite of the curry banana pizza, yum. Grest selection of beers to go with the pizzas. Must visit in Stockholm!

336 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Real tasty

Nice cafe with plenty of healthy vegan options. Went there for brunch but the menu is more dinner-like. Had a fabulous wrap with quinoa croquettes - healthy but very hearty too. They don't do coffee but
make wonderful hot chocolate with vegan marshmellows. We tried 2 of the raw cheesecake and these were soo delicious. The place is rather cold though, may be better to visit in summertime.

Waldeck-Piermontkade 116, Den Haag, The Hague, Netherlands

Always a good experience

I've been to de Hagedis many times, and have always had positive experiences. Nowadays they work with 2 weekly changing menus, with only the (cashew) fondue on the standard menu. 1 of the weekly menus is vegan and gluten free, for those who need that. They make wonderful desserts and the food is built up of creative, tasty combinations. So far the best vegetarian restaurant in town for diner!

(The prices are definitely not inexpensive though...)

De Groene Passage shopping centre, Mariniersweg 9, Rotterdam, Netherlands

One of my favourites

A great vegetarian buffet restaurant, with vegan options clearly labeled. You only pay for what you plan to eat, which is great. The food is wonderful, with lovely vegetables long forgotten by the mass. Also have vegan pies and soy lattes. Wish I'd live in Rotterdam so I could go here more often, though right now it's really a treat to visit this place (which would be like, every time I'm in the city :)).

Beeklaan 385, The Hague, Netherlands

Don't miss out on this one!

A fully vegan restaurant in my own city.. wow! Went there to check it out, together with my omnivorous stepfather who is quite the criticus. I liked the dishes, though I already had quite a lot of deepfried food lately (at the Vegetarian Snackbar!) so maybe the tempeh tempura and chipotle burger weren't the best choices I could have made. Did like the meals though. The portions were big, too big for me, but you do get value for your money that way. It's a suitable restaurant for omnivores, though my stepfather wasn't impressed by the food (but maybe that's just him).

We tried all of their deserts, the chocolate mousse is definitely the best and their cake is wonderful. The ice cream wasn't like ice cream at all, and it took quite a while before we got the deserts... but well they were only open for two days when we were there, so I guess they still have to get used to things a bit. I definitely recommend a visit!

Oh and... yes there aren't many choices on the menu, but since all of them are vegan it's still hard to choose anyway ;-)

Lychener Strasse 63, Berlin, Germany

Loved their spinachburger

Went here two times last weekend. Had their gyros pfanne, 'salami' pizza and homemade spinachburger. My first encounter with the gyros wasn't good, at first it was cold, so I returned it. The gyros I received next wasn't really tasty, very chewy actually.

The homemade spinachburger and pizza really made up for that though. They also had this great tiramisu and most of the things I tried from my friends tasted good too. I wouldn't recommend having their regular hamburger though, it's just the Fry's hamburger. Go for their homemade burgers!

Erkelenzdamm 49, Berlin, Germany

Truely a 'fiasko'

I've tried to eat here several times. Firstly last summer, we just wanted to have a small lunch as we'd already had breakfast, but we were forced to either have the whole brunch packet or have nothing at all. As we were not that hungry, we left.

Last Easter weekend we were visiting Berlin again and this time, we made reservations for the brunch on saturday morning - at least that's what we thought. When we went to the restaurant friday night to have diner, we were told that the place was full and there would be no table available, not even for just an hour (while many tables were actually empty). Also, it turned out that our reseveration for the brunch hadn't come through so the next day we weren't welcome as well. Since we were pretty hungry after a long trip to the city, I asked the waitress for the password for their wi-fi so that we could find our way to another vegan establishment. Unfortunately she didn't even want to give us that and started acting very rude... she clearly wanted to leave us right away.

So leaving is what we did, and I'd never go back here.

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